Absolute Great Teacher
544 What Is A Top Student?!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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544 What Is A Top Student?!


Zhou Qiao being crippled was a very distant incident to many people. After all, now was the examination period and everyone was doing their utmost to prepare for war. They basically had no time or mood to care about all this.

When the examinees heard this, they merely warned their students not to randomly run around at night. It would be good if they had companions if they wanted to head out. However, the Saint Gate acted like they were facing a major enemy.

For this matter, the vice alliance leader Liang Hongda had berated several people during the meeting. Moreover, he even requested the Saint Gate to send two more law enforcement groups over.

A dark current was throbbing silently within Westmountain City.

A day later, the results were released.

“Teacher, we will go and check out the other’s results!”

The moment they stepped into the school gate, Li Ziqi brought the papaya girl along and ran away. As for heading over to check Sun Mo’s result? (Please, our teacher would surely be the best, alright?)

There was completely no need to check it.

Sun Mo walked for some time and saw a young man sitting at the roadside with a wretched expression. The young man was currently rubbing his ankle and cursing under his breath.

“You sprained your ankle? Do you need help?”

Sun Mo walked over. This should be a good chance to earn some favorable impression points. As for the fact that he would face one more opponent because he treated this young man, Sun Mo didn’t really care about this.

“I’ll rub it a little and it will be fine, there’s no problem!”

The young man lifted his head and squeezed out a smile. “Thanks.”

One didn’t hit a smiling man in his face, moreover, this teacher was taking the initiative to help him, clearly displaying that he was a good man. The young man then retracted his unhappiness, not wanting to transmit his negative emotions to Sun Mo.

“Let me help you to take a look.”

Sun Mo squatted down, he stretched out his hand and held onto the young man’s ankle.

“How can I ask you to do this?”

The young man felt that Sun Mo’s character wasn’t bad. If it was himself, he would definitely hope for more opponents to be injured, so he would have a higher chance to pass the exam.

“You have a muscle sprain. When you return, just heat up some water and put some medicinal packet that can improve blood circulation into it. Dip your injured ankle into the water for half an hour every time and do this for a total of three days. You will be fine.”

Sun Mo spoke and exerted force with his fingers.

The young man originally wanted to nod, but as Sun Mo exerted force, a numb feeling spread through his entire leg. It caused him to subconsciously jerk his leg back, wanting to evade Sun Mo’s grip. However, a moment later, a warm current began to flow from the wound. The feeling was so comfortable that his eyes closed.

After ten seconds, the young man realized that it was no longer painful. He stood up and even jumped around a few times. “It’s fine now? I feel that I don’t even need to soak my leg in the medicinal water anymore.”

Sun Mo smiled. Actually, he had helped the young man clear the excess blood and removed the swelling. However, he couldn’t possibly brag about these achievements, right?

“From your accent, you should be someone from Jinling, right? That’s a good place. I heard that there would be a competition between flower queens every year, and beauties are everywhere, their fragrances flooding the streets!”

Although the young man no longer said any word of thanks, the system notification rang out.


Favorable impression points from Wang Qing +20. Neutral (80/100).

After hearing this, Sun Mo couldn’t help but glance at Wang Qing. The prestige connection between them had activated before? Honestly speaking, as Sun Mo’s fame grew, even people he had never seen before would contribute favorable impression points to him.

“I originally planned to become a 2-star great teacher this year and head to Jinling to find work. At the same time, I want to witness the passionate scenes of beautiful ladies near the Qinhuai River. However, it seems that I have no chance now.”

Wang Qing was someone from a small village and had a strange fascination and yearning toward luxurious large cities.

“Oh yeah, how do you think your results are?” asked Wang Qing.


Sun Mo fell silent. He couldn’t possibly say that he did very well, right? From Wang Qing’s appearance, it was clear that he must have done badly. Hence, there was no need for him to continue ‘provoke’ Wang Qing.

“You felt that you did badly too?”

Seeing that Sun Mo wasn’t speaking, Wang Qing also thought that Sun Mo didn’t do well. He patted Sun Mo on his shoulder and revealed a look that stated they were in the same boat.

“Our luck is so bad. To think that we coincidentally encountered the spike in difficulty this year. The topics this year are horrendously difficult.”

Wang Qing sighed. “If I took the 2-star exam last year, I would absolutely be able to get a high score!”

Sun Mo didn’t know what to reply, but it was fine. This Wang Qing wasn’t merely a chatterbox. He was someone who gelled with others very quickly and he could jabber on and on.

“If I wait one more year to take the 2-star exam, there are no negative effects for me. However, I feel sorry for my personal disciple. I’ve let him down.”

Wang Qing sighed again.


With regard to this point, Sun Mo agreed very much. As a teacher, he didn’t wish to let his personal students down either. He would always give them the best.

“Which two subjects did you choose?”

The two of them arrived at the venue and could see the public announcement board from far away. Wang Qing casually asked in passing.

“Spirit runes and spiritual control!”

Sun Mo saw that there were already pieces of red paper being pasted.

“I took botany and engineering. Sigh, I don’t dare to look.”

Wang Qing spoke, but he soon smiled again. “However, you seemed to have worse luck. At the very least, there are no geniuses in the two exams I’ve chosen. Unlike you, there’s Sun Mo in the study of spirit runes. I think that fellow most probably is going to obtain full marks again.”


Sun Mo could only continue to remain silent.

“Forget it, we have to face this sooner or later. Isn’t it just looking at our results? This daddy isn’t afraid!”

Wang Qing mumbled and suddenly ran out. After traveling for tens of meters, he abruptly stopped and shouted, “Wait for me under the announcement board for the study of spirit runes. I will come over to find you later!”

Although he felt that he had failed, it wasn’t bad that he got acquainted with a new friend. During the tens of minutes when Wang Qing sat on the roadside after spraining his ankle, a lot of people were coming and going. However, Sun Mo was the only one who took the initiative to come over and help. If Wang Qing didn’t make a friend like this, he would surely regret it his entire life.

(Aiya, I forgot to ask his name. Nevermind, he is already one of my best friends!)


Sun Mo was sure that he scored very high for the study of spirit runes. Hence, he chose to walk toward the spiritual control board first.

“Teacher, you are in third place. You are too awesome!”

Hua Jianmu shouted happily, drawing the attention of the surrounding people.

Han Xi, who was tall but had a skinny figure, didn’t reply. She was frowning as she stared at the names in the first two spots.

Sun Mo, full marks!

Bai Shuang, full marks!

Han Xi, 96 marks!

Although there was only a four marks difference, Han Xi knew that the distance between her and the two top scorers wasn’t as ‘insignificant’ as what ‘4 marks’ portrayed.

One must know that the two of them got full marks!

“There are two people who got full marks? How impressive!”

“Yeah, I heard that the topic this year was set by Grandmaster Mo Nai. It was extremely difficult, and half the examinees were directly eliminated.”

“Zeze, these two could get full marks despite the exam being so difficult. Are they still humans?”

In the crowd, several examinees mumbled to each other. Some of them were filled with envy and a sense of disappointment, which arose from an unreachable target.

This was the first time they saw the difference between them and the ‘gods of studying’. The distance between them wasn’t something that could be mitigated by burning some midnight oil when studying.


Hua Jianmu sensed Han Xi’s depressed expression. However, what surprised him was Sun Mo’s name in the top spot. (This person should be that Teacher who guided me during that day, right? He’s actually so strong?)

Although no brackets were stating who was the top ranker between the two, Sun Mo’s name was at the very top. There was no doubt that he was the best examinee for this exam topic.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》