Absolute Great Teacher
550 Sun Mo’s Teaching Method
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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550 Sun Mo’s Teaching Method

Chapter 550: Sun Mo’s Teaching Method

When teachers were giving a lecture, it wasn’t as simple as saying what they wanted to teach in the lecture. They had to consider how to stir the interests of students and make them focus. All this needed skill and practice.

Sun Mo had been teaching for close to ten years and had accumulated much experience. At the same time, he had the ancestor-level Divine Sight and grandmaster-level ancient massaging technique. Hence, he would always be able to ensure there were no dry moments in the content of his lectures.

As long as the students came for Sun Mo’s lecture, they would be able to gain enlightenment. As to how much they actually gained, that would have to depend on their own comprehension abilities.

Next, Sun Mo completely grasped the situation in the classroom.

A student who originated from minority tribes in the mountains actually had parasites in his intestines due to eating the tribal food, and this inadvertently affected his cultivation.

Sun Mo treated him, using the living blood technique to force him to vomit out those parasites, causing the whole theater to feel shocked. After that, applause thundered through the whole floor.

Another young man who suffered from hidden injuries due to a spar two years ago had no idea about this and assumed his cultivation was slow because his talent was ordinary. In the end, after Sun Mo explained and treated him, he immediately had a breakthrough.

There was another youth whose heart wasn’t determined enough and was too indecisive. Sun Mo directly used Priceless Advice to admonish him. He then used Soul Imprint and imparted the essence of an encouraging story to him, causing his will to fight to reignite.


After seeing the instantaneous effects of his guidance, the atmosphere of the entire classroom was exceedingly good. In the end, the students kept clapping unceasingly. They all raised their hands and hoped that Sun Mo could pick them so he could answer their questions.

Li Ruolan sat at her original location and stared at everything dumbfoundedly. Her thumb and finger, which was holding on to the fountain pen, had already frozen.

She completely didn’t know what notes to take!

Li Ruolan was someone who had gone to many famous schools to interview teachers before, and she had seen many high-ranking great teachers giving lectures. But even those 4-star and 5-star great teachers wouldn’t be able to incite such great passion from students during their lectures.

It wasn’t solely his teaching capabilities; Sun Mo’s teaching style also greatly differed from people of this era. At the very least, in this era where respecting the teacher was a heavily emphasized custom, the vast majority of students would sit upright and still when attending lectures, not even daring to let out a fart.

Dang! Dang!

The bell rang out.

“Alright, the Medical Cultivation lecture shall end now!”

Sun Mo smiled lightly and kept his teaching materials. He then bowed slightly. “Thank you, everyone!”

“Ah? It ended so quickly?”

“Teacher, can you extend your lecture for a little while longer?”

“I wish to change school to the Central Province Academy. Do you guys know what procedures I have to follow?”

The students whispered to each other and spoke about everything under the sun. In summary, they only wanted one thing – they wanted to obtain Sun Mo’s guidance.

According to the rules, the students wouldn’t know Sun Mo’s origins before the exam ended. However, Sun Mo was too famous, and Medical Cultivation was a trump card possessed uniquely by him. Hence, even if he didn’t report his origins, some students had already guessed it.

“The Central Province Academy naturally welcomes everyone to come and learn. However, venturing out for studying is a very arduous matter. Hence, I hope everyone would consider this carefully.”

Sun Mo persuaded.

“Teacher Wang, this is against the rules, right?”

After an examiner heard Sun Mo revealing his origin, he frowned and turned to the main examiner.

“Does it even matter whether it complies with or is against the rules?”

The main examiner counter-asked. If one looked at the current atmosphere here, he seemed to have passed with perfect votes. When facing such a newbie with a boundless future, even if the main examiner was a retard, he wouldn’t want to mess with Sun Mo.

Li Ruolan looked at the students lining up and starting to vote. She suddenly felt like pulling a prank and giving Sun Mo a poor vote. However, she managed to endure the impulse in the end.


Favorable impression points from Li Ruolan +100. Friendly (150/1,000).


After having a simple dinner and a quick rest, Sun Mo started to review his lecture on the campus and simulated the process of teaching a class. When it was almost six, he entered the teaching building once again.

