Absolute Great Teacher
548 Li Ruolan Loves Grading People
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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548 Li Ruolan Loves Grading People


The two women mutually judged each other. Their gazes were filled with provocation as they stared at each other.

(This woman’s looks and figure are strong enough. If her strength rose a little more, she would be qualified to enter the Beauty Rankings.)

Li Ruolan’s lips twitched slightly. (She can score 7 points at the very least. I will deduct 1 point from you because I feel disdain for your youth.)

“What an elegant demeanor!”

Gu Xiuxun’s beautiful brows furrowed slightly.

‘Humans depend on clothes while horses depend on their saddle.’ The majority of commoners would wear clothes made from normal materials that could give them some air of elegance.

As for Li Ruolan, she was originally a woman with an extremely outstanding demeanor. If she chose the correct clothing to match it with her demeanor, the effect would be multiplied.

For example, right now, she was in a plain white dress with a pattern of purple petals. She was wearing lace-up sandals on her feet and a sling strap top that revealed her fair shoulders and delicate collar bones. Looking at her long and fair neck, even Gu Xiuxun felt an impulse to kiss her.

“A coquettish vixen!”

Gu Xiuxun didn’t know why, but she felt very unhappy in her heart. At the same time, she felt a slight sense of inferiority because she rarely dolled herself up and would often wear teacher robes throughout the year.


After noticing Gu Xiuxun’s expression, Li Ruolan revealed a proud smile that was curved to the exact degree of appropriateness. Only a few women could remain self-confident and calm before her.

“I’m Li Ruolan!”

Li Ruolan stretched out her hand and intentionally lifted it higher.

Her little action caused the cuff of her sleeves to be pulled down a little, revealing her fair wrist and finger.

There were even colors painted on her nails.


Gu Xiuxun shook her hand. “My name is Gu Xiuxun!”

(Clean fingers, tidy nails. 7 points!)

Li Ruolan swept a glance over. Gu Xiuxun’s hand shape wasn’t bad, but there were a few patches of callus. From this, she could tell that Gu Xiuxun was the type to cultivate assiduously throughout the years.

If a famed courtesan had such hands, it would definitely be a huge minus. But to a teacher, this would be a plus.

When she thought of this, Li Ruolan’s attitude toward Gu Xiuxun became slightly better.

“Li Ruolan? The golden main writer from [Great Teachers Report]?”

Xia Yuan had a look of joy on her face as she asked. When Li Ruolan nodded, she couldn’t help but gush in admiration. “I’m really fond of the articles you wrote. This is especially so for that article [If you can use sweat and blood to solve a problem, don’t use sweat.]. That was simply the guiding light for me three years ago when I was at the lowest point of my life.”

That was an uplifting article of encouragement. Once it was published, huge reactions occurred everywhere.


Li Ruolan smiled in a restrained manner. After that, she secretly cast a glance at Sun Mo. (How about it? Do you see this? I’m actually very famous and if you reject me, you will definitely be making a wrong decision.)

“Ranked #11 on the Beauty Rankings?”

Gu Xiuxun was astonished but she soon understood. No wonder this reporter was so beautiful.

“Teacher Gu. Rather than my looks, I hope that you would pay more attention to my talent!”

Li Ruolan’s calm words actually contained a barb within. She wanted to display her talent and pride while scolding Gu Xiuxun for being shallow.


Gu Xiuxun was depressed. She was an intelligent girl and could hear the hidden meaning in Li Ruolan’s words.

“There’s this saying, only rare things would invoke the curiosity of others. After all, for something like talent, our Teacher Gu has it as well. Hence, she wouldn’t pay attention to yours too much.”

Sun Mo laughed and helped Gu Xiuxun to speak.

Speaking of which, Gu Xiuxun was An Xinhui’s crazy fan, a teacher of the Central Province Academy, and also his colleague. In fact, the relationship between her and him could be considered as close friends...

