Absolute Great Teacher
552 Birth of a New Spirit Rune
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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552 Birth of a New Spirit Rune


The entire theater fell silent as everyone turned their gazes to Sun Mo, waiting to see how he would reply.

“He should agree, right? After all, it would become a legendary story!”

Cui Shunde guessed.

Sun Mo revealed a smile and looked at Zou Mei. “If one wasn’t impetus enough, he would have wasted his youth. When I was your age, I was also often prompted by a sudden impulse, carried away by a whim. I wished to travel to see the world, and I’ve also stayed up all night to study all for the sake of obtaining a first place for once in the end-of-the-year examination.

“Naturally, I’ve also planned to pursue a girl due to liking her, but in the end, I didn’t even dare to give her a love letter.”

The students seriously listened, not understanding Sun Mo’s intention, but the great teachers all had contemplative looks on their faces.

“I’m very grateful for your admiration and approval of me. However, when humans make decisions under impulse, they might regret it their entire lives.”

Sun Mo persuaded.

“He actually rejected her?”

The students were shocked while the great teachers revealed looks of admiration. Zou Mei was pleading for him to take her on as a personal student, and Sun Mo would benefit from this the most.

Even if in the future, Zou Mei had no great achievements, no one would say anything bad about Sun Mo. After all, he could find many excuses like saying that this girl’s aptitude wasn’t too good.

As long as Sun Mo accepted Zou Mei today, he would become the rising star with the most fame in this great teacher examination. No one from his batch could compare to him.

However, he didn’t do so. Compared to his reputation, he was more worried about Zou Mei’s thoughts and her future.

Such moral integrity, such character! Sun Mo was absolutely worthy of their thumbs up.

“I recognize your talent, and I’m very happy that you are willing to take me on as your personal teacher. However, taking someone as a teacher isn’t an individual matter!”

Sun Mo helped Zou Mei up. “Have you considered what your parents would think?”

Zou Mei sank into silence. Her parents naturally hoped that she could study under a high-ranking great teacher. At the very least, her personal teacher had to be a 3-star great teacher!

“After you calm down and consider this again, you should seek your parents’ opinion. If you still insist on that then, I will accept you as my student!”

Sun Mo was no longer an ignorant newbie who just came to this world. He now knew that the relationship between personal students and teachers was the same as the relationship between a parent and a child.

Sun Mo had to treat his students like he would his own children. He had to meticulously guide them. If he was reluctant to spend resources on them or even treated them as trash, the condemnation he would have to endure would be worse than beating him to death.

“Teacher, I understand now!”

Zou Mei knelt and kowtowed three times in gratitude before standing up once more. Sun Mo was able to think for her. He was a 100% good teacher.

However, her parents would feel that he was too young, and his star ranking wasn’t high enough.


Favorable impression points from Zou Mei +100. Friendly (300/1,000).

“After this lecture, we can also be considered to have a relationship of a teacher and a student. If you don’t mind, I will give this lightning protection spirit rune to you!”

Sun Mo smiled and kept his teaching materials. “Alright, the class has ended!”

“Teacher, I’ve never heard of this spirit rune before. Is this something you self-created?”

A male student couldn’t bear it and asked.

“No, I dug this out from a ruin on the Darkness Continent!” Sun Mo explained, “But I can guarantee that this is something only I possess. Hence, it’s very valuable.”

Sun Mo didn’t say this to brag. Instead, he hoped that Zou Mei could treasure this spirit rune even more and not sell it away.


Everyone exclaimed in shock.

A unique spirit rune. Its price would definitely surge to the sky!

Zou Mei’s hands trembled upon receiving the spirit rune. This gift was truly too valuable.

“Isn’t his moral character too grand?”

Li Ruolan muttered. (I suddenly feel like giving you full points!)

This great reporter always had a belief. She could accept that some teachers’ teaching capabilities weren’t very high, but they had to be above average in terms of their moral character. That would then make them good teachers.

Sun Mo left. After the entire classroom fell into silence for a while, the students reacted and let out waves of thunderous applause.

“Silence, silence!”

Cui Shunde increased the volume of his voice and shouted five times before he managed to quieten everyone down. “Now, let the voting process begin. Line up and do this properly!”

A few students moved toward Zou Mei in passing, but some great teachers were even faster than them.

“This student, I’m willing to pay a high price to purchase this spirit rune from you!”

This was someone with restraint.

“I will pay 1,000 spirit stones!”

This was someone anxious.

“I will pay 5,000. If you are unwilling, I can pay more!”

A rich great teacher spoke. Someone beside him still wanted to add to the price, but in the end, after seeing that this rich person was a 4-star great teacher, he could only give up.

Zou Mei was stunned. 5...5,000 spirit stones? What concept was this? She recalled that the 1-star great teachers in her school only had a few spirit stones as their monthly salary.

So, this lightning protection rune was worth so much?

All of a sudden, Zou Mei felt a little regret at not being more insistent when she wanted to recognize Sun Mo as her personal teacher.

“Teacher Cai, it isn’t too good to do this, right?”

Cui Shunde also wanted to buy, but he still had to pay attention to his reputation in public. Hence, he tried to persuade the 4-star great teacher.

“If this type of spirit rune is given to her, it would only be a waste!”

That rich great teacher sighed. He naturally could look for Sun Mo to get one. But by doing so, he would own Sun Mo a favor.

At their level, they would naturally prefer matters that could be settled by money compared to owing someone a favor.

The students discussed, but in the end, a male student suddenly discovered a blindspot.

