Absolute Great Teacher
571 Exceptionally Handsome
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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571 Exceptionally Handsome


Fang Wuji was born ugly, and this was why he felt a sense of inferiority. Hence, he liked to stay in the experiment lab alone to read books or do research. This resulted in him breeding a personality that disliked discussion with others or disputes.

Bluntly speaking, he was a herbivore. If there was the occasional conflict, he was willing to be on the losing end and just suffer.

With regard to Sun Mo, Fang Wuji had come in contact with him many times and had a pretty good impression of him. So, even though he didn’t know what facial surgery meant, he could put