Absolute Great Teacher
546 Many Thanks for Teacher Sun’s Guidance!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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546 Many Thanks for Teacher Sun’s Guidance!

Chapter 546: Many Thanks for Teacher Sun’s Guidance!

“Being handsome also has its benefits!”

Seeing Sun Mo standing there indifferently, Wang Qing sighed ruefully. He could understand the mentality of others. He also didn’t want to stand next to a handsome guy and be compared.

(Speaking of which, please don’t score too badly, or I won’t know how to comfort you!)

“Brother, how are your results?”

Wang Qing revealed a smile. He took large strides and walked toward Sun Mo, placing his arms on Sun Mo’s shoulder in the passing. After that, he looked at the board.


The examinees in the surroundings immediately turned their gazes over.

“Brother, I’m basking in your limelight. Hahaha. I’ve lived for 20 plus years and have never felt so dazzling before!”

Wang Qing chortled. “Speaking of which, there should be many female teachers pursuing you, right?”


Sun Mo’s lips twitched. In his previous world, as a poor bloke that had no house nor car, he was treated as trash in the blind-date market. People would just meet him once and delete his contact.

Naturally, a rich older lady had once hinted to Sun Mo that she could give him some money. However, Sun Mo’s moral integrity was very strong. Besides, he felt fear about becoming a boytoy to a rich older lady.


Wang Qing didn’t know what to say. (You have such low self-esteem, how do you want me to continue speaking? Anyway, your expression is as dull as a man that’s currently experiencing the seven-year itch. I really cannot tell how well or how badly your results are.)

(How do you want me to continue chatting with you?)

(Ai, no matter how your results are, you are my friend forever.)

After thinking of this, Wang Qing exerted force and hugged Sun Mo by his shoulder, trying to use his action to encourage him. After that, he asked in a careful manner, “Did you pass?”

“Mn, I did!”

Sun Mo nodded.

After hearing this, Wang Qing heaved a sigh of relief. It was good that they both passed.

“What about you?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“I passed too. The next round is to give a lecture on the spot. Hehe, we are one step closer to gaining the title of a 2-star great teacher.”

Wang Qing smiled with satisfaction. After that, he looked at the board and couldn’t help but feel rueful. “Ze, nine people scored full marks, and Sun Mo is still ranked at the very top. He’s truly impressive.”


Favorable impression points from Wang Qing +30. Friendly (110/1,000).

“What is your ranking?”

Wang Qing was embarrassed to ask Sun Mo for his name. After all, Sun Mo had helped him then and he forgot to take the initiative to ask his name at that time. This was something very rude. Hence, he wanted to do his best to salvage it now.

Before Sun Mo could reply, Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo ran over.


Li Ziqi’s smile was very sweet. After that, her gaze turned over to survey Wang Qing and finally landed on his right hand that was on Sun Mo’s shoulder.

“They must be your personal students, right?”

Wang Qing asked while silently praising. (They are so beautiful, especially so for the one behind.)

She could become a ‘murderous’ weapon.


Sun Mo nodded.

“I don’t really have any valuable meeting gifts right now. Is it possible for me to give the gifts next time?”

Wang Qing whispered to Sun Mo in a low voice. His tone was filled with embarrassment.

“No need for that!”

Sun Mo didn’t understand why Wang Qing was so polite.

“That can’t do. You are my good friend forever!”

Wang Qing persisted. “I have to make up for it!”

“Forever? Good friend?”

Sun Mo stared at Wang Qing in puzzlement. (Bro, aren’t you a bit too dramatic?)

“Teacher, we’ve checked. There are seven people who scored full marks in two subjects. However, you are the only one in this batch of recent graduates who did so.”

Lu Zhiruo impatiently announced this news. She felt pride in her heart. (My teacher is truly the most outstanding one.)

At the same time, a large number of favorable impression points were contributed over.


Wang Qing was stunned and touched his ears.

“Do your ears have some problem? If so, you have to try and cure it quicker!”

The papaya girl kindly reminded him.

Wang Qing turned his head and looked at Sun Mo. He then looked at the surroundings. As expected, these people were all surveying Sun Mo. There were curious and jealous looks, but most were of jealousy.