Hence, Sun Mo had to help when he saw Gu Xiuxun suffering a disadvantage and being suppressed by Li Ruolan.

Upon hearing this, the three women, in addition to Jiang Zhitong who was hesitating whether to come over or not, were all stunned.

As for Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo, they were completely ignored.

“Is Sun Mo feeling heartache for me?”

Gu Xiuxun stared at Sun Mo as her good opinion of him soared. Usually speaking, all men were simps. When they came face to face with a great beauty like Li Ruolan, they would definitely pay attention to their image and words, deeply fearing to offend her. But Sun Mo actually spoke out against her.

(Could it be that Sun Mo likes me?)

(No, you can’t do this. You are Sister An’s fiance!)

(In addition, I will never do anything that would let Sister An down!)

(But the feeling of being protected by someone is really quite good!)


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +100. Reverence (19,100/100,000).

Sun Mo felt a little surprised when he heard the system notification. (Masochist, what are you up to recently? The frequency of you contributing favorable impression points seemed to have increased. Are you competing with Lu Zhiruo and the others for the throne of my number one crazy fan?)

“Teacher Sun!”

Xia Yuan was shocked. She wanted to remind Sun Mo to pay attention to his words but was worried Li Ruolan might hear it. One must know that Li Ruolan was a gold-medal writer and a great reporter. She had a huge influence on the great teacher circle and media. If she began to loathe Sun Mo and recklessly write articles, Sun Mo’s reputation would be damaged.

(Is he advancing in the guise of a retreat? Is he really protecting Gu Xiuxun or trying some reverse psychology plot on me? But in any case, his mouth is quite toxic!)

Li Ruolan guessed, feeling slightly unhappy in her heart.

“Also, forget about the interview. I’m just a minor character.”

Sun Mo tactfully declined.

“Teacher Sun, you are overly humble. Right now, you are in the limelight. If you say you are second best, no one would dare to say they are first. After all, you are the only one in your batch that scored full marks for two subjects!”

Li Ruolan flattered.

Sun Mo smiled and didn’t reply. He called out to the others instead. “Let’s go!”


Seeing that Sun Mo wanted to leave, Li Ruolan started to feel some anxiousness. “Since you have no time for an interview, how about having dinner together? You can’t possibly not feel hungry, right?”

“I always eat in my room!”

Sun Mo smiled.


Li Ruolan’s expression turned a little uncomfortable seeing that she was rejected again and again. (Hmph, I originally wanted to give you 9 points. But now, I can only give you 8, no 7 points.)

“Beauty, he doesn’t have the time but I do. How about having dinner together?”

A young man grinned and walked over.

“Who are you?”

Li Ruolan’s tone was filled with unhappiness as she spoke. She immediately regretted it after that. She had lost out in terms of her demeanor due to her emotions. To a great reporter, this was something that shouldn’t have happened. However, this Sun Mo was truly annoying.

“Shan Shi.”

After the young man spoke, not only Li Ruolan, even the expressions of Gu Xiuxun and the others turned solemn. This examinee was also a great teacher that scored full marks in two subjects.

(In the past, I was relatively unknown. However, this doesn’t matter. After this examination, my great name would soon resound throughout the great teacher world!)

Shan Shi laughed very confidently. After that, he invited Li Ruolan. “Now, can I invite you for dinner?”

Li Ruolan cast a glance at Sun Mo. Her lips curled. “Sure!”


Shan Shi laughed loudly as though he was a tier superior toward Sun Mo now. “Sun Mo, I will definitely win against you!”

Shan Shi had wanted to look down imperiously on Sun Mo, but he discovered that Sun Mo was pretty tall and he could only look at Sun Mo in a level manner.

“Do you have amnesia? Before the first examination, you have already said it. There’s no need for you to repeat yourself.”

Sun Mo touched his ears. “Also, the sound of your laughter is very unpleasant. Could I trouble you to stand further away from me?”


