Absolute Great Teacher
543 Full Marks, Simply So Strong!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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543 Full Marks, Simply So Strong!


In the grading room for the study of spirit runes.

The great teachers, who had been busy all the way until midnight, ate their supper and continued to work.

Because the Saint Gate had increased the difficulty of the examinations, the workload of everyone reduced. As long as they discovered that the number of points deducted was more than 50 and confirmed that the examinee had failed, they no longer needed to read the rest of the answers anymore and could directly fail the examinee.

“Ze, another full mark!”

A great teacher wearing a hawksbill shell-rimmed eyeglasses smiled and passed the exam paper he was marking to a great teacher from another team as they commenced with exchanging the papers. This could guarantee that their accuracy of marking would be higher and there would be no mistake.

“Indeed, this is a full mark!”

The ones grading the papers were all great teachers and had long since memorized the answers completely. They only needed to sweep their gazes through and would know how many marks an examinee obtained.

“This should be the fifth person getting full marks, right?”

The great teacher wearing the glasses laughed, not feeling surprised. The topics in the 2-star examination were more difficult, but some of the examinees had failed repeatedly and were around 30 to 40 years old. After learning for so many years, even if one was a fool, they would still be able to grasp roughly 70 to 80% of the questions in the written examination.

As long as their luck was slightly better, it was very normal to obtain full marks. After all, there would always be some lucky people out there.

When Jiang Zhitong came, the grading work had almost ended.

“Everyone must be tired from all the grading. I brought some pastries over.”

Jiang Zhitong smiled. After speaking, three vice examiners immediately placed down the food baskets they were carrying. Because this place was the exam venue, vendors were absolutely not permitted entry. If not, there would be no need for these vice examiners to do such miscellaneous jobs.

Someone cast a Complete Focus earlier. Everyone wasn’t tired, but since they could openly slack off, no one would reject such an opportunity. Besides, these were the supper sent over by Jiang Zhitong. Everyone would give him some face.

The great teacher wearing glasses was very scheming. He roughly guessed the reason why Jiang Zhitong came here. Hence, he ate the pastries while chatting with a smile.

“The overall results of this year are still passable. A total of seven people are scoring full marks.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Zhitong’s eyes brightened. If Sun Mo didn’t get full marks, it was even better. But even if he did, under the situation where so many others also obtained full marks, he wouldn’t stand out.

Cough! Cough!

Jiang Zhitong cleared his throat and put on an appearance like he was very caring of his juniors. “Oh, who are these elites?”

“The grading isn’t completed yet, we haven’t torn the name slips off.”

“Why don’t we just tear them off now? In any case, the results won’t change?”

“Yeah, only a small portion of exam papers is ungraded. It won’t influence anything.”

The grading teachers were also very curious. Hence, as they chatted, they also looked at the group leader in charge of grading the examination papers.

“You guys really have no patience!”

The group leader scolded with a smile. He naturally wouldn’t reject something that everyone clearly wanted, or he might be regarded with disdain by all of them.

“Let me do it then!”

The great teacher in glasses directly tore the name slip of the exam paper that he had just marked earlier – the one that obtained full marks.

Lian Donglai!

“What the hell is this name? Why does it sound like a hotel?”

The great teacher frowned. Actually, one could tell many things from the name. For clans that had deep foundations and history, the names they gave their descendants would contain more significance.

For example, a name like that Huang Er`gou made it clear that that person had humble origins. Twenty to thirty generations of his ancestors were all peasants.


Everyone urged. They wouldn’t care for the name. It was enough to know who obtained full marks.

Jiang Zhitong didn’t say anything, but a smile gradually appeared on his face. Sun Mo wasn’t among the names who scored full marks!

“I won’t waste everyone’s time then.”

Jiang Zhitong placed his hands behind his back and started to walk out of the room. After that, when he passed by the window, he gazed at the stars and felt a refreshing feeling.

“Sun Mo actually didn’t score full marks?”

