Absolute Great Teacher
540 Irresistible Lady Was Very Angry, the Consequences Were Very Serious!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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540 Irresistible Lady Was Very Angry, the Consequences Were Very Serious!


Even if Sun Mo didn’t see Hua Jianmu’s constipated expression, he knew that Hua Jianmu wouldn’t listen to his words.

This wasn’t just a problem with students, but it was the same with all people. After all, no one liked to be preached unless they were masochists.


Sun Mo wasn’t Hua Jianmu’s father. It was enough for him to say this much.

“Sun Mo was it?”

Hua Jianmu repeated this name and headed toward the school gate. He was going to wait for his teacher there and give her a surprise.

As the examination continued, examinees walked out incessantly. Some of them looked spirited while others looked dejected.

“Tsk, there isn’t a single worthy person!”

Hua Jianmu looked at those people and couldn’t help but wear a contemptuous gaze. However, at the thought of Sun Mo, his expression stiffened up.

“Alright, Sun Mo can be considered someone worthy!”

Hua Jianmu didn’t manage to see his teacher outside the school gates even after the examination ended. He could only return to the hotel.

“Where did you go?”

Han Xi, the young lady who had taken the examination slightly before Sun Mo did, the one who had consecutively used Sharp Tongue, Meticulous Discussion, and Retentive Memory. She was now sitting in the battered hotel, staring at Hua Jianmu with an unkind expression. “Who told you to go running around? Do you know that it’s a crucial period now?”

Hua Jianmu didn’t give any excuses but just knelt in front of Han Xi honestly. “Teacher, I was wrong!”


Seeing her disciple’s good attitude, Han Xi felt less angry. “How have you been feeling for the past few days? Don’t eat things randomly and don’t over cultivate. Keep your condition at the optimal level.”

“I know.”

After Hua Jianmu said that, he looked at Han Xi’s small mouth and then couldn’t help but show off, “Teacher, I have just opened another three acupoints!”


Han Xi frowned. “What’s going on? Come over here. I’ll help you check your body.”

“Teacher, I’m fine! I’m in good condition!”

Hua Jianmu smiled. “I dare say that I can easily fight my way into the top 100 amongst this batch of students!”

“What do you mean you’re fine?”

Han Xi frowned. “It isn’t good to break through too fast! It’ll make one’s foundation unstable!”


Hua Jianmu wanted to tell Han Xi that a teacher called Sun Mo had given him a massage, which caused him to level up. However, the words had just reached his mouth when he held it back. He wanted to listen to his teacher’s words of praise.

“I have good aptitude!”

Hua Jianmu smiled, avoiding Han Xi’s hands.

“Come over here!”

Han Xi reproached.

“Teacher, I’m really fine!”

Hua Jianmu felt helpless and wanted to divert the topic. “Oh right, do you know Sun Mo?”

“Today, I heard that Like A Dog In Front of the Door, One-Dog ‘Sun’, has a pair of God Hands and is very amazing.”

Han Xi was also the type to bury herself in hard work and cultivation. However, Sun Mo’s reputation was too great. Even if she didn’t pay attention and just sat there, she could hear a lot of examinees talking about him.

“God Hands?”

Hua Jianmu was stunned. Was that Sun Mo so amazing?


Han Xi nodded. “Alright, since you’re fine, then you can sleep and nurture your spirits.”


Hua Jianmu nodded. “I’ll definitely not let you down!”

In order to let Han Xi shoot up to fame with one battle, Hua Jianmu had always been giving it his all in his cultivation. Now that he had received the massage by Sun Mo’s God Hands, he was no longer satisfied with just a pass.

“I want to help Teacher get first place!”

Hua Jianmu clenched his fists together and then sat down cross-legged after returning to his bedroom, starting to meditate. He then noticed that the spirit qi in his body had become smoother and better.

The slight pains he had experienced in the past had disappeared as well.

“It seems that Sun Mo is really quite capable. It’s such a pity. If only Teacher had God Hands, then I’d be able to enjoy a massage from her every day.”

Hua Jianmu sighed and then entered a struggle again. If he were to face up against Sun Mo’s personal disciple, should he hold back or go all-out?


Li Ruolan’s initial interview target was Mei Ziyu, but since she came into Sun Mo, she was going to change her plan. She didn’t give chase but made a detour and ran in front of Sun Mo, planning to have an initial encounter where they brushed past each other.

As the leading writer of the most popular [Great Teacher Report] and the Saint Gate’s specially invited reporter, Li Ruolan was a young lady with a literary flair. Since there were no romantic vibes on her first encounter with Sun Mo, then she should just create some. Otherwise, she’d feel that it was a waste.