Li Ruolan was stunned as she looked at Sun Mo in astonishment. The vast majority of famous people would love themselves and watch their words and actions in public. However, this Sun Mo actually started scolding people?

(But I like it!)

(I’ll give you 1 more point!)


Shan Shi’s face turned black as his anger surged.

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to care about him and left directly. (Not happy? Come fight me then!)


Shan Shi looked at Sun Mo’s back view. After Sun Mo walked a certain distance, Shan Shi glanced at Li Ruolan and revealed a smile. “Beauty, what do you want to eat? I will treat you!”


Li Ruolan exclaimed in shock and quickly took out her pocket watch. “Oh, I’ve forgotten that I have an interview later. I apologize. Next time, if there’s a chance to, I will treat you instead.”

After speaking, Li Ruolan didn’t wait for Shan Shi to reply and directly ran off.

The reason why she had agreed to Shan Shi’s request was merely because she wanted to provoke Sun Mo.

(There’s no solution to this. I don’t like ugly guys!)

(Although your looks are average among uglies, I can only give you 3 points. For guys that are worth 3 points, there’s an unknown number of them in the queue. If I agree to all of their dinner requests, wouldn’t I be stuffed to death?)

“I’ve vowed before, I won’t allow anyone to trick me in the future!”

Shan Shi’s eyes narrowed and he clenched his fists as he looked at Li Ruolan’s back. His gaze was like a ferocious and hungry jackal watching a huge goose. “You will definitely regret speaking perfunctorily with me!”

(Treat me to dinner?)

(You didn’t even ask for my name!)

After returning to the hotel, Shan Shi discovered that his personal disciple Gui Jiarong wasn’t around. He was so angry that he directly smashed a teacup.

In the evening, Gui Jiarong finally returned.

“Where did you go?”

Shan Shi berated.

“I went to find a few ‘kitties’ to kill some time!”

Gui Jiarong chortled. “They are very fun to play with!”


Shan Shi directly smacked Gui Jiarong’s face ruthlessly. “I told you before not to take any casual actions during the competition. Did you treat my words as thin air?”

“Teacher, I didn’t allow anyone to see me!”

Gui Jiarong argued.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Shan Shi slapped Gui Jiarong three more times and roared, “You are not allowed to argue. I gave you everything you have. Since that’s the case, you better be obedient to me.”

Gui Jiarong was bleeding from the corner of his lips. He lowered his head. “Teacher, I was wrong.”

“That’s more like it!”

Shan Shi tousled Gui Jiarong’s hair. “Go and rest and make sure you are completely refreshed. When the combat round starts, I want you to destroy all the other students!”

Sun Mo’s results were very impressive, and he was a character people would chat about. However, when the night came, no one spoke about Sun Mo anymore.

There were three students, with all the bones in their bodies broken, abandoned in the gutters.

For a time, all the students felt jittery as they panicked.

The Saint Gate was enraged and increased the number of patrols. However, because this was the exam period, there were a lot of people in Westmountain City. This greatly increased the difficulty of apprehending the killer.

On the second day, the third round of the examination, which was the public lecture, started.

Sun Mo’s Medical Cultivation lecture was the second lecture in the morning. As for his spirit runes lecture, it was arranged at 6 p.m. Once again, his timing was slightly unlucky.

However, Sun Mo didn’t mind it.


Early morning, in the office.

“Teacher Li, whose lecture are you preparing to go and listen to?”

Liang Hongda personally poured a cup of tea for Li Ruolan.

“Sun Mo, Great Teacher Sun!”

Li Ruolan had thought about this.

She was a reporter that received a special invitation and had the qualifications to listen by the side. The Saint Gate hoped to use her influence to advertise positively for them.

“Hehe, as expected, it’s Sun Mo!”

Liang Hongda chortled. “However, he’s already very famous. There’s no need for you to waste time, right? Why don’t you go and help a few other newbies boost their fame?”

[1] Kitties here refers to p*ssies

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