Absolute Great Teacher
568 I Forfei
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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568 I Forfei

Chapter t

“#23 Xie Cang!”

Tong Yiming’s voice resounded throughout the entire battle dojo.

The battle dojo that was originally extremely noisy instantly fell silent. However, a few minutes later, an even bigger uproar occurred.

“Damn, why is it Xie Cang? I betted on Sun Mo winning the championship. Things are dire now!”

An average-looking spectator felt depressed.

“Are you retarded? It would be good enough if you just betted on Sun Mo getting into the top eight!”

An ugly guy beside him mocked. (Although I’m ugly, my intellect is higher than yours!)

“How can humans not have dreams? If that’s the case, what’s the difference between you and a salted fish? What if the others got mutually injured and Sun Mo became the person who benefitted the most?”

The average-looking guy glanced at the seat beside him with a look of disdain.

Naturally, if one wanted to benefit from the situation, they had to have great strength themselves. Sun Mo precisely fit in this possibility.

At this moment, various emotions were fermenting in the battle dojo.

Those who betted on Sun Mo did so because of his popularity. They wanted to bet on the fact that he was worth his reputation. But now that his opponent was Xie Cang, no one dared to believe Sun Mo would be able to win.

Who was Xie Cang?

Four years ago, he was already the top graduate of Jixia Academy. These geniuses were all very busy and had to take time off to participate in the examination. They would definitely pass as long as they took it.

After four more years of training, everyone could easily imagine how strong Xie Cang had become even if they used their little toe to think.

Those who betted on Xie Cang also felt depressed.

They just wanted to earn enough for two to three days worth of meals. But in the end, Xie Cang met Sun Mo so early.

No one looked down on Sun Mo.

So, Xie Cang should be able to defeat Sun Mo, but it was unsure if he could do so while being uninjured. If he was heavily injured, could he still make it to the top ten?

“Everyone, don’t panic.”

A spectator consoled everyone, but the sweat on his forehead said something different.

At this moment, the happiest people would be the citizens who betted on other examinees. It was simply too joyous that an intense battle would unfold now, and it might get rid of two strong competitors.

“Sun Mo, Xie Cang, quickly get up on the stage!”

Tong Yiming urged.


Shan Shi sat back down and folded his arms before his chest, an unhappy look on his face. He originally wanted to crush these geniuses one by one.

In the resting area, the examinees were all preserving their strength and energy. But after hearing Tong Yiming’s voice, all of them stood up and jogged quickly toward the preparation area.

Observing a battle between geniuses would definitely be of help to their own growth.

Very soon, the preparation area was soon flooded with people.

“Teacher Xie!”

Sun Mo clasped his fist. “Is Zhou Qiao’s recent condition still well?”

“Very well!”

Xie Cang had a look of gratitude on his face. “It’s all thanks to Teacher Sun’s help!”

“Haha, that’s good then. Put all your worries down and let us enjoy a good battle!”

Sun Mo started to adjust his breathing, preparing to do his best. Against such an opponent, he could definitely squeeze his potential out to its absolute limits. “Sun Mo, third level of the divine force realm. Please guide me!”

“Teacher Sun!”

Xie Cang didn’t display the pre-battle etiquette and revealed a bitter smile instead. “Are you not making things difficult for me?”


Sun Mo frowned. After that, he came to a realization and started to persuade, “Teacher Xie, you don’t have to mind it. The fact that I saved Zhou Qiao has nothing to do with this match.”


Xie Cang shook his head. “How can I act against my benefactor? Without you, Zhou Qiao’s future would have been destroyed.”

“The two of you...”

Tong Yiming who had been filled with anticipation felt a little bewildered upon seeing this scene. What was going on? How did Sun Mo become Zhou Qiao’s savior?

Because he was too busy with work, Tong Yiming never heard the rumors of Sun Mo having cured Zhou Qiao.

“Teacher Xie, you really don’t have to mind it.”

Sun Mo was speechless. How strong was his moral character? No wonder the system would give him the evaluation of a ‘good person’.

“I, Xie Cang, will forfeit!”

Xie Cang didn’t answer Sun Mo and spoke directly to Tong Yiming instead. After that, he directly turned and leaped down the arena.


An uproar was instantly created.

A lot of the audience sat up in shock as their eyes widened. (What’s going on? Was Xie Cang being threatened? Or was his mind being controlled by some bizarre dark secret arts cast by Sun Mo? If not, why would he have jumped down from the arena?)

One must know that after the examinees got on the stage, the examination would automatically start. Hence, regardless of the reason, they would be judged as having lost the round if they left the arena.

“Xie Cang, you...”

Tong Yiming was also exceptionally shocked.

“Even the great teacher examination has shady deals behind the scene?”

“Damn, what’s going on. Refund my money!”

“Fight now, why are the two of you not fighting?”

After a short period of shock, the audience erupted. This was especially so for the citizens who betted on Xie Cang’s victory. They directly cursed out loud.

Xie Cang originally wanted to walk toward the resting area. But after hearing the clamor, he frowned and was worried Sun Mo might be misunderstood. Hence, he started to speak in a loud voice.

“Teacher Sun used his God Hands and completely cured the injuries of my personal student Zhou Qiao, saving his future. He also made it so that I, a useless teacher, need not blame myself anymore. If I attack him, it will go against my moral principles.

“Also even if I won this match, it would be an unfair fight. Because in order to cure my student, Teacher Sun has used up a lot of spirit qi and energy.

