Absolute Great Teacher
560 Encountered Poaching
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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560 Encountered Poaching


“Zhiruo, wake up!”

Sun Mo roared and Profound Words erupted forth.


The great teacher halo illuminated the bedroom. Although Sun Mo didn’t command Gu Xiuxun and the others, his ‘Profound Words’ was at the half-step ancestor level and still caused them to feel immense pressure.

Let alone students, even Xia Yuan and Gu Xiuxun who had strong wills were now staring at the imposing Sun Mo as reverence and trepidation appeared in their hearts. They didn’t dare to show any signs of disobedience at this moment.


Lu Zhiruo regained her senses with a dazed look in her eyes. She asked a question timidly, “Teacher, did I do something wrong?”


Sun Mo frowned. There seemed to be something wrong with the papaya girl’s state. She basically didn’t seem the same as how Li Ziqi had encountered danger earlier. “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”


Lu Zhiruo scratched her hair. She then felt some worry. Was it because she had eaten too much earlier? (However, it’s really about time I try to lose weight. If I continue growing fatter, Teacher would surely not like me anymore!)

As she thought of this, Lu Zhiruo subconsciously stretched out her hand and pushed her breasts up, feeling their weight.

(Ai, this can all be blamed on Teacher. I feel very happy every day when following him, hence, my food intake also subconsciously increased.”


Li Ziqi slapped the papaya girl’s hand. A refined lady would never do such an action. After that, she asked curiously, “What did you experience in the Unrealized Dream?”

“I feel it’s very fun in there!”

Lu Zhiruo narrowed her eyes and smiled. She then hugged Li Ziqi’s arm in the passing and started to act coquettishly. “Those ancient spiritual beasts are so interesting. Eldest martial sis, can you send me into the dreamscape using Unrealized Dream again?”

The papaya girl still wanted to play!

“Yup, help me construct a dreamscape too!”

Xuanyuan Po urged. “I want those with ancient gigantic beasts. I want a good fight with them.”

“No, I refuse, it can’t be done!”

Li Ziqi rejected thrice, feeling depressed in her heart. (Can you guys show some concern for me? I almost died in the dream earlier.)

“Do you guys sense anything else?”

Sun Mo didn’t hope that the combat addict could comprehend anything. Hence, he turned his gaze onto Tantai Yutang and the other three. However, all of them shook their heads.

“Eh? Are we not going in there to play? We have to sense something?”

Lu Zhiruo shrank her neck back as a timid look appeared on her face. It was like someone getting zero marks for their exam and was afraid they would be punished by their father.

(No, I can’t allow Teacher to be disappointed.)

Lu Zhiruo racked her brains and recalled everything that had happened in the Unrealized Dream. But other than playing, there really wasn’t anything else! She then chose to give up.

“Teacher, I will do my best to sense things next time and will no longer be so playful.”

Lu Zhiruo blinked her large eyes and was like a kitten who was caught breaking a vase.

“Ziqi, show her what you comprehended from Unrealized Dream earlier.”

Sun Mo instructed.


Li Ziqi nodded and cast Unrealized Dream again.

“Eh? It starts already? Can’t you allow me to prepare for it a little?”

Lu Zhiruo was worried that she might screw things up again.

A minute later, Unrealized Dream ended, and the papaya girl awakened from her dreamy state.

“How is it?”

Li Ziqi was very curious.

“That...is that some sort of language?”

Lu Zhiruo spoke in a low voice with her head lowered. Her two dainty fingertips of her index fingers were touching each other. She didn’t dare to look straight at Sun Mo and Li Ziqi. “Sorry, I’m too stupid.”

Li Ziqi and Sun Mo exchanged a glance and continued to ask. “What other thoughts do you have?”

“Thoughts? Mn, is this language a fragmented one? Moreover, I seem to have heard a similar-sounding language before.”

Lu Zhiruo contemplated before speaking with a tone of hesitancy.

“You heard something like this before?”

Li Ziqi was stunned.

“Mn, in a conch.”

Lu Zhiruo didn’t conceal anything.

Xia Yuan was completely bewildered and didn’t understand anything. However, she also knew that this might be their secret. Hence, she hurriedly bade her farewell.

“A conch? Is that yours?”

Li Ziqi’s curiosity was off the chart.

“Yeah, I picked it off the beach when I was 7 years old. It’s very beautiful!”

Lu Zhiruo smiled cheerfully. “When I return home next time, I will bring it here and give that to you.”


Li Ziqi had a thousand words in her heart, but she didn’t know what she should say. (Could I have used up all my luck by reincarnating into a princess of Great Tang? After I carefully recalled, I’ve never even picked up a copper coin before!)

On the contrary, Sun Mo wasn’t surprised. Lu Zhiruo seemed to have extraordinary innate talent in the art of spiritual control. He hesitated a little and eventually decided to imprint the divine language of spiritual control into the papaya girl’s mind.

“I’m going to teach you a set of spiritual control incantations. Focus and do your best to understand it.”

Sun Mo didn’t dare to say it was a divine language because he was afraid of causing great psychological pressure to Lu Zhiruo.

Lu Zhiruo immediately lifted her chest and sucked in her stomach. Her little face was tensed up.


A white light carrying the essence of the divine language of spiritual control blasted into the papaya girl’s mind from Sun Mo’s right fist.

Lu Zhiruo’s head reclined slightly.

Sun Mo was fully focused as he stared at his lucky mascot, prepared to save her the moment something unexpected occurred. However, he discovered that the papaya girl didn’t seem to have any reaction.