“Eh? Why are you so shocked? Shouldn’t it be normal for someone not to obtain full marks? After all, the exam questions are difficult!”

“There are still over 100 exam papers here. Why are you guys so anxious?”

The sounds of discussion rang out from the room.

Jiang Zhitong’s lips curled. There would be times where horses stumbled and humans failed to meet an expectation. This was very normal. In any case, as long as Sun Mo didn’t obtain full marks, he would be happy.

In Jiang Zhitong’s heart, he had never thought that Sun Mo would fail. His hope was simply for Sun Mo not to get full marks.

After noticing this, Jiang Zhitong’s expression turned unsightly. Because this indicated that he already recognized Sun Mo’s capabilities.

“Let’s go and patrol the venue!”

Jiang Zhitong called out. But not long before he left, he heard the sounds of cheering from the grading room.

“Beautiful. This answer is really exceptional, even more impressive compared to the standard answer!”

“Full marks, this is definitely a full marks paper!”

“I feel that this should be Sun Mo’s.”

After the uproar, the grading room fell back into silence. This made Jiang Zhitong so depressed that he almost coughed up blood. (Continue speaking. Why are you guys not saying anything now?)

“S...should I go and take a look?”

Huang Er`gou asked in a low voice, observing Jiang Zhitong’s expression.

“What’s there to see?”

Jiang Zhitong glared at Huang Er`gou. “Let’s go!”


Huang Er`gou hurriedly lowered his head and followed behind Jiang Zhitong like a husky.

Jiang Zhitong frowned and grew angry when he looked at Huang Er`gou. (You don’t even know how to be a lackey. When I say don’t look, do you really not look?)

(You can’t even read the thoughts of your superiors? How can you still make a living by bootlicking?)

Luckily, Jiang Zhitong didn’t need to wait for too long. Tens of seconds later, sounds of exclamation rang out from within the grading room again.

“As expected, it’s Sun Mo’s paper!”

“This answer is so beautiful. I heard that he handed his paper an hour in advance again!”

“After hearing the compliments of you guys, I can’t endure it anymore. There are so many people with full marks, so how do we distinguish who are the superior ones?”

“Please. Some people obtained full marks because they did their utmost. Others obtained full marks because there are only simply so many marks to be obtained. This Sun Mo belongs to the latter category.”

Jiang Zhitong felt even more terrible after he heard all these. It was like stepping into a pile of dog shit from his grandpa’s favorite dog when he was very young. He had wanted to beat the dog up but couldn’t do anything, he could only feel extremely sullen.

“Why did I come here to check things out?”

Jiang Zhitong felt regret. Now, things were even more ‘excellent’. There was no need for him to have a good sleep anymore during these two nights. His heart was suffused with anger!


Sun Mo and Mei Ziyu returned to the hotel after supper. He had a very good sleep and woke up punctually the next morning. When he went to the canteen for a meal, he discovered that this place was as noisy as a wet market.

“What’s going on?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“Zhou Qiao’s limbs were broken and he was tossed into a gutter outside a hotel!”

Li Ziqi explained in a low voice.

“Who is Zhou Qiao?”

Sun Mo drank his porridge.

“Xie Can’s personal disciple. He is one of the strongest three youngsters below 15 years old and is a championship candidate.”

Tantai Yutang chortled.

Sun Mo immediately frowned. Xie Cang was the top graduate of Jixia Academy. He was very powerful. In that case, his personal disciple could be counted as a seeded candidate.

Now, such a person was being destroyed by someone else. What did this mean?

“I don’t understand it. Since his opponent has the strength to defeat Zhou Qiao, why doesn’t he or she defeat him openly in the arena?”

Ying Baiwu was puzzled.

“Maybe it was the action of a certain great teacher?”

Tantai Yutang giggled and gave a possibility.

“It can’t be, right?”

Lu Zhiruo doubted. “If the murderer was caught, his title would surely be stripped and he would be expelled to the Darkness Continent!”

“In any case, everyone should try their best to be more cautious during these few days!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》