“After all, Sun Mo is a person worth leaving memories of!”

Li Ruolan mumbled, thrusting out her chest and drawing back her stomach. She then held onto a small bag and put on her most beautiful conduct.

As a reporter who often went out and ran around to gather news in various big cities, Li Ruolan was also a fashionista, standing at the very front of trends.

Today, when the ladies were mostly either wearing teacher attire or plain white, light-colored long dresses, Li Ruolan wore a pair of slightly loose-fitting long pants. The silk fabric would occasionally stick onto her legs, bringing out her beautiful curves.

She wore a shirt with lapels, with a small vest on the outside. As her clothing was thin, one could also see the shape of her inner-wear.

In addition to having fair and beautiful skin, long and slender neck, as well as black long hair, Li Ruolan looked very attractive.

Even old men with white hair and were lacking in vigor couldn’t help but turn their gazes and take additional looks at Li Ruolan, let alone the invigorated young teachers who would feel aroused even when looking at the elegant statues outside the school.

This was how alluring beautiful things were.

“I, Li Ruolan, am still very attractive!”

Li Ruolan felt a little proud when she saw from the corner of her eyes how poorly the men were conducting themselves. She was thinking of the possible conversation that might take place with Sun Mo and of how she should guide the flow to take control of the conversation when she saw Sun Mo walking over from the right side of a small path.

Without any hint of reluctance! He passed by.

“What the hell?”

Li Ruolan was stunned. Her first thought was that Sun Mo was a philosopher. Otherwise, why would he be unmoved by her?

If Sun Mo hadn’t seen her and had just walked past, that could still be forgiven. However, Li Ruolan had clearly seen Sun Mo throwing a glance at her.

What did this mean?

Her charm was unable to subdue him!

“This is really infuriating!”

The irresistible Li Ruolan tossed her small bag onto the floor, feeling upset. She wanted to call Sun Mo, but that initial encounter wouldn’t be beautiful.

“Sun Mo, just you wait!”

The irresistible lady was very angry, the consequences were very serious.

Of course, Sun Mo had noticed Li Ruolan, but that was it.

This reporter was very beautiful, but there was no lack of beauties around Sun Mo’s side. There was An Xinhui, who was ranked 5th on the Devastating Beauty Rankings. There were also Jin Mujie and Gu Xiuxun, who had their own beauties, one being a young woman, the other one a young lady. Amongst the younger ones, there were also Li Ziqi and his two other disciples. One was intellectual and gentle, one was adorable and had big papayas, and one was stubborn and headstrong. There were beauties of varying charms around him.

As for Li Ruolan’s clothing, while they might be eye-catching in this era, it looked very normal to Sun Mo.

(You’re very novel? Can you compare with the gutsy women who dare to go on the streets with nothing but body paints? Are mini skirts not more eye-catching than your outfit?)

To speak the truth, when Sun Mo saw Li Ruolan, the first thing he thought of was Mei Ziyu. Because compared to such independent ladies, ladies with traditional mindsets like Mei Ziyu were more suited to his taste.

Of course, the most important thing was that the system’s notification had rung out, distracting Sun Mo’s attention.


“Mission released. Please obtain good results in the written examination. The better your results, the greater the reward.”


Examinees who stayed close to the Westmountain Academy chose to go back to take a rest. Those who stayed further away went back to the teaching building to wait after having their lunch.

Sun Mo didn’t go back. He read a book under the large shade of a banyan tree. When the bell rang, he entered the examination hall.

The first round of spirit runes written examination had started.

The duration of the test was two hours. Compared to the questions for the 1-star examination, it was more difficult and involved a larger scope this time around. At the same time, there were also diverging questions that didn’t have absolute answers. What they tested was the examinees’ understanding of the study of spirit runes.

Everyone worked hard on answering the questions.

Five examiners were spread out in the hall, not missing out on any dead corners. They’d be able to spot it even if someone were to secretly let out a fart, let alone any attempts to cheat.

“Tsk, horrible. It’ll definitely be a fail with so many unanswered questions!”

A slightly balding examiner subconsciously shook his head and let out a sigh. However, his words caused the hand of an examinee next to him to shake.

Of course, the examiner didn’t care about this. If the examinees didn’t even have the mental capacity to withstand such pressure and were affected, then they deserved to be eliminated.

Why was it so difficult?

Some examinees’ countenance turned increasingly grim. All of them had the urge to tear up the paper and eat them up.