The sound of the bell rang out punctually. Sun Mo entered the classroom and discovered that the last three rows in the classroom were already filled with great teachers.

The main examiner Cui Shunde felt a headache. According to the rules, these great teachers should patrol the venue and choose the lecture they liked the most before entering the classroom to sit and cast their votes.

Now, all of them actually came to Sun Mo’s lecture.

By doing so, the results of the other examinees would be unsightly for sure. Moreover, those examinees who could pass might actually fail due to the lack of votes.

There was no solution for it. This was their misfortune of taking the examination together with a genius.

However, Cui Shunde also understood their thoughts. Sun Mo’s lecture had a very high representativeness index. Just listening for it for a while and broadening their horizons would be of help to them too.

If they missed it here, they would have no choice but to go to the Central Province Academy if they wanted to listen.

Everyone was a great teacher and would usually be very busy every day. Moreover, even if they went there, the quality of his lectures might not be able to be compared to now, when he was taking the 2-star great teacher examination.

“All the seniors and students. For this lecture, I will be talking about the study of spirit runes.”

After Sun Mo greeted them, he went straight to the point.

“Ze, his attitude is so good!”

Li Ruolan, who was seated in the last row, involuntarily praised. If it was other young great teachers, when they were observed by 50 other great teachers, they most probably would be so nervous that they became tongue-tied. However, Sun Mo looked at them as though they were little carrots. He didn’t seem to feel nervous at all.

This ability to resist pressure was simply like a strong steed. (Mn, I can add 1 more point!)

“Isn’t it Medical Cultivation?”

Many great teachers frowned. They came here because they heard good things about Medical Cultivation. But as Sun Mo began to speak, they immediately immersed themselves in his lecture.

Sun Mo’s lecturing skills were filled with humor and charm. His words were simple and easy to understand. Very soon, he built up a rapport with the students and let everyone relax while also causing them to have a deeper understanding of the study of spirit runes.

In the classroom, at least one-third of the people originally had no interest in this subject. But now, their interests were suddenly piqued.

“His foundation is relatively sturdy!”

“His lecture is not bad. But isn’t this a little too mediocre for someone with Sun Mo’s standard? After all, we have to judge him based on the standard of a genius!”

“Let’s wait a little more and see!”

The great teachers watched Sun Mo closely.

“Next, I will draw a Flame Explosion spirit rune. Everyone, please watch carefully!”

Sun Mo pasted a spirit rune paper on the blackboard. He then took up his spirit runes brush and started to draw as he explained.


Not only the students, but even the great teachers were dumbfounded because Sun Mo’s drawing speed was truly too fast. Every action of his, including his drawing and dipping his brush into the ink, exuded the grace of a grandmaster.

Five minutes later.


Spirit qi suddenly gushed forth in the classroom and gathered toward the spirit runes paper, becoming a spirit qi tornado.


Everyone in the classroom was completely shocked. Even people not familiar with the study of spirit runes had looks of puzzlement on their faces. How was it so fast?

Wasn’t drawing spirit runes a very arduous matter that required plenty of effort? If one was the slightest bit careless and drew a line a little crooked, the entire spirit rune would be destroyed!

Why could Sun Mo draw so quickly?

The most terrifying thing was that even the spirit qi tornado had manifested. This indicated that the grade of this spirit rune was high. If it wasn’t good luck, it meant that Sun Mo’s expertise in the study of spirit runes was at the grandmaster-level.

“A 21-year-old grandmaster? Isn’t this a little unbelievable?”

The main examiner, Cui Shunde, was a great teacher that focused on the study of spirit runes. However, at this moment, his brain felt like glue as his worldview got toppled.

“With regard to this spirit rune, I still have some content about it that I haven’t revealed yet. Are there any students who have discovered it?”

Sun Mo smiled and when he saw no one speaking, he started to point people out.

“This student, why don’t you try explaining?”

A short-haired male student stood up. “Teacher, you drew so quickly, it’s really so swift. Also, the quality is very good.”


Sun Mo indicated for the student to continue.

“S...sorry, I’ve never seen this spirit rune before. I can’t see any other details.”

The male student lowered his head and felt somewhat ashamed.

“It’s fine, if you know everything, why would you still need a teacher like me?”

