Absolute Great Teacher
563 Sun Mo Wanting to Headhunt Someone!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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563 Sun Mo Wanting to Headhunt Someone!


Liu Tong stood up and spat the blood out of his mouth. He looked at Sun Mo as he started to circulate his spirit qi, preparing for his last wave of frenzied attack.

“Should we stop him?”

An examiner asked. Liu Tong’s expression showed that he was clearly prepared to fight to the death. Usually, in this situation, even if there was no death, someone would be heavily injured, which might inadvertently affect their future.

The great teacher examination was held for the sake of recruiting excellent great teachers and not for the sake of destroying someone’s future.

“I believe Teacher Sun would show mercy.”

The main examiner hesitated a little but eventually didn’t choose to stop the battle. He couldn’t possibly tell Liu Tong that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Sun Mo, and it was best to give up, right?

That would be an even greater humiliation compared to being defeated.

The examiner started, not expecting that the main examiner would appreciate Sun Mo so much and be so confident in him. One must know that there was a difference of one level in their cultivation bases.

If Sun Mo wanted to win, it was very simple. But if he wanted to win and not injure Liu Tong too much, that would be difficult. One needed absolute domination over another party before they could achieve that.

“As you wish!”

Sun Mo was also not someone wishy-washy. Since the other party wanted to fight, he would play along.

Liu Tong no longer spoke nonsense. He charged and appeared before Sun Mo. His long spear was like a giant whale moving out of the ocean, swooping up in fury and wanting to break Sun Mo’s belly apart.


Seeing that his long spear was about to strike Sun Mo, Liu Tong had a look of joy on his face. Success! But just when he decided to attack even fiercer, a heavy strike struck him from behind, causing his entire person to stagger a few steps.

“What a real-looking clone!”

“That should be a saint-tier cultivation art, right?”

“The Five Tigers Gate Breaking Spear against an unknown saint-tier art. How tragic, I can’t even bear to watch any longer.”

Among the spectators, some were exclaiming in admiration at Sun Mo’s strength, while some were sighing because they felt pity for Liu Tong. This was the fate of an ordinary man who had no authority and status. Even if he had a little money, he would at most be able to feed himself and stay warm. How would it be possible for him to obtain a top-rated cultivation art?

Sun Mo parried. The moment he cast Immemorial Vairocana, Liu Tong was blasted up into the air from the impact. Let alone retaliation, he couldn’t even get back down on earth at all. He was like a sandbag and was dominated completely.

Liu Tong was dumbfounded from being beaten up. His entire body spun around, and he couldn’t control his body. In his vision, he could only see countless blade shadows flashing.

A minute later, Sun Mo retracted his blade.


Liu Tong fell flat onto the ground and his limbs twitched violently. He was no longer able to get up onto his feet.

Sun Mo’s gorgeous attacks stunned everyone. Even those citizens who didn’t know much felt that his attacks were extremely fascinating.

“Liu Tong, do you want to continue?”

The main examiner asked.

“He can no longer stand up!”

Sun Mo explained.

After hearing this, an examiner immediately came forward to do a check. At the same time, he called out, “Doctor, please come over.”

“He isn’t overly injured and would be fine after resting for a few minutes.”

Sun Mo deeply experienced the strength of a saint-tier cultivation art.

It was like in an MMORPG. Although a player might have a high level, if the skills he learned were all ordinary-graded, he wouldn’t be able to win against someone who had spammed money.

“Examiner, he is only lightly injured!”

After the examiner reported, he stared at Sun Mo in astonishment.

Earlier, Sun Mo had chained his moves like angry waves of the ocean. When he saw that, he originally thought that even if Liu Tong wasn’t beaten to death, he would be crippled. So, how come he was only lightly injured?

Other than some bruises, Liu Tong didn’t even bleed much.

This meant that Sun Mo’s strength had reached the stage where he could wield something heavy as light.

“After I change shift in the afternoon, I’m going to put a bet and buy on Sun Mo entering the top 8!”

