Absolute Great Teacher
547 Wanting to Make Huge News!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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547 Wanting to Make Huge News!


Under the announcement board, Mei Ziyu stood there as she peered at the names.

“How impressive!”

Seeing Sun Mo obtain full marks in two subjects, Mei Ziyu revealed a smile. Although she also obtained full marks for two subjects, her subjects were botany and alchemy, and several examinees had the same achievements as her. As for the study of spiritual control, Grandmaster Mo Nai was the person setting the question and it was the subject with the least number of people obtaining full marks. Only Sun Mo and Bai Shuang managed to do so.

“Teacher Mei. I’m Li Ruolan, can I interview you for a while?”

Mei Ziyu, who was currently in a daze, snapped out of the daze by a pleasant-sounding voice. She turned her head and saw an extremely beautiful woman standing next to her. This woman had a charming smile, and she had a writing brush in her hand like she wanted to take notes.

“I’m a special correspondent from Saint Gate’s [Great Teachers Report]

Li Ruolan introduced herself as her gaze focused at Mei Ziyu, examining her.

This girl was very beautiful, more so than 90% of females she had seen before. However, males who saw her would neglect her beauty and would only feel a trace of pity.

Because Mei Ziyu was too weak, gentle, and refined, she appeared like a small pet. Everyone would feel an innate desire to protect her.

“I can give her 9 points!”

Li Ruolan evaluated. Even the most cowardly man would feel an intense impulse to ignore his safety and protect Mei Ziyu if she fell into danger.


After Mei Ziyu spoke, she turned and left. She didn’t wish to become famous.

“Teacher Mei, please wait. I only want to ask a few simple questions and won’t take up too much of your time.”

Li Ruolan chased after her.

She wouldn’t give up such a good opportunity.

Mei Ziyu’s mother was a 6-star great teacher and had extremely strong talent since she was young. Mei Yazhi was one of the peak experts of her era.

That year, Mei Yazhi was also a beauty that had ascended to the Devastating Beauty Rankings. She had millions of fans and even now, she maintained a youthful appearance and her charm still existed. She was the dream lover of many middle-aged men.

Other than her looks, Mei Yazhi also had a very high status and reputation in the alchemy world. If there were no unexpected accidents, she would become a great ancestor.

Although Li Ruolan was a gold-medal reporter, she wouldn’t be able to find an opportunity to interview someone as important as Mei Yazhi.

As for her daughter Mei Ziyu, she was even more mysterious.

When Mei Yazhi gave birth to Mei Ziyu, she was already quite old. Moreover, because of some other reasons, it led to Mei Ziyu having a sickly body burdened by many sicknesses. Hence, it was very rare for Mei Ziyu to appear in the public’s eyes.

In the great teacher world, some second-generation great teachers would borrow their parents’ prestige and status to rise. Their starting point was much higher than ordinary people and their career path was also much smoother.

However, Mei Ziyu didn’t do so. She didn’t feel strongly about the title of a great teacher.

There were once rumors saying that Mei Yazhi’s daughter might be trash. But very soon, Mei Ziyu crushed all the graduates from the Nine Greats in the 1-star great teacher examination she had taken when she was 18, becoming the top ranker.

After that, Mei Ziyu faded away again.

Li Ruolan’s social connections were still very broad. Moreover, as a reporter, she had long since paid attention to the seeded candidates of this batch of examinees. Through her private connections, she learned that Mei Ziyu was taking the exam. Hence, her interest rose.

“Teacher Mei, why did you suddenly decide to take the 2-star great teacher examination? Is it because your sickness has been cured? Or do you plan to formally start your career?”

Li Ruolan asked. Her question was filled with many pits and as long as Mei Ziyu answered something, she would be able to probe much information.

Mei Ziyu lowered her head and increased her pace.

“No, I can’t let her go!”

Li Ruolan thought quickly. Mei Ziyu took the examinations for botany and alchemy, but why was she standing at the results board for the study of spiritual control?

Was there someone she was paying attention to?

Who would that person be?

Bai Shuang?

They shouldn’t have any interactions, right? Besides, given Bai Shuang’s personality, she would definitely not gel with Mei Ziyu. In that case, only Sun Mo was remaining.

Naturally, it could be other people. But to Li Ruolan, they were irrelevant. No one would want to talk about them.

“Teacher Mei, did you come to take the examination because of Sun Mo?”

As Li Ruolan asked the question, she was paying careful attention to Mei Ziyu’s expression.

Upon hearing this name, Mei Ziyu frowned and felt a little panic. She was worried she might bring trouble to Sun Mo.

“No, I don’t know him!”

After she spoke, she increased her pace even more.

Li Ruolan didn’t follow but halted her steps instead. Her beautiful lips curled into a smile of understanding.

(So, it’s really because of Sun Mo? Hehe, this can be considered a piece of great news, right?)

Li Ruolan felt a little excited.

Mei Ziyu’s experience was simply too little. How could she hide her emotions from a great reporter like Li Ruolan who frequently needed to run around and interact with others, even learning how to read others?

Just an expression was enough to reveal many things to Li Ruolan.

Sun Mo was recently in the limelight. One could say that he was the most dazzling new star. Also, Mei Ziyu was Mei Yazhi’s doted daughter who was cloaked in mystery. Placing them together to concoct media gossip...the [Great Teachers Report] of that week would surely be so popular that it would be sold out.

As Li Ruolan pondered, she wandered around, wanting to search for more targets worthy of an interview. But not long later, she heard a voice she loathed.

“Teacher Li?”

Jiang Zhitong had a look of joy on his face when he saw Li Ruolan. He greeted her and quickly walked over. “What a coincidence, I actually encountered you here.”

“Teacher Jiang!”

