Absolute Great Teacher
542 Meeting Mei Ziyu again
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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542 Meeting Mei Ziyu again


“A coincidence?”

Bai Shuang looked at the giant jellyfish while she cast a spiritual control secret technique and completed the topic. She was also pondering over Sun Mo’s strength, but she didn’t contribute any favorable impression points.

Geniuses like her were extremely proud. If Sun Mo merely surpassed them by a little bit, he wouldn’t gain their approval.

A few minutes later, a miniature jellyfish also imprinted on her paper.

Tong Yiming observed Bai Shuang and had a look of admiration in her eyes.

“Teacher Tong, who do you think is more impressive?”

That male examiner walked over and asked in a low voice.

“You can’t compare them!”

Tong Yiming knew that the male examiner was asking him whether Sun Mo or Bai Shuang was more outstanding.

Although Sun Mo had the answer first, speaking of talent, Bai Shuang should still be a tier higher.

Grandmaster Mo Nai set a trap in the topic to beguile students. There was indeed a soul fluctuation in the classroom and not everyone could sense this.

At the start, Bai Shuang was the first person to sense the fluctuation. This was purely because she had outstanding talent. However, that was all. She lacked rational judgment and thinking.

As for Sun Mo, it was clear that his perceptivity was weaker than Bai Shuang.

Naturally, compared to other salted fishes, Sun Mo still crushed them. But in terms of his judgment and thinking skills, he surpassed Bai Shuang. When he encountered a problem, he would systematically think through it and deduce the correct answer.

“Bai Shuang depended on her talent while Sun Mo depended on his intelligence!”

That female examiner standing nearby couldn’t help but interject upon hearing this. “If I was the one choosing, I hope that my personal student would be someone with the same type as Sun Mo.”

Tong Yiming silently nodded.

Those depended on their talent for a living would encounter a day where their talent was exhausted. Also, geniuses were always rare and couldn’t be replicated. Meanwhile, systematic thinking and intelligence could be slowly trained.

For example, like Sun Mo. He knew which angle he should work on whenever he encountered a difficult problem and also knew which aspects he should verify to deduce the correct answer.

In other words, Sun Mo had a problem-solving ‘formula’ that belonged to him alone.

“I will still choose a genius!”

The lips of the male examiner twitched. This was the common overall choice for great teachers in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. When it came to choosing a student, they would choose geniuses.

“Teacher Qian, when intelligence reaches a certain level, it can also be considered a type of talent.”

Tong Yiming guided in his capacity as a high star-ranking teacher. Also, he declined to comment on that sentence from the female examiner.

Did Sun Mo really have no talent in terms of the study of spiritual control?

That might not be the case.

Maybe, this topic was too simple and there was no need for him to compete against the other examinees. Some geniuses were simply like this – so outstanding that they caused others to despair.

When the three of them were speaking, Bai Shuang who was at the side suddenly felt her body trembling. Pu~ She coughed up a large mouthful of fresh blood and dyed the rest of the paper red.

“What’s the matter?”

The female examiner was badly frightened. Tong Yiming and the male examiner also quickly rushed over.

Bai Shuang wiped away the traces of blood at the corner of her lips and stared at the floating jellyfish. She calmly replied, “I’m fine.”

After speaking, Bai Shuang stretched out her finger and dipped it in the blood she had coughed up. She then began to carve a new spiritual formation.


Tong Yiming was speechless. Bai Shuang wanted to control this jellyfish spiritually? It was fine if it was during ordinary times but now, this was an examination. (Can you not be so audacious?)

This type of jellyfish was one of the rarer ones. Bai Shuang wanted to bring it back and dissect it.

“That’s the spiritual beast of Grandmaster Mo Nai!”

Tong Yiming explained.


Bai Shuang cocked her head and stared at Tong Yiming in puzzlement, waiting for him to complete the latter part of his sentence.


Tong Yiming was startled, not knowing what else to say.

“Don’t affect the others still taking the examination.”

The female examiner reminded her, feeling some admiration and helplessness in her heart. This must be a true so-called genius, right?

