Absolute Great Teacher
559 Being Able to Encounter Teacher Is the Greatest Fortune of My Life!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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559 Being Able to Encounter Teacher Is the Greatest Fortune of My Life!


In the bedroom, Sun Mo sat there quietly and looked ahead. However, there was no focus in his eyes. Clearly, he was already in a dream-like state.

The light from the oil lamp shone on Sun Mo’s figure, reflecting a long and narrow shadow on the wall.

Looking at Sun Mo’s handsome face, Li Ziqi involuntarily stretched her hand out, wanting to touch it. But at the instant of contact, she jumped in fright and hurriedly retracted her right hand.

“I can’t do this!”

Li Ziqi mumbled and placed her hands on her knees. She resembled a girl from a respectable family that just entered the bridal chamber after her marriage and sat upright.

However, her eyes would frequently glance toward Sun Mo.

“Aiya, there’s some dust on Teacher’s face!”

Li Ziqi took out a handkerchief and moved closer to Sun Mo. But before she could help him wipe the dust away, the sound of knocking rang out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Teacher? Are you alright?”

Ying Baiwu shouted. Sun Mo’s earlier shout had alarmed everyone and they rushed over.

Li Ziqi frowned and dispelled the effect of the great teacher halo. However, she didn’t open the door. This was because the divine language of spiritual control was a divine skill and was the type that needed to be kept a secret. The little sunny egg didn’t know if her teacher was willing to let others know about this. Hence, it was best if they could mutually check with each other what they wanted to say first.

Sun Mo regained his sense and kneaded his glabella.

“Teacher, Baiwu and the others are here.

Li Ziqi reported.

“Go and open the door!”

Sun Mo instructed. His mind was still replaying the dream earlier and he couldn’t help but sigh. The great teacher halos of this world were truly impressive.

Boring work and a monotone life would sap one’s enthusiasm. Sun Mo’s method to relieve pressure was to watch an encouraging movie.

[Rocky], [The Shawshank Redemption], [The Galloped Era]...

However, a movie was ultimately just a movie. Some people who were sensitive enough might reach a resonance with their emotions, but others might feel everything was falsified. There was nothing wrong with this. After all, movies weren’t reality.

However, Unrealized Dream could truly allow one to experience a lifetime.

Earlier in the dream, Sun Mo became a poor scholar and assiduously studied the Hundred Classics, the Four Books, and Five Classics all for the sake of scoring a good grade and becoming an imperial officer. His wife raised silkworms for a living, providing for their family.

Three years later, Sun Mo obtained the title of the number one scholar and was rising in fame. After that, the emperor bestowed the position of a high official to him, giving him many responsibilities and huge authority, allowing him to have a fief. He had to ensure there was enough land for farmers to plant crops and everyone could make a good living.

After that, he became a high-ranking envoy and eventually was promoted into the premier of the empire!

In the meantime, regardless of whether the emperor wanted to arrange a marriage for him, a princess fell in love with him, or a general wanted to betroth his daughter to him, Sun Mo ignored everything and was still as loving to his wife as ever, respecting her and their love.

Wait a minute, why did his wife resemble the little sunny egg?

Sun Mo kneaded his glabella. However, he had no time to ponder over this because he was dumbfounded by the sense of realism in the Unrealized Dream.

He spent roughly about 30 years in the dreamscape. Sun Mo had reached the highest rank available to a subject and was simply satisfied to the max. It wouldn’t be too much to proclaim that he was a winner in life.


Sun Mo shook his head. He could use Soul Imprint and impart his comprehension into the mind of a student. However, there was a limit to this. If the content was too much, it would cause the student to become an idiot. But Unrealized Dream didn’t have such a flaw.

An instant in reality could be a hundred years in the dreamscape!

In the time it took to snap a finger, a person could experience a life. What sort of experience was this?

Sun Mo also believed that once students woke up from ‘Unrealized Dream’, they would surely have some comprehension and would become a better version of themselves.

“Sun Mo, are you oka...Ah? This blood...?”

