Absolute Great Teacher
567 You Are Not Even Giving Me a Chance to Be Your Simp?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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567 You Are Not Even Giving Me a Chance to Be Your Simp?



“Congratulations, you’ve obtained the recognition of a major character. Reward: 1x black-iron treasure chest.”

Sun Mo started. This treasure chest was clearly from Ma Zhang. He didn’t expect Ma Zhang’s evaluation of the ancient massaging technique to be so high.

Finally, the ancient massaging technique obtained the approval of a great doctor.

“In the past, people only knew how to marvel and admire it, but they had no idea of its real value and meaning.” The system spoke in pride, “The gift I gave out would of course be extremely impressive.”

“What do you guys think about my combat earlier?”

Sun Mo asked his six personal disciples. At the same time, he patted Lu Zhiruo’s head and instructed mentally, “Open the treasure chest!”


The treasure chest opened, leaving behind a skill book.

It was the detailed information about 200 types of darkness ferocious beasts, and the proficiency level was at the elementary-grade. This reward wasn’t too good, but considering that it came from a black-iron treasure chest, it wasn’t bad either.

“The palm strikes of Mao Fang are quite interesting. I wish to fight a round against him.”

Xuanyuan Po’s answer matched his style very much.

“Eh? We needed to pay attention to the combat?”

Lu Zhiruo, who was currently eating melons, froze. After that, she started to rack her brains to think of an answer.

(Oh no, I was busy admiring Teacher’s elegant postures when he fought earlier and didn’t observe the combat closely. What should I do now?)

The papaya girl turned her pleading gaze to Li Ziqi.

(Eldest martial sister, save me!)

“Mao Fang’s basic skills are quite sturdy. He was going all-out and extremely vigorous. However, he wasn’t adaptable enough to improvise.”

Li Ziqi analyzed.

“That’s right.”

Sun Mo nodded. “Mao Fang belongs to the type of people who have achievements because of their hard work. However, he has no spirituality and didn’t know how to improvise. It can be said that he has no creativity as well. His attacking style wouldn’t exceed your imaginations.”

“Teacher is so impressive!”

Lu Zhiruo wholeheartedly praised.

Jiang Leng nodded. Even Tantai Yutang revealed a look of serious contemplation as he truly felt a hint of admiration for Sun Mo.

“Teacher, is this the reason why you didn’t choose to use the Invulnerable Golden Body or your clone to retaliate?” Ying Baiwu asked, “Are you purposefully not letting the people know your trump cards?”


Sun Mo shook his head.

“Then, why?”

The iron-headed girl was puzzled.

“I’m using this chance to test my defensive prowess as well as the extreme limit of the Dharma Skyshock Fist, so I can collect accurate data.”

Sun Mo smiled. “Don’t learn this from me. The most perfect response is to use Universe Formless Clone Technique. By doing so, I would be in an undefeatable position. Even if my retaliation failed, I wouldn’t be injured.”

Ying Baiwu was enlightened.

“This is an individual’s combat style. Baiwu, you don’t have to learn it.”

Sun Mo mentally mused. (As an iron-headed girl, you would instantly win just by rushing your opponents.)

Zhang Yanzong, who was at the side, was also listening seriously. These words also allowed him to have a great revelation.


Favorable impression points from Zhang Yanzong +100. Respect (1,900/10,000).

Zhang Hao didn’t come over because Xia Yuan was fighting now.

A moment later, Xia Yuan returned to the resting area.

“Teacher Xia, how is it?”

Sun Mo executed Divine Sight and observed Xia Yuan’s situation.

“I won through a fluke.”

Xia Yuan’s expression was a little heavy. Only by being in the top 1,000 would they be qualified to enter the next test, which was the personal students battle. However, she estimated that she might not be able to persist until then.

“Teacher Xia, relax your emotions and don’t have such a look on your face. You would scare all your luck away.”

Sun Mo consoled.


Xia Yuan squeezed out a smile.

In the battle dojo, there were occasional bouts of cheering and clapping because some geniuses finally displayed their skills.

Shan Shi, who had provoked Sun Mo, didn’t even move half a step from his original location as he instantly destroyed his opponent with a finger, causing his opponent to faint directly. Such battle prowess caused many examinees to feel fear. Many prayed to not meet him in the next round.

Because Shan Shi originated from a small place, after that battle, he immediately shot to fame and became the largest dark horse in this competition.

Xie Cang, Bai Shuang, and the examinees from ‘A’ grade schools and above won easily. They were not only extremely knowledgeable, but their combat strength was also so strong that it was terrifying. They were simply powerful.

Sun Mo watched a few rounds and knew that with the current strength of the Central Province Academy, let alone rising to the ranks of the Nine Greats, they wouldn’t even be able to ascend to the ‘A’ rank.

The difference was too great.

(By this year’s end, let’s try to ascend to the ‘B’ grade first!)

The second round of the Great Teachers Battle lasted all the way until afternoon. However, as half of the examinees were eliminated, the progress of the following segments was much quicker.

Examinees who had been eliminated in the second round could go to the field to draw lots so they could fight in the loser brackets. They still had a chance remaining.

Gu Xiuxun’s turn was nearer to the front. Hence, she didn’t eat lunch. If she fought with a full belly, it would affect her combat strength.

At 2.15 p.m, it was the masochist’s turn to fight. Her luck was a little bad as she encountered a graduate from an ‘A’ grade school.

This battle was a little difficult. At the price of five broken ribs, Gu Xiuxun finally obtained victory by knocking out her opponent.

As Tong Yiming announced the end of the fight, the doctors immediately rushed over.

