Absolute Great Teacher
557 Divine Language Contract, Death Risk!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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557 Divine Language Contract, Death Risk!


The second mysterious treasure chest opened. After the purple fog that enveloped it dissipated, what was left was a gemstone that glimmered in a silvery-white glow.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained divine language of spiritual control, Freedom Proof!”

“Note: This divine language of spiritual control is a high-grade language that is used to perform spiritual interaction with spiritual beasts. Using it can remove all the contract limitations on the spiritual beasts at a rate of 99% or higher, returning freedom to the spiritual beasts.”

“Meow meow meow?”

Sun Mo was stunned as he read the system’s explanation. Given his terrifying results of 140 points for his language exam during the college entrance examinations, he naturally understood what this meant. However, wasn’t this too powerful?

There were many methods for spirit controllers to communicate with spiritual beasts. The lowest-tier of communication would be through physical movements such as hand gestures or bellowing; mid-tier ones would be through language. However, as this was communication between two different species, there’d be some kind of mistakes and inconveniences in it.

It was like an exchange between two people from different countries. Due to racial and cultural differences, there’d always be discrepancies when they were trying to communicate.

High-grade ways to do this would be through spiritual communication. No language was required and the communication would be on the spiritual level. If either of them had any thoughts, they could express themselves directly in the other party’s mind. It was quick and direct. There would be no obstructions or mistakes.

Of course, the most powerful thing about the divine language was still on how it could remove 99% of existing spiritual contracts.

Spirit controllers summoned spiritual beasts to help them in battle. Hence, they’d naturally use all sorts of contracts to restrict and control the latter. Otherwise, the spiritual beasts would attack them.

Of all the contracts, there was the friendship contract that put both parties on equal terms, the master-servant contract that put them in a superior-subordinate relationship, as well as the slavery contract. These were the three basic types of contracts. Other than these three, there were also some rare contracts.

“To think that this divine language can remove even those?”

Sun Mo asked in disbelief.

“That’s right. This Freedom Proof can remove every contract not written in the divine language level!”

The system explained.

“What is divine language level?”

Sun Mo felt curious.

“Divine language refers to the language of god, with the order strictly enforced once given. It naturally comes with the power of the world’s laws. It makes the listener enforce the order unconditionally.”

After saying that, the system then gave an explanation that was easy to understand. “To keep things simpler, this is a spiritual contract of the highest level.”

“The language of god?”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched a little. As an atheist, he really felt a little weird when he heard this term.

“You can treat it as a description.”

The system smiled. “After all, there are so many unsolved mysteries in the world. There might really be a domain of gods.”


Sun Mo once again looked toward this gemstone. It was the size of a walnut and was on the rounder side. The silvery-white glow it emitted had a pure, free, and serene aura.

It made one feel comfortable when the light shone on them. It was as though a fatigued soul had found a harbor to rest at, instantly feeling at ease.

“Tsk tsk, I really have to praise this girl’s luck. It’s really as big as her big papayas. To think that she managed to open a reward of this level.”

The system exclaimed.

“Is it very good?”

Sun Mo’s brows raised.

“Do you think that Divine Sight is amazing?”

The system asked.

“It is!”

Right now, Sun Mo was relying mostly on the Divine Sight and ancient massaging technique. This was especially so for the former. With it, he’d even be able to tell if a guy had been made a cuckold by his wife.

“Based on grades, the divine language of spiritual control is slightly higher than Divine Sight.”

The system suddenly let out a sigh. “It’s a pity that this is a divine language that removes spiritual contracts. If it can forcibly establish contracts, then you’d have struck it rich. If you were to encounter a huge dragon, you’d be able to catch it.”

“Is it for sale in the system shopping store?”

Sun Mo’s interest was piqued. If he could get his hands on it, wouldn’t he be able to become the king of spirit controllers? He wouldn’t have to take on fights by himself in the future. He could just get a bunch of spiritual beasts to do the job.

“It’s not for sale. There’s no stock. You’re really overthinking things.”

The system rejected three times in a row.

“Didn’t you say that there’s nothing you can’t do?”

Sun Mo sneered.


The system didn’t wish to pay any heed to Sun Mo. Moreover, he wanted to throw a pile of dog shit at him.

“I can remove a contract that someone else made as well?”

Sun Mo was still in a bit of disbelief. His grandmaster-grade knowledge in the study of spiritual control told him that spiritual contracts were the most mysterious rituals and were very personal. They were like many complicated passwords that only the person who came up with it knew. It was very difficult for outsiders to decrypt it.

Moreover, it was extremely easy for there to be a backlash. Therefore, people usually didn’t wish to interfere in another person’s spiritual contracts.

“Host, please ask some high difficulty questions. Otherwise, I’ll doubt your intelligence!”

The system said in disdain.

“There wouldn’t be any backlash?”

Sun Mo gulped, feeling agitated. This was definitely a great treasure.

“It’s verified. You’re trash with zero understanding skills.”

The system was struck with a realization.

“That’s enough. You can take your leave now!”

Sun Mo waved his hand. Freedom Proof, it sounded so good. As a teacher, Sun Mo had a good impression toward words like freedom and justice.

“You’re being an egoist, right?”

The system chuckled.

“Go back and have an earlier rest!”

After Sun Mo sent Lu Zhiruo back to her bedroom, he couldn’t wait and took out this heart-shaped gemstone. He then discovered that there was no user manual.