“Hence, to the audience who supports me, I can only say this... I’m sorry!”

After Xie Cang explained, he took a 90-degree bow toward the audience in the surroundings.


Favorable impression points from Xie Cang +500. Respect (3,502/10,000).

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo smiled. Such a person was truly worthy to be friends with.

The audience quietened down. So, the actual reason was this?

As expected, Xie Cang was like the rumors. He was a great teacher that had talent and virtue. One must know that after he forfeited, although he could join the loser bracket, the difficulty of passing was clearly much more difficult.

Also, it was destined that he would never be able to get the first place since he had failed here.

However, at this moment, other than a small number of people being unhappy, the majority of the audience, even those who betted on Xie Cang, stood up and applauded him.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Tong Yiming was clapping too.

“I dare not accept your praise!”

Xie Cang clasped his hand. After apologizing to Sun Mo, he hurriedly went back to the resting area. His original intention was precisely this.

“I heard that Xie Cang had begged many people and spent a great deal of money for the sake of his injured personal student. He is truly a qualified great teacher!”

“In fact, I’m even more interested in Sun Mo’s God Hands now. I heard that all of Zhou Qiao’s bones were broken. Can something like this even be cured?”

“Sun Mo’s moral character isn’t bad either. Others would probably reserve their strength and energy for the Great Teachers Battle, right?”

As the discussion continued, Sun Mo’s image and reputation grew increasingly better.

In the past, all his actions had only caused everyone to feel that he was a new rising star with overflowing talent. But now, people started to respect him.

A screen immediately appeared before Sun Mo’s eyes, showing him how many favorable impression points he gained. In fact, several great teachers had contributed as well.

“The victor for this match is Sun Mo!”

After Tong Yiming announced this, he nodded to Sun Mo and smiled affably.


Favorable impression points from Tong Yiming +200. Friendly (610/1,000).

Tong Yiming had seen plenty of elite great teachers who were intelligent and talented. But as for those with an excellent moral character, they were comparatively much rarer. After all, if everyone were as selfless as Sun Mo, the world would have been filled with saints.

The applause from the audience grew even more intense. 80% of them stood up to display their respect for Sun Mo.

The average-looking guy glanced at the seat next to him and smiled complacently.

“So, all humans can have dreams. Look, Sun Mo is a step closer to getting the championship!”


The uglier guy felt sullen and could only curse in his heart. However, he didn’t resent Xie Cang. Instead, he felt impressed by his actions.

“Teacher Xie is a good person!”

Lu Zhiruo looked at the watermelon in her hand and decided to give him a piece.

“Not fun at all!”

Xuanyuan Po’s lips twitched.

“What do you know? This is called using virtue to convince others. It’s even more noble compared to a victory obtained through defeating an opponent in martial combat.”

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes. The combat addict only knew about slaughter and fighting. He was too unstylish.

“Should we head to the resting area or just wait here for the next round to begin?”

Tantai Yutang asked.

“Naturally, we have to go.”

Lu Zhiruo decided that she had to give a piece of watermelon to Xie Cang. (Mn, the second largest piece shall be it.) The largest and sweetest piece was already reserved for her teacher.

The battle continued. As Xie Cang was eliminated, the remaining great teachers felt even more agitated. Because a powerful enemy had disappeared, their chances of passing had also increased greatly.

Because of the rules, the number of great teachers who could pass the loser bracket could at most be ten, and they wouldn’t occupy the quota of those in the ordinary bracket.

“It’s all thanks to Sun Mo!”

At this moment, many people felt thankful for Sun Mo for eliminating Xie Cang.

The doctors in the waiting area glanced at each other, still in shock.

“Sun Mo cured Zhou Qiao?”

The other doctors looked at Little Six. (I thought you said Zhou Qiao was finished?)

Sun Xiaoliu had a stupefied look on his face. After Zhou Qiao had been beaten up by a mysterious person, Xie Cang immediately pleaded Ma Zhang for help. Having followed his teacher over, Sun Xiaoliu knew that there was basically no way to cure Zhou Qiao. Other than using some top-graded secret medicine or inviting a saint doctor to act, there should have been no other way.

“I don’t know.”

Sun Xiaoliu shook his head.

“What does ‘cured’ mean? Can he move now? It can’t possibly mean that he is restored to his original state, right?”

A doctor doubted.

“I think he is restored to his original state. If not, why would Xie Cang say that Sun Mo has saved his personal student’s future?”


Sun Xiaoliu subconsciously cried. (For an injury that my teacher had no way to treat, how could Sun Mo cure it?) But after that, he couldn’t help but believe in it because he did see Sun Mo cure Mao Fang’s broken arm earlier...

Sun Xiaoliu subconsciously turned his head, wanting his teacher to explain a little. In the end, he only saw his teacher, who usually paid much attention to propriety, rushing like a mad man into the resting area.

“Where is he going?”

Sun Xiaoliu was bewildered, but the other doctors soon realized what was going on and also decided to rush over.

“Teacher Miao, Teacher Liu, Teacher Zhou, the three of you are to stay behind!”

The vice team leader of the doctor team shouted. (If all of you disappear, who will treat the injured?)

The three unlucky people revealed looks of bitterness on their faces.

[1] Little Six is the nickname, and Sun Xiaoliu is the actual name. Xiaoliu literally stands for Little Six.

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