Absolute Great Teacher
558 New Great Teacher Halo
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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558 New Great Teacher Halo


The system watched coldly from the side.

It wasn’t Sun Mo’s nanny nor did it share a life-and-death relationship with him. If Sun Mo were to die, it’d immediately pick a new host and continue to carry out its mission.

Sun Mo was a decisive person. After failing to get the system’s help, he immediately gave up on being persistent. Instead, he chose to think of other ways of dealing with this.

From just this point alone, the system viewed Sun Mo in higher regard. In the past, there had also been hosts who had encountered life and death situations. They’d seek for its help at the first instant. If it were to reject them, they’d continue to plead for help and even wasted the optimal timing for saving themselves as a result of this.

“Ziqi, wake up!”

Sun Mo let out an explosive bellow.


A golden halo erupted, brushing past the little sunny egg’s body.

Profound Words erupted.

Sun Mo wanted to use an order to force Li Ziqi to wake up, but it was still useless.

“Is it because the halo’s grade is too low?”

Sun Mo thought about this and took out that 50-year time emblem directly, shattering it with a palm. “Use it to raise the grade of Profound Words.”


Strong green light erupted, instantly covering Sun Mo’s entire body. It made him look so green that he was like the lush green grass growing on top of a cliff.


“Congratulations, your Profound Words has been raised to the half-step ancestor level. Please continue to work harder!”

“Note: After using this halo, the effect will continue for half a month. It’ll forcibly make your target do as you command.”

“Note: The stronger the other party’s will, the higher the chances of resisting. If the other party is a student, then the results might increase in multiple folds.”

The system congratulated and explained.

“Ziqi, wake up!”

Sun Mo bellowed once again.

Based on his experience, Sun Mo could raise the elementary-grade Profound Words to the grandmaster-grade by using three time emblems. However, it’d be difficult to bring the proficiency index up further, as it’d require the user to keep on using these great teacher halos. However, Sun Mo didn’t have the time to use the time emblems one by one. He used a 50-year one right off the bat.

It was a little wasteful, but for Li Ziqi’s sake, Sun Mo didn’t care.

Li Ziqi’s body shook and a dazed expression appeared on her face. However, her consciousness had clearly not come back.

“Ziqi, wake up!”

Sun Mo continued bellowing explosively. Moreover, he quickly went through the memories after he had met the little sunny egg. The scene at the Spiritwind Canyon—her enlightenment of a great teacher halo and the instant she became a great teacher candidate—was stronger than the others.

Then, Sun Mo swung his fist and hit Li Ziqi’s forehead.

Soul Imprint!


A ball of while light gushed into her brain.


The sea of clouds was endless, but Li Ziqi wasn’t bored at all. She rode on a golden dolphin and roamed around freely. All sorts of things kept on appearing next to her, just like a scene from paradise. At the same time, there were also ancient spiritual beasts that she didn’t know at all, running around her and having fun with her.

When she was thirsty, there’d be small beasts that brought her nectar or spring water.

When she was hungry, there’d be ferocious beasts that brought her wild fruits and celestial vegetables.

They were all extremely delicious. When she was tired, there’d even be nine huge ancient dragons pulling a luxurious carriage for her to rest.

Li Ziqi was immersed in this ‘paradise’. There was no need for her to be troubled with the secular matters of the world or for her to study hard. She just needed to do the things she liked to do.

“I seemed to have forgotten something?”

Sometimes, Li Ziqi would also try hard to recall, but she couldn’t remember anything. Until one day, when she no longer wanted to think about things anymore, a huge thunderbolt came down from the heavens like a battle-ax that Pangu [1] had used to split the heaven from the earth.


The loud thunder surprised those spiritual beasts and made them scatter off. There also seemed to be faint sounds of shouting.

Li Ziqi turned back and touched the head of the golden dolphin next to her. “I seemed to hear someone calling me?”

“No there isn’t!”

The dolphin nudged Li Ziqi’s small hand with its head.

“Is that so?”

Li Ziqi frowned slightly. But why did this voice sound so familiar?

Just then, seething dark clouds rolled in the sky. However, these dark clouds kept on turning into all sorts of shapes, as if putting up pantomime shows.

“Teacher? Right, where is my teacher?”

Li Ziqi saw a lump of dark clouds that looked exactly like Sun Mo. She suddenly shot up and exclaimed, “Teacher is still waiting for me! I want to go back!”

“Isn’t paradise good?”

The dolphin looked at Li Ziqi with an aggrieved look. “Here, you’re the queen. There is nectar, celestial fruits, divine palaces, and so many spiritual beasts under your command. Why do you still want to go back?”

“It’s because Teacher isn’t here!”

Li Ziqi gave a matter-of-fact reply, without having any reservations at all. “I want to stay by Teacher’s side and learn from him!”

After saying that, Li Ziqi shouted toward the sky.

“Teacher, I am here!”


When Li Ziqi recovered her senses, the entire paradise immediately collapsed. She blacked out and her mental state went off. It was as if she had sunk into a great abyss.

By the time her vision recovered, Li Ziqi saw that Sun Mo’s face was bloody red and was looking at her worriedly.