Tong Yiming’s unspoken dialogue was clear. (Firstly: This is the spiritual beast of Grandmaster Mo Nai and you would offend him if you spiritually controlled it. Secondly: Your strength isn’t high enough and wouldn’t succeed in any case.) Sadly, given Bai Shuang’s EQ, she completely didn’t understand.

Naturally, bluntly speaking, Bai Shuang also knew what to do.

She looked at the jellyfish and sighed in disappointment. After that, she handed her paper in and departed.

The remaining examinees had thought that they would pass this examination for sure. But after seeing Sun Mo and Bai Shuang both leaving one after another, only then did they know the distance between them and the two was still so far.


At the same time, in a villa in Westmountain, a skinny old man with white hair suddenly opened his eyes.

“Interesting. I thought only Bai Shuang would be able to pass. I didn’t expect there to be another unexpected harvest!”

This old man was none other than Mo Nai. His eyes weren’t focused like he could peer through the limitations of space and directly see the situation in the exam venue.

15 minutes later, Mo Nai closed his eyes in disappointment.

“There are only two who passed?”

Mo Nai sighed. The examinees these years were worse and worse with each successive batch. “However, two is enough temporarily. At the very least, that ‘task’ wouldn’t get cut off halfway.”

Mo Nai contemplated. Bai Shuang was a teacher of the Skyraise Academy and could be considered someone who already belonged to a ‘master’. If he went to look for her, he would be rejected. In that case, it seemed like he had to ‘use’ the other person who passed first.

Speaking of which, that young man was really good-looking!

Through the vision of the jellyfish, Mo Nai was like watching a playback. He could be considered satisfied when he looked at Sun Mo’s process of answering the question.


When Sun Mo climbed the stairs and arrived at the entrance of the third floor, he coincidentally saw Mei Ziyu who was clad in a white-colored long dress coming down.

“Teacher Sun?”

Mei Ziyu had a look of joy on her face. She didn’t expect to meet Sun Mo here. She hastened her steps and moved over. “How have you been?”

“Teacher Mei!”

Sun Mo nodded. This 18-year-old girl before his eyes had a skinny figure and a suboptimal health status, with a pale countenance. However, pairing that with her waist-long black hair, it actually gave her a tranquil and elegant demeanor.

“You didn’t choose botany?”

Teacher Mei asked. She originally hoped that she could take the examination together with Sun Mo.

“En, I chose the study of spiritual control.”

Sun Mo smiled. “What about you? How’s your body recently?”

As they spoke, Sun Mo activated Divine Sight.

Her various data didn’t have too many changes compared to three months ago, and her potential value was still extremely high, causing others to feel envious when they saw it. However, the note that the system inputted had changed.

In the past, she didn’t care about life and death and had seen through everything. Death might be a type of release to her. But now, the note changed to ‘I wish to live a few more years.’

“Still the same!”

Mei Ziyu smiled calmly. “Speaking of which, I really have to thank Teacher Sun. Because of your massage, I’ve been living very comfortably in the past month.”


Favorable impression points from Mei Ziyu +100. Friendly (950/1,000).

Looking at the gratitude brimming in the eyes of this girl and her smile that was as sweet as sugar, Sun Mo also smiled. He knew that this girl truly felt gratitude toward him and wasn’t simply saying things casually.

Receiving her favorable impression points was the best proof.

Mei Ziyu lowered her head and felt uneasy for a little while. She wanted to invite Sun Mo for supper but was worried that her approach might be too abrupt. What if she got rejected, what should she do then?

“Do you want to have a meal together?”

Sun Mo suggested.

“Yeah, yeah!”

Mei Ziyu consecutively cheered twice. After that, she blushed and lowered her head, evading Sun Mo’s gaze.

“Let’s go!”

The two of them went down the stairs.

As a patrolling examiner, Jiang Zhitong led five vice examiners to patrol the exam venue. The staff and examinees who handed in their papers in advance would all step to the side to clear the path for him and bow to greet him when they saw him.

