Absolute Great Teacher
555 Completely Convinced
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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555 Completely Convinced


No matter how rare something was, if people had seen it for too long, the feeling of novelty would go away.

The genie was definitely a ‘spiritual beast’ that would astonish others. The ancient massaging technique he performed was profound and amazing. However, after watching it for three hours consecutively, no one would be able to stand the boredom.

While giving Zhou Qiao treatment, Sun Mo started to give a live teaching session, explaining the crucial points of the bone setting technique and circulation technique to Li Ziqi.

Gu Xiuxun listened while feeling grateful for Sun Mo’s generosity.

Xie Cang and Mei Ziyu both left the room to avoid arousing suspicion.

“It has been three hours. Can he do it or not?”

Zhang Ji no longer had the air of a great teacher. He felt too embarrassed to sneak looks and thus put his ears on the door, listening to the motion inside.

“Cough cough, Teacher Zhang, take note of your conduct.”

Xie Cang reminded him.

“I’m worried about Zhou Qiao! It won’t be good if Sun Mo aggravates his condition!”

As time passed, Zhang Ji increasingly felt that Sun Mo might have messed things up. This made him feel both worried and guilty.


This was human nature!

Zhang Ji felt emotional. Sigh, Sun Mo had gone all out for Zhou Qiao, so he shouldn’t mock him.

As for the diamond pill, he didn’t believe that Sun Mo would have the face to ask for it.

Zhang Ji wasn’t a bad guy. He was just a little petty and his heart ached for the diamond pill. That was why he kept on doubting Sun Mo.

Four hours passed by and night fell. Several examinees who had been waiting started to leave. After all, they still had to participate in the Great Teachers Battle tomorrow.

“Isn’t this treatment process too long?”

“All the bones in Zhou Qiao’s body have shattered. I feel that it’d be considered short even if one day was used for the treatment!”

The remaining examinees talk amongst themselves.

Xie Cang lost his cool upon hearing this. Just as he was contemplating if he should knock on the door to ask Sun Mo, the door opened.


Li Ziqi revealed her small head. “Teacher Xie, the treatment has ended. It went on very smoothly. You can come in now.”


Upon hearing this, the people in front of the door instantly broke into a commotion.

“Very smoothly? Does this mean that Zhou Qiao has recovered?”

“That can’t be true, right?”

“All the bones in his body have been crushed. Is it possible to cure it within just a few hours? Is God Hands really so terrifying?”

The ten or more examinees who had stayed behind couldn’t help but squeeze to the front, wanting to enter the room to take a look. They were mostly graduates from Jixia Learning Palace as well as some who had come from the same hometown as Xie Cang. They were considered to be on close terms with each other. That was why they had waited until now.


Li Ziqi put up her fair index finger to her lips. “Teachers, please be quiet. Zhou Qiao needs to recuperate in peace!”

Everyone immediately shut up.

“Thank you everyone for your concern. Please go back and get some rest for tomorrow’s examinations!”

Xie Cang was a very considerate person. He thanked everyone present before turning to enter the room.

Zhang Ji followed after him without even giving it a second thought.

Mei Ziyu hesitated. She wanted to enter but didn’t have Sun Mo’s invitation.

Li Ziqi was smart and graceful. When she saw Mei Ziyu’s attitude, she knew that this lady with long, straight black hair mustn’t be from an ordinary background. Moreover, Sun Mo treated her very well. Therefore, she invited her in.

“Teacher Mei, please come in!”


Mei Ziyu nodded and went in. She even helped Li Ziqi to close the door after her.


Zhou Qiao was laying in bed. When he saw Xie Cang coming in, he struggled to sit up and greet him. During the period he was injured, Xie Cang had been very meticulous in taking care of him, spending a lot of money and incurring a lot of favors to ask for many people to come and save him.

Zhou Qiao took everything to his heart.

