Absolute Great Teacher
551 A Lesson That One Would Remember for Life
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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551 A Lesson That One Would Remember for Life


(You self-created it?)

(Do you think you are a spirit rune grandmaster?)

If it wasn’t for the fact that the great teachers still had some rationality, they would start cursing. Sun Mo’s words had toppled the worldviews that they had believed in for tens of years.

How difficult was it to create a spirit rune?

In fact, it was even rare for spirit rune grandmasters to do so. One could say that the study of spirit runes had developed for several thousand years and many spirit rune grandmasters had appeared before. But right now, with so many spirit runes in existence, the majority of them were excavated from ruins on the Darkness Continent. Even the spirit rune great ancestors would at most do some research, try to understand, and even attempt to repair these damaged spirit runes.

In the spirit rune world, the birth of each new spirit rune would absolutely cause a huge commotion.

How old was Sun Mo?

21 years old, a young man whose pubic hair hadn’t even grown fully yet. Yet, he actually dared to boast so shamelessly, saying that he had created a spirit rune. Wasn’t he afraid of screwing himself up?

The eyes of the main examiner, Cui Shunde, narrowed as he observed the spirit runes. Very soon, he saw the secret.

Although the main structure had changed, the core was indeed the structure of the spirit gathering rune.

This was really impressive!

One must know that this the main direction spirit rune grandmasters focused their research on.

“Impossible. How old are you?”

Zou Mei shook her head repeatedly like a drum-shaped rattle. She then explained, “I have no intention to offend you, but you are really too young. How is it possible for you to obtain such deep and profound knowledge?”

The growth of a person’s knowledge was definitely a process of accumulation. Sun Mo’s young age made it seem like he was a junior high student who had just understood the first scientific law of Newton. However, he suddenly said that he had grasped quantum mechanics fully. Only a ghost would believe him!

“A good show is incoming!”

Li Ruolan’s eyes glowed and she waited for Sun Mo’s performance.

Sun Mo laughed and tore the spirit gathering rune.


As the spirit rune was activated, a large amount of spirit qi gathered over, flooding forth like the tides, rushing through the windows. A few minutes later, the density of spirit qi in the classroom was fully saturated. There were even shiny faculas in the air.

The several hundreds of people here basked themselves in the spirit qi and fell completely silent.

Facts speak louder than words.

This was definitely a spirit gathering rune and was one of the most pinnacle types.


Zou Mei’s mouth opened and closed a few times, not knowing what she should say. She stared dumbly at the faculas that resembled fireflies as her entire head felt wooden.

After that, she felt a strong sense of self-inferiority and disappointment.

(I originally thought that I was a genius and had shocking talent in the study of spirit runes, capable of becoming a spirit rune great ancestor in the future. But now from the looks of things, I’m nothing at all!)

(A true genius is someone like Teacher Sun!)


Favorable impression points from Zou Mei +100. Friendly (200/1,000).

Sun Mo pasted another piece of spirit rune paper on the blackboard. After dipping his brush in ink, he began to draw and a few minutes later, another spirit rune was completed.


A spirit qi tornado was formed.


Sounds of exclamations rang out again. Wasn’t Sun Mo’s drawing speed a little too fast?

Sun Mo didn’t stop. He hung another spirit rune paper on the blackboard and started his magnificence performance again.





In 20 minutes, Sun Mo completed drawing seven more spirit runes, and each rune was not only different, but they also invoked the spirit qi tornado.


Even Cui Shunde, who had seen many things, had his eyes wide open as he inhaled a breath of cold air. As for the others, they were all so stunned that they were speechless.

Usually speaking, if a teacher didn’t speak and spent 20 minutes drawing spirit runes, the atmosphere would surely turn dry and dull. But this time, everyone didn’t even shift their eyes for half a second away.

“All these are spirit gathering runes!”

Sun Mo smiled and placed his brush down.

“They are all created by you?”

Zou Mei’s voice trembled as she asked. She didn’t believe it, but she had never seen any of these spirit gathering runes before.

“Although I said I created them, a more appropriate explanation would be that I did some ‘editing’ on the standard spirit gathering runes!”

Sun Mo explained.

“Being able to edit spirit runes is already very impressive.”

Cui Shunde sighed.

Many great teachers nodded. Being able to modify spirit runes represented that the great teacher had the deepest understanding of that particular rune. Some spirit rune grandmasters would also be able to edit a spirit rune if they didn’t care about the effect of the modified rune being weaker.

Other than feeling dumbfounded, admiration and awe were the only emotions left in their hearts. This display caused all their scalps to go numb.

“I’m drawing all these so that all of you would learn how to question things. Don’t blindly listen to what your teacher is saying. As for why? Because there would still be times where they might be wrong.”

Sun Mo spoke, bringing up the main point of his lecture.


An uproar arose in the classroom, akin to a cold wind gusting by. Everyone froze. Not only for the students, but even great teachers themselves were staring at Sun Mo in shock.

The gazes of some great teachers already started to be filled with unhappiness.

“Major news!”

Li Ruolan grew excited. She tossed her fountain pen away and directly took out an image-recording stone to record the scene.

One must know that the Nine Provinces emphasized on the culture of respecting teachers. It wasn’t too much to say that teachers were the heavens. However, Sun Mo actually told students to doubt and question their teachers?

