Absolute Great Teacher
545 See You Again in the Great Teachers Battle
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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545 See You Again in the Great Teachers Battle


Han Xi’s result was extremely excellent, enough to crush many people. However, because two people got full marks, she immediately became insignificant.

One could even say that the second-place, Bai Shuang, became a foil to enhance Sun Mo’s brilliance.

Although both of them had full marks, people understood that the placement sequence on the result board depended on how impressive the examinee was.

Although their marks were similar, Sun Mo surpassed Bai Shuang a little bit in other aspects. For example, maybe his answers were tidier, or he had handed the paper in quicker, finishing the paper earlier...

Sun Mo stood at the outer perimeter of the crowd and revealed a happy smile when he saw the result.

The grandmaster-level spiritual beast control was truly effective.

In any case, what was the origin of the system exactly? It could directly input knowledge into his brain. Wasn’t this too magical?

“Sun Mo, you are really easily amazed because of your lack of experience!”

The system mocked.

“What do you mean?”

Sun Mo frowned. He could hear a slight contempt in its tone. It was like a lofty god peering down mightily at an ant from the lower plane of existence.

“Who told you that receiving knowledge can only be done through memorizing books and learning from lessons?”

The system counter-asked.

“That’s because people from Earth are ignorant and inexperienced. For each different plane of existence, there exist different methods to pass down knowledge. For example, in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, you actually look down on these people from the bottom of your hearts, right? After all, there’s no computer, no mobile phones, no airplanes, and no cannons here. You feel that they are country bumpkins, right? However, they have their unique spirit qi civilization.”

Borrowing this chance, the system started to correct Sun Mo’s world view.

“You are now a great teacher and should have heard of ‘Enlightenment Provision’ before, right?”

Sun Mo nodded. It was one of the top-graded great teacher halos. Its effects were similar to Soul Imprint. High-ranking great teachers could directly input their knowledge into the mind of their students, allowing them to instantly grasp the content.

This was absolutely one of the best methods of learning.

“For something like learning, ignoring the channel and process, its ultimate goal is for one to grasp the knowledge and use it intelligently according to situations.”

The system persuaded, “Don’t keep feeling that you have your success due to shortcuts. You should also not be unduly humble. You are actually very impressive because even if someone could obtain the skill books and learn them, they wouldn’t be able to use it creatively and apply it pragmatically.”

After speaking until here, the system sighed ruefully. Sun Mo’s talent could absolutely be ranked within the top five out of all the hosts it had before.

“Why do you suddenly start to praise me? I feel very unused to this!”

Sun Mo chortled.

“Well, if you want someone to grow healthily, other than using the spearhead, you must also give them some compliments and consolation from time to time!”

The system explained.

Sun Mo’s face turned black and directly scolded, “Scram for me!”

The bright sunlight cascaded on him, leaving the warmth behind.

Sun Mo sank into contemplation.

As an educator, Sun Mo had considered how he should help his students grow efficiently. One must know that a student, leaving aside the early education, had to study for roughly 16 years, starting from primary school, before they could graduate from a university.

During this period, the knowledge that the undergraduates possessed from when they were young up until now was basically not that useful. They were merely aiming for good grades to secure a better job.

After the undergraduate course, there was still a master’s degree and a PhD. Only by completing PhDs would someone be considered to have made something out of himself or herself.

Medical studies, aviation, electronics...If one wanted to contribute to these domains, not having a PhD as a foundation would really render their contribution insignificant, and after learning all this knowledge, maybe 30 years had already passed from their golden period of youth.

Let alone countries, even the various large companies knew that humans were the most important resources. However, the amount of time needed to nurture a genius was truly too long.

Sometimes, Sun Mo would wonder... A student had spent so much time learning, but in the end, how relevant would it be to their life and career?

If you looked at the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces again, why were great teachers so important?

Great teachers could help students avoid detours on their learning path and allow students to mature quicker.

Moreover, the knowledge would also be useful no matter what. At least, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to raise a family.

“Soul Imprint is a good skill, but did I use it too rarely?”

Sun Mo started to ponder over his behavior. He was worried that by using it frequently, he might instill the laziness mindset into his students. Hence, he rarely used this great teacher halo.

All of a sudden, a commotion arose in the crowd, interrupting Sun Mo’s contemplation. He lifted his head and saw that Bai Shuang had also arrived. Her expression was as cold and as indifferent as ever.

Beside her, there was a tall youngster with a smile on his face. His features were gentle and he gave off a sense of harmony, like he was someone who didn’t like disputes and arguments.

His name was Miao Rui, a personal student of Bai Shuang.

After seeing the results, Miao Rui’s smile grew even wider. “Teacher, you got full marks!”

Bai Shuang didn’t say anything. Her gaze gradually turned colder as she stared at Sun Mo’s name.

“Teacher, let’s go. Let’s check out your results in the study of smithing!”

Miao Rui suggested.

Bai Shuang didn’t move. Although she had guessed this result, now that she personally saw it, she was still very unhappy. As expected, she was still suppressed by Sun Mo.


Miao Rui did his best to smile happily, wanting to alleviate the unhappiness in Bai Shuang’s heart.

“There’s no need to indirectly comfort me. What full marks? Second place means second place!”

