Absolute Great Teacher
549 Start of Performance
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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549 Start of Performance


“Sun Mo already participated in the great teacher examination after he had just graduated. He’s a newbie that can’t be any newer.”

Li Ruolan smiled calmly.

Because the great teacher examination had a limit of five attempts, once one failed all, they would have to bid farewell to this career. Besides, in the 1-star great teacher examination, there was tacit approval for some unspoken rules. Those who couldn’t pass it in one attempt would never be able to join ‘B’ grade schools, let alone the Nine Greats. The higher-graded schools wouldn’t want to accept rubbish like them.

Hence, the vast majority of teachers would wait at least 3 years to gain some experience and accumulate some strength before they registered themselves for the examination.

“But now, Sun Mo took two exams within a year of his graduation. If he passed, this would definitely be major news capable of causing a huge commotion. The Saint Gate also needs a model great teacher like him, right?”

Li Ruolan counter-asked.

She was unhappy to be rejected, but she still approved of Sun Mo’s talent. She hoped to interview more geniuses to find the common point of their success and come out with a theory to help more people.

Although Li Ruolan no longer continued to develop herself in educating others, she was still considered a half-a-great teacher and didn’t forget her original goal, which was to educate more people.

Naturally, the most important point was Sun Mo’s handsomeness. Just looking at him was enough to delight the eyes and heart.

Liang Hongda’s expression froze. Ever since he became the vice alliance leader, he had forgotten the taste of being rejected. However, he had to admit that Li Ruolan’s words weren’t wrong.

For someone like Sun Mo, most probably they could only find one in a century.

However, great teachers with no solid backing would ultimately be floating duckweed with no roots. If they wanted to grow, they needed to spend a greater amount of time.

“Teacher Li’s words aren’t wrong. However, the name One-Vote Sun is already well-known all around. Hence, why don’t you interview other excellent new teachers to help them boost their fame?”

Liang Hongda laughed. “Oh, yes, I heard that you wish to build a new department?”


Li Ruolan didn’t conceal this. There were too many restrictions when it came to working in the Saint Gate. There were many things she couldn’t write, and so she prepared to publish a newspaper by herself. However, as there were many obstacles, she could only choose to compromise and settle for the second-best thing. And that was to build a new department.

At the very least, after being the boss of the new department, she didn’t need to care about the instructions from some people.

“I know the difficulty of building a new department. You are lacking money and talents.”

Liang Hongda sighed and no longer spoke.

Li Ruolan instantly understood the meaning behind his words. Hence, she asked with a smile, “I wonder if you have some recommendations for me?”

As a great reporter, Li Ruolan knew how many newbies were worthy of her attention this year. But Liang Hongda clearly wanted to use his connection to help someone.

“There are many people. For example, Liang Wei from the Black-White Academy.”

Liang Hongda sipped his tea.

“Mn, mn!”

Li Ruolan took out her notebook and put on an attentive look. However, the loathing in her heart increased. (Liang Wei? The same surname as Liang Hongda? What a sneaky old fox...)

After some negotiation, Liang Hongda was satisfied. “Teacher Li, if you have time later on, how about you join me for dinner?”

Seeing Li Ruolan’s fashionable get-up, especially her long fingers that were holding onto a fountain pen from a western country, Liang Hongda felt some impulse. Although he didn’t lack women, Li Ruolan was too attractive.

“Alliance leader, I’m too busy these few days. Besides, I have to rush out the draft for Liang Wei.”

Li Ruolan revealed a look of difficulty.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The sound of the preparatory bell rang out. Ten minutes later, the public lectures would start.

“Alliance leader!”

Li Ruolan stood up. “The time is no longer early.”

“Alright, you should go and get busy with your stuff.”

Liang Hongda was after all the vice alliance leader and had to maintain his elegance. For things like forcing others, he had stopped doing it. Besides, she was just a great reporter. Although she was somewhat famous, she would eventually compromise in the end.

After walking a certain distance from the office, Li Ruolan directly spat out a mouthful of saliva.


(Why don’t you look at yourself first? Leaving aside your appearance, your shameless and hypocritical character disgusts me, and you even want to invite me for dinner?)

(Hmph! I wouldn’t mind eating a meal with your severed head.)

As Li Ruolan walked, she lifted her chin as her eyes sparkled with pride.

(Liang Wei, you want to become famous, right? I will praise you so much that you become a flower!)

If this were to happen back when Li Ruolan was new to the industry, she would have directly smashed a teacup into Liang Hongda’s face and scolded him so badly that his head bled. But now, she had learned how to adapt.

For her goal, Li Ruolan would not hesitate.


A day in June was like the mood of a young girl. The weather could change at any time. It was sunny earlier, but now, the skies were covered in dark clouds as heavy rain fell.

Li Ruolan sat inside a lecture theater and looked at Liang Wei, whom she personally would give 5 points at most, conducting a lecture. She was so bored that she almost fell asleep.

(Is he outstanding?)

He was slightly better than the average standard, but compared to the true rising stars, it was like comparing cow dung to flowers.

“So, reincarnation is really a skill!”

Li Ruolan sighed ruefully.

Such a large classroom should be left to a genius like Sun Mo. However, because Liang Wei had a background supporting him, he was easily able to obtain a 500-pax classroom for his lecture.

(No, I can’t endure it any longer.)