The atmosphere in the examination hall became increasingly suppressed. At this moment, a female examiner saw Sun Mo raising his hand. She asked, “What’s the matter?”

After looking at Sun Mo’s handsome appearance, the female examiner who was usually stern toward others softened her tone by a little, as if she was talking to her pet cat at home.

“I’m done. Can I hand in the paper?”

Sun Mo asked.


Half the examinees in the room turned to look toward Sun Mo, their gazes filled with astonishment.

“You’re done?”

The bald examiner seemed as if he was fishing for bird eggs. He was scooping out his pocket watch very roughly and took a look. “It has only been an hour, but you’re already done?”

The bald examiner’s countenance sank. If they weren’t still in the examination hall, he’d start cursing away. (Are you purposely finding trouble here?)

This was how some examinees were like. Upon knowing that things were over for them, they purposely played stunts to create more mental pressure for other examinees, thereby affecting the other examinees’ performance.

“Why can’t I finish it in an hour?”

Sun Mo asked.

“It’s because...”

The bald examiner had wanted to say that it was because the questions were difficult. Look at how the other examiners were scratching their heads and looking troubled. But when the words got to his mouth, he paused.

If one was a genius, these questions might not be considered difficult.

The bald examiner was still hesitating when the female examiner walked over and asked, “Are you Great Teacher Sun Mo?”


Sun Mo nodded.


Some examinees who had been continuing with answering the questions looked up toward Sun Mo. There was no helping it. This was a new and uprising star that had broken the record recently.

“It’s really you!”

The female examiner assessed Sun Mo and couldn’t help but praise him. He was very handsome like the rumors suggested. It was said that when he smiled, you would feel warm like the sunlight in spring.

“Can I leave now? If we continue talking, we’ll disturb the other examinees!”

Sun Mo reminded.

“Go on!”

The female examiner smiled, making the bald examiner feel so upset that he felt like puking blood. He was a 3-star great teacher and had invited her out for a meal four times, but he hadn’t received a single smile from her before.

Right now, the female examiner was beaming brightly at Sun Mo.

Sun Mo got up.

The examiner who was close to the entrance couldn’t help but ask in a soft voice when he saw Sun Mo leaving, “Why didn’t you spend more time to check through your answers? You might get another full mark!”

To speak the truth, if he was the one who had scored full marks before, he’d definitely put more effort into answering these questions. After all, it would be really amazing to be able to get full marks twice in a row. He’d be able to boast about it for life.

“There’s no need!”

Sun Mo nodded and left.


The examiner looked puzzled. What did he mean by there not being a need for that? He was still feeling puzzled, but some quick-thinking people had already understood what Sun Mo meant.

It was because Sun Mo was certain that he had gotten full marks.

“He is really brimming with confidence!”

The female examiner praised.


Favorable impression points from Song Duo +50. Friendly (110/1,000).

“Hmph, that’s really proud and arrogant! This is a 2-star great teacher examination!”

The bald examiner’s lips twitched. He would wait to see the moment when Sun Mo cried. He scanned around the examination hall and scolded, “What are you guys looking at? Focus on the examination. If you don’t know how to answer the questions, then leave quickly. Don’t waste everyone’s time!”


To save time, the Saint Gate’s written examination was held one after another incessantly. It went on for two days. One could only consider themselves unlucky if they got assigned a paper at night.

However, the papers at night were all non-mainstream subjects.

Sun Mo chose the study of spiritual control for his second subject.

As the study of spiritual control required aptitude and was too hard, it was considered a non-mainstream subject. The examination time was midnight on the first day.

When Sun Mo entered the hall, a commotion immediately broke out.

“To think that Sun Mo’s second subject is the study of spiritual control?”

“I wonder what his spiritual beast is.”

“I heard that he handed in his paper one hour in advance. What should we do? I feel so pressured now!”

The students looked troubled. To speak the truth, most people didn’t wish to have a top student in the same examination hall as them. It was because that person would let them understand how stupid they were.

Sun Mo went to his designated spot and sat down.

The examinees gradually quietened down, adjusting their mental state and preparing for the examination. However, one minute later, they started moaning and jumping.

Bai Shuang, who was wearing the Skyraise Academy’s teacher attire, walked in elegantly.

“F*ck, how are others going to live like that?”

An examinee felt upset to be suppressed by two top students. If they could score ten points originally, they might now only be able to score five now.

Bai Shuang didn’t care about those gazes, but she suddenly stopped and looked toward Sun Mo on her way to her seat. “You are also proficient in this subject?”

Bai Shuang was surprised and then felt elated. (Is this considered you coming up to be crushed by me?)

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