The reputation of the Jiang Clan was too great and could be considered to be universally known in the great teacher world. Even examinees who didn’t know him would instantly understand that he was a major character when they saw the 3 stars on his chest as well as the emblem that represented a patrolling examiner. The examinees would immediately become very obedient then.

They were like little monkeys seeing their king patrolling the mountain. Even if they had diarrhea, they would have to endure it until the king walked away.

Sun Mo and Mei Ziyu went down and coincidentally met Jiang Zhitong’s group. Mei Ziyu bowed slightly. This could be considered a greeting.

As for Sun Mo, he didn’t bow nor step aside. He merely swept a glance over and no longer paid attention to Jiang Zhitong.


(Who the hell is this? Why is he so arrogant?)

(Does he even know manners?)

A young lackey realized that this was a good chance for him to fawn on Jiang Zhitong. He immediately berated, “This examinee, where’s your respect?”

Sun Mo halted his steps.

“Do you know how to greet?”

The lackey spoke confidently as though justice was on his side. After all, his ranking was higher than these examinees and with Jiang Zhitong here, who would dare to rebut him?

Mei Ziyu furrowed her brows and sneakily glanced at Sun Mo.

“This is Great Teacher Jiang, Jiang Zhitong. A 3-star great teacher and he is the patrolling examiner for this venue!”

The lackey introduced. The Jiang Clan, a patrolling officer, and a 3-star great teacher. He felt that any of these titles was enough to scare Sun Mo so much that he would pee his pants.

Hence, just like the saying... In life, you can be incompetent but you must have judgment.

(Hehe, my performance should merit full marks, right?)

The lackey’s expression didn’t change, but his heart was now filled with joy. For something like bootlicking, one must not pile on it. Rather, a true master would take note of the appropriate timing.

If the effect was good, he would definitely leave an excellent impression on the heart of his target.

And as a great teacher with no backing, this lackey truly needed a huge thigh to hug.

“And then?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.


The lackey was stunned. Even the other vice examinees had dumbfounded looks on their faces. (What the hell is this little fellow doing?)

“This place is the exam venue, there’s no need to be overly polite here. You know this very well and yet you are speaking in such a loud voice. Wouldn’t you disturb the people who are taking the exam by doing so?”

Sun Mo calmly spoke.


The lackey was speechless because Sun Mo’s words weren’t wrong. In this venue, greetings of politeness were not emphasized.

“Also, rather than putting effort in bootlicking, why don’t you learn more things to upgrade your teaching capabilities? I believe that Teacher Jiang would admire this type of junior more!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he glanced at Jiang Zhitong and added, “Also, I’m acquainted with Teacher Jiang. There’s no need for you to introduce us!”

After that, Sun Mo flicked his sleeves and departed, exuding a sense of gracefulness.

The lackey’s face was completely flushed. This was a stark naked face-smacking. Besides, the most terrible thing was that he didn’t manage to bootlick Jiang Zhitong and even implicated him. This meant that his actions might have offended Jiang Zhitong instead.

(Also, who’s that fellow?)

(Why is he so brazen?)

(Could it be that you are not afraid of offending Jiang Zhitong?)

(It was one thing if you are not acquainted with Jiang Zhitong. But you clearly know him yet you are still so arrogant? Could it be that your family owns mine?!)


The other vice examinees all inhaled a breath of cold air. This fellow actually addressed Jiang Zhitong as ‘Teacher Jiang’!

Naturally, everyone here was a teacher and could rightfully address each other as such. But usually, the young people and juniors wouldn’t do so because they wanted to display their respect to their seniors. At the same time, they might also be able to receive some guidance from their seniors.

Jiang Zhitong was so angry that his liver was trembling. He originally wanted to ignore Sun Mo. Even if the other party greeted him, he wouldn’t reply. But who knew that Sun Mo had no such intention at all. Moreover, after that vice examiner spoke, Sun Mo still said such things. How outrageous!

“He really thinks that my Jiang Clan are vegetarians!”