Gu Xiuxun was the first to rush in. When she saw that Sun Mo’s face was covered in blood, she couldn’t help but jump in fright.

“Boohoohoo, teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo instantly teared and rushed over. She was so afraid that her hand started trembling. “What happened? What happened?”

Ying Baiwu was very calm. She hurriedly looked for a medical box and poured clean water into a washing basin.

“Impact injury, it’s quite heavy, but Teacher won’t die from it!”

After Xuanyuan Po observed, he came to this conclusion. It wasn’t that he wasn’t concerned about Sun Mo. Rather, with his combat-aligned brain, his first reaction was to gauge the process of how Sun Mo got injured.

“Teacher, it’s already so late, why do you have to injure yourself?”

Tantai Yutang teased, but his eyes narrowed as he swiftly surveyed everything in the room. This was especially so for Li Ziqi, Tantai Yutang’s kept glancing toward her as he contemplated.

Jiang Leng didn’t say anything, but he had a look of worry on his face and was helping Ying Baiwu to look for medicine.

“Teacher Sun!”

Xia Yuan also came, her personal student Zheng Hao was with her as well. However, he was the same as Zhang Yanzong and stood at the door’s side. They didn’t have the qualifications to speak.

“Don’t worry, only a little error occurred.”

Sun Mo laughed, he was still quite satisfied as he looked at the performance of his students. “Teacher Gu, Teacher Xia, I’ve made you guys worried. You all should go back to bed!”

Xia Yuan focused on her cultivation for quite a few years and had plenty of experience. Also, her luck was pretty good. Hence, although her ranking for each examination round wasn’t high, she passed everything.

“Don’t talk anymore!”

Gu Xiuxun definitely wouldn’t leave. She took the handkerchief from Ying Baiwu’s hand and personally wiped Sun Mo’s face for him.

The iron-headed girl frowned. She actually didn’t want to let go of the handkerchief in her hand.

After Lu Zhiruo saw that Sun Mo was fine, her heart was at ease as well. However, she was still sobbing. She soon frowned and started to sniff as she searched the surroundings.

“What’s the matter?”

Ying Baiwu didn’t understand. She grabbed the hilt of her sword. (Could it be that there’s a danger here?)

“I feel a mysterious aura that’s very powerful.”

The papaya girl had a heavy look on her face as she turned and looked at Li Ziqi. “Eldest martial sis, were you just attacked?”

Upon hearing this, Sun Mo’s heart trembled. He then instructed, “Ziqi, use Unrealized Dream and let Zhiruo and the others see everything you heard and saw in your dreamscape.”


Gu Xiuxun was wiping Sun Mo’s face, but her fingers suddenly exerted force and almost tore his skin.

“A little lighter!”

Ying Baiwu reproached.

“What did you say? Unrealized Dream?

Gu Xiuxun laughed. “I must have heard it wrongly, right?”


Xia Yuan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. (So, I didn’t hear it wrongly? Sun Mo really did say that? But did Li Ziqi really comprehend ‘Unrealized Dream’?)

(One must know that the Unrealized Dream halo is something I would have no hope of ever comprehending in my entire life!)

“Wow, eldest martial sister, you comprehended Unrealized Dream? Congratulations!”

The papaya girl had always been very direct and didn’t understand fully what these words meant. She was merely congratulating Li Ziqi from the bottom of her heart.

Tantai Yutang, Jiang Leng, and even Ying Baiwu who just started cultivation, were all exceptionally stunned as they stared at the little sunny egg.

Although they knew she was a genius, wasn’t her talent a little too over-the-top?

“Unrealized Dream? A great teacher halo?”

Zheng Hao asked Xia Yuan. Zhang Yanzong was dumbstruck. He suddenly felt a crushing sense of disappointment.

“Nevermind, Li Ziqi’s combat strength is akin to a newbie, I will win against her for sure.”

Zhang Yanzong consoled himself.

“You didn’t hear it wrongly. Ziqi has just comprehended the Unrealized Dream Halo.”

Sun Mo was very proud.

Why did he reveal this? It was simply because he wanted to help Li Ziqi gain fame.

