Absolute Great Teacher
565 Peanut Gallery
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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565 Peanut Gallery


The battle dojo of the Westmountain Academy could contain 36,000 people.

Other than the examinees and staff, as well as 1,000 excellent students and great teachers of the Westmountain Academy having free seats, the other seats were sold for money.

Many people here were pretty well-off and loved to watch a good show. Hence, the tickets were slightly expensive, but all of them were sold out.

Li Ziqi didn’t lack money and directly bought the most expensive ten seats with the best view.

“We don’t have so many people, right?”

Lu Zhiruo counted. In addition to Zhang Yanzong and Zheng Hao, they only had 8 people.

“I don’t want any people disturbing us from watching the battle!” said Li Ziqi domineeringly. Her wealthy aura erupted forth. “If it wasn’t for the fact that it isn’t moral to buy an entire seating segment, I would have even rented the whole place.”

Ying Baiwu frowned, not liking the little sunny egg wasting money like that.

Li Ziqi took out six image-recording stones and distributed them. After that, she took out a few stacks of information. “Oh, they are all ready to fight.”

Zheng Hao took one set and flipped through. He discovered that every page consisted of the information of an examinee. Moreover, there was a half-body portrait beside each name.

There would definitely not be any cases of misunderstood identity.


Zhang Yanzong was speechless. (Do you have to be so diligent?)

“It’s so good to be rich!”

Zheng Hao sighed ruefully. (You can buy anything you want!)

“Not only does she have money, but she also has intelligence and patience!”

Tantai Yutang flipped through the information. “Do you think you can use the information you purchased from others so easily? You are wrong, she still needs to tidy them up!”

The sickly invalid knew that during these few days, the busiest one among them was none other than Li Ziqi. Other than accompanying Sun Mo, the rest of her time was spent on researching their teacher’s opponents.

“Alright, the battles are about to start. Hurry, sit down!”

Lu Zhiruo sat down. When she saw them not moving, she quickly urged them. If they missed their teachers’ battle, they might regret it their entire life.

After that, the papaya girl opened her little bag and took out a watermelon. She then used her knife to chop it.


The watermelon was split in half. Green skin and red flesh, one could tell that it was extremely delicious and sweet with just a glance.

Lu Zhiruo satisfactorily nodded. She took up a piece and gave it a bite.

“Who wants to eat?”

The papaya girl didn’t mind sharing her food. After that, she continued, “There are still cakes and pastries in my bag. Whoever wants to eat, just take them by yourselves!”


They were dumbfounded. (What are you here for? You actually prepared a watermelon? Isn’t your heart state a little too large?)

“You can still eat in such a situation?”

Zheng Hao felt that Lu Zhiruo was a little simple-minded. In any case, he was so nervous that he had no appetite.

“Why won’t I be able to eat?”

Lu Zhiruo blinked. “Oh, I understand, you are worried for my teacher? It’s impossible. Teacher will win for sure!”

The papaya girl’s voice wasn’t loud nor soft, but the other students could hear it and they involuntarily frowned.

“Who is this? She is so arrogant!”

“Win for sure?”

“Could she be the personal student of Bai Shuang?”

“What are you blindly talking about? Bai Shuang’s personal student is a tall and skinny guy. Besides, even if her teacher is Bai Shuang, no one would dare to guarantee they would win for sure!”

The students discussed.

“I’m not arrogant. My teacher is really impressive!”

Lu Zhiruo explained.

“This still isn’t called arrogant? What is your teacher’s name? We will watch how he loses later.”

Everyone was a youngster and felt worship toward their personal teacher. Hence, no one would admit inferiority at such a time.


Li Ziqi stopped her, displaying her manner as an eldest martial sister. “Don’t argue or you will lose face for Teacher.”


The papaya girl was very obedient. She immediately sat upright and called out to her martial siblings. “Come, let’s eat something!”

“What’s your teacher’s name? Quickly tell us.”

Those who wanted to watch a good show naturally wouldn’t mind things getting more chaotic.

“Junior brother Xuanyuan, I will leave him to you.”

Li Ziqi instructed. These people were so noisy.


Xuanyuan Po who had long since wanted to take action immediately stood up. His sharp gazes landed on the face of the male student. “You want to know my teacher’s name? Come and fight me. If you guys win, I will tell you!”

The male student, who was being stared at, froze. He was 30 cm shorter than this tall, strapping youth. Moreover, there were still students and other great teachers entering the venue, yet this youth could accurately pinpoint him. His perception was impressive!

“Why are you in a daze? Let’s go!”

Xuanyuan Po urged. He was already holding on his spear and had left his seat.

All the nearby students looked over as well.

There was no solution to this. Xuanyuan Po was truly too conspicuous. He was very tall and muscular. By standing there, he was like a silver spear that was ready to pierce out at any moment, giving off an immense sense of pressure.

However, his most intimidating feature was his completely lawless and fearless gaze. It was filled with pure battle intent.

He was like a ferocious beast!

“The competition is about to start. I can’t be bothered with you!”

The male student revealed a look of disdain, but he felt fear deep inside. Such a person would surely be fighting in the student battles, right? At that time, he truly hoped he wouldn’t meet Xuanyuan Po.


Xuanyuan Po felt depressed. The fight wasn’t able to continue, but he felt reluctant to let things be. Hence, he glanced at his surroundings. “Who wants to fight a little for a warm-up?”

No one replied him.

Li Ziqi’s eyes brightened as she discovered a new way to ‘use’ Xuanyuan Po. He could be their hunting dog and intimidate many people.

“No one is going to fight, let’s sit down!”

The papaya girl took out another piece of watermelon. “Come, let’s eat some watermelons!”