This was a great disrespect, a type of humiliation toward great teacher etiquette.

“If someone wants to improve, they have to maintain professional skepticism to think and probe further!

“Right now, there are still great teachers who can guide you. But what if one day you climbed to an unprecedented peak with no one before you? What would you do?

“You can only depend on yourself. Always doubting and questioning supposedly validated theories is then the most solid path toward success!

“A person’s eyes might lie to him, but the laws of nature would never do so!”

Sun Mo explained.

He used the term ‘laws of nature’ because his original intention was to refer to the various ‘established theories and formulas’. The secrets of the world could actually be explained by using the laws of nature.

Seeing Sun Mo speaking frankly with assurance on the stage, Cui Shunde revealed a smile of admiration. After that, he turned his head and looked at the teachers and students in the class.

These students and even some great teachers were confused and didn’t know what Sun Mo was talking about. But it was fine. There would come a day where they understood what Sun Mo had given them.

This was a type of thinking that required constant verification.

No wonder Sun Mo was able to create a spirit rune. Just from his way of thinking, it had already surpassed the level of the vast majority of people.


Favorable impression points from Cui Shunde +200. Friendly (410/1,000).

After Zou Mei heard Sun Mo’s words, it was like a lightning bolt appearing in her mind. She instantly felt an additional sense of understanding. But this understanding was ethereal and misty. She had no way to grab hold of it to solidify it.

“Next, I will analyze and dissect the structure of the spirit gathering runes!”

As Sun Mo spoke, he began to explain about the spirit gathering runes.

The more Zou Mei listened, the brighter her eyes glowed. That understanding grew clearer and clearer. In the past, when she memorized spirit runes, she depended on rote learning. But now, she started to search for its essence.

A new world appeared before Zou Mei’s eyes.

At the same time, Sun Mo observed the expression of the students. The majority of the people had a blank look on their faces, but Zou Mei had her eyes wide open and was panting. Sweat oozzed out of her forehead as her right hand subconsciously trembled at a fixed frequency.

“Even if only one person is enlightened, it wouldn’t be considered a loss!”

Sun Mo was already very satisfied.

Zou Mei’s current state could be described with a term – she was ‘in the zone’. This was an optimal state where one was fully focused on something with all fiber of her being, casting aside all distractions.

After entering such a state, a human would become extremely confident and could surpass gods!

Sun Mo finished speaking and originally, he was prepared to end the lesson. But after seeing Zou Mei’s state, he decided to give her a reward.

“Right now, I’m going to draw another spirit rune. Everyone, please pay close attention!”

Under Sun Mo’s brush, a lightning protection rune was quickly formed. In order to allow Zou Mei to see carefully, he intentionally slowed his drawing speed. However, the majority of people here still couldn’t understand it despite being deeply shocked.

“This is also a spirit rune?”

“Why is the pattern like this?”

“How strange, but it also looks very beautiful!”

The students couldn’t help but whisper to each other.

The pattern and lines were like an electric circuit board, exuding a modern sense of beauty and causing a huge rush of impact to the visual of the people from Nine Provinces.

Those great teachers listening at the side had already forgotten their own duty and were fully focused on observing this spirit rune.

Cui Shunde had a brush in his hand and was rapidly recording notes with his ears pricked up. He was deeply afraid of missing out on any words spoken by Sun Mo.

The ending bell rang out, but no one cared, all of them were looking at Sun Mo’s spirit rune.

Even a fool knew that this was a brand new spirit rune.


As Sun Mo drew the last stroke, the spirit qi tornado erupted once more.

Usually, the students would be shocked, but because they had seen it too many times today, it no longer had a sense of freshness.

“How beautiful, I really want it!”

“Teacher Li, I thought your main area of study isn’t the study of spirit runes? What do you want this for?”

“For collection!”

The great teacher argued. If it wasn’t for the fact that Sun Mo hadn’t announced the ending of the lecture, they would have long since rushed over to demand this spirit rune for themselves.

(As the main examiner, it isn’t too good for my reputation if I demand the spirit rune from an examinee, right?)

Cui Shunde felt conflicted. But when he looked at the spirit rune again, he decided he had to get it, or he would regret this for a few years.

“This student, you have extraordinary talent in the study of spirit runes. Quickly go look for a grandmaster to guide you, don’t waste any more time.”

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and peered through Zou Mei’s data. This was a girl with talent that even surpassed Lu Changhe.


Everyone turned to look at Zou Mei with envy in their eyes.

One must know that this was a praise from Sun Mo. With just these words, Zou Mei would be famous.


Zou Mei had an agitated look on her face. She left her seat and rushed toward Sun Mo before kneeling directly. “Teacher, please accept me as your disciple!”

Zou Mei was completely convinced by Sun Mo’s profound knowledge in the study of spirit runes.


After seeing this scene, over ten great teachers took in a breath of cold air. Their sighed also contained intense envy. Sun Mo was most probably going to be in the limelight again.

Seeing a student taking the initiative to ask a teacher to accept them as a personal student was something extremely rare during a public lecture.

No one suspected this was something pre-arranged because the students randomly chose a classroom without knowing who the lecturer was. Besides, something like taking on a personal teacher was a very serious matter.

“Major news!”

Li Ruolan pointed the image-recording stone toward Sun Mo, waiting for his decision.

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