The examiner decided to put the money saved up for his wedding into the bet as well. Three days later, he would definitely make a lot of money.


Favorable impression from Zhang Fu +50. Friendly (130/1,000).

After hearing the notification, Sun Mo kneaded his glabella. He couldn’t be bothered to search for the person who had contributed favorable impression points because he had been hearing the names of strangers during this period.

“It’s too humanized.”

Sun Mo mocked.

“In that case, I will change things up in the future!” The system replied.

“For this round, Sun Mo is the victor!”

“Ow yeah, teacher won!”

Lu Zhiruo cheered and clapped loudly.

“Isn’t this something very normal?”

Li Ziqi was very calm. Because in her eyes, Liu Tong was just a salted fish. Even if one won against him, there was no need to feel happy.

(I really wish to see Teacher crushing the examinees from the Nine Greats!)

Only someone of that caliber would push her teacher’s fame up.

The competition still had to continue. After ascertaining that Liu Tong was fine, the main examiner got people to shift him away from the area and announced the start of the next battle.

“Teacher Sun!”

Li Ruolan was prepared to interview Sun Mo, but Xie Cang was even quicker. He directly rushed out and smiled. “Congratulations on your victory!”

“Many thanks!”

Sun Mo had a good impression toward this person. “How’s your fight?”

“I won too!”

Xie Cang casually spoke and took out a little box, passing it to Sun Mo. “Yesterday, I was too worried about Zhou Qiao and wasn’t comprehensive enough when I did things. After that, I discovered you didn’t even bring the diamond pill with you. Teacher Sun, you have to accept this no matter what, or I would feel guilty my entire life.”

“Give it to Zhou Qiao. It can nourish his body!”

“No way. I will think of some other ways to nourish Zhou Qiao’s body. As for this diamond pill, if you don’t accept it, I won’t be able to face you.”

Xie Cang knelt toward Sun Mo.

This wasn’t Xie Cang forcing Sun Mo, but rather, he truly wanted to display his gratitude. If Sun Mo didn’t even want to accept the diamond pill, Xie Cang truly had no idea how to repay him.

“Teacher Xie, please get up!”

Sun Mo helped him up.

Yet, Xie Cang refused to move.

“It’s just a pill. Is there a need for you to do this?”

Sun Mo bitterly smiled.

“To Teacher Sun, a diamond pill might not be worth much. However, this is the most valuable thing I can take out.”

Naturally, Xie Cang also knew a few top-rated cultivation arts from Jixia Academy, but without his headmaster’s approval, he wasn’t able to impart them to someone else.

“Alright, I will accept it!”

Sun Mo was helpless and could only compromise.

Only now did Xie Cang feel relief. He smiled. He didn’t know how he should display his gratitude. He wanted to give Sun Mo a hug but was worried his actions might seem too abrupt. Hence, he felt a little ill at ease.

Honestly speaking, he really felt like making friends with Sun Mo. That would be the fortune of his entire life.


Favorable impression points from Xie Cang +200. Friendly (2,502/10,000).

“Let’s have a meal together after the Great Teachers Battle is over.”

Sun Mo hammered Xie Cang’s chest lightly.


Xie Cang nodded heavily and then added, “I will treat!”

The people at the side were completely clueless. This was especially so when they saw Xie Cang kneeling to Sun Mo. All of them directly felt immense shock.

One must know that Xie Cang was the top graduate of Jixia Academy and a genius ranked #10 on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings. This sort of person could represent the face of their school, hence, they wouldn’t kneel easily.

Li Ruolan’s beautiful large eyes suddenly spun around. The instinct of a great reporter told her that this was a piece of major news.

Seeing Sun Mo and Xie Cang smiling and joking with each other, Liu Tong who had regained his senses sighed dejectedly. He was just a clot of dirt, why must he keep fantasizing that he could become a gem?

Truly, a fool living in a fantasy!