Gui Jiarong sat not far away. His gaze was filled with amusement as he watched everything. In the end, his gaze landed on Xuanyuan Po. (Ze, this toy seems really sturdy. He should be good enough to play with, right?)


Jiang Leng felt uncomfortable and as he turned his head, his gaze coincidentally met with Gui Jiarong’s. After that, he narrowed his eyes.


(This guy isn’t bad either!)

Gui Jiarong touched his chin and hated the fact that he couldn’t ‘play’ with them right now.

“What are you looking at?”

Lu Zhiruo stretched out her hand and passed a piece of watermelon to the ‘deadman face’ (Jiang Leng). “Eat this, it’s sweet!”


Jiang Leng turned his head away, but the gaze of that youth remained in his mind and he wasn’t able to forget it. He had seen such a gaze before when he was still in the Manor.

That was a teasing gaze from one of his ‘brothers’ who loved to abuse cats. Every time that brother caught a wild cat, he would reveal such a gaze.


The examiners of the Saint Gate had always done things swiftly and decisively. There was no opening speech. After Tong Yiming stepped on the stage, he directly announced for the battle to begin.

After the first round, the weaker ones had already been eliminated. Hence, the combatants today would have relative strengths, and it was more fascinating to watch.

Naturally, the majority of the great teachers fought very cautiously. After all, they wouldn’t have much time to rest after this round ended, and so they had to do their best to avoid being injured.

Gu Xiuxun went first. There were gasps of surprise but no unexpected incidents. She managed to obtain victory in the second round.

When the 26th round started, it was finally Sun Mo’s turn.

“#178 Sun Mo vs #239 Mao Fang. The two of you please get up the stage.”

Before Tong Yiming’s sound faded, an uproar immediately rang out in the battle dojo. The spectators had waited long enough. Sun Mo was about to fight!

He was an extremely popular person!

The bored spectators suddenly grew excited as they stared at the stage.

“If you concede or fall off the arena, or fainted and lose all ability to fight, you will be judged as defeated!”

Tong Yiming emphasized the rules.

The stage was one feet elevated from the ground and was about half the size of a soccer field. It could be considered pretty vast.

Mao Fang grabbed his head that was dotted with some bald spots and he revealed an excited smile. His opponent was actually Sun Mo! (Very good, it seems like I will become famous now.)

Mao Fang saw Sun Mo’s battle yesterday. Sun Mo was very strong but was still insufficient to fight him. After all, he was at the third level of the divine force realm, a full level higher than Sun Mo. Also, the cultivation art he cultivated was the Buddha Mercy Hand, a superior-grade heaven-tier cultivation art.

(Hmph, hmph. Isn’t your nickname Black Doggy Sun? Watch how I crush your dog head!)

Mao Fang leaped onto the platform and clasped his hands in greeting.

“Mao Fang, third level of the divine force realm. Please guide me!”

“Alright, let me add one more sentence. I’m cultivating a superior heaven-tier cultivation art!”

After speaking, Mao Fang stared with confidence at Sun Mo’s eyes. (Haha, he is pretending to be calm, right? He must feel very panicky now, right?)

(Mn, my fame will increase greatly after I win against Sun Mo. At that time, some beautiful great teachers would take the initiative to have dinner with me, right?)

Mao Fang scratched his bald spots as they felt a little itchy. The drama in his imagination was extremely wondrous.

Sun Mo returned the greeting.

“Sun Mo, third level of the divine force realm. Please guide me!”


The drama in Mao Fang’s heart disappeared completely. His confident look became sluggish as he subconsciously asked, “Were you not at the second level of the divine force realm yesterday?”


Sun Mo nodded.


Mao Fang was stunned. (Isn’t your improvement a little too fast?)

But after that, he comforted himself that it was fine even if they had the same cultivation base as he had more experience. (No matter! The tier of my cultivation art is definitely better than his.)

“Oh right, let me add one more sentence. I’m cultivating in a peerless saint-tier cultivation art!”

Sun Mo mimicked Mao Fang’s words.


The spectators all burst into laughter. This Mao Fang was quite interesting. What era was this? He even tried to pull a psychological trick, and in the end, he was ridiculed by his opponent.

“Hehe, I don’t believe it. Do you think peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts are cabbages?”

Mao Fang comforted himself, but his face was contorted as he wailed in his heart. (Damn, I’m going to turn into a corpse soon. Where is my one-level superiority in terms of cultivation bases? Where is my one-tier superiority in terms of cultivation arts?)

(Did I read the wrong script?)

“Quickly start!”

The main examiner urged.


Sun Mo pulled out his wooden blade.

“Mao Fang, don’t panic.”

Mao Fang took in a deep breath and encouraged himself. “Stable your emotions. You can win. AHH!”

At the next instant, Mao Fang roared and rolled to the side. Sun Mo had lunged over with a blade slash and the moment after that, Mao Fang found the area before him was completely covered in blade shadows.

Buddha Mercy Hand, suppress! Argh~

Just when Mao Fang stretched out his hand, it was struck by the wooden blade. It was so painful that his tears almost flowed out.

Sun Mo executed Immemorial Vairocana and increased the pace of his attacks. The wooden blade struck Mao Fang’s body multiple times and didn’t show any signs of stopping.

One couldn’t help but say that Mao Fang’s Buddha Mercy Hand was already trained to minor completion. When a layer of golden light covered his palms, he could actually block Sun Mo’s attacks.


Mao Fang regained his confidence again. Although no damage was caused by Sun Mo when the wooden blade struck his palms, pages after pages—akin to the mushrooms growing out of the boxes when Mario headbutted them—kept appearing in the air.

Not too long later, there were already 30 pages floating in the air.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》