Jiang Zhitong had a gloomy expression. After he turned his head and glanced at Sun Mo, his gaze also landed on Mei Ziyu. When he saw how close she and Sun Mo were from their interactions, he grew even unhappier.

(Do you think being handsome is very impressive?)

(Hmph, Mei Yazhi has always treated her daughter as a treasure. If someone like you with a fiancee tries to get close to Mei Ziyu, Mei Yazi would mince you into pieces to feed the dogs sooner or later.)

“Look at the time. They should have handed their papers in advance?”

A vice examiner contemplated.

Everyone wasn’t foolish and instantly understood his meaning. Right now, only about half an hour had passed since the start of the examination. Not many examinees had left the venue, but those who had must have failed with no exceptions. It was absolutely impossible for them to complete the exam this fast.

However, Sun Mo and Mei Ziyu might be two exceptions because their expressions were too calm and they were smiling and joking around. If they failed the examination and still acted like this, their heart states would truly be too vast.

“It’s possible that they might have given up completely?”

That lackey answered.

“I remembered it now. That fellow is Sun Mo!”

An examiner frowned. “In the past, I saw him before in the distance. I shouldn’t be wrong about his identity.”


Everyone wanted to gasp again. They had never seen Sun Mo personally, but his name was well known to all the examiners.

The great gushing Yangtze with piling waves flows toward the east. Away, it carries gallant souls of the remote bygone days!*

Outside the Jiang Manor, everyone is speaking of One-Vote Sun!

These two sentences were bold and unconstrained, exuding tyranny and a moral lesson. Right now, these sentences had already become words of self-encouragement to great teachers with lowly origins.

Honestly speaking, if it wasn’t for those outdated conventions, who would be willing to put on smiles on their faces to wait outside the residences of major characters for several hours just for a miniscule chance to be invited in?

The young great teachers would rather depend on their own talent for a living.

Also recently, Sun Mo had erupted forth with golden sentences one after another in a hotel, saying ‘Some people are young and have strong aspirations, tempering themselves as they advance forward. As for others, they waste 100 years of their life and are worse off than a dog!’ while having Priceless Advice activated. That completely caused all the young great teachers to cheer.

Honestly speaking, the things they felt the most vexed about were seniors who depended on their seniority to override them.

Naturally, if people with no capabilities said these words, they would be considered arrogant and brazen. However, Sun Mo was exceptionally impressive. During the 1-star great teacher examination, he had broken the record. Besides, it was easy to foresee that for the next hundred years, most probably no one would be able to break Sun Mo’s record.

So what if such an impressive person was a little arrogant?

Even that lackey couldn’t help but shake his head as he revealed a look of envy. He also wished to be so cool like Sun Mo!

After thinking of this, the lackey couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Jiang Zhitong. If it was possible, who would wish to be a lackey?


Favorable impression points from Huang Er`gou +50. Neutral (50/100).

“Sun Mo came out so early. It seems that he is quite confident in his examination. I think he might actually get a good result. Ze, the young are promising indeed!”

A vice examiner subconsciously sighed ruefully before hurriedly shutting up. He swiftly glanced at Jiang Zhitong. It was best not to mention any words that praised Sun Mo.

“Wait a minute. I remembered that he had a conflict with another great teacher and even broke the arms of his opponent? I thought he could only come for the examination if the broken arms are fully cured?”

Huang Er`gou suddenly thought of a matter.

The others glanced at the lackey and wisely chose not to answer him. (Please, since Sun Mo dared to come for the exam, it meant that everything must have been resolved!)

For a genius like Sun Mo, there would surely be major characters backing him. (Do you think he is like you? Someone who can’t even get the chance to be a lackey?)

Jiang Zhitong suppressed the unhappiness in his heart. With his identity as a patrolling examiner, he walked toward the grading room of the study of spirit runes examination papers. He couldn’t control it anymore and wanted to quickly know Sun Mo’s result.

(I don’t believe you can get another full mark!)

[1] Huang Er`Gou – this name basically means the second dog, I have no idea if it is his real name or if the author is making a pun

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