Liu Tong had a self-mocking smile as he struggled to stand up. After that, he headed toward the exit.

After he returned, he would tender his resignation to the headmaster. He was so ugly and useless. If he continued staying there, he would only disgust the students.

“Teacher Liu? Teacher Liu?”

Sun Mo called out a few times. When he saw that Liu Tong was in a dispirited state and completely showed no reactions, Sun Mo hurriedly ran to him. As Sun Mo caught up, he grabbed Liu Tong’s arm lightly in passing.

“Teacher Liu, please wait!”

“Why? Is it not enough that you’ve won? Do you still want to humiliate me?”

Liu Tong counter-asked.

“Teacher Liu, why do you say something like that? I only wish to invite you to join the Central Province Academy!”

Sun Mo explained.


“What the hell? Has Sun Mo gone crazy?”

“That’s for sure. This Wu Dalang is ugly and dark-skinned, and he’s also extremely weak. Why the hell does Sun Mo want to invite him?”

The spectators who were about to disperse stopped upon seeing this scene and curiously glanced over again. All of them wanted to know what Sun Mo was trying to do.


Liu Tong was also stunned, staring dumbfoundedly at Sun Mo. His first reaction was Sun Mo must be teasing him for his own amusement, but his rationale told him that Sun Mo wouldn’t joke in such a situation, or his moral character would be completely tarnished.

“We can negotiate about the salary!”

Sun Mo stretched out his right hand.

Liu Tong didn’t grab it. Instead, he stared at Sun Mo in doubt. “You really want to headhunt me?”


Sun Mo nodded.

“Do you know that the school I’m currently employed at is so small that it’s pitiful? We don’t even have 1000 students and teachers in total.”

Liu Tong told Sun Mo.


After hearing this, all the examinees exclaimed in shock. Not even 1,000 people? That was definitely a very small school. The quality and strength of their teachers would surely be very inferior.

“Maybe the Five Tigers Gate Breaking Spear is none other than their school’s ultimate cultivation art.”

Someone joked.

“I feel that your current esteemed school has no way to allow you to display your talent fully. This is why I wish to invite you to join the Central Province Academy!”

Sun Mo spoke with a sincere tone.

(Are you mad?)

Liu Tong wanted to bear the impulse to say this but eventually failed to do so.

“Sun Mo, what are you doing?”

Gu Xiuxun had long since finished her fight. However, since there were too many people here, she had chosen to wait in the crowd. But when she saw Sun Mo’s nonsensical act, she was badly shocked and quickly ran out to stop him.

“This is Gu Xiuxun, Teacher Gu. A top graduate of the Myriad Daos Academy, a ‘C’ grade school.”

Sun Mo introduced.

Because they had to fight today, Gu Xiuxun wore a martial attire. The beauty of her long legs was fully enhanced by it.

Upon hearing her name and taking a look at Gu Xiuxun’s tall figure, Liu Tong instantly became autistic.

“Teacher Sun, please stop teasing me!”

Liu Tong had a self-mocking smile and turned to leave. He was just a piece of rubbish, so how would he have the qualifications to become colleagues with a beautiful great teacher like her. Oh right, she was the top graduate of a ‘C’ grade school as well.

“Teacher Liu!”

Sun Mo frowned and grabbed hold of Liu Tong’s arm again. His tone couldn’t help but turn stricter. “If you even look down on yourself, how do you plan to get others to respect you?”


A golden halo erupted forth.

The two combatants who were currently fighting were influenced by it, and their movements were slowed by half a beat. Luckily, this was Priceless Advice and wouldn’t affect their combat strength.

“Priceless Advice?”

“Damn, the radius is so huge?”

“What is this for?”

The spectators were all puzzled.

“As expected, it is here again!”

Gu Xiuxun chortled, used to it by now. If Sun Mo didn’t speak a few golden sentences from time to time, would he still be Sun Mo? However, these words didn’t seem to have enough weightage this time!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》