Absolute Great Teacher
553 A Request for Help
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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553 A Request for Help


Sun Mo’s current image created a rush of visual impact.

His entire body was cloaked in golden spirit qi that could be seen with the naked eyes. The spirit qi around him was like burning golden flames, surging with power, exuding immense pressure.

Li Ziqi’s little heart involuntarily thumped quicker. She felt a sense of fear and palpitation.

“Teacher, you are...”

Li Ziqi discovered that Sun Mo’s originally black hair had now turned golden. With his handsome face, he actually exuded a wondrous sense of beauty.

“Oh, I’m experimenting with a new spirit rune!”

As Sun Mo spoke, he removed the super saiyan state and he reverted to his original appearance.

“New spirit rune?”

After knowing that her teacher was fine, Li Ziqi could rest at ease. After that, she started to feel curious. “Is it something you self-created?”


Su Mo shook his head.

Li Ziqi’s lips twitched a little. Her teacher was always this humble. In the past, he had also said that the lightning protection rune and flame explosion rune weren’t something he created himself. However, there were basically no such spirit runes available on the market.

“You came at a nice timing. I will teach you how to draw this. After that, you should draw a few and give the runes to Zhiruo and the others for them to protect themselves!”

Sun Mo was very confident in the little sunny egg’s learning ability. Because he had to participate in the Great Teachers Battle, he didn’t have much time and could only ask Li Ziqi to try and draw this rune.

“Teacher, let’s temporarily leave this aside for now. Xie Cang came and he wanted to meet you.”

Li Ziqi reported. “He even brought along a valuable gift.”

“Did he say what’s the matter?”

Sun Mo frowned. Xie Cang was the top graduate of Jixia Academy. Be it fame or strength, he was on the same level as Bai Shuang,

“I don’t know, but I guess it should be because of Zhou Qiao.”

Li Ziqi analyzed.

“Mn, I’ll go take a look!”

Sun Mo originally planned to teach Li Ziqi how to draw the dragon ball spirit rune. But since there was something on now, he decided to use Soul Imprint and directly impart the relevant knowledge into her mind.

Li Ziqi raised her hand. After casting a Retentive Memory on herself, she started to research this spirit rune. After that, she was thoroughly bowled over by its profoundness and exquisite design concept.

Her teacher was truly too humble. This spirit rune was clearly a display of using the ancient massaging techniques to stimulate a human body’s potential in the form of a spirit rune.

Li Ziqi didn’t believe that one could find a spirit rune with the same effect as the ancient massaging technique so coincidentally from a ruin on the Darkness Continent.

“Could it be that Teacher’s current standard in the study of spirit runes has already reached the ancestor-level?”

The little sunny egg was shocked.


In the Copperbell Hotel’s lobby, Xie Cang sat beside a wooden table. His eyes were focused as he pondered on how he should convince Sun Mo.

Zhang Ji, his good friend, was beside him. Right now, Zhang Ji was tweaking his ears and scratching his cheeks as he kept looking at the wooden box on the table. He tried enduring it, but he finally couldn’t bear it and started to persuade his friend.

“Old Xie, is it worth doing this?”

In order to beg Sun Mo to take action, Xie Cang actually took out the Diamond Pill his headmaster rewarded him with as a gift to Sun Mo. One must know that this pill was a superior heaven-tier pill. If it was in an auction, it would definitely be able to fetch a skyhigh price.

“It’s worth it as long as Sun Mo can cure Zhou Qiao!”

Xie Cang answered.

“But if he cannot?”

Zhang Ji lowered his voice. “A gift that you gave out, you probably would feel embarrassed to take it back, right?”

Xie Cang fell silent.

“Old Xie, it’s rumored that Sun Mo managed to treat Xiao Li’s arm. Even if this is true, Xiao Li was only injured in his arm. What about Zhou Qiao? All his bones are broken.”

When Zhang Ji spoke, he considered Xie Cang’s feelings. Hence, his tone was much lighter than it ought to be. In truth, Zhou Qiao’s condition was much worse than what he had just described.

