Absolute Great Teacher
556 Godly Reward
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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556 Godly Reward


“Please wait patiently!”

The system consoled him.

“The hell with waiting. Putting aside the reward for completing the mission, Xie Cang and Zhou Qiao have both contributed over 1,000 favorable impression points. Don’t tell me that you’ll need to spend time verifying it. I’ll blow up if that’s the case!”

Sun Mo was displeased. He still had a lot of rewards that he should have received from the prestige connections, but they hadn’t been released to him.

“Please wait patiently!”

The system became a playback machine, with no emotions to its voice at all.


Sun Mo shouted.

At the same time, Xie Cang had rented the hotel’s bathhouse and taken Zhou Qiao there to take a bath. When the giant medicine packet was thrown into the pool, the hot water immediately bubbled up. Then, with a loud boom, they soared into the air, forming a water giant.

“What the hell?”

Both Xie Cang and Zhou Qiao were stunned.

After the giant took its form, it turned its head and then sent its arm that was like a heavenly stone pillar, hammering out toward the two of them.

“Be careful!”

Xie Cang darted in front of Zhou Qiao and swung his fist to put up a block.


The giant’s arm shattered. As the water splattered everywhere, the white steam rose.

Pffft! Pffft! Pffft!


Xie Cang was astonished because he sensed the overwhelming spirit qi seething amidst the water vapor. When they brushed against the surface of his body, the dense spirit qi gushed into his skin, making him feel so comfortable that he squinted his eyes. It was as if he was taking an afternoon nap under the warm spring sun.

Even his soul felt so at peace that it flew.

“This is something good!”

Zhou Qiao sensed it as well. The spirit qi was like many small loaches, darting into his body, replenishing the spirit qi source he had lost.

The feeling was like a dried-up well suddenly had sweet water channeling into it again.

“Grandmaster Sun is really too generous!”

Xie Cang exclaimed. It wasn’t enough to express his respect for Sun Mo if he didn’t use honorifics when addressing him. This medicinal packet that Sun Mo had gifted was a unique one to the Central Province Academy.

Xie Cang was the top teacher in Jixia Learning Palace and had received deep recognition from the headmaster. He had used quite a lot of peak-grade medicinal packets himself, but in his opinion, they weren’t comparable to this one.

Given Xie Cang’s experience, there wasn’t a need to wait until they were done with the bath for him to be certain about this.

“How many talents can the Central Province Academy nurture when they have the giant medicine packets? Why did they still go into decline?”

Xie Cang couldn’t understand. But after he went back, he must report this to the headmaster. No matter what price they had to pay, they must come to a tactical cooperation with the Central Province Academy, purchasing a large amount of this medicinal packet before others.


Zhou Qiao started to tear up again. (How am I going to return such a great favor?)

“Take it slowly!”

Xie Cang knew his personal disciple’s temperament. He’d probably live in guilt for the rest of his life. “When you see Grandmaster Sun in the future, you must treat him with respect as if you are his personal disciple.”


Zhou Qiao was given a fright. Usually, one’s teacher wouldn’t be willing to let this happen, like how one wouldn’t be willing to hear their son calling someone else father.

Xie Cang looked at Zhou Qiao’s nervous expression and smiled. “After all, he has given you a new life.”


After returning to Copperbell Hotel, Sun Mo felt tired as well. He had just taken a short nap when the system’s notification rang out.


“Congratulations, you’ve received the recognition from both Xie Cang and Zhou Qiao, in addition to receiving over 1,000 favorable impression points at the same time. Prestige connection has been raised to respect. Therefore, you’re rewarded with one mysterious treasure chest.”


“Congratulations, you’ve disregarded personal loss and reputation, saving Zhou Qiao’s life and dissipating Xie Cang’s feelings of guilt, preventing him from being unable to recover after a setback. At the same time, you’ve received his lifelong friendship and admiration. This is a Great Teacher Feat, and thus you’re rewarded with one great teacher emblem and one mysterious treasure chest!.”


“Congratulations, you’ve completed the mission of giving Zhou Qiao treatment and are rewarded with one gold treasure chest!”

The system offered three great rewards in succession.


Sun Mo’s brows were furrowed so tightly together that they could clamp a crab to death.

“Why? Aren’t you satisfied with such great rewards?”

The system was stunned. (By right, shouldn’t you be as happy as a 150 kilograms fatty, jumping in joy? It shouldn’t be sufficient to express your joy unless you break an ankle, right?)

“To think that there’s a gold treasure chest. It really doesn’t meet aesthetic requirements!”

Sun Mo shook his head, showing despise for the system’s aestheticism.


This time around, it was the system’s turn to be speechless. If it were brows, it could clamp Sun Mo to his death outright. “You just want a third mysterious treasure chest, right?”

“Am I that superficial?”

Sun Mo asked.


“Congratulations, your prestige connection with Zhang Ji has risen. You’re rewarded with one black-iron treasure chest.”

This was the system’s reply.


Sun Mo couldn’t hold it anymore. This was good. The aesthetic from the three successive rewards was completely destroyed.

The system took its leave, and Sun Mo admired his battle spoils from today, feeling satisfied. The rewards were too great, especially that one great teacher emblem. It was simply an unexpected reward.

“Given the system’s rating, the more I do things that fit great teachers’ conduct, the greater the rewards I will receive.”

Sun Mo analyzed.

Knock knock!

Someone knocked on the door.

“Teacher, you called for me?”

Lu Zhiruo asked softly.


Sun Mo couldn’t wait anymore and could only get the papaya girl to come over.

The moment Lu Zhiruo entered the door, she looked at Sun Mo with an aggrieved look.

