Absolute Great Teacher
554 Go Clean Yourself Up and Wait to Apologize to Me!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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554 Go Clean Yourself Up and Wait to Apologize to Me!


“Teacher Mei, you’re standing too much on ceremony! I’ll definitely give it my all!

Sun Mo turned to make way, not accepting Mei Ziyu’s bow.

Zhang Ji stood at the door. When he saw that Mei Ziyu was so respectful toward Sun Mo, he felt very comfortable about it. Putting aside the fact that Mei Ziyu’s mother was a 6-star great teacher that enjoyed great status and power, just Mei Ziyu’s appearance and figure alone were considered top-notch.

To Zhang Ji, Mei Ziyu was a goddess. He felt so inferior that he’d never dare to chase her. Therefore, when he saw that Mei Ziyu and Sun Mo were engaged in a joyful conversation, seeming to have a good relationship, he felt uncomfortable.

(If you can’t cure Zhou Qiao later, I won’t hold back either.)

Zhang Ji’s lips twitched.

“Let’s not delay any more. Let me go take a look at Zhou Qiao’s injuries!”

Sun Mo turned and looked toward Xie Cang.

He was a great teacher who showed good morals and conduct. Anyone else would feel extremely anxious and couldn’t wait to get Sun Mo to start his assessment and treatment. However, it wasn’t the case for him. He waited patiently for Sun Mo to catch up with others.

“Let me do it!”

Xie Cang broke into a grateful expression toward Sun Mo. He didn’t try to delay things and had clearly placed Zhou Qiao in first place.

As expected of the One-Dog ‘Sun’ who could say those words of priceless advice.

Zhou Qiao lay in bed, his body completely covered up in medicine and bandages. Even his head was no exception, with only his pair of eyes exposed. His limbs were reinforced with wooden planks. When he saw Sun Mo standing by the bed, he wanted to speak.

“Don’t move.”

Sun Mo gestured for Zhou Qiao to continue to lie down quietly. He then sat by the bed, reaching out his hand to touch Zhou Qiao’s wrist.

Mei Ziyu and the others didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly for fear that they’d disturb Sun Mo’s assessment. Xie Cang was so nervous that his heart was pounding.

After all, Sun Mo was his last hope.

One minute later, Sun Mo touched Zhou Qiao’s other arm. After a few seconds, he switched over to his right leg, checking very carefully all the way from his ankle to his upper thigh.

Zhang Ji was feeling very anxious. Moreover, when he saw his good friend Xie Cang and goddess Mei Ziyu wearing such solemn expressions as if Sun Mo was the world’s savior, he felt so gloomy that he spurted out some words.

“Teacher Sun, are you able to treat him?”

Although it might seem as if he was asking a question, he was in fact doubting him. In Zhang Ji’s opinion, Sun Mo should at least remove the bandages to perform his checkup.

What could he find from all the touching?

Zhang Ji had helped out when Xie Cang had been changing Zhou Qiao’s bandages, so he knew how thick the medicine below the bandages were. It was like a mud crust.

“Teacher Zhang!”

Xie Cang turned back with a reproachful glance.

“I’m doing this for Zhou Qiao’s good. Would there be a second round of damages inflicted from all the touching?”

Zhang Ji argued.

“Teacher Sun’s actions are so light and he didn’t move Zhou Qiao at all. How would he deal any harm? Are you a great teacher? You can’t even tell this?”

Gu Xiuxun retorted furiously.

“All hail, Teacher Gu!”

Li Ziqi cheered in her heart. She had long since realized that Zhang Ji hated her teacher, but as a student, there were some things that she mustn’t say.

It wasn’t that she was afraid of offending Zhang Ji. He was just worried about destroying her Teacher’s image.

“I’m also worried for Zhou Qiao. After all, if he’s brought back to Jixia Learning Palace, there are still some chances of him recovering.”

Zhang Ji argued.

“Can you get this guy to leave?”

Sun Mo was in no mood to leave Zhang Ji be and chased him away.