Not only were all his bones broken, but there were many fractures as well. When Xie Cang looked for the famous doctors of Westmountain City for help, everyone said the same thing.

This youth was crippled!


There was basically no way to start the treatment, alright? Even if a divine doctor came, it was useless.

“I think it’s better for you to hurry back to Jixia Academy and look for your headmaster to think of a solution?”

Zhang Ji suggested. The longer such an injury dragged on, the more troublesome it would be to treat it.

“There should still be some hope, right?”

Xie Cang counter-asked. Actually, this sentence was him talking to himself. He was really afraid he wouldn’t be able to persist and might give up.

“Old Xie...”

Zhang Ji earnestly persuaded.

Xie Cang continued to remain silent.

A Diamond Pill was very valuable, but could it be compared to Zhou Qiao’s future?

He was so impressive and so dazzling, he was one of the top three in terms of strength among those below 15 years old. The great teacher examination this time around originally ought to be the stage where he became famous. But now, everything had come to a crashing end.

Giving the diamond pill away was fine as he could always be able to obtain a new one in the future when there was a chance to. But if Zhou Qiao missed this, the passage of time would waste his potential and it would become a regret for his entire life.

Zhang Ji still wanted to persuade, but he suddenly saw Xie Cang standing up. Hence, he turned his head and saw a young man walking over.

This young man exuded a composed air. He had a straight back and clearly-defined contours on his face. He was so handsome that he would easily invoke jealousy in others who looked at him.

“I hate handsome guys!”

Zhang Ji felt even more disbelief for Sun Mo. He had always felt that only honest-looking people were reliable.

“Teacher Sun!”

Xie Cang hurriedly rushed over.

“Teacher Xie?”

Sun Mo asked while activating Divine Sight in the passing, observing this top graduate from the Jixia academy.

26 years old, peak of the divine force realm.

Strength: 40. Full stat. You have enough strength to pull out a mountain, unrivaled in the world. You can suppress many people with just your strength.

Intellect: 36. The development of your brain is relatively high. A man with his own thinking and ideas.

Agility: 40. No one can match your speed.

Endurance: 40. If you can’t win against someone, you can still exhaust them to death. You are already used to working continuously for very long hours.

Will: 35. Strong fortitude, but it is a little low now after your personal student was injured.


Potential value: Extremely high!

Note: A super genius with no flaws. In the future, his achievements would absolutely be boundless.

Note: A descendant from a famous clan. He has an upright personality and if one was to describe him using the terms of a martial arts novel, he would be a disciple from the righteous sects, a candidate to become the headmaster of a sect. He always does things in an open and aboveboard manner.

Note: He is a good man!

“System, do you have to give such a high evaluation?”

Seeing Xie Cang’s off-the-charts stats, even Sun Mo was about to become jealous. Such a person could be considered someone chosen by the heavens, right?

“There would always be some people who received the favor of the heavens!”

The system spoke with a shrugging tone.

It was like Tsinghua and Peking University...other than those students who could directly enter there due to their prestigious backgrounds, the remaining students had to depend on their own learning and talent.

“Teacher Sun, please forgive me for the abrupt visit!”

Sun Mo’s gaze was as though it could see through the hearts of people, causing Xie Cang to feel somewhat uncomfortable. However, since he had something he needed Sun Mo’s help with, he could only endure this.

“Teacher Xie, there’s no need to be so polite. If there’s anything I can help you with, I will definitely do my utmost.”

Sun Mo clasped his fists. It wasn’t that he was making a friendly remark to seem polite. If he could save Zhou Qiao, he would definitely help.

Because this was the responsibility of a teacher.

“Teacher Sun, I heard that you treated Xiao Li’s arm?”

Zhang Ji interjected, He was really afraid that Xie Cang wouldn’t ask anything and simply give the diamond pill to Sun Mo right at the start. If that was the case, it would be impossible if they wanted the pill back.

