Absolute Great Teacher
541 The Bizarre Spiritual Controller Exam
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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541 The Bizarre Spiritual Controller Exam


Sun Mo didn’t notice Bai Shuang’s gaze. He was breathing deeply, adjusting his mental state.

Other than the study of spirit runes, Sun Mo’s expertise in the art of spiritual beast control was also at the grandmaster-level. However, the Saint Gate assessed this examination separately. Also, from the looks of things, this subject was not mainstream at all.

There were five examiners. Moreover, in order to prevent the examinees from cheating, the specialties of these five examiners had no overlap with each other.

Because the higher the star-rank of the examination, the stronger the examinees would be. Sometimes, they cheated not because they wanted to get a high score. Rather, it was purely to show off their skill.

One must know that cheating under the eyes of examiners could be considered something brilliant, and one could brag about this for a very long time.

The study of spiritual control was always a subject where cheating was rampant because this subject was too mysterious and there were too many unknown factors. For example, a teacher could communicate mentally with their spiritual beast who might be a very long distance away and get it to seek another great teacher for help before transmitting the correct answer back.

This was the most commonly seen cheating method in the spiritual controller examination.

The main examiner was still Tong Yiming, and this caused Sun Mo to be a little surprised. From his point of view, this tall and strapping great teacher with an impressive presence didn’t seem to be someone skilled in spiritual control no matter how one looked at it.

Usually speaking, spiritual controllers were a little weird, exuding a bizarre aura and giving off a sense of distance.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The sound of the bell rang.

The 300-pax examination room was fully filled. Regardless of the age of the examinees, everyone was fully focused as they stared at Tong Yiming, waiting for the examination paper to be given out.

Tong Yiming sat behind the rostrum calmly.

This lasted for three minutes.

“What the hell? Why is he not giving out the exam papers?”

“A few minutes have already passed, right?”

“This wasted time will not be considered our fault, right?”

The examinees naturally didn’t dare to make a commotion, but one could see what they were thinking in their hearts. Some were worried, some were cursing, some were extremely anxious, and some even had a bad premonition.

Most probably, the examination this time around wouldn’t be so easy to pass.

Bai Shuang was as expected of a genius that was proficient in the study of spiritual control. Tens of seconds after the bell rang, she frowned and subconsciously glanced to the right of the classroom.

A weak mental fluctuation created a ripple like a slight breeze, gently blowing through the room.


Bai Shuang laughed and revealed a look of excitement. The examination method was actually like this? After that, she glanced at Sun Mo and when she saw him remaining indifferent, her lips involuntarily curled in disdain.

“Sorry, I will start first.”

Bai Shuang muttered. After that, she bit her finger and used her blood to draw a strange diagram on the table. Instantly, the mental fluctuation she felt from that ripple intensified.

After that, Bai Shuang lifted her hand.

Tong Yiming glanced over.

“I need three pieces of white paper!”

Bai Shuang spoke.

“Give them to her!”

Tong Yiming spoke. For a matter like this, the youngest examiner naturally became the errand guy.

“For you!”

The young examiner with some pimples on his face was a 2-star great teacher. Right now when he looked at Bai Shuang, he involuntarily sighed in admiration. The top graduates of the Skyraise Academy were impressive indeed.

Bai Shuang received the papers. After placing them on her table, she didn’t stop at all and immediately started to answer.


The other examinees were dumbfounded. (There are no exam papers, so what are you answering?)

The group of students sitting near Bai Shuang even tried to inch closer to her and gazed in her direction.


Tong Yiming shouted, “Also, if the few of you continue glancing around, your qualifications to take the exam will be stripped directly!”


That group of students quickly settled down, but despair appeared on their faces because they truly couldn’t understand what Bai Shuang was doing.

This was the so-called ‘lack of spirituality’.

Naturally, Sun Mo had spirituality. In his past life, he had close to 20 years worth of exam-oriented education. Now that things suddenly changed to a format that was filled with mystery, he was still unable to adapt completely.

Also, in terms of difficulty, it would naturally be more difficult given that this was a 2-star great teacher examination.

After seeing Bai Shuang’s actions, Sun Mo knew that the question topic had appeared in the examination scene. It was just that the method to find its existence was too strange and most examinees wouldn’t see it.

“Since it is an exam on the study of spiritual control, the requirements to get the questions must involve spiritual control!”

Sun Mo pulled out his Chasing Cloud dagger from its sheath and started carving a combined picture consisting of a triangular and a circular picture on his table.

The effect of the diagram was similar to amplifiers and could capture the soul fluctuation of spiritual beasts in the surroundings, amplifying it.

The examinees around Sun Mo subconsciously glanced over.