He couldn’t possibly swallow it, right?

“Oh, I forgot to mention it. Divine language of spiritual control is a divine-tier language. It’s naturally not something that any Tom, Dick, or Harry can learn. If you can’t comprehend it, it’d just be a waste!” the system suddenly spoke up.

Sun Mo was speechless.

With this great treasure in his hand, although Sun Mo was very tired, how could he possibly fall asleep? Therefore, he stared at the gemstone and went into a daze. During this time, he tried different methods such as dripping blood, spitting saliva, and speaking hush words to it. It was a pity that there was no success.

“Could it be that I really have to swallow it?”

Sun Mo put the gemstone in his mouth

Knock! Knock!

Knocking sounds rang out.

“Teacher, I’m coming in!”

Li Ziqi said as she pushed the door and entered.


Sun Mo quickly spat out the gemstone and wiped his mouth.

This thing was really big. His cheeks felt a little sore after keeping it in his mouth for a while. Moreover, there was also saliva drooling out. Tsk tsk, he wondered how those women who liked to stuff balls into their mouths feel?

“Teacher, I’ve made soup.”

After the little sunny egg came back, she went to the kitchen and made some soup. She saw that the lights in her teacher’s room were still on and brought a bowl of soup over.

“En, it’s been tough on you.”

Sun Mo smiled and received the bowl of soup, taking a sip of it with the spoon. “It doesn’t taste bad. Go and have an earlier rest.”

“I’m not tired.”

Li Ziqi sat at the side, propping her chin with both hands as she watched Sun Mo drink the soup. Her gaze then subconsciously landed on the gemstone. There was no helping it. This gemstone was really too beautiful and eye-catching.

“Ah, what is this?”

Li Ziqi felt curious.

“Feel free to take a look!”

Sun Mo didn’t mind. He wasn’t someone who’d keep treasures to himself when he received them.

“Can I?”

Li Ziqi reached out his hand, but at the instant her fingertip touched that gemstone, she drew it back. She was worried that she might damage it.

“It’s fine!”

Sun Mo chuckled and continued drinking his soup.

Li Ziqi didn’t hear that as her eyes were staring at the gemstone, with all of her heart engrossed onto it. Suddenly, a buzz rang out in her mind. By the time she regained her senses, she noticed that she had appeared above a vast and endless sea of clouds.

“Where is this place?”

Li Ziqi looked stunned. “Hmmm? Where was I? Why don’t I remember it? Forget it, let’s not think about this. This place is so beautiful!”

Some white butterflies fluttered around. The little sunny egg started running and chased after them.


A rumble rang out!

The sea of clouds that wasn’t far away cracked, and a huge ancient whale leaped, drawing a beautiful arch. Then, with a bang, it smashed into the depths of the clouds.


The waves from the sea of clouds surged like mountain peaks, extending out toward the surroundings.


Li Ziqi let out a cry then ran crazily. However, a few seconds later, she was engulfed by the waves. Her head felt groggy and she was sinking. However, her body soon felt light and she floated up again.


Li Ziqi appeared above the clouds once again. Lowering her head, she saw a golden dolphin propping her up. The more amazing thing was that there was a golden horn on its head.


The dolphin charged on. Not long later, more and more golden dolphins appeared around it.


Li Ziqi started laughing. When the waves splashed onto her face, it brought away the troubles in her heart as well. She seemed to have turned into a fish, hovering in this world.

Free and unrestrained!


In the bedroom.

Sun Mo, who had been drinking the soup leisurely and planning to give a test to Li Ziqi, suddenly saw her gaze losing focus. He stiffened up on the spot and saw a hint of semi-translucent fog floating out from her forehead, flying toward the gemstone.


Sun Mo was very surprised and he spat out the ginseng soup outright.

What the hell?

This divine language gemstone was engulfing the little sunny egg’s soul?

Sun Mo didn’t give it a second thought. He summoned all of his strength to perform his ultimate skill, swinging his fist to smash the gemstone.

Boundless Sea of Suffering, Impermanence!!


Suddenly, a brilliant light lit up. Even a peerless-grade saint-tier ultimate skill couldn’t scratch it at all.

Seeing that the Dharma Skyshock Fist didn’t work, Sun Mo immediately used the Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique, using his arm in place of a silver spear, smashing it out.

Azure Firefall!


The light on the gemstone that hadn’t dissipated lit up once again, but it still didn’t budge.

“F*ck your mom!”

Sun Mo let out an explosive bellow, watching as Li Ziqi’s soul was engulfed into the gemstone. He was so angry that he spurted out blood. “Let me enter as well!”

Sun Mo subconsciously wanted to put his soul into the gemstone as well, to protect Li Ziqi or even bring her back. However, there was no reaction at all.

“What the f*ck is going on here?”

Sun Mo cursed, his head smashing down heavily like a hammer onto the gemstone.


The table shattered, but the gemstone was still unscathed. Moreover, it was still floating in midair. As for Li Ziqi’s spirit, it was already assimilated by the gemstone. She had become an empty shell that had lost its soul.

Sun Mo’s head bled and his blood came gushing down like a waterfall, covering his face and causing his vision to blur up. However, it was useless. His soul was still inside his head.

“What to do?”

“What to do?”

Sun Mo mumbled and suddenly thought of the system. “System, what is going on?”

“I’m sorry, no comments!”

The system replied mercilessly.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》