“What’s the matter? Did someone bully you?”

Sun Mo was perplexed.


The papaya girl lowered her head. Although she denied it, her expression looked aggrieved, like a submissive daughter-in-law who was bullied by her mother-in-law. (You guys went to give treatment but didn’t bring me along?)

(The two of you are big liars! I... I don’t like you guys anymore. Yes, I won’t like you for three whole days.)

“If someone bullied you, tell me. I’ll go beat up that guy!”

Sun Mo walked up to the papaya girl and rubbed her hair. Those who dared harm his lucky mascot must really be sick of living.

At the instant Sun Mo’s big hand was placed on the papaya girl’s head, the aggrieved feelings in her heart instantly dissipated. Her eyes squinted as well, looking like a little kitten who had gotten a fat and tender piece of dried fish.

(Aiya, three days and whatnot, scram off. How can I possibly not like Teacher?)

Lu Zhiruo tilted her head and nudged against Sun Mo’s palm.

“Open the chest. The black-iron treasure one.”

Sun Mo wanted to warm up.

The light dissipated. One 30-year time emblem quietly floated in front of Sun Mo.

“What the hell?”

Sun Mo was given a fright and almost didn’t dare to open the chests. Black-iron treasure chests usually gave the lowest-grade rewards. Of course, there was also a 1% chance that a peak-grade item would come out. However, how much luck would he have to deplete for that?

Even a lucky star wouldn’t dare to be so wasteful.


Lu Zhiruo noticed the change in Sun Mo’s emotions. She tilted her head and looked at him, blinking her eyes, feeling a little perplexed.

“It’s nothing!”

Sun Mo smiled. “Continue. Open the golden one!”


“Congratulations, you’ve received spiritual summoning experience. Experience: 5,000 times.”

A skill book that was enveloped in a strange dark-red glow appeared, looking like the fresh blood that flowed out from the devil.


Sun Mo drew in a cold gasp, feeling a little anxious.

It was because this reward was so good that it was a little scary.

Spirit controllers didn’t only require a tremendous amount of spirit qi when performing spiritual summoning. They also required an extremely high concentration level. At the elementary-grade, it would be mostly failures. At the grandmaster-grade, there would still be a failure rate of 30% or so.

The stronger the spiritual beast, the higher the failure rate. Moreover, after failure, there’d still be varying degrees of backlash. Therefore, spiritual summoning was a very dangerous matter.

Why were there so few spirit controllers?

Other than the fact that this subject was too difficult and it was troublesome to learn, it was also because the death rate was too high. According to the Saint Gate’s statistics, the number of spirit controllers who had been killed by their own spiritual beasts that had gone out of control was a lot higher than those who had died in battles.

But now, the system had given him 5,000 times spiritual summoning experience.

What kind of concept was this?

If Sun Mo used this reward, it would be like using the spiritual summoning technique three times a day for four and half years. Moreover, all of the attempts would be successful. With the accumulated experience, even a fool could become a professional in spiritual summoning.

If Sun Mo were to go through with this process in a normal way, facing the risk of death, he might have to dodge the grim reaper’s scythe a couple of hundred times.

Sun Mo looked at the instructions. The method of using this skill book was that after it was depleted, it could increase the success rate of a certain spiritual summoning technique.

“Save it first!”

Sun Mo wanted to use this experience after he had grasped those peak-grade spiritual summoning incantations that could summon powerful ferocious beasts. For example, ones that could summon huge dragons!

“Continue! Continue!”

After touching the papaya girl’s head once again, Sun Mo urged the system. This was when her luck was at its strongest and there’d definitely be peak-grade items coming out.


Purple fog erupted and a mysterious treasure chest opened. Then, a fruit the size of a fist flew out.

Sun Mo’s eyes immediately opened wide.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained the Bodhi Fruit, mature state.”

“Note: This fruit comes from the Darkness Continent and is extremely rare. After eating it, there’ll be the mysterious effect of expanding one’s brain domain. If an animal were to eat it, they could be given spiritual enlightenment and be able to speak human language immediately.”

“As for the other effects, they are currently unknown. It’s because there are too few specimens.”

“F*ck your mom!”

After looking at the introduction, Sun Mo couldn’t help but curse. Wasn’t this too strong? “System, based on the alchemical pills grade system, what grade would this Bodhi Fruit be at?”

“Quickly go and wash your eyes. Peerless-grade saint-tier alchemical pills won’t even be 1% as good as it is.”

The system said in disdain.

“This means that it is at the divine grade?”

Sun Mo was overjoyed and he couldn’t help but carry Lu Zhiruo up and spin around. He wanted to shout out loud ‘My lucky mascot is the best in the world!’.


The papaya girl was baffled. (What happened to Teacher? Why is he so happy?)

“This is clearly a pauper who hasn’t seen the world before.”

The system urged, “There’s still one more chest. Quickly open it!”

“Hold on!”

Sun Mo started to hesitate. Even divine-grade alchemical pills had come out. The amount of luck depleted was far too much. The next one might be a failure.

Should he wait a few days before opening it?

“It’s just a mysterious treasure chest. Is there a need to treat it so preciously?”

The system said in contempt, “Won’t you be able to get them just by doing more Great Teacher Feats?”

“You make it sound so easy. Why not give me three in advance?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes.


The system’s meaning was clear. Even the trashiest lucky treasure chest was out of the question.

Sun Mo was still hesitating.

“Are you opening it or not? Say something!”

The system urged.


Sun Mo spoke up.


If the system was the digestive tract, it’d definitely spit Sun Mo’s face with thick phlegm.

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