Li Ruolan stood up and prepared to leave, but she sat down again after a moment of hesitation. This was simply double torture for her body and spirit.

Liang Wei had always been paying attention to Li Ruolan. At this moment, when he saw her standing up, he immediately revealed a nervous expression. (Could it be that my lecture isn’t good enough?)

Hence, Liang Wei stuttered, causing others to look at Li Ruolan.

Li Ruolan eventually decided to leave.

Liang Wei was like a simp looking at a goddess, thirsting to hear one more sentence from her.

(Che, I will minus one more point from Liang Wei!)

“Sun Mo seems to be lecturing in #509?”

When Li Ruolan stepped onto the fifth level, she heard thunderous applause. Looking at the corridor, she saw many students crowding outside a classroom.

The rules of this round were the same as the one in the 1-star great teacher examination. Students and great teachers needed to vote, and one would pass as long as they obtained 70 votes.

“Could this be Sun Mo’s classroom?”

Li Ruolan frowned. She looked at the atmosphere here and knew that Sun Mo would pass for sure. For a time, she felt some regret at staying too long in Liang Wei’s lecture.

“I hope I haven’t missed out too much!”

Li Ruolan hastened her steps and when she arrived at the classroom, she discovered that there were no more seats left. However, this couldn’t stump her.

“Little bro, can you please let me have your seat?”

Her mesmerizing voice rang out and this directly caused the young male student to feel intoxicated. He looked at Li Ruolan’s beautiful face and stood up even before he could think.


Li Ruolan revealed her teeth as she smiled. She sat down and started surveying the scene. She then involuntarily nodded as her evaluation of Sun Mo increased.

As a beauty that knew how to doll herself up, no matter where Li Ruolan went to, she would surely attract attention. But now, no one was looking at her. They were all focused on Sun Mo who was on the rostrum, listening to his lecture.

This indicated that Sun Mo’s lecture was truly excellent.

“I know a top-grade cultivation art is rare, hence, many people would instantly cultivate in it once they are fortunate enough to receive one. Actually, this is a mistaken concept. If the cultivation art is not suitable for you, it would actually damage your body instead.”

After Sun Mo introduced the special characteristics of a few types of heaven-tier cultivation arts, he walked down the stage and went before a muscular male student. He placed his hand on the student’s shoulder and kneaded lightly.

“This student, for example, cultivates the Flowing Cloud Stone Shattering Fist. This cultivation art’s might emphasizes on ferocity and speed, but it’s not suitable for a dude with bulging muscles like him.”


The gazes of everyone turned to that muscular guy.


The male student didn’t understand. Usually speaking, muscular people would surely walk the path of strength.

“Because this cultivation art has the effect of bettering one’s body in terms of muscle. If one trained in this a lot, even a weak person would feel their bones and body growing stronger as their muscles swelled. However, for someone that was naturally muscular, it would cause them to overemphasize on this point, resulting in their speed greatly declining.”

Sun Mo explained.

He would eventually become a sitting target due to his slow speed.

“I...In that case, what should I do?”

The male student panicked, not daring to doubt Sun Mo because Sun Mo had merely touched his shoulder and could already tell the cultivation art he was training in. Besides, Sun Mo had used his Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to help two students to break through their bottlenecks earlier.

“Cultivate a movement art, and that movement art must be at least at the average heaven-tier. Either that, or you change to another cultivation art.”

Sun Mo retracted his hands and felt some pity. “Actually, you took the wrong path. Originally, your overall attributes were very balanced and you shouldn’t develop toward the strength path.”

“B...but my personal teacher said that I’m the strength-type.”

The guy was depressed.

“Being muscular doesn’t mean that you belong to the strength-type.”

Sun Mo shook his head. “Also, strength-type contains quite a few sub-types.”

It was like getting a weightlifting champion to do ‘shot put’ or ‘javelin throw’. They might not be able to become the champion in the latter two sports.

The male student fell silent, but he still felt some hesitation.

“Starting from seven months ago, did you feel your improvement becoming slower? That is a sign that your cultivation art no longer fits you.”

Sun Mo gave another proof.

At this moment, the male student was stunned, staring at Sun Mo in dumbstruck amazement. (You even know the specific time?)

“After you return, you should discuss with your personal teacher on your future development!”

Sun Mo concluded.

“Many thanks for Teacher Sun’s guidance!”

The male student rose and bowed. He was thoroughly convinced.


Favorable impression points from Liu Dazhuang +100. Friendly (150/1,000).

Pak! Pak! Pak!

A round of enthusiastic applause rang out in the classroom. Everyone was cheering for Sun Mo’s performance.

Although this male student didn’t succeed in getting a breakthrough, Sun Mo’s guidance would be of great help to his future. One must know that if there was no Sun Mo, he would surely continue to cultivate the Flowing Cloud Stone Shattering Fist. If that was the case, his future cultivation base would surely advance much slower.

“Alright, next will be the Q&A segment. If any of you have any questions, you can put up your hands!”

Just as the sound of Sun Mo’s voice faded, all the students in the classroom raised their hands, forming a forest of hands in the air.

Through his earlier performance, Sun Mo had proved his standard of guiding others. It was truly exceptionally impressive.

“Is this fellow really so amazing?”

Li Ruolan was shocked. After that, she started to feel depressed. (Liang Hongda caused me to miss out on much of this good show! Fortunately, the lecture’s duration has only elapsed 50%. I still have some time to observe him.)

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