Bai Shuang spoke, not bothered with the gazes that the other examinees were casting at her. Instead, she turned her head and looked at Sun Mo. “I’ve lost this round.”


Everyone followed Bai Shuang’s vision and looked at Sun Mo.

“Who is this?”

“You don’t know One-Vote Sun? Are you still someone from the great teacher world?”

“Oh, so it’s Sun Mo! He’s quite handsome.”

Bai Shuang was someone from the Skyraise Academy and was also a top graduate. Moreover, she was quite pretty as well. This was why she was very famous.

Sun Mo rose to fame too quickly. Many knew his name, but only a few had seen him before.

Now, Bai Shuang had admitted publicly that she was inferior to Sun Mo.


Miao Rui bitterly smiled. His teacher’s EQ was really invincible. (Why did you say such a thing in public and helped Sun Mo boost his fame for free?)

Bai Shuang was a very direct person, and she didn’t care about the opinions of others. She looked at Sun Mo and issued a challenge, “I will see you again in the great teachers battle!”


After hearing this, all the spectators exclaimed in shock. They all looked at Sun Mo with envy and shock on their faces.

If someone was challenged by Bai Shuang publicly, even if that person wasn’t well-known before, they would surely be famous now. However, wasn’t Bai Shuang overestimating Sun Mo a little too much?

She wanted to meet Sun Mo in the finals?

Bai Shuang definitely had the strength to enter the finals, but Sun Mo had just graduated a year ago. What capabilities did he have to depend on?

Miao Rui started after hearing his teacher’s words. He then looked at Sun Mo and frowned. This fellow was actually so strong?

“F***, you aren’t even giving me a chance to speak?”

Seeing Bai Shuang leave directly, Sun Mo was very speechless. However, he didn’t intend to reject because the system notification rang out.


“Mission issued. Please defeat Bai Shuang in the Great Teachers Battle. Reward: 1 gold treasure chest!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. The better the reward, the harder the mission would be. Now that the reward was a gold treasure chest, this indicated that the battle would not be easy.

Hua Jianmu stood in the crowd and couldn’t help but be dumbstruck when he saw Bai Shuang challenging with Sun Mo. The great teacher who helped him was Sun Mo. Also, from the looks of things, he was extraordinarily impressive.

(Wait a minute, should I go and greet him?)

Hua Jianmu was conflicted. After all, Sun Mo had helped him to break through, but once he greeted him, wouldn’t his teacher know about this?

(If that’s the case, how can I still maintain my image as a genius?)

(My teacher would surely be very disappointed, right?)

Just when Hua Jianmu was hesitating, their gazes matched.


Hua Jianmu was extremely embarrassed. Just when he didn’t know how to respond, Sun Mo smiled and left, causing Hua Jianmu to heave a sigh of relief.

(Teacher Sun is very understanding!)


Favorable impression points from Hua Jianmu +20. Friendly (120/1,000).

“What’s wrong with you?”

Han Xi frowned.


Hua Jianmu hurriedly explained.

“Look at Miao Rui, Bai Shuang’s disciple. Are you confident you will win against him?”

Han Xi asked.


Hua Jianmu patted his chest. “Including T...Teacher Sun’s personal disciples, I will definitely beat them all!”

“Very good!”

Han Xi looked at Sun Mo. After that, she turned her gaze onto Bai Shuang again, as she clenched her fists. (I don’t care whether you guys are geniuses or top graduates from an elite school. In any case, after this examination, I will let the world know that I, Han Xi, am the strongest!)

After hearing Han Xi’s praise, Hua Jianmu could only apologize to Sun Mo in his heart. (If I encounter your personal disciples, I won’t show mercy. I can only repay your kindness with other methods...)


“I actually passed?”

Wang Qing was smiling in a silly manner and heading toward the announcement board of the study of spirit runes. His exam results were much better than he had expected. How lucky...but after that, he began to frown.

“I wonder how that fellow is doing. Would he have failed? If he failed, how should I console him?”

When Wang Qing thought of how Sun Mo had shown concern for him earlier and how he had helped to knead his ankle, he felt that Sun Mo was a friend for life.

As he walked there, he saw more and more examinees. There were all sorts of discussion topics, in addition to news about those geniuses who had off-the-charts results.

“Have you heard it? Sun Mo scored full marks for two exams!”

“As expected of a top student. I can’t offend him, I can’t offend him!”

“Top student? Come on, he is a god of learning, alright?”

For this 2-star examination, only seven people had scored full marks for both of their written exams. However, for the recent graduates, Sun Mo was the only one with this achievement.

If one were to speak of potential, Sun Mo’s was naturally the highest. Why was this so?

Because they were older than Sun Mo!

“The One-Vote Sun who said something about dogs? If there’s a chance to, I must pay him a visit!”

As Wang Qing heard the sounds of discussion drifting over from the surroundings, he also wished to personally meet with Sun Mo. (However, someone like Sun Mo is most probably very arrogant. There is no way for us to become friends, sigh.)

The study of spirit runes was a very popular subject. Hence, many people were gathering under its board. Wang Qing’s eyes were wide open. He originally thought he had to spend some effort to look for his friend, but he didn’t expect to find the latter so easily.

Because no one was standing in a one-meter radius around Sun Mo.

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