“Are you upset? I’m sorry. After all, this concerns Zhou Qiao’s future. If you can treat him, I’ll bow and apologize to you. If you can’t, please quickly admit it.”

Zhang Ji said outright.

There was always a need for someone to play the role of the devil. Moreover, this concerned a superior-grade heaven-tier diamond pill.

The thought of having to give it to Sun Mo was a great heartache!

“Then you can go out now!”

Sun Mo turned and looked toward Zhang Ji. “Clean yourself up while you’re at it and wait to apologize to me.”


Gu Xiuxun knew that it wasn’t appropriate for her to laugh out loud, but she couldn’t hold it in.

Li Ziqi was trying hard to hold back as well.


Zhang Ji’s face flushed up. But before he could say anything, he was interrupted by Xie Cang.

“Teacher Sun, you mean.... that...”

As Xie Cang was too nervous, he couldn’t even talk properly.

“I can cure him!”

Sun Mo gave an affirmative reply. “But I’ll need to spend quite a lot of time. It’s because there are 17 parts of his body where the bones are crushed too seriously, like sand. It’d be more difficult to get them back to how they were. Moreover, quite a number of his energy channels were broken off as well. The damages to his muscles are considered trivial in comparison.”

Xie Cang became agitated when he heard how Sun Mo explained things. He only performed a checkup for a few minutes, but his conclusion was the same as the Doctor Song from Westmountain City.


Xie Cang dropped to his knees. “Teacher Sun, please help him out.”

“Teacher Xie, there’s no need to do this. Anything else can wait until Zhou Qiao is treated.”

Sun Mo helped Xie Cang up.

The preparation started and Xie Cang persuaded Zhang Ji to leave.

“I’ll stay behind. I can help out during critical moments!”

Zhang Ji felt curious as well, wanting to see Sun Mo performing his God Hands.

“I’m sorry, can unrelated people please leave?”

Li Ziqi chased him off.

Zhang Ji looked toward Mei Ziyu, his meaning clear. She should be considered an unrelated person as well, right?

“Why are you dawdling for? Are you able to take responsibility if the treatment is delayed?”

The little sunny egg wasn’t going to explain things to him.

Zhang Ji couldn’t afford to take on the responsibility for that and could only leave sheepishly. When the doors closed, he suddenly felt a little regretful.

(Why did I go shooting my mouth off earlier? Now I won’t get to see such a rare scene. Wait a minute, what if he isn’t able to cure little Zhou?)

Suddenly, Zhang Ji’s emotions became messed up.

He didn’t wish to apologize to Sun Mo, but neither did he wish to see Zhou Qiao be destroyed.

Xie Cang and Mei Ziyu helped Zhou Qiao remove his bandages and clean off the medicine on his body.

“Sun Mo, the Great Teachers Battle will be a series of consecutive battles and not just one battle each day, so can you...”

Gu Xiuxun reminded him in a soft voice, wanting Sun Mo to push back the treatment.

The examinees would draw lots and go through one-on-one battles. When the victor was decided, he or she would proceed to the second round and continue to draw lots. There’d be a distinction of the upper and lower halves, and the duels would continue on.

As the time for the examination was tight, the duels would be held consecutively, and the examinees would have very little time to rest. Therefore, luck also took on a very important role in such an examination mode.

In the past years, there were often cases of two strong examinees facing off and both sides facing great casualties, and then the victor was easily defeated by a trashy examinee in the next round.

Some examinees had reflected this matter to the Saint Gate before, but they were told that luck was also considered one’s capability. Moreover, it’d boil down to one being not strong enough.

If you could crush all the other examinees, would you still care about the examination mode?

Of course, in order to best ensure fairness and give an additional opportunity to those who hadn’t performed to their usual level, there was also a segment for those who had been defeated to fight their way back into the competition. However, rumors had it that famous schools who were ‘B’ grade or higher didn’t want to employ the examinees from this group.

“I know!”