Zhang Ji was judging others with his own measure. In any case, if it was himself that had received such a valuable gift, regardless of whether he could successfully help the requester out or not, he definitely wouldn’t return the gift.


Zhang Ji’s attitude was a little hostile. However, Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered with him.

Upon seeing this scene, Xie Cang’s eyes brightened. He couldn’t help but praise Sun Mo’s magnanimity in his heart. He loved becoming friends with people like this.

“Is Xiao Li’s broken arm very serious?”

Zhang Ji asked.

“Teacher Zhang.”

Xie Cang interrupted. After that, he took the diamond pill and passed it to Sun Mo with both his hands. “Teacher Sun, my personal student Zhou Qiao was harmed by people a few days ago. His muscles and bones are all damaged, and you must have heard about it. I wonder if Teacher Sun can lend a helping hand and treat him?”

Sending a gift was a type of acknowledgment. Usually, Xie Cang wouldn’t dare to be so shallow. But because the time was too tight, he could only choose to ‘spam’ money.

At the very least, an expensive gift could represent his sincerity.

Zhang Ji interjected again before Sun Mo could speak. “Teacher Sun, there’s a diamond pill in the box. It is a superior heaven-tier medical pill. After consuming it, the user’s constitution would be improved, his energy channels would be strengthened, and his muscles and bones would be tempered. Even a child who cannot sense spirit qi, after consuming this, would be able to begin cultivation.”

Zhang Ji seemed to be explaining the effect of the diamond pill, but in truth, he was trying to establish dominance. He wanted to tell Sun Mo ‘If you cannot cure Zhou Qiao, you shouldn’t accept such a valuable gift’.

“Teacher Zhang!”

Xie Cang rebuked. (It’s already at such a timing, why do you still have to be so calculative about the value of a medicinal pill?)

“Is a diamond pill very impressive?”

A melodious female voice rang out. Zhang Ji turned and saw a beautiful great teacher walking over.

It was Gu Xiuxun.

Zhang Ji knew who she was because Gu Xiuxun not only had outstanding strength, but her face and figure were top-rated as well. At the Beauty Rankings this year, although she was ranked at the back, she still had a spot in the rankings.

“Haha, hello Teacher Gu. A diamond pill might not be that impressive, but this diamond pill is a top-grade heaven-tier product concocted by a 7-star alchemy grandmaster. It is naturally impressive enough.”

Zhang Ji’s lips curled and spoke very confidently because this was the truth.

“Shouldn’t a 7-star alchemy grandmaster produce a saint-tier medicine instead of a peerless-grade heaven-tier one? Could this be a defective product?”

Gu Xiuxun pretended to be astonished.


Zhang Ji was at a loss for words. (How could a saint-tier medicinal pill be produced so easily? Instead, it’s very normal for a 7-star alchemist to produce a heaven-tier product.) However, Zhang Ji didn’t say this. If his words entered the ears of the alchemy grandmaster, that grandmaster might feel that he, Zhang Ji, felt that the grandmaster’s skill was only average.

“Teacher Sun’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands can fix bones, temper energy channels, vitalize blood vessels, and strengthen one’s physique. Where did you get the confidence that a diamond pill can surpass him?

“Also, this diamond pill is merely a superior heaven-tier product, yet you already feel so proud about it. If it was at the saint-grade, wouldn’t your soul already fly into the skies?”

Gu Xiuxun’s lips twitched. “Do you know that in Jinling, our Teacher Sun has the title ‘God Hands’?”


Zhang Ji wasn’t able to out-argue Gu Xiuxun. He was so angry that his face was flushed. Besides, he also didn’t believe God Hands were so impressive.

“Teacher Gu, we are the ones who acted discourteously.”

Xie Cang apologized. “This is just the meeting gift. No matter if Teacher Sun can cure Zhou Qiao eventually or not, I, Xie Cang, will be deeply grateful and will prepare another expensive gift.”

“Teacher Xie, you are too serious!”

Sun Mo didn’t want to start a quarrel. “Let’s go. As for the gift, I won’t accept it.”

“Sun Mo!”