As a young girl who was once rejected by a secondary saint, the little sunny egg had always been feeling self-inferior. Although everyone seemed very respectful to her, all of them were mocking her in private.

In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, if you couldn’t cultivate, that would be the original sin. Moreover, she had been denied personally by a secondary saint. It was like a very prestigious doctor telling you that you were already dead when you went for him to do a health check-up.

Even the little sunny egg believed so. Hence, she had tried to kill herself in the Yunting Lake and coincidentally encountered Sun Mo there.

If it wasn’t for her knowing Sun Mo and becoming his disciple, she wouldn’t have seen the light of hope ever again. Most probably, the little sunny egg now would have become a corpse.


After hearing Sun Mo’s acknowledgment, everyone here drew in a breath of cold air.

Gu Xiuxun’s fingers exerted more force and ruthlessly pinched Sun Mo.

“What are you doing?”

Sun Mo was shocked.

“I’m very envious!”

Gu Xiuxun ground her teeth. It wasn’t for the fact that there were too many people here, she really felt like biting Sun Mo.

“My heavens, Ziqi is merely 13 years old and has already comprehended a great teacher halo and could become a great teacher if she wanted to?”

Xia Yuan exclaimed in admiration. (Why can’t I encounter such a student?)

“Teacher Xia, it’s two great teacher halos...”

Gu Xiuxun bitterly smiled.

“Ah? T...two?”

Xia Yuan was so shocked that she almost bit off her tongue.

“There’s also Retentive Memory!”

When Gu Xiuxun thought about it again, envy surged in her heart and she directly punched Sun Mo lightly. But after that, she rubbed the spot of impact for him.

“R...retentive Memory?”

A sour feeling instantly rose in Xia Yuan’s heart. She would even long for these two great teacher halos in her dreams! Moreover, with Li Ziqi’s talent, Li Ziqi might actually become a 3-star great teacher earlier than her.

“It’s all due to Teacher’s excellent guidance that I could comprehend ‘Unrealized Dream’.”

Li Ziqi spoke humbly. After she saw Xia Yuan and Gu Xiuxun’s expression, she felt even more gratitude toward Sun Mo.

(As expected, being able to encounter Teacher is the greatest fortune of my life!)


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +1,000. Reverence (29,760/100,000).

“Not bad, as expected, Teacher Sun’s eyes are like shiny torches in the jungle. Your guidance is on the spot!”

Xia Yuan nodded and then silently sighed. (Luckily, I didn’t think about competing with Sun Mo, or I would be crushed so badly to the point where I became autisic.)


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +100. Respect (1,570/10,000).

“Alright, let’s get started!”

Sun Mo urged. The time was really not early anymore.


Li Ziqi nodded and cast Unrealized Dream.

Pink flower petals once again filled the room. They were like little boats floating on the lake’s surface and were like letters tossed by a girlfriend.

Xuanyuan Po and the others instantly fell into a daze.

Zheng Hao and Zhang Yanzong both felt extremely envious when they saw this.

“Sorry, this is the ‘Unrealized Dream’ with a connection to the art of spiritual control. It’s comparatively more dangerous and I have no idea if Yanzong and Zheng Hao would be negatively impacted. Hence, I didn’t let them experience it.”

Sun Mo explained.


Xia Yuan didn’t dispute it.

Gu Xiuxun indicated for Sun Mo to stop talking.

Three minutes passed, but these three minutes, to Xuanyuan Po and the others, were a very long period.

As Li Ziqi removed the halo, Xuanyuan Po and the others woke up from their dreams.


Tantai Yutang sighed ruefully.


Ying Baiwu and Jiang Leng nodded.

“Can you let me fight against those ancient gigantic beasts?”

Xuanyuan Po licked his lips and pleaded.

Li Ziqi ignored him. She was looking at Lu Zhiruo with worry because the papaya girl was still in a daze. (Oh no, this state...it seems that I’ve lost control!)

“It can’t be, right? Did something go wrong?”

Sun Mo was shocked.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》