Absolute Great Teacher
561 Great Teachers Battle!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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561 Great Teachers Battle!


A human’s fame, a tree’s shadow. In the second written examination, Sun Mo had obtained full marks and this could already prove that he lived up to his reputation. After that, he became the most dazzling rising star among this batch of great teachers.

The people from the various circles were all observing Sun Mo.

Naturally, human nature was complicated. Some people had hoped that Sun Mo would screw up. They wanted to see him suffering from bad luck. However, they were destined to be disappointed.

In the lecture round, Sun Mo had obtained the most votes. When the results came out, he immediately became a great teacher many famous schools wanted.


The Great Teachers Battle hadn’t commenced? No one knew what Sun Mo’s combat strength was?

Please. Sun Mo already had such impressive teaching abilities and this was already enough for him to exert dominance in a ‘B’ grade school. Even if his combat strength was weaker than average, this could still be accepted.

Or more accurately speaking, at this moment, those ‘B’ grade school leaders hoped that Sun Mo’s combat strength wouldn’t be too high. If not, the Nine Greats would surely take action and headhunt him as well. At that time, what else could they offer Sun Mo?

“You are famous now!”

Gu Xiuxun sighed emotionally.

The distance between the school entrance and the public announcement board was only about 2,000 meters. However, on the way, Sun Mo had been stopped by five people who issued invitations to him.

One of them gave the condition that as long as Sun Mo was willing to join their school, they would immediately give him the position of vice headmaster candidate.

This indicated that they would treat Sun Mo as a headmaster-level seedling to be nurtured.

Naturally, whether he was able to become a vice headmaster or not, it would have to depend on the competition between him and the other candidates. But this promise alone already showed how highly they valued Sun Mo.

One must know that for any headmasters of famous schools, they would all have deep fetters to that school. Only then would they do their best to give everything and contribute to the school.


A smile appeared on Sun Mo’s face.

Regardless of the era, the things used to judge a great teacher’s status was always fame. Fame was the most important criteria. Only when one’s fame was great enough would there be a large number of students coming to look for you, wanting to take you as a personal teacher.

“Why isn’t there anyone from the Nine Greats inviting Teacher?”

Lu Zhiruo was unhappy. Those people who came to invite Sun Mo were all salted fish. Their schools were average and not famous at all.

“The good schools are still observing the situation. With their own news channel, they can scout out the price offered by the other schools. After that, they would consider everything before formulating a strategy to headhunt the candidate.”

Li Ziqi explained.

It was like if Real Madrid and Barca wanted to purchase players, even if other soccer teams had already finished negotiating with them or even if the contract was already signed, they would still have ways to obtain the players.

In order to join these two teams, a soccer player would be willing to undergo punishment and reduce their own salary. In fact, they would even announce this themselves to say that it was their dream to enter, etc, etc. This happened very often.

This was the influence these two teams had.

In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, the top-rated schools were the dreamland of all great teachers.

Teaching in the best school, getting the highest salary and benefits, educating the most talented geniuses, enjoying the envy and jealousy of others...

(Are there any great teachers who dislike a life of superiority like this?)

“Those schools are so arrogant.”

The papaya girl’s lips twitched. She felt that her teacher was the best and since that was the case, the Nine Greats should hurry up and come to recruit her teacher, preparing a sincere gift and an excellent contract.

“I don’t care if they are arrogant or not. In any case, I’ve no plans of leaving the Central Province Academy!”

Sun Mo laughed.

After hearing this, Gu Xiuxun secretly heaved a sigh of relief. However, she still couldn’t put her heart at ease and involuntarily asked, “Why? Because of Sis Xinhui?”


Sun Mo shook his head. “Compared to joining a school that’s already at the supreme-grade, I would rather help a school at the absolute bottom rise into the ranks of the Nine Greats. Also, don’t you guys feel that crushing the Nine Greats and allowing the Central Province Academy to climb to the peak of the Nine Greats would be a very cool thing to do?”


Gu Xiuxun was frightened by Sun Mo’s words.

Tantai Yutang’s lips curled. He felt like saying, ‘Teacher, your goal is a little unrealistic. If you could lead the Central Province Academy into the ranks of the Nine Greats in your lifetime, you should already be burning incense and thanking all the gods, let alone crushing them all and rising to the peak of the Nine Greats.’

“Teacher is so tyrannical.”

Lu Zhiruo’s large eyes shone as though there were stars in them.


Sun Mo rubbed the papaya girl’s head.

Honestly speaking, he looked down the most on those guys who had the philosophy ‘if I can’t win them, join them’. If that was the case, what was the point of getting the trophy?

“Let’s go and draw lots.”

Sun Mo turned and left.

The public announcement board stated that all examinees were to hurry to the administration area to draw lots. The Great Teachers Battle would officially start at 2 p.m.

“Who’s that guy? His words are so arrogant!’

Staring at Sun Mo’s back, an examinee with bald spots on his head involuntarily asked. After all, Sun Mo didn’t intentionally lower his voice. Hence, his words were heard by many people.

“You don’t even know Sun Mo? How are you still going to make a living in the great teacher world?”

“What? He is Sun Mo?”

That examinee scratched his scalp. He didn’t feel respect or wanting to know Sun Mo. Instead, he grew excited and hoped that he would be able to fight against Sun Mo when they drew lots.