“Teacher Sun Mo drew a total of eight spirit runes, and it seemed that all of them manifested a spirit qi tornado?”

“It seems to be the case.”

“My heavens, his success rate...most probably even spirit rune grandmaster cannot match him, right?”

Everyone was completely stunned.

Even the great teachers just realized this. Various emotions of jealousy and envy appeared in their hearts. A 21-year-old spirit rune grandmaster? Wasn’t this a little too terrifying?

Li Ruolan didn’t wait for the voting result and left directly. She had thought that this lecture would surely be inferior when compared to the Medical Cultivation lecture, but she was wrong.

She truly had not made a wasted trip.

(Ze, this Sun Mo truly has shocking talent!)


Sun Mo followed the crowd and walked through the campus. He was in a joyful mood.


“Congratulations on obtaining a total of 3,120 favorable impression points.”


“Congratulations on obtaining an excellent result in the public lecture segment. Reward: 1 silver treasure chest!”


“Congratulations on improving the prestige connections between you and five people. Reward: 1 golden treasure chest.”

A total of three notifications rang out in his ears.

After returning to the Copperbell Hotel, without even waiting for Sun Mo to look for Lu Zhiruo, she and Li Ziqi already ran over to greet him and inquired about the results.

“I can prepare for the solo combat round now.”

Sun Mo smiled lightly and patted Lu Zhiruo on her head.

“I knew that teacher would pass for sure. I’m just wondering if Teacher could get first place.”

Li Ziqi hoped that her teacher could crush those examinees from the Nine Greats.

“Open the chest!”

Sun Mo didn’t bother too much. “The silver one first!”

A clicking sound rang out and a bright red-colored skill book appeared.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained a branch of the spiritual control technique – bugs summon. Experience: 1,000 attempts!”

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened. Spiritual control summons was very hard. Although he was a grandmaster, he didn’t dare to guarantee he would succeed every single time. Hence, the experience of 1,000 attempts not only could increase Sun Mo’s proficiency level, but it would also allow him to have a deeper understanding of spiritual control techniques.

After that, the golden treasure chest opened, revealing a skill book.

Land creatures summon, branch: ferocious beast, 5 types!

Sun Mo learned it on the spot.

After eating, Sun Mo returned to his lodgings. He blinked his eyes twice and opened the storage cabinet, taking out the spirit rune design template he had obtained previously.

“System, can you design a dragon ball spirit rune? I want as few negative effects as possible. The rune’s purpose is to let the user stimulate his potential within the load of bearable pressure they could endure.”

Sun Mo asked.

“Do you have any ideas?”

The system counter-asked.

“Yes, we can use the spirit rune to simulate a catalysis effect from the ancient massaging technique.”

Sun Mo had long since pondered over this before. The human body was a machine filled with secrets. If one used various secret arts to stimulate it, it would allow one to erupt forth with unprecedented strength.

The ancient massaging technique precisely had such an effect.

“Not bad, my design plan follows the same concept as well!”

The system casually replied. It didn’t expect Sun Mo to actually have some thoughts on how to achieve this. It then asked curiously, “Have you considered the details to achieve it?”

“Why would I not use free labor like you and waste my brain power on this? Do I look like I’m too bored?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes.


The system coughed up blood.

“Alright, add another function for me. Do you know about super saiyans? After their potential is stimulated, there would be special characteristics appearing, changing the user’s appearance. Golden spirit qi must be emitted in the user’s surroundings. The hair must be spiked up!”

Sun Mo added a request.


The system was speechless. (Winning an inch and wanting a foot? Do you dare to make even more requests?)

“Also, there must be lightning around the user, the pupils must change color too.”

After seeing that the system didn’t reject him, he added even more requests.


The system replied in rage.

An hour later, the dragon ball spirit rune appeared before Sun Mo’s eyes.

It took up 8 pieces of spirit rune paper. The spirit lines were densely packed but still very neat and resembled a microchip when one looked at it.

Sun Mo drew in a deep breath and tore the spirit rune to activate it.

Crackle~ crackle!

Golden-colored arcs of lightning blasted forth, surrounding Sun Mo. His entire body was like a lighter that was lit, and his spirit qi suddenly ignited.


Spirit qi gushed forth, cloaking Sun Mo’s external body. It looked like his entire person was covered with golden flames.

Sun Mo cracked his fists. He could sense strength surging to his limbs and bones, and this caused him to be filled with energy to the brim. He wanted nothing more than to fight.

“How long can this effect last for?”

Sun Mo asked. Sadly, there were no combat puppets here, or he could test his combat strength.

“It depends on the user’s condition. But the duration wouldn’t exceed ten minutes at max!”

The system continued. “After the super saiyan effect ends, the user would feel weakened. They would have dry mouths and would require a large amount of water and spirit qi. They also need to consume food at the same time.”

“That severe?”

Sun Mo frowned, the negative effects were too many.

“What do you think?”

The system spoke in disdain, “That’s the state of eruption. Even if it’s you, can you run a marathon at your full speed like when you are running a 100-meter race?”


Sun Mo was speechless.

Thud! Thud!

The sound of his door being knocked on rang out.

“Come in!”

Sun Mo knew it was Li Ziqi from the sound of her footsteps.

“Teacher, Xie Cang, the top graduate from Jixia Academy is here to visit you. Do you want to meet with him?”

As Li Ziqi spoke, she pushed open the door and entered. In the end, she was completely stunned when she saw Sun Mo’s body that was cloaked in golden flames and lightning.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》