After that, Wang Qing’s gaze turned to the board. “Brother, what’s your ranking?”

(Hehe, he can’t possibly be first, right?)

Sun Mo fell silent. He felt embarrassed to speak of it, as people might say that he liked to blow his own trumpet. However, the papaya girl interjected, “My teacher is naturally the number one!”

Wang Qing’s lips twitched. This was especially so when he saw the expression the papaya girl was looking at him with. It was like she was saying, ‘do you even need to ask about this? Other than the 1st place, none of the other ranks is worthy enough for Teacher.’

“Y...you are Sun Mo?”

Wang Qing gulped down a mouthful of saliva as he spoke. He felt that his throat was a little parched. Also, the hand he placed on Sun Mo’s shoulder was subconsciously lifted.


Sun Mo nodded.


A vulgar curse immediately rose in Wang Qing’s heart. (I finally understand why there are so many people here, yet none of them dares to stand close to you. So, it’s not because you are too handsome but rather, it’s because you are Sun Mo!)

Sun Mo, the person who made a statement about dogs in front of the Jiang Manor!

Sun Mo, the one with the beautiful reputation of God Hands!

Sun Mo, the person who spouted the golden sentence ‘As for others, they waste 100 years of their life and are worse off than a dog!’

(Hmph, to think that I was worried you might not do well and was racking my brains on how to console you. In the end, you actually scored full marks for two subjects and are the first among all recent graduates. Damn, give me back my worry!)


Wang Qing retracted his right hand and felt a little awkward. (I actually hugged Sun Mo’s shoulder. My heavens, should I feel fortunate that I wasn’t beaten up?)

(Speaking of which, he didn’t reveal his name to me earlier. Was it because he cared for my face? After all, I looked like a failure!)

(He must be pitying me!)

When he thought of this, Wang Qing felt very unbearable in his heart. (Go away, I don’t know you. Don’t think that you will ever be my friend again.)

(I, Wang Qing, don’t need pity.)

“Let’s get to know each other again. I’m Sun Mo from Jinling!’

Sun Mo stretched out his hand.

Wang Qing’s expression changed again. He immediately put on a radiant smile and grasped Sun Mo’s hand with both hands. “Nice to meet you, nice to meet you. I’m Wang Qing, I’m from a small place!”

(WOW, I shook hands with One-Vote Sun. If this news spread, I can at least brag about it for half a year. No, I might be able to brag for a year!)


Favorable impression points from Wang Qing +50. Friendly (160/1,000).

Wang Qing finally knew why famous people were so dazzling. By standing with Sun Mo, many people were also looking at him.

“Quickly look, that’s One-Vote Sun!”

“Who’s the guy beside him?”

“I don’t know but since he can stand together with Sun Mo, he most probably is a genius as well!”

These gazes filled with focus and trepidation caused Wang Qing to feel a little intoxicated.

“Am I being treated as a genius?”

Wang Qing pretended to not be bothered, but his ears were pricked up as he secretly listened to the discussions.

“Remember his appearance. If we encounter him during the Great Teachers Battle, we have to be careful!”

Similar words continuously echoed forth. Wang Qing’s expression froze. He felt as though he just got enmeshed in a trap of his own devising.

He really wanted to tell everyone that he was just a salted fish and that they didn’t have to be cautious if they faced him. However, Sun Mo was just beside him and he didn’t want to lose face.

How vexing!

“Greencloud Divine Leg’s essence lies in speed. When you attack, do it with 70% strength and hold 30% back in reserve. Remember, this is critical. You can’t exert more or less, accuracy is paramount.”

When they walked out of the Westmountain Academy’s entrance, Sun Mo suddenly spoke, causing Wang Qing to start.

“How did you know that I’m cultivating the Greencloud Divine Leg?”

Even before Sun Mo replied, Wang Qing exclaimed in shock and continued, “Could this be the might of God Hands? It’s truly a divine ability!”

(I heard that God Hands could infer the other party’s cultivation realm and cultivation art with just a touch. My horizons have truly been broadened today.)

“Although the Greencloud Divine Leg is strong, you can’t just depend on it solely to roam the world. Since your aptitude is very good, you can train in cultivation arts that are more inclined toward agility.”