“Teacher? What happened to you?”

Li Ziqi felt worried and quickly went to help Sun Mo.

“It’s good that you’re back!”

Sun Mo was elated and hugged Li Ziqi, repeating himself, “It’s good that you’re back.”

Sun Mo patted the little sunny egg’s back, feeling nervous and unsettled but finally calming down. If the little sunny egg had been harmed because of him, then he wouldn’t be able to absolve himself from the blame.


Li Ziqi’s face flushed up. (Teacher’s body feels so hot, and why is his heartbeat so fast?)

Thinking about this, Li Ziqi hugged Sun Mo tightly, using her chest to feel his heartbeat.

“It’s all my fault!”

Sun Mo stared at that heart-shaped gemstone that was floating in the air, as if looking at a great enemy. As expected of a divine-tier item! It was so terrifying!

“Teacher, your face is covered with blood.”

Although Li Ziqi didn’t wish to leave Sun Mo’s embrace, the amount of blood he was bleeding out was too frightening. She quickly took out her handkerchief and wiped the blood for him.

“It’s fine. I won’t die!”

Sun Mo grinned.

At this moment, the heart-shaped gemstone shattered into a silvery-white light arrow with a loud sound, flying above Sun Mo’s head. It then turned into a crown and placed itself on his head.

Later on, the crown shattered into light spots, dissipating in the air like sunlight.

In Sun Mo’s mind, a mysterious melody appeared, as well as many memories. He then knew what this tribulation was for.

Freedom Proof was a spiritual contract that could return spiritual beasts their freedom. As it was at divine-tier, this incantation had its own will.

Earlier on, it was testing Sun Mo.

Only people with extremely good morals and character were worthy of this righteous divine language. Otherwise, if it was used for evil, the consequences would be dire.

Sun Mo saved Li Ziqi without a care for his life. This was enough to prove that he was respectable, pure, and noble!

“Teacher, what is this?”

Li Ziqi felt a lingering fear. What she had been through earlier was clearly some kind of illusion. If Sun Mo hadn’t woken her up, her soul would be lost forever.

“Divine language of spiritual control.”

Sun Mo explained.

“Huh? Is it so strong?”

The little sunny egg was stunned. It was a language of god that could remove any spiritual contract. This meant that Sun Mo would have a natural advantage against spirit controllers from now on.

“Remember this one thing. There isn’t the strongest skill, only the strongest cultivator!”

Sun Mo took the opportunity to teach. “Don’t think that you can have your way around just because you’ve gotten a divine skill.”

Li Ziqi immediately turned solemn. “Your student understood the teaching!”


“Congratulations, you’ve grasped the divine language of spiritual control, Freedom Proof. Proficiency index, elementary-grade.”

The system congratulated him.

Sun Mo put out his middle finger at it.

“Ziqi, what did you go through earlier?”

Sun Mo felt curious.

The little sunny egg quickly described everything to him.

“What feelings do you have toward this divine language?”

If it was any other time, Sun Mo would definitely have used Soul Imprint to let her comprehend it herself. However, after knowing that this thing had a will of its own, he no longer dared to be so rash.

“Mysterious! Powerful! Free! Bright!”

The more Li Ziqi spoke, the more Sun Mo’s eyes lit up. The little sunny egg’s comprehension ability was really powerful. Her comprehension of this divine language had already reached 50%.

If this were to go on, there’d come a day when the little sunny egg could grasp this divine language of spiritual control as well.


Hearing Sun Mo’s praise, Li Ziqi smiled happily. However, a surprised expression then appeared on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

Sun Mo frowned. There wouldn’t be any after-effects, right?

“I... I seemed to have gained enlightenment from a new great teacher halo.”

Li Ziqi found it a little hard to believe. How old was she? Yet, she had gained enlightenment to two halos? If she were to get another one, wouldn’t she be able to participate in the 1-star great teacher examination?


Sun Mo was elated and couldn’t help but ask, “What is it?”

“I... I think that it’s Unrealized Dream?”

After Li Ziqi said that, she saw Sun Mo gesturing for her to use it. Therefore, she focused and started to circulate her spirit qi.

Pink flower petals suddenly drifted down like snowflakes. The fragrance they emitted brought people into a realistic dream.

Unrealized Dream was also quite a rare great teacher halo. It could create a dreamland based on the great teacher’s wishes, then be used to let students experience life and instantly comprehend principles.

Most people would feel regret after reaching a certain age. If I had worked a little harder back then, if I had chosen the other path back then, if I hadn’t given up on that girl, I might be able to become a better person...

However, there was no medicine for regret in the world.

The effects of Unrealized Dream was that it could let the target experience their life in advance, or the life the great teacher arranged for them. It could be used to knock sense or alert the students.

Outside the thatched house, under the peach blossom forest, a young man dressed in cotton clothing was reading a book!

By the river, next to the mandarin fish, a poor young lady was washing silk!

Li Ziqi’s cheeks flushed up and she looked at Sun Mo, blinking her big and intelligent eyes.

[1] Pangu is a primordial being and creation figure in Chinese mythology who separated heaven and earth and became geographic features such as mountains and rivers.

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