Absolute Great Teacher
566 Invincible Buddha Fis
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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566 Invincible Buddha Fis

Chapter t




Mao Fang howled as a pair of palms clad in golden light smacked toward Sun Mo’s head unceasingly, akin to the wheels of a car.

“I’m going all out!”

Mao Fang did his best. He used his arms to forcefully block Sun Mo’s wooden blade. He then turned his wrist. With a clapping sound, he managed to grab the wooden blade.

Sun Mo exerted force but wasn’t able to pull the blade back.

“I can win!”

Mao Fang’s eyes glowed brightly. He didn’t even need to think as his other hand directly shot out in reflex due to his 20 years experience of assiduous cultivation.

Buddha Shocking the Sky.


The buddha palm didn’t come in contact with Sun Mo, but there was a burst of golden light that blasted toward Sun Mo.


Waves of qi exploded forth.

Mao Fang’s palm strike was extremely quick and had the might to break the air barrier.


Xuanyuan Po roared as his body leaned forward. He wanted nothing more than to replace his teacher in the arena and retaliate against this attack.

“Who are you supporting?”

Lu Zhiruo’s lips twitched.

Xuanyuan Po ignored her, he was fully focused on the arena.

“Calm down!”

Li Ziqi’s judgment was pretty good. She understood that this was the last-ditch struggle by Mao Fang. After all, her teacher still had many ultimate skills that he hadn’t used yet.

“He should be using the Invulnerable Golden Body or dodge while using his clone to retaliate.”

Ying Baiwu imagined herself in combat and tried to analyze the flows of battle.

Yet, Sun Mo actually tossed his blade away.


This scene caused all the spectators to exclaim in shock. A weapon was the last protection measure of a cultivator. Once they abandoned it, this meant that the situation was extremely dire for them.

“Sun Mo is going to lose?”

Those spectators who disliked Sun Mo instantly grew happy. Some even stood up and cheered for Mao Fang.

Tong Yiming watched coldly and silently mused that this battle was about to end.

As expected, at the next second, Sun Mo didn’t retreat but chose to advance instead as his strength erupted forth.

Dharma Subduing the Devil.

Sun Mo’s expression turned solemn with a hint of holiness within, like a buddha descending to the world. Everyone could see the image of a Buddha materializing behind him.

After that, brimming with the aura of righteousness and mercy, Sun Mo’s evil-vanquishing fist clashed against Mao Fang.


The waves of qi caused clouds of dust to be kicked up from the impact.


Mao Fang screamed in agony as his entire body flew through the air before landing outside the arena with a bang. His left arm was twisted. Clearly, his bone was broken.

The entire venue instantly fell silent. All the spectators who were unhappy about Sun Mo were dumbfounded. Wasn’t this retaliation a little too sharp and powerful?

Sun Mo grabbed his wooden blade that he had tossed up in the air earlier. It just so nicely fell from the air at this moment. After he waved it once, he sheathed it again and placed the sheathe on his waist.

“I’ve lost?”

Mao Fang had a blank look on his face. The pain from his arm caused him to grit his teeth. After that, he revealed a bitter-looking smile.

“Damn, it’s really a saint-tier cultivation art. I can’t win against that!”

His Buddha Mercy Hand’s tier was already so goddamn high, and the might it produced was also so goddamn strong, but he still wasn’t able to produce the illusory image of a Buddha when he attacked.

“Teacher Mao, are you okay?”

Sun Mo appeared at the edge of the arena.

“I’ve lost!”

Mao Fang sighed, completely convinced by his loss. For his last response, regardless of defending head-on or attacking, everything was done perfectly.

If he wanted to blame something, he could only blame Sun Mo for being a level higher.

(Eh, alright. Maybe he’s not just a level higher!)

“Wait a minute!”

Seeing that Mao Fang wasn’t too injured, he wasn’t in a hurry to get down. He turned his head and snapped his finger.


The audience didn’t understand his action, but in Sun Mo’s vision, the over 30 golden pages all started flying toward him like swallows flying north and compiled themselves into a golden book.


“Congratulations on obtaining the Buddha Mercy Hand. It is an average-grade heaven-tier cultivation art. Proficiency level: elementary-grade.”