Li Ruolan smiled but she almost died in her heart. (Why is this annoying guy here? Clearly, he’s just an ordinary person, but he feels that he is graceful and handsome and is able to mesmerize me. He truly has no estimation of himself.)

(Even if I, Li Ruolan, was suffering from extreme hunger, I would never choose you! Wanting to bed me? You can be poor, but you have to be handsome. At the very least...hmmm, at the very least you have to have looks comparable to Sun Mo.)

Li Ruolan perfunctorily replied to Jiang Zhitong. She looked at his face that showed signs of age and she subconsciously thought of Sun Mo.

(Although that fellow is a bit loathsome, his looks are truly top-class.)

“Teacher Li, are you here because you want to interview some examinees? Hehe, I can arrange things for you!”

Jiang Zhitong’s sentence not only indicated that he wanted to help, but he even tactfully showed off the authority of his Jiang Clan.

(If I, Jiang Zhitong, named someone to accept the interview, no matter who the examinee is, he would give me face.)


Li Ruolan’s eyes brightened. “Then can you summon Teacher Mei Ziyu?”


Jiang Zhitong felt a little awkward. The Mei Clan’s authority wasn’t any weaker than the Jiang Clan. Mei Ziyu could completely ignore him. Besides, given Mei Yazhi’s protection for Mei Ziyu, if he made this request, his leg would be broken.


Li Ruolan could only settle for the second-best. “Hmm, in that case, Sun Mo is fine as well!”

(Alright, if you manage to get Sun Mo for me, I will suffer a little and accompany you for dinner. However, I will definitely not wear those revealing clothes.)

(Because you are not worth this price!)


Jiang Zhitong felt so depressed that he almost coughed up blood. “Can you choose Bai Shuang or Liu Mubai? I heard Liu Mubai is one of the twin jade annulus of Jinling. His fame isn’t any weaker than Sun Mo.”

“If I want to interview Bai Shuang, can’t I simply look for her myself?”

Li Ruolan had a polite smile on her face, but she felt disdain in her heart. (If you can’t even invite Sun Mo, why the hell do I need you?)

(You even want to have a meal with me?)

(Go and eat shit!)

“Can you change your request to someone else?”

Jiang Zhitong’s smile was very forceful. He also felt a lot of despair. One must know that he always viewed Sun Mo with hostility. Let alone inviting Sun Mo over, even if he could do so, he wouldn’t want to.

Wanting him to give Sun Mo a chance to become famous?

No way in hell!

However, an instant later, Jiang Zhitong started to frown. Even a famous reporter like Li Ruolan wanted to interview Sun Mo. This meant that this brat was really famous now.

After realizing this point, Jiang Zhitong became extremely unhappy.

“Teacher Jiang, you are a busy man. I won’t disturb you any longer.”

After Li Ruolan spoke, she took small quick steps and hurriedly left.

“Hehe, no matter how busy I am, I will always have time for you, Teacher Li!” Jiang Zhitong chased after her. “Teacher Li, if you are free at night, how about having dinner together?”

“Sure, if you manage to get Sun Mo to come!”

Li Ruolan rolled her eyes.


At the school entrance, after Gu Xiuxun and Xia Yuan saw their results, they waited for Sun Mo. After seeing him coming out, they immediately walked over to him.

“Teacher Sun, congratulations on obtaining full marks in two subjects!”

Looking at Sun Mo’s young face, Xia Yuan was thoroughly convinced. To get such a good result was something she didn’t even dare to imagine in her dreams.


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +100. Respect (1,070/10,000).

“Sun Mo, where’s your limits?”

Gu Xiuxun teased. She even hammered him lightly with a fist.

Seeing the intimate actions between Gu Xiuxun and Sun Mo, Xia Yuan was astonished. (When has the relationship between the two of you become so good? Does An Xinhui know about this?)

After Gu Xiuxun finished the action, only then did she realize how inappropriate it was. She smiled guiltily and changed the topic. “Next will be the public lecture. Teacher Sun, this is what you excel in. Let’s aim for another pass with full votes!”

“I don’t dare to think about it, I’ll just do my best.”

Sun Mo humbly replied.

“Don’t do it. If you do your best, how can we even survive?”

Gu Xiuxun teased.

Right now, she no longer had any thoughts of competing with Sun Mo because the distance between them was simply too far.

“Let’s return to the hotel.”

Sun Mo wanted to head back to prepare for the lecture.


Gu Xiuxun nodded. She was preparing to discuss some lecture techniques with Sun Mo, but before a few sentences were exchanged, they heard the sound of a greeting.

“Teacher Sun?”

Gu Xiuxun was like a meerkat and pricked up her ears, feeling wariness in her heart. This voice was so pleasant-sounding.

Some women were just like this. Even the sounds of their breathing or whispering could instantly make a man rock-hard.

“Teacher Sun, it’s so difficult to find you.”

Li Ruolan ran over. “Can you allow me to interview you, seeing how hard it has been for me trying to find you?”

Jiang Zhitong who was following Li Ruolan instantly froze when he saw her running toward Sun Mo. His expression grew unsightly, especially so after he saw the sweet smile on her face. It immediately caused a nameless fire that fueled his anger to burn in Jiang Zhitong’s heart.

Li Ruolan naturally wouldn’t care about what Jiang Zhitong was thinking. Her gaze instantly swept toward the two women beside Sun Mo.

The one on the left was roughly around 30 years old and had ordinary features. She could ignore her. As for the other one, ze, she was so beautiful. Although her demeanor wasn’t outstanding enough, she won in her youthful beauty. One could tell she was a chick with just a single glance.

(Wait a minute, I’m a chick as well, right? What am I afraid of?)

At this moment, Li Ruolan who was a few years older than Gu Xiuxun felt a little depressed.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》