Absolute Great Teacher
570 Do You Want to Do Facial Surgery?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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570 Do You Want to Do Facial Surgery?


“I’m not, you are talking nonsense. Me and Sun Mo are innocent.”

Gu Xiuxun denied thrice.

“Listen to you. You are calling ‘Sun Mo’ in such a natural and caring manner. Shouldn’t you be referring to him as Teacher Sun?”

Fang Wuji mocked. He might be naive, but he wasn’t foolish.


Gu Xiuxun was dumbstruck. She guiltily snuck a glance at Sun Mo.

“Teacher Gu, you better not let Headmaster An see your current appearance. If she’s a little narrow-minded, she might even drown you for adultery!”

Li Ziqi silently sighed.

“Why? Did I strike a jackpot?” Fang Wuji coldly smiled. “Hmph, why don’t you refute my words?”

“I’ve never been in a relationship before. In fact, I’ve never fallen in love until now!”

Sun Mo felt very wronged.

(In my past life, I was a poor bloke and was studying hard during secondary school and junior college. When I got into university, because I had no money, I basically wasn’t able to get a girlfriend.)

In the modern era, girls matured very early. All of them wanted a good life and would only date a guy who could afford that.

For the price of a branded lipstick and a pack of celebrity face masks, Sun Mo could buy several monthly cards. The total cost was enough for him to lose a few layers of skin.

Naturally, there would be some good girls who wouldn’t hanker after wealth, but Sun Mo hadn’t had the fortune to meet one.

After hearing Sun Mo’s words, Li Ziqi’s eyes glowed brilliantly with the light of gossip.

“Is this true?”

Gu Xiuxun’s heart started thumping rapidly. Sun Mo actually hadn’t fallen in love with a person yet? (In that case, wouldn’t I have the chance to be the first?)


(Wait a minute! Gu Xiuxun, what are you blindly thinking about?)

(He is Sister Xinhui’s fiance. By thinking about it in this manner, he can be considered your brother-in-law.)


Fang Wuji was stunned. But after he saw Sun Mo’s unhappy expression, he stretched his hand and patted Sun Mo’s shoulder.

(F***, are you pitying me? You are definitely pitying me, right?)

Sun Mo’s fists were clenched tightly. He really wanted to sink them into Fang Wuji’s face. (In the food chain of contempt, I should still be a level higher compared to a simp like you, right?)

“I’ve kissed before!”

Fang Wuji suddenly spoke.


Sun Mo froze and felt guilty after that. This was an experience he never had before.

“That’s my most beautiful memory. It’s even deeper compared to the time when I comprehended my first great teacher halo!”

Fang Wuji revealed a look of reminiscing. His expression was filled with rose-colored happiness.

“I was born ugly. Let alone girls, even guys wouldn’t be willing to play with me. I thought things would be better after I entered school, but I was rejected thrice when I tried to woo girls.”

Fang Wuji bitterly smiled.

Ugly people were not worthy of love. This saying truly wasn’t just a joke.

“In the end, I gave up on pursuing love and focused fully on my learning. This lasted until I entered the Myriad Daos Academy and met Zhang Li. After that, that was the first time I knew the feeling of being shown care and concern by another. The feeling of being embraced was so gentle, the feeling of being kissed was so sweet.”

Fang Wuji smiled. He was truly happy back then. However, recalling these memories caused his countenance to warp even more.

“If I had once lived in heaven, that would be the time when I was in love!”

Gu Xiuxun felt very sad when she heard that. She really wanted to say that Zhang Li only became his girlfriend because she wanted to be employed by the school. But when she saw Fang Wuji’s expression, the masochist couldn’t bear to destroy his beautiful memories.

“The two of you, go over there to play!”

Sun Mo chased them away. He felt that this topic wasn’t suitable for Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo to listen to.

The two of them dawdled, feeling very unwilling to leave. Such gossips were very nice to listen to.