Lu Zhiruo blinked. It was as though she was asking, ‘Is that all? Isn’t this a little too simple? Why did Teacher and eldest martial sister seem like they were facing an extremely formidable enemy?’

“Do you understand it?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Mn, this is the incantation that can remove spiritual contracts. Aiya, I will be able to free those spiritual contracts who were forcibly enslaved now!”

Lu Zhiruo was very happy. Her teacher was indeed very gentle and warm-hearted. Even the spiritual incantation passed down to her was so kind in nature.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +100. Reverence (28,150/100,000).

“Teacher, I suddenly feel very jealous of her!”

Li Ziqi bitterly smiled. She admitted that in the field of spiritual control, she was completely crushed by her junior martial sister Lu Zhiruo.

“Agreed, me too!”

Sun Mo consoled.

Honestly speaking, Li Ziqi’s talent was very excellent or she wouldn’t have been able to summon Ma Qianzu, the departed spirit who was proficient in fawning.

“Me as well!”

The system interjected. A Freedom Proof gemstone actually let 2.5 people comprehend it. Moreover, given Li Ziqi’s aptitude, she most probably could completely grasp it within three years.

This was truly exploiting the value of the reward to its max.


Li Ziqi and the others left, and Sun Mo glanced at the sky. It was almost dawn.

He had been busy the entire day and was so fatigued that he almost died.

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to sleep anymore. He took out a paper and brush and started to draw the dragon ball spirit rune, while doing some research on the thought process and concept of this spirit rune.

It wasn’t a solution if he kept depending on the system to get new spirit runes. Sun Mo wanted to create one himself and there was already a concept in his heart.

If he could complete it, it would definitely bring a huge improvement to the Central Province Academy.

When the sky brightened completely, Sun Mo went to the backyard and did a few rounds of the Dharma Skyshock Fist. He then sparred against Gu Xiuxun and had breakfast before heading to the school to see his result.

When Sun Mo just got off the carriage, even before he could walk a few steps, two people were already making their way over.

“Hi Teacher Sun, I’m Huang Bo, a member of the educational department of Yellow Mountain Academy. I apologize for disturbing you so abruptly, but I wish to invite you to become a professor in our academy!”

The middle-aged man in the lead smiled as he spoke, directly presenting a gift box.

“These are just minor gifts, please don’t hesitate to accept them!”

Huang Bo knew the ways of the world well. Not only did he prepare a present for Sun Mo, but he also did some investigation and had prepared meeting gifts for Li Ziqi and the others.

“How nice!”

Gu Xiuxun felt envy. Even if Huang Bo’s gifts were not worth much, one could see how sincere he was. This meant that he really regarded Sun Mo very highly.

“Teacher Huang, I apologize. I’m living very happily in the Central Province Academy and have no thoughts of leaving.”

Sun Mo rejected and didn’t accept the gift either.

Li Ziqi and the others naturally wouldn’t be bothered to take advantage of this.

“Teacher Sun, I came here with utmost sincerity. Don’t be in a hurry to reject. We can always negotiate no matter what condition you want!”

Huang Bo’s smile didn’t fade. He was not surprised by Sun Mo’s answer at all.

“Sun Mo, I will wait for you at the side!”

Gu Xiuxun knew that such discussion was considered private. Hence, she took the initiative to leave the area.

“Teacher Gu, you are also one of the teachers we would like to headhunt. If you are not busy, how about having lunch together?”

Gu Xiuxun’s results weren’t bad, and the most important thing was that she was a beauty. A few years later, after her strength improved, she would be able to gloriously ascend to the Beauty Rankings. At that time, she would become a celebrity teacher.

Her rallying power toward young guys would definitely be top-tier

(Ai, I wonder how An Xinhui is. Together with Liu Mubai, she has three new teachers that are qualified to become celebrity teachers. It truly makes me jealous to death!)

“No thanks, I won’t leave the Central Province Academy!”

Gu Xiuxun cleanly rejected.


Sun Mo revealed a perfunctory social smile and rejected Huang Bo.

“Teacher Sun, Teacher Sun, let’s negotiate?”

Huang Bo chased after him and spoke, but it was useless. Since the Yellow Mountain Academy was a ‘C’ grade school, he would surely lose face if he continued pestering Sun Mo. Hence, he halted his steps.

“Isn’t this fellow a little too ostentatious? He doesn’t even want to listen to our conditions. Do you think he is trying to pull a scheme in order to get a better offer?”

An attendant spoke in contempt, feeling unfair for Master Huang. But after he spoke, not only did he not get praised, but he got scolded instead.

“Shut up!”

Huang Bo berated. “You are just a servant, what do you know?”

The attendant felt very wronged.

“Do you know what Sun Mo’s result is? He got full marks in the written examination and in his two lectures, his excellent votes were two times more compared to the person in second place. Do you know what concept this is?”

Why did Huang Bo come so early to the school gate to wait for Sun Mo? Was it because he loved being a lowly person? Naturally not. Wasn’t it because of Sun Mo’s talent?

This time around, he wanted Sun Mo to have a good impression of him first, so it would be more convenient to headhunt him in the future.

Such an impressive newbie...Huang Bo had never thought of being able to headhunt Sun Mo with just a few sentences. By doing what he did, he was merely playing out his opening card.

“Most probably, there will be around twenty schools competing against us!”

Huang Bo felt worried in his heart. As long as the school leaders of the various schools weren’t retards, they would definitely attempt to headhunt Sun Mo.

As expected, when Sun Mo entered the school, the attendant saw two waves of people rushing over to speak to him. The smiles on their faces were more humble even compared to when they saw a beautiful goddess.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》