To speak the truth, if other great teachers’ personal disciples were to suffer from such injuries, there was a 90% chance that they’d be given up on. It was because the price for treating them would be too high. Moreover, even if they were healed, there was a high chance that they’d have hidden ailments and their prospects would be limited.

“Don’t move around recklessly.”

Xie Cang dashed to the bed. “Quickly lie down!”

“Teacher Sun?”

Xie Cang looked agitated. To think that Zhou Qiao could move? This was a good sign. Moreover, his body was only looking slightly swollen.

Previously, Zhou Qiao was so swollen that he was like a sausage that had been soaked in rainwater for several tens of days. Moreover, as his bones were shattered, his body would have irregular undulation.

“He’s cured now. He’d be just as before after resting for a while.”

Sun Mo consoled him. “Don’t worry, there’s no damage to his aptitude.”


Zhang Ji gasped in surprise.

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to care about him, but Gu Xiuxun and Li Ziqi were both displeased.

“What do you mean by this? Do you wish for Zhou Qiao to be crippled?”

Gu Xiuxun asked.

“No... It’s just that...”

Zhang Ji didn’t know how he should explain things. Moreover, he wasn’t blind. He could tell from Zhou Qiao’s condition that he had gotten a lot better. Furthermore, Xie Cang would definitely get famous doctors to give him a checkup later on. Therefore, Sun Mo would just be seeking his own demise if he were to lie.

“Teacher Zhang, I’ve really recovered. I can feel it!”

As Zhou Qiao said this, he put out his right arm and did a fist swing.

“Stop it right now! Do you not want your hand anymore?”

Zhang Ji got a scare. He was also concerned for Zhou Qiao.

“He can do some light exercise now. It’ll be beneficial to his recovery!”

Sun Mo explained.

After the bones were fixed together, it’d take moderate exercise for them to wear in.

“Teacher Sun, thank you!”

Xie Cang knelt toward Sun Mo as he said this.

This favor was something he could never return.


Favorable impression points from Xie Cang +1,000. Respect (1,602/10,000).

“Teacher Xie, you’ve spoken too seriously.”

Sun Mo quickly helped Xie Cang up. “If you really feel bad about this, then how about treating me to a meal after the examination is over?”

“That’s a must!”

Xie Cang wiped his eyes, but tears kept on flowing out.

“Teacher Sun, Zhou Qiao won’t ever forget this great favor. You’ve given me a new lease of life!”

Zhou Qiao had thanked Sun Mo earlier and had contributed 1,000 favorable impression points. When he saw his teacher thanking Sun Mo, he spoke up again.

“Take a rest!”

Sun Mo beckoned his hand at Li Ziqi.

The little sunny egg took out two medicinal packets from her bag and passed them to Sun Mo.

“These are the giant medicine packet and spring water beauty medicine packet respectively. They are our Central Province Academy’s unique medicinal baths concoction. They can help to recuperate one’s injuries and strengthen the body. After he has rested for two hours, you guys can use it together and reinforce the treatment effect.”

Sun Mo explained.

“Thank you, Teacher Sun!”

Xie Cang didn’t stand on ceremony. There was no way he could return all the debt he owed to Sun Mo anyway.

“We’ll be taking our leave then.”

Sun Mo cupped his fists together and left the room.

Gu Xiuxun glared at Zhang Ji but didn’t say anything and left with Sun Mo.

Zhang Ji felt very awkward.

“Teacher Sun is very magnanimous. Moreover, given how terrifying the God Hands is, Brother Ji, it’s best to not offend him if you can.”

“Teacher Gu also doesn’t like you but doesn’t look for trouble so that Zhou Qiao can get some rest. Shouldn’t you feel ashamed at how magnanimous they are?”

Xie Cang persuaded in a soft voice and then went out to send them off.

“Thank you everyone for your concern. Thanks to Teacher Sun’s God Hands, my disciple is now fine. He can continue cultivating in the future!”