Mei Ziyu hid behind a banyan tree, not touched by Fang Wuji’s words because she had never tasted the experience of being in love.

But Ma Zhang, who was standing far away with his hands behind his back, sighed deeply after hearing those words.

When one was young, who dared to say that they had never been a simp before?

For men...as they continued simping, they would eventually mature and grow out of it.

“It’s time to wake up from the dream!”

Sun Mo’s lips curled. “Is it worth it to do all this for Zhang Li?”

“I will just treat it as a way to commemorate my dead love.”

Fang Wuji sighed ruefully.

“Do you think you are Jay f***ing Chou singing a song?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes, commemorating your dead love*? (You are just a simp, you are not worthy of love, do you understand?)

“Who is Jay Chou? Is he a simp too?”

Fang Wuji smiled self-mockingly. Actually, he understood his situation very well.

“No, he is a life winner. Not only is he extremely talented, but he also married a very beautiful woman.”

Sun Mo was considering his wording. He wouldn’t give up on persuading Fang Wuji because Zhang Li was truly not worth it!

“I know Teacher Sun is saying all this for my sake. Many thanks for your concern, but my life will always be like that!”

Fang Wuji clasped his hand and turned to depart.

“Don’t you want to chase Zhang Li back?”

Sun Mo suddenly spoke.

Fang Wuji halted his steps.

“Speaking of talent, you are one of the twin jade annulus of Jinling. Speaking of background, although your family is ordinary, as long as you have the strength, you can be considered someone with potential. In the future, when you become a high-ranking great teacher, you will be very rich and have a high status. Most probably, the reason you chose to give her up is because you felt inferior due to your ugly looks, right?”

Sun Mo smiled.

“In that case, do you want to do some facial surgery?”

His tone was filled with confidence.


Fang Wuji didn’t understand. Facial surgery? From the words themselves, he understood that it had something to do with changing one’s appearance. But how could it be achieved?

“If you don’t dare to continue pursuing Zhang Li because you feel you are ugly, I can change you into a handsome guy. No, an extremely handsome guy.”

Sun Mo changed his tactic. As long as Fang Wuji himself didn’t give up, things were doable. As for Zhang Li’s character, time would slowly reveal everything to Fang Wuji.

“How is it possible to accomplish this?”

Fang Wuji looked at Sun Mo, his face was filled with disbelief.

He was also someone with pride. He chose to let go not because he feared the authority of the vice headmaster’s son of an academy. It also wasn’t because of his wealth. It was purely because of his looks, and he didn’t wish to delay any of Zhang Li’s prospects.

(I let her go because I love her!)

“Others might not be able to do it, but my teacher definitely can.”

Lu Zhiruo crossed her hands on her hips and spoke with a look of pride on her face. (My teacher has the omnipotent God Hands.)

“I usually won’t perform facial surgery for people because I feel that a person’s worth is determined by their talent and lofty soul. Appearance is just an external thing. However, if you insist, I can help you.”

Sun Mo seriously looked at Fang Wuji as he spoke.


The light from a great teacher halo illuminated the area.

“Priceless Advice?”

Sun Xiaoliu who was standing behind Ma Zhang was shocked. Sun Mo’s world view was so impressive!

“Mn, a lofty soul. Well spoken!”

Ma Zhang stroked his beard and revealed a smile filled with praise.


Favorable impression points from Ma Zhang +100. Friendly (200/1,000).

“Very well said!”

Mei Ziyu stared at Sun Mo. When the summer sunlight cascaded down on him, he appeared holy and pure, resembling a saint.

Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes, already immune to such phenomena. Things would only be strange if Sun Mo didn’t erupt with a golden sentence every two to three days.

Fang Wuji was the man in question. After being illuminated by the great teacher halo, he sank into contemplation.

Sun Mo’s words were very right. To determine a man was noble or not, one had to look at their soul instead of their skin. But as an ugly person, Fang Wuji had suffered too much discrimination since he was young up until now.