(As long as I defeat Sun Mo, I will shoot to fame after a single fight.)

He wasn’t the only one with such thoughts. So, when Liu Tong saw that his first opponent was Sun Mo, he started. But after he got down the stage, he immediately became happy.

(Sun Mo, sorry. I’m going to trample on you to become famous.)


“Luckily, we are not fighting against each other!”

Gu Xiuxun heaved a sigh of relief after seeing her opponent’s name. If she was against Sun Mo, she would definitely take the initiative to concede because she knew there was no way she would win.


The atmosphere in Westmountain City was cloudy. The temperature was cool and it was quite breezy, suitable for combat.

Around 1 p.m., many examinees had come to the field to familiarize themselves with this place.

The field was divided into 12 spaces with white-colored limestone lines. The initial battles would be held here. As long as one entered the second round, the victors would have the qualifications to enter the combat dojo and use the arena for their battles.

Very soon, the competition started. Some chose to observe, some instantly crushed their opponents, and some were even unluckier and chose to give up because of a stomachache.

One couldn’t help but say that the food in Westmountain City was truly too spicy. Just ordering food with the tag ‘a little spicy’ would cause people from the western regions to directly kneel in defeat.

At this place, the word ‘little spicy’ was the most exaggerated. Even if a staff at the inn added ten ‘little’ before the word ‘spicy’, you must not believe them.

“I’m going to compete now. I hope that both of us will be able to pass!”

Gu Xiuxun lightly punched Sun Mo’s shoulder and went to her area.

Sun Mo also hurried over to the #9 area. Because the Saint Gate didn’t prohibit outsiders from observing, the Westmountain Academy was completely swamped with people today. Other than the examinees and their personal students, many citizens also came to watch a good show.

Who wouldn’t like seeing people being beaten up until their heads bleed?

Moreover, all types of gambling stations were set up to bet on the winners. It was said that the largest reward even reached a million silver taels.

On the #9 area, after five rounds of competition, the main examiner finally called Sun Mo’s name.

“#198 Sun Mo, and #716 Liu Tong, please get into the area to fight!”


The surroundings, which were originally noisy, immediately fell silent. The heads of everyone turned left and right, searching for Sun Mo’s silhouette, wanting to see how this new rising star looked like.

At the next second, other people started to flock over here. After all, Sun Mo was too popular. Many people betted that he would enter the top ten at least.

“What’s going on?”

“I heard Sun Mo is about to fight!”

“Quickly go and look. The 9th area, Sun Mo is fighting there!”

“Damn. Who secretly touched my butt? I will chop off your hand!”

The scene got somewhat chaotic.


The main examiner, who looked to be around 40 years old, roared. Under the amplification effect, his voice was like thunder, blasting into the eardrums of everyone, making the spectators grit their teeth instantly as they covered their ears in pain.

“Sun Mo, Liu Tong, get over here!”

The main examiner urged. Although his face was calm, he was also very curious about Sun Mo’s combat strength.

Sun Mo entered the area demarcated by the white-colored limestones line.

“Damn, isn’t he a little too handsome?”

“Che, maybe he is...!”

“He is so handsome. It’s already enough if he likes girls. The duration he can last in bed doesn’t matter.”

Some women exclaimed. The men who heard them were immediately jealous. A handsome guy that was also talented? How would other guys not feel jealous?

Liu Tong was a shorty that was less than 1.5 meters tall. However, because his physique was very sturdy, he looked like a small tank. As his four limbs were too short, he chose to use a two-feet long spear as his weapon to make up for his body’s disadvantage. (chinese feet).

“As long as I can win against Sun Mo, I will shoot to fame after a single battle. At the very least, a ‘C’ grade school would come and headhunt me, right? Alright, even if it’s a ‘D’ grade, I won’t look down on it.”

Liu Tong was thinking of his beautiful future. Because of his appearance, although his achievements weren’t bad, it was very hard for him to get a job. In the end, he could only work in an ordinary school.

“So what if I’m ugly? Can’t I teach because I’m ugly?”

Seeing Sun Mo’s tall figure, Liu Tong decided to break Sun Mo’s legs so Sun Mo’s height would be the same as his.

“Sun Mo, second level of the divine force realm. Please guide me!”

Sun Mo clasped his fist.


After hearing Sun Mo report the level of his cultivation base, the spectators couldn’t help but marvel. Given Sun Mo’s age, his cultivation base was considered very high!

To great teachers, it was already relatively good if they could reach the divine force realm by 40 years old.

Even the main examiner and two vice examiners involuntarily looked over as they observed Sun Mo.

Liu Tong, who was originally eager to fight, felt a little embarrassed when he realized that Sun Mo didn’t look down on him at all.

After all, he was ridiculed by many people due to his height.

“Alright, seeing how polite you are, I will just break one of your legs!”

Liu Tong made his decision and clasped his fist in greeting.

“Liu Tong, third level of the divine force realm. Please guide me!”

Liu Tong’s countenance was filled with confidence. (Reaching the divine force realm at your age is indeed sufficient to prove that you are a genius. I admit that I’m inferior to you, but sorry, at this moment, my cultivation base is higher than yours!)

(Hence, I will be the victor of this match!)


After hearing Liu Tong’s cultivation base, some people who were just here to watch a good show immediately laughed. Most probably, Sun Mo had run into a wall during his first battle.

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