Xie Cang’s voice rang out, firstly to thank everyone, then to help Sun Mo spread his reputation. This was one of the ways to repay Sun Mo that he could think of.


Surprised gasps rang out.

Zhang Ji bit his teeth. He knew that Xie Cang was doing it for his own good to be saying such piercing words. Someone like Sun Mo was destined to make great achievements in life and have his reputation spread across the world. Hence, Zhang Ji was destined to be suppressed to be living in the same era as Sun Mo. If he didn’t take the chance to apologize before Sun Mo’s reputation soared, he wouldn’t have the right to even enter Sun Mo’s door if he wished to apologize in the future.

When Sun Mo got strong enough, there’d be many people who wanted to curry up to him even if Sun Mo didn’t care.

Moreover, it was true that Sun Mo’s abilities were worthy of admiration. Therefore, he ran out and shouted,

“Teacher Sun, I was short-sighted and didn’t recognize how powerful you are. Please pardon me for having offended you earlier!”

As Zhang Ji said this, he placed both arms by his side and performed a 90 degrees bow, greeting Sun Mo with great respect.


Favorable impression points from Zhang Ji +100, prestige connection initiated. Friendly (100/1,000).

Gu Xiuxun turned her head and her lips twitched. “Is this sincere?”

“Teacher Gu, please let me off this once.”

Zhang Ji smiled bitterly.

“Teacher Zhang, I understand what you’re thinking. It’s understandable that your heart aches for that diamond pill.”

Sun Mo turned his head. “But there are times when even saint-tier pills won’t be able to bring an opportunity. Do you know why I’m willing to help Teacher Xie?”

“I’m willing to listen to your teaching!”

Zhang Ji cupped his hands together.

“Other than feeling concerned for Zhou Qiao, I was also convinced by Teacher Xie’s sincerity. I believe that he’d even be willing to pay with his life, let alone just a diamond pill.”

Sun Mo praised.

“Thank you for your praise!”

Xie Cang felt embarrassed. It was true that this was the kind of person he was. Although he didn’t say it, he had decided that in this lifetime, as long as Sun Mo was in trouble, he’d be the first to go all out for Sun Mo even if the latter didn’t ask for it.

The system rated Xie Cang as a good person. This wasn’t said carelessly.

“I’ve benefited from the teaching!”

Zhang Ji was ashamed. The reason he tried so hard to maintain his friendship with Xie Cang was because of Xie Cang’s character that would go all out for his friends.

“Everyone has seen Teacher Xie’s actions. He’s really the role model for all of us!”

The other examinees nodded immediately, showing their recognition. At the same time, they felt greater admiration for Sun Mo as well. By right, he should be the person in the limelight at this moment, but he wasn’t proud. Instead, he flattered Xie Cang.

There was nothing to say about his virtues.

“I’m too ashamed to accept such praises.”

Xie Cang bowed, his impression of Sun Mo grew even more. This was the true conduct of a great teacher.

He contributed another 500 favorable impression points.

Mei Ziyu stood amongst the crowd, watching as Sun Mo left. Her impression of Sun Mo soared and her interest in him also increased.

“He really cured him?”

“The God Hands is so terrifying!”

“Let’s wait to see the actual effects before coming to a conclusion!”

“Then you’ll have to wait for very long. Zhou Qiao will definitely need to recuperate for a while and won’t be able to participate in the battles amongst the personal disciples.”

Everyone talked amongst themselves and went off their separate ways.

Only Xie Cang and Zhou Qiao were left in the room.

Zhou Qiao couldn’t hold it in anymore when he saw a few new strands of white hair on Xie Cang’s temples. He dropped to his knees and apologized. “I’ve caused Teacher to worry about me during this time!”

“It’s good that you’ve recovered!”

Xie Cang broke out in tears of joy. “Alright, quickly get some rest then we’ll go take a bath. The medicinal packets that Teacher Sun gave must be very amazing.”

At the same time, Sun Mo asked the system for his reward.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》