In fact, because of his looks, Fang Wuji had lost many opportunities to change his life. For example, he wasn’t able to enter the tutelage of a great teacher who originated from a famous great teacher clan.

It was his current personal teacher who didn’t disdain him, accepting him as a disciple.

However, he had to admit that the capabilities of his current teacher were a little inferior.

Naturally, Fang Wuji was still deeply grateful for his teacher. However, he couldn’t help but think that if he was just a little bit more handsome, maybe he wouldn’t have been rejected.

“Teacher Fang, you don’t have to feel conflicted about facial surgery. It’s just like changing your skin, it wouldn’t change your soul.”

Gu Xiuxun persuaded after seeing Fang Wuji hesitating and being indecisive.

Sun Mo no longer spoke. No matter how Fang Wuji chose, it was his decision.

“Teacher, do you think Sun Mo really can change a person’s appearance?”

Sun Xiaoliu was curious.

“Refer to him as Teacher Sun!”

Ma Zhang berated.


It was very rare for his teacher to be so strict toward him. In the end, his teacher actually scolded him because of Sun Mo. However, he didn’t dare to be disobedient either and could only lower his head.

“I’ll do as you bid.”

“Maybe it’s something he’s just saying to convince Fang Wuji not to give up?”

Ma Zhang guessed. After watching for a while, he also understood the entire situation.

As for facial surgery?

He had never heard of this concept before. Even disguising was very rarely seen because this belonged to the unorthodox path and was something frowned on in public.

Moreover, why would ordinary people be in disguise? Wouldn’t that mean that they were preparing to do some sneaky misdeeds in the shadows?

“Teacher Fang, you can absolutely be at ease.”

Li Ziqi consoled. Having investigated Fang Wuji’s information before, she knew that he would donate his monthly salary to help those students in poverty.

Such a good man shouldn’t suffer like this.

“Teacher Fang, I actually feel your soul is very beautiful. Even if you don’t do the facial surgery, you are still considered a pretty boy to me.”

Lu Zhiruo sincerely persuaded. Fang Wuji’s aura was very upright, there were no impurities at all.

“Haha, if I’m a pretty boy, what about your teacher?”

After hearing how sincere the papaya girl was, Fang Wuji involuntarily laughed and teased her.

“How can you be comparable to my teacher?”

Lu Zhiruo didn’t even think and directly replied. Her expression and her tone was as it should be by rights.


Gu Xiuxun and Li Ziqi instantly perspired and felt embarrassed to death. (Although this is the truth, can you, papaya girl, not be so blunt about it?)

(It would crush someone to death, alright?)


Fang Wuji laughed. This was truly a pure and innocent little girl. He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand, wanting to rub the papaya girl’s head.


The papaya girl blocked her head with both hands and evaded it. (Only my teacher can touch my head. Mn, and my father!)


Fang Wuji looked at the jade blue sky and drew in a deep breath. He then exhaled. “Teacher Sun, I would have to trouble you then.”

“Have you thought things through?”

Sun Mo’s expression also turned solemn.

“Yes. I want to do facial surgery, but the reason is not because of Zhang Li nor is it to become better looking. I just don’t want my personal students to be mocked by others because of me.”

Fang Wuji smiled. “Oh right, you don’t have to make me extremely handsome. I will be happy enough just to look average. As for love...I believe I will be able to find a girl who loves me and not disdains me due to my looks.”

“No problem!”

Sun Mo exercised his fingers. “Even if you want to have the face of a hippo, I can achieve it for you.”

“I don’t doubt it!”

Fang Wuji laughed. He was very calm. “Don’t forget that I’m also from Jinling. I’ve long since heard about the great reputation of God Hands.”

[1] commemorating my dead love (纪念死去的爱情) is a line from the lyrics of one of Jay Chou’s song {夜曲} – Nocturne

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