“Don’t move recklessly or your injuries might worsen!”

Little Six was the first to rush over. He directly supported Gu Xiuxun by her arm, his expression heavy.

(Hmph, there’s no way I will let anyone snatch such a beautiful patient away from me.)

Honestly speaking, when Gu Xiuxun first went up the stage, Little Six already took a fancy to her. How could treating those smelly males be comparable to treating a beauty?

If he somehow managed to get her good will, a relationship might even develop between them.

(I’m already 25. It’s time to get married!)

After Little Six looked at Gu Xiuxun, he felt that her beautiful face and figure suited his taste. This was especially so for her long fair legs. They were definitely fabulous to the extreme.

(If her temper was a little better...alright nevermind, even if her temper was a little worse compared to now, I can still endure it.)

(Is my expression too solemn? Would it be better if I reveal an amicable smile instead?”

When Little Six was pondering on how to increase his charm, he saw Gu Xiuxun’s body twisting away, leaving his grab.


Little Six froze.

“Sorry, I will let my friend treat me!”

After Gu Xiuxun finished speaking, she quickly left.

She couldn’t fully trust the medical skills of these young doctors. Her opponent was clearly heavily injured, yet this fellow had rushed toward her instead of her opponent. There was a problem with his medical ethics!

(I know I’m beautiful, but I don’t like simps!)

“Your injury is very serious, It’s better to let us professional doctors treat it. Besides, I’m the personal student of Ma Zhang, Great Teacher Ma!”

Little Six introduced himself with intense pride on his face.

Because of the title ‘professional doctor’, he had a very high status in upper society. He would receive many gazes of admiration and praise.

“Good, please quickly treat my opponent then!”

Gu Xiuxun didn’t even turn her head. When she saw Sun Mo appearing at the preparation area to meet her, a smile immediately appeared on her face.

“Teacher Sun!”

Upon hearing this, Little Six’s heart violently thumped. He knew that he had fallen in love. Gu Xiuxun’s smile was like the peach blossoms during summer. It had the aura of a youthful girl and also a hint of grassy fragrance from May. The seeds of love began to germinate in Little Six’s heart.

But an instant later, Little Six fell out of love again.

The smile on the girl’s face wasn’t for him!

“My surname is ‘Sun’ as well!”

Looking at Gu Xiuxun’s beautiful back, he felt like he had just swallowed charred and damp rice.

“Little Six, why are you in a daze? Quickly come and treat the injured!”

One of his companions urged.


“Sun Mo, I would have to trouble you.”

Gu Xiuxun felt embarrassed.

“You are treating me like an outsider by saying this!”

Sun Mo reproached. One of his hands held the masochist by the arm, supporting her.

A line of sweat dotted the masochist’s forehead. Hence, Sun Mo took out a handkerchief to wipe it away for her.

Gu Xiuxun immediately blushed because their interactions were too intimate.

In the medical room, Sun Mo helped Gu Xiuxun to set her bones and reduce the swelling. Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo waited at the side.

“Xiuxun, your manner of fighting was too risky just now.”

Sun Mo spoke, “Given your strength, if you stabilize your attacks and entangle him for a little longer, you would still be able to win.”

It was just like the saying, ‘the one outside the situation would always be able to see things clearer.’

“I dared to fight like this because I have you as my backing!”

Gu Xiuxun laughed, masking the awkwardness in her heart. Because her ribs were broken, she had to remove her clothes so Sun Mo could set the bones. Whatever that mustn’t be easily seen had been seen by Sun Mo.

Naturally, this was also the reason why Gu Xiuxun had refused to let Little Six and his companions treat her.

(A bunch of smelly males, they don’t even need to think about touching a finger of mine!)

(Naturally, Sun Mo is an exception because he is the fiance of Sis An. He cannot be considered an outsider.)

After the initial embarrassment, as Sun Mo’s hands pressed on her body, Gu Xiuxun suddenly experienced an excitement that was tough to describe.

Sun Mo started. After that, he shook his head and persuaded, “You better not fight in such a risky manner anymore.”

“Teacher, I have brought the spring water beauty medicine packet and even rented a bath near the school. How about we let Teacher Gu soak in the medicine bath before the next round starts?”

The little sunny egg asked.

The carriage was already prepared and it was waiting for them outside the school’s entrance.

Naturally, to arrange this at such a short timing, the little sunny egg had paid three times the price to the gatekeeper of the Westmountain Academy.

Gu Xiuxun left. Not long later, Tong Yiming read out Sun Mo’s name.

“#178 Sun Mo, ...”

Tong Yiming suddenly paused.

The originally clamorous battle dojo immediately fell silent after the audience heard Sun Mo’s name. After all, Sun Mo was a popular person, and everyone wished to know who his opponent was. However, the main examiner kept them in suspense.

Being true to his conscience, Tong Yiming didn’t do this intentionally. However, he did feel some regret after he saw the name of Sun Mo’s opponent. For this next fight, at least a genius would be eliminated.

However, very soon later, Tong Yiming felt anticipation rising in his heart. How strong was Sun Mo exactly? This would be a very good test.

If he won, his fame would explode even greater. If he lost, he would revert to his original state, an ordinary new genius.

“Who is it exactly? Quickly read the name out!”

“What’s going on?”

“I’m so anxious that I feel constipated!”

Everyone urged.

In the preparation area, many examinees clenched their buttholes and subconsciously prayed for it to not be them.

“Damn, quickly read my name out!”

Shan Shi stood up and was impatiently waiting to crush Sun Mo. He wanted to trample on Sun Mo to gain fame after a single battle.

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