After seeing the introduction, Sun Mo was speechless. (You are actually a liar.)

(Oh, was that a psychological battle?)

Originally, Sun Mo was still feeling anticipation that he would be able to gain a superior-grade heaven-tier cultivation art. He didn’t expect this at all. (Forget it, it is better than nothing.)

“Learn it!”

Sun Mo instructed and leaped off the stage as he walked toward Mao Fang.


“Congratulations, you’ve learned the Buddha Mercy Hand!”

As the sound of the system’s congratulations rang out, the image of a buddha with palms bigger than its head appeared immediately in Sun Mo’s mind. It unleashed various palm strikes.

Gradually, the palm imprints grew in number, reaching a hundred, a thousand, and finally reverting back to two!

“What do you want to do?”

Mao Fang felt a little flustered. He felt that Sun Mo’s gaze was very sharp as though he could see all his secrets.

“Sun Mo is the victor for this round!”

Tong Yiming announced, not surprised by this result at all. At the same time, the doctor started to jog over, preparing to treat Mao Fang.

“Bear with it a little, I will help you set your bone.”

Sun Mo spoke and held Mao Fang’s hand. It wasn’t that he wanted to show off the ancient massaging technique, but rather, if he didn’t treat Mao Fang, Mao Fang would need at least three months to heal completely. Besides, if the doctor’s standard wasn’t that good, there might even be hidden injuries remaining.

After all, Mao Fang was injured by a peerless saint-tier cultivation art. Although it appeared like a simple injury on the surface, in truth, the bones in his entire arm were fractured. Some powder-like bone splinters were piercing into his muscles.


Mao Fang had also heard of Sun Mo’s famous title as God Hands but had never witnessed it in action before. Hence, he didn’t really believe in Sun Mo and would rather trust the treatment of a proper doctor.

Naturally, with regard to Sun Mo’s willingness to treat him, Mao Fang still felt very grateful. After all, there was basically no need for Sun Mo to do this.

Sadly, none of the doctors cared about Mao Fang’s thoughts.

“Teacher Sun, I’ve long since heard about your wondrous technique, God Hands. Now I can use this chance to witness it!”

The leader of the doctors was an old man with a white beard. He was looking joyfully at Sun Mo.

“I’ve overstepped my bounds!”

Sun Mo smiled and bowed slightly. After all, by doing this, others might think that he didn’t trust the skills of the doctors.

“Teacher Sun is worrying too much!”

The old man chortled. He wasn’t that petty. After that, he instructed his team members, “All of you are to observe seriously!”

Sun Mo executed the bone setting technique. Worrying that he might cause some commotion, he didn’t summon the genie. However, his grandmaster-level proficiency was more than enough for this.

The old doctor’s name was Ma Zhang. As he observed, his original calm expression instantly turned to one of shock. His hand that was stroking his beard suddenly pulled out a few strands of hair.

“This method...”

Ma Zhang bent over, wanting to see it more clearly. He then moved forward a little more.

The team members, who were originally not too happy, knew that Sun Mo’s method had ignited Grandmaster Ma’s interest. They then opened their eyes wide and focused carefully, deeply afraid of missing out on any details.

“Everyone, how much longer do you need?”

Tong Yiming stood on the stage and asked. He didn’t wish to delay the progress of the examination.

“Teacher Sun?”

Ma Zhang looked toward Sun Mo.

“It should be able to move now.”

Sun Mo supported Mao Fang’s arm and nodded to Tong Yiming with a look of thanks.

“Let’s treat the arm in the corridor.” Ma Zhang suggested.

There was a medical room in the battle dojo, but for injuries like broken bones, it was the best to limit the movement of the injured person. Hence, they all moved there.


Sun Mo didn’t mind. He only needed to use the bone setting technique to cure it. As for the swelling muscles, Sun Mo could have used the muscleforge technique to restore them. However, he couldn’t be bothered to waste his spirit qi.

Five minutes later, Sun Mo retracted his arm.

“Eh? Teacher Sun, is there a problem?”

A young doctor’s eyes flashed when he saw Sun Mo stopping. If Sun Mo wasn’t able to treat Mao Fang, he could help him out. By doing so, he would be able to show his skill before Grandmaster Ma and gain his appreciation.