“You guys are not allowed to look around!”

Tong Yiming berated again.

As the diagram was completed, Sun Mo also felt a strand of soul fluctuation. As expected, the invisible existence was transmitting a message. After translating it, the examination topic was revealed.

“The format of the exam is actually this?”

Sun Mo was stunned, but he found it to be quite fun as well. He originally wanted to raise his hands to request some pieces of paper, but due to his cautious habit, he stopped and started to think.

Would there be a trap?

Sun Mo was once a teacher of a middle school and had participated in designing questions before. Some teachers loved to put traps in the questions to increase the difficulty for students so they could see the appearances of the students struggling.

The moment he thought of this, Sun Mo then carved another spiritual formation on the table.

Usually speaking, different spiritual formations could communicate with different types of spiritual beasts.

For example, a spiritual formation was like a door to a different enclosure in the zoo. With the enclosures being different, the people who entered different enclosures would naturally see different animals.

Sun Mo continuously carved out nine spiritual formations, sensing for lifeforms that were elemental, spiritual, aquatic, ferocious, etc. However, they were all ineffective.


Sun Mo cursed because he felt that he might have wasted his efforts. Hence, he lifted his hand and spoke in a depressed manner, “Examiner, can I have three pieces of white paper?”

After hearing Sun Mo spoke, half the examinees turned and glanced at him. But there were still some who didn’t move. This was because they felt that Sun Mo was merely so-so.

At this moment, there were already over ten people who requested for paper.

As for Bai Shuang, she was completely immersed in the satisfaction of answering the question. She purely loved such a feeling.

As Sun Mo spoke, the examinees on the scene also started to feel anxious.

“Examiner, give me four pieces of paper!”

“Give me five!”

“I want one!”

The voices of the examinees rang out in unison. Some people didn’t even know the content of the examination and purely asked for paper because they saw others asking for it. They didn’t want to fall behind.

Three minutes later, everyone received pieces of paper.

Tong Yiming took out his pocket watch and glanced. After that, he announced, “Those with pieces of paper that’s either more or less than three, please leave the examination room!”


Those examinees with the wrong number of pieces instantly paled as they felt a bad premonition.

“You guys are eliminated!”

Tong Yiming calmly announced.

At the same time, the sounds of wailing rang out.

“Head examiner, isn’t such an examination too much of a swindle?”

An examinee let go of his writing brush and couldn’t help but complain.

“The content of this examination was set by Grandmaster Mo Nai. If you are unhappy, complain to him!”

Tong Yiming explained.


The examinees, who originally had unhappy looks on their faces, were like ducks being grabbed by their necks upon hearing this name. They directly shut up.

Mo Nai was a 7-star great teacher and had very deep attainments in the study of spiritual control. An examinee who dared to doubt the content he set?

That examinee must feel that his career was too short.

“Alright, quickly leave. Don’t affect others from having their examination!”

Tong Yiming urged.

Mo Nai was simply like that. He liked to simplify things as much as possible. Flipping through the examination papers was a low-efficiency method he hated the most.

After a minute, one-third of the examinees were left.

Seeing so many competitors being eliminated, all of them felt encouraged and answered the question even more seriously, preparing to pass it in one attempt.

However, Sun Mo actually placed his writing brush down.

Something was wrong!

Usually speaking, even if the examinees failed to understand something, they shouldn’t be chased out of the venue so quickly. If this action was to put pressure on the remaining examinees, it made even less sense.

The remaining examinees already took the correct first step. When they saw the others being chased away, they would only feel more encouraged and that their chance of passing was increased greatly.

Also, by chasing so many examinees out, things would surely be noisy when they exited the venue, and it would undoubtedly affect the others still taking the examination. Could it be that they wanted to test the determination of examinees under noisy circumstances?

That was wrong as well. The study of spiritual control didn’t have much to do with determination. The main thing was still one’s perceptivity!

(Wait a minute, perceptivity?)

Sun Mo’s furrowed so hard that the space between his brows could squeeze a crab to death.

He glanced at his table again.

Usually speaking, if a spiritual controller wanted to summon a spiritual beast, they needed a medium. The majority of the time, they would use fresh blood as that was the best medium.

Fresh blood not only contained the soul information of the spiritual controller, but through the blood aura exuded, it would be easier to control the spiritual beast as well.

However, Sun Mo hated to bleed. Cutting his finger skin every time just to summon a spiritual beast? It was simply too chuunibyou-istic.

However this time around, Sun Mo had no choice.

If he wanted to summon a higher-level spiritual beast, he had to use fresh blood or some other higher-grade medium. Just simply drawing a diagram was definitely not enough.