Sun Mo teased. His words immediately alleviated the embarrassment the male student felt and caused the audience to burst into kind laughter.


A young girl raised her hand. After receiving Sun Mo’s approval, she stood up. “I’ve seen many spirit runes before, but I have never seen one like this. Also, I’ve never heard of its name. Teacher, is this a spirit rune you found in a ruin on the Darkness Continent?”

Why didn’t the girl ask if this was something created by Sun Mo?

Because creation was something that even grandmasters would possibly fail in doing. It was simply too difficult.


After hearing this, the gazes of everyone directly landed on Sun Mo, waiting for his reply. If it was true, the value of this spirit rune would be immensely great.


Sun Mo nodded.


A commotion occurred. Those students and great teachers who focused on the study of spirit runes subconsciously stretched their necks out, wanting to take a closer look.

Cui Shunde frowned, feeling something wrong.

“What is your opinion of this spirit rune?”

Sun Mo asked.

“It’s beautiful. It has concise lines and smooth curves, containing an abundance of spirit qi. All this can represent that it is a perfect product.”

Zou Mei’s gaze was filled with envy and a little infatuation as she looked at this spirit rune. When would she be able to draw out such a beautiful spirit rune?


Favorable impression points from Zou Mei +100. Prestige connection is unlocked. Friendly (100/1,000).

“Is there anyone else who wishes to speak? If any of you can state the main point, I will give this spirit rune to him or her!”

Sun Mo swept his gaze through the crowd.

The moment his words rang out, those students immediately grew agitated. All of them raised their hands and impatiently wanted to try and answer.

Leaving aside that this rune originated from a darkness ruin, it was worth a lot of money from its grade.

Sun Mo started to point to people. He pointed to a total of five people.

“What is he doing? Is he trying to brag?”

“This is a little too over!”

“But this spirit rune is really well-drawn!”

The great teachers discussed and whispered to themselves. This was because all these students were praising this spirit rune.

(You can’t possibly be someone so shallow right? If that’s the case, I will have to deduct points from you!”)

Li Ruolan mused.

“Alright, enough!”

Sun Mo retracted the smile on his face. “All of your words are well-spoken, but let me make a final conclusion. This Flame Explosion Rune is actually fake.”


The students all had dumbfounded looks on their faces.

“You guys didn’t hear it wrongly. This spirit rune isn’t anything from a darkness ruin. It is just an ordinary spirit gathering rune!”

Sun Mo reiterated.


An uproar rang out. After that, the students who praised and flattered the spirit rune earlier felt so embarrassed that they blushed. They wanted nothing more than to quickly faint right now.


Cui Shunde started. After that, he began smiling. “Haha, that’s right. Only such a way of lecturing would be fun!”

The other great teachers were also shocked. They didn’t expect Sun Mo to prank everyone in such an important situation when he was taking the 2-star examination.

“Teacher, you are lying!”

Zou Mei, the girl who first spoke out earlier, stood up and questioned Sun Mo. “You are testing us, right? I won’t fall for your trick because I’ve memorized all types of spirit gathering runes. There’s definitely nothing like this!”

“Yeah, the spirit gathering runes are the most commonly seen runes. We’ve memorized all variations of them, so there’s indeed nothing like this among them!”

“Teacher, your little trick was exposed by us!”

“Haha, wanting to swindle us? It’s not so easy!”

The students cried out one after another, feeling a sense of satisfaction as though they just won against a teacher.

“Teacher, why don’t I draw out all the types of spirit gathering runes?”

Zou Mei smiled in a self-confident manner. “I can swear on my head that there’s definitely nothing like this among the spirit gathering runes!”

(Mn, mn. There are so many great teachers watching from behind. Most probably, I’m going to become very famous after this, right? There might even be a great teacher who favors me and accepts me as a personal disciple!)

“Student, don’t swear on your head so easily!”

Sun Mo laughed as he looked at the freckles on Zou Mei’s face. “However, I can also swear on my head that this is indeed a type of spirit gathering rune. Do you know why I am so sure?”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“Because I created it!”

In an instant, everyone in the entire classroom felt as though the cold winter air just blasted into them at full force. Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at Sun Mo.

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