“No problem at all. The treatment is done.”

Sun Mo stood up. “Where can I wash my hands?”

“Over there, turn left at the corner. There’s a toilet there.”

After Ma Zhang spoke, he didn’t even lift his head as he continued staring at Mao Fang’s arm. In fact, he even squatted beside Mao Fang and used his finger to touch Mao Fang’s arm, inspecting it inch by inch.

“The treatment is already completed?”

“There’s no need for bandages? Or a plaster cast or split to set the bones correctly in place?”

“There’s also no need for pain relief medication?!”

The few young doctors were whispering to each other.

“W...would there be any hidden damage?”

Mao Fang was very nervous. If there were no problems, why would the team of doctors be so cautious?

“Incredible, too incredible! This is as though this arm has never been injured before!”

Ma Zhang mumbled as a look of shock appeared on his face.

Such a method was truly too wondrous.

After that, Ma Zhang asked, “Little Six, what do you think?”


Favorable impression points from Ma Zhang +100. Friendly (100/1,000).

The young man named Little Six was Ma Zhang’s personal student.


Little Six had a dumbfounded look on his face. (What can I say? I didn’t even look at it. That Sun Mo finished the treatment even quicker than my first experience in a brothel.)

“Sigh, such a chance is extremely rare!”

Ma Zhang shook his head, feeling a little disappointed.

If one wanted to become an outstanding doctor, one mustn’t miss out on any chance to learn.

“Teacher, I know my mistake now!”

Little Six apologized.

“During these ten days, pay more attention to this arm and record the details down!”

After Ma Zhang instructed, he glanced at Mao Fang. “Don’t worry. Sun Mo’s God Hands is worthy of their reputation. Your arm is perfectly healed.”

“For real?”

Mao Fang had a joyful look on his face. He subconsciously did two palm strikes and instantly felt vigorous.


Upon seeing this scene, all the young doctors finally understood how impressive Sun Mo was. If an ordinary person broke their arm, even if it was cured, they wouldn’t dare to exert so much force immediately.

“Why do I feel like I have even more strength?”

Mao Fang was puzzled, thinking that it might be an illusion.

Actually, when Sun Mo was connecting his broken energy channels, he also connected those broken energy channels that Mao Fang had damaged from practicing the Buddha Mercy Hand.

With more energy channels, the flow of spirit qi would be greater. The might produced would naturally be enhanced.

Ma Zhang started but he soon deduced the reason. He couldn’t help but remind Mao Fang, “If you want to become even stronger, you should consult Teacher Sun!”

“Mn, Mn!”

Being able to be the leader of the doctor team in a 2-star great teacher examination, Ma Zhang was at the very least a 5-star great teacher. Hence, Mao Fang remembered his words.

“Me and Sun Mo...the relationship between us can be considered as getting acquainted with each other after fighting, right? There shouldn’t be any difficulty if I wished to consult him.”

Mao Fang pondered.

“Teacher Sun is a kind person. Without him, your broken arm would need at least 5 months to heal!”

After Ma Zhang spoke, he placed his hands behind his back and departed.

Treating such an injury was easy. If it wasn’t for him being curious to see Sun Mo taking action, he would have let the other doctors take over.

Naturally, his deduction wasn’t wrong. After all, Sun Mo wasn’t a professional doctor and didn’t know much about medicine. The duration of three months Sun Mo had guessed earlier was just an approximate guess.

“I understand!”

Mao Fang wasn’t someone who didn’t know what’s good for him.


Favorable impression points from Mao Fang +200. Friendly (210/1,000).

After Sun Mo finished here, he went back to the resting area. After the first round was completed, he entered the waiting zone and prepared to head up the arena for the second time.

Not long later, Li Ziqi and the others ran over.

“Teacher, congratulations to you in advance on obtaining your second victory!”

As the eldest martial sister, Li Ziqi represented everyone to send their congratulations.

“Teacher, eat a melon!”

Lu Zhiruo took out a fat and delicious-looking piece of watermelon. This was something she had kept specially for her teacher.

“I wonder who is the opponent for the second round?”

Tantai Yutang was curious. He hoped to see a worthy opponent.

Just when Sun Mo wanted to speak, the sound of the notification rang out in his ear.

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