Sun Mo gritted his teeth and used his dagger to slice the skin of his index finger. After that, he focused and drew another spiritual formation at a blank space on the table.

The eyes of Tong Yiming, who was bored to death, suddenly shone when he saw this scene.

Sun Mo mumbled unintelligible sounds. After that, the blood on the table suddenly shone with a dark red luster.

The spiritual formation was activated. At the same time, a giant jellyfish appeared in Sun Mo’s vision. It was roughly one meter in diameter.

It simply floated above the rostrum. As its tentacles moved, floating aquatic plankton dispersed through the air.

“There’s really something here!”

Sun Mo looked at the umbrella-shaped jellyfish and felt a little speechless. It seemed like no matter the era, there would always be teachers who loved setting traps.

Since he could see the jellyfish, the things he had to do next were easy then. With his grandmaster-level expertise on the art of spiritual beast control, he knew over ten spiritual secret languages. Communicating with this jellyfish was as easy as pie.

“Can you tell me what’s the topic?”

Sun Mo asked.

The jellyfish didn’t reply but a convex in the shape of ‘凸’ suddenly appeared on its body. After that, a bubbling sound could be heard as the shape detached from the main body and became a miniature version of that jellyfish.

Sun Mo instantly understood. He had to summon this jellyfish. The next problem was easy then. He could simply use a spiritual control secret technique that was suitable to summon aquatic creatures.

Three minutes later...Pak!

Sun Mo formed a connection with the jellyfish. After that, it slowly floated over and landed on the paper on Sun Mo’s desk, causing the paper to be filled with colors. It was just like an oil painting.

Sun Mo was very satisfied.

As the jellyfish imprinted on the paper, the paper became something not ordinary. It could be referred to as a spirit qi equipment now. As long as Sun Mo was willing, he could summon the jellyfish out for battle any time.

Naturally, it was very weak. After all, this jellyfish had no attacking prowess.


Sun Mo heaved a sigh of relief. After glancing to the left and right, he lifted his hand.

“What’s wrong?”

Before the male examiner near Sun Mo could say anything, the female examiner patrolling the back of the venue already spoke and swiftly walked over.

“Teacher Zhou, I can handle it.” The male examiner laughed and revealed a charming smile, or so he thought.

“Speak softer, don’t disturb the other examinees!”

The female examiner surnamed ‘Zhou’ reminded him. After that, she walked toward Sun Mo and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

After that, her gaze swept past Sun Mo. (Ze, this handsome guy is truly an eye-candy. If the entire scene is filled with handsome examinees like him, this job wouldn’t be considered arduous anymore.)

(At the very least, I didn’t stay up for nothing tonight!)

The female examiner mused.

“I want to hand in the paper!”

Sun Mo spoke.

The male examiner was very depressed due to the female examiner’s abrupt reply to him. He forcefully gulped down a mouthful of saliva and in the end, he heard Sun Mo wanted to hand in his paper at the next second. He immediately turned his gaze over.

This was an exam topic set by Grandmaster Mo Nai, but you had already finished it?

The male examiner estimated the time. From the start of the exam until now, only half an hour had elapsed.


Upon hearing Sun Mo’s words, the other examinees who were answering the ‘questions’ all lifted their heads in astonishment.

“He finished it?”

“It shouldn’t be the case, right?”

“But that’s Sun Mo. He can’t possibly be giving up, right?”

The examinees instantly started mumbling. They didn’t feel Sun Mo would give up on the exam.


Tong Yiming berated.

“How long has it been? Are you not going to try longer?”

The female examiner had a kind look on her face as she persuaded.

“I’ve already finished it!”

Sun Mo smiled. “Can I hand in my paper?”


The examinees felt panic in their hearts. Could it be they missed something?


The female examiner didn’t have the qualifications to obstruct people from handing in their papers early. (Ai, there’s still one and a half hours left, how can I endure this? None of the male examinees here have 50% of Sun Mo’s good looks.)

Sun Mo stood up and left the classroom, leaving behind a carefree and graceful back view to the other examinees.

Under such a situation, Bai Shuang naturally had no way to continue answering. She frowned as she watched Sun Mo’s back. After that, her expression turned unsightly.

As a genius, Bai Shuang could instantly understand her mistake with just a little hint.

Hence, Bai Shuang bit her index finger again and redrew a spiritual formation on her table.

In her vision, planktons akin to motes of light floated about, like fireflies during midsummer. After that, Bai Shuang saw that giant jellyfish.

She had lost!

Bai Shuang’s expression turned unnatural.

This Sun Mo truly did have some capabilities.

Although she wasn’t crushed, she was still suppressed.

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