Sun Mo smiled. Xie Cang and Mei Ziyu definitely heard what Gu Xiuxun had said. Moreover, they might feel that she was cold-blooded. However, she didn’t care about that and still reminded him. This was a true friendship!

“But for Zhou Qiao’s injuries, it’s better for him if he gets the treatment earlier!”

After Sun Mo said this, a notification immediately rang out by his ear. Xie Cang, Mei Ziyu, as well as Gu Xiuxun and the little sunny egg contributed a total of 3,200 favorable impression points.

“Teacher Sun, no matter how things turn out, I’ll remember this favor. In the future, feel free to let me know if there’s anything I can do for you!”

Xie Cang looked very ashamed.

There was a high possibility that Sun Mo might lose the chance to rise by two stars in a row due to giving this treatment.

“Teacher Xie, there’s no need to feel reproach. It’s the responsibility of us great teachers to protect the students!”

Sun Mo smiled and walked over to the bed.

Zhou Qiao’s head was swollen like a pig’s. He had also heard Sun Mo’s words and was tearing up. However, he felt more worried than thankful.

What if he couldn’t be cured?

After all, his injuries were too serious.

“Don’t worry!”

Sun Mo consoled him.


“Mission released. Cure Zhou Qiao, protect the students, and fulfill your responsibility as a great teacher. Upon success, the reward will be one gold treasure chest!”

The system suddenly issued a mission, causing Sun Mo to be stunned.

“Why did you stop?”

When Xie Cang saw Sun Mo standing there without moving, he started feeling worried again.

“Don’t worry, Teacher Sun’s God Hands is very amazing!”

Mei Ziyu consoled him. She thought of how her serious ailments could be soothed by the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. In that case, Zhou Qiao’s situation wasn’t considered much then!

“I’m going to start!”

Sun Mo took in a deep breath and after going through the treatment process for one round in his head, his long and slender hands were placed on Zhou Qiao’s right hand. He started the treatment from his finger bones.


The spirit qi in Sun Mo’s body circulated, gushing out from his elbows and instantly condensing into a genie. The moment the genie appeared, it flaunted its arm muscles as usual.


The genie winked at Xie Cang. He clearly admired Xie Cang’s... body.


Xie Cang was dumbstruck. His eyeballs almost popped out when he saw this muscular genie. Was this God Hands? It was really amazing!

Mei Ziyu had already seen this strangely dressed muscular guy before. However, she still felt a little uncomfortable to be seeing him again.

(What did you apply to your body?)

(Why is it so glossy and shiny?)

Gu Xiuxun was even more straightforward and took two steps back. However, at the thought of the comfort the genie’s hands brought, she couldn’t help but take three steps forward.

“Time is tight! Let’s do it together!”

Sun Mo instructed mentally.

He had now grasped grandmaster-grade ancient massaging technique and could treat the parts where the injuries were lighter, leaving the parts that were more serious to the genie.


The genie leaped like a piece of salted fish and then smashed down heavily on Zhou Qiao’s back. With a great impact, the treatment started.


Xie Cang cried out. If it wasn’t because he still had his rationality with him, he’d have attacked the genie.

“Don’t panic! This is normal!”

Li Ziqi quickly explained.


Sun Mo was perspiring profusely. They were saving someone. Could the genie act more seriously?

The genie felt aggrieved.

He then looked at Zhou Qiao, who had been knocked out from this blow. It was as if anesthetic had taken effect. There was no need to worry that he’d cry from the pain or move randomly, affecting the treatment.

The treatment process was long and boring!

Zhang Ji waited outside and was going crazy from boredom.

When some examinees who stayed on the same floor saw this scene, they came over to ask and show their concern. After all, Xie Cang was the top graduate from the Jixia Learning Palace and was definitely going to become a prominent figure in the future. There was no disadvantage to befriend him.

Then they realized that One-Dog ‘Sun’, whose reputation was soaring, was giving Zhou Qiao treatment. Their curiosity was piqued.

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