After Sun Mo spoke, he clasped his hands and departed.

Wang Qing hurriedly clasped his hands in return. However, his heart was confused now. How did Sun Mo know that he only trained in the Greencloud Divine Leg Art?

His personal teacher had once said that he shouldn’t bite off more than he could chew. Besides, the Greencloud Divine Leg Art itself was already an inferior heaven-tier cultivation art and was definitely good enough. Hence, Wang Qing spent all his time cultivating it.

However, from the looks of things, he most probably had advanced in the wrong direction.

Moreover, Wang Qing’s aptitude wasn’t bad, and he was also an intelligent person who knew how to sum up his experience from the lessons he learned. In this recent year, he could clearly feel that he had encountered a bottleneck, but he had no idea how he should break through. This was also one of the reasons why he was not confident in himself.

Now, he was enlightened. It was like the fog before his eyes was lifted.

“Agility-based cultivation arts?”

Wang Qing pondered. After that, he lifted his head. Although Sun Mo had already left for a while, Wang Qing still bowed in that direction.

“Many thanks for Teacher Sun’s guidance.”

One could say that Sun Mo’s words allowed Wang Qing to save three years from walking down the wrong path.


Favorable impression points from Wang Qing +100. Friendly (260/1,000).


After hearing the system notification, Sun Mo smiled. It was really easy to give guidance to clever people. Moreover, the other party could easily understand your value.


“Congratulations on completing the mission and obtaining first place in the written examination. Reward: 1 gold treasure chest!”


“Congratulations. Your prestige connection with Wang Qing has improved. After receiving recognition from someone in the same profession, you are rewarded with 1 silver treasure chest!”

Sun Mo rubbed Lu Zhiruo’s head and spoke mentally, “Open the silver chest.”

A light flashed and after it faded away, a time emblem appeared before him.


“Congratulations. You’ve obtained 1 time emblem (30 years).”


Sun Mo whistled lightly. This was good stuff. As expected, one would be in high spirits when they were in joy. Even the treasures they opened would improve in quality.

An instant later, the gold treasure chest was opened and a skill book appeared.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained a portion of the three minor branches of the ancient massaging technique – the Soul Nurturing Skill. Proficiency level: Elementary.”

“Note: After using this skill, you can allow one to enjoy a great degree of restoration and relaxation in their mental states. It has the effect of calming the body and heart, leaving behind the feeling of joy and allowing one to have a healthy mentality.”

The majority of people chose suicide not because their physical bodies were inferior. Rather, they were mentally fatigued and had lost all hopes of living.

The most important aspect of the Soul Nurturing Skill was to allow one to stir themselves up, filling them with energy and allowing them to continue fighting for another 500 years.

Naturally, this Soul Nurturing Skill wasn’t of any use to people like Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun who already had strong wills.

“Do you want to learn?”

The system asked.


Learning more skills wouldn’t burden him. Even if it was a minor skill, it was better than nothing.

As the skill book was crushed and the motes of light entered Sun Mo’s body, Lu Zhiruo suddenly lifted her head and surveyed Sun Mo. (Why does Teacher suddenly grow stronger again?)


Liu Mubai’s results weren’t bad. He was a little complacent for a bit, but when he stood below the announcement board and saw Sun Mo’s results, he suddenly felt very tired mentally!

“I shouldn’t have come!”

Liu Mubai felt like slapping himself. (However, it is fine. I should have a chance in the n...next round?) Recalling that the next round was giving a lecture on the spot, Liu Mubai suddenly lost all his confidence.

He might be crushed by Sun Mo again.

(Wait a minute, I can’t be the only one being crushed, ok? Most probably, even with all the examinees added up, we would all be inferior to Sun Mo.)

When he thought of how grand Sun Mo’s lectures were, Liu Mubai’s scalp involuntarily turned numb!

(Forget it, let’s wait until the Great Teachers Battle. I would definitely be able to win that for sure. As for lecturing...I will just let Sun Mo bask in a bit of glory!)

[1] The chinese pronunciation for the word ‘murderous’ is similar to ‘chest’

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