After hearing this, Gu Xiuxun was badly frightened and quickly stopped him. “Do you know what condition that Zhou Qiao is in? I heard that all the bones in his body are broken from being beaten up and his condition is extremely serious. If you cannot cure him successfully, there might be a stain on your reputation.”

Sun Mo was currently in the limelight, so it was unknown how many people who were jealous of him were waiting for him to make a fool out of himself. If he wasn’t able to cure Zhou Qiao, many people would take this chance to sully and vilify him.

“I have to try no matter what. After all, this concerns the future of a child.”

After Sun Mo spoke, the system notification rang out.


Favorable impression points from Xie Cang +100. Friendly (100/1,000).

Sun Mo was astonished. This Xie Cang was truly righteous and trusted in people easily. Zhang Ji, who was at the side, was clearly doubtful of him.

“Sun Mo, I know you have a good heart.”

Gu Xiuxun lowered her voice. “Even if you managed to cure Zhou Qiao, given how heavy his injuries are, how much energy would you have to expend? You have to know that tomorrow is the date for the Great Teachers Battle! It’s better that you reserve your strength.”

“Is this the feeling of being shown care by others?”

Sun Mo teased.


Gu Xiuxun didn’t expect Sun Mo to say something like that. Her beautiful face blushed as her heart failed to live up to expectations and thumped violently.

“I know what I am doing. If I cannot cure him, I will stop before I expend too much energy.”

Sun Mo began laughing.


Gu Xiuxun sighed and no longer tried to persuade him. Actually, she was also a kind teacher and wasn’t willing to see Zhou Qiao lose a chance like this. However, between Sun Mo and Zhou Qiao, she chose Sun Mo.

“Teacher, can you bring me along?”

Li Ziqi stood behind Gu Xiuxun and suggested.

Actually, the masochist was called over by the little sunny egg. She was afraid that if Sun Mo agreed, his reputation might be damaged should he fail to treat Zhou Qiao completely. It was just that she didn’t expect this to still occur in the end.

However, only a teacher capable of universal love was worthy to be followed.

“There’s no time to lose, let’s move out!”

Sun Mo urged.

“Don’t you have to prepare? Like bringing some medicine over or something?”

Zhang Ji interjected.

“No need.”

Sun Mo indicated for Xie Cang to lead the way.

(How unreliable!)

Zhang Ji’s lips opened but he endured it. (God Hands? If you cannot cure Zhou Qiao, don’t blame me for spoiling your name.)

When the group of people reached the Buck Hotel, Sun Mo actually encountered a familiar person in Zhou Qiao’s room.

“Teacher Mei?”

The person Sun Mo saw was Mei Ziyu. She was gentle and refined, currently sitting at the bedside and comforting Zhou Qiao.

“Teacher Sun?”

Mei Ziyu was very surprised. Why would Sun Mo appear here?

Gu Xiuxun’s vision immediately landed on Mei Ziyu, judging her. (Aiya, this girl’s demeanor is so outstanding, even I feel like protecting her.)

After that, Gu Xiuxun secretly snuck a glance at Sun Mo and discovered that he was smiling very happily. Her heart couldn’t help but turn cold. (Oh no, could it be that this girl is the type that Sun Mo likes?)

Li Ziqi was also secretly surveying Mei Ziyu as well as observing her teacher’s expression. After that, she felt a little taken aback. Even when facing An Xinhui, her teacher had never smiled so gently before.

“I’m here to look at Zhou Qiao!”

Sun Mo explained. He also understood why Mei Ziyu would appear here. Mei Yazhi was Jixia Academy’s guest professor and she naturally was acquainted with Xie Cang. It was only normal that Mei Ziyu would come and check on Zhou Qiao’s condition.

“Mn, I forgot that Teacher Sun has the great title of God Hands. In that case, I will leave Zhou Qiao’s injuries to you!”

Mei Ziyu bowed as a ray of hope appeared in her heart. She also didn’t wish to see a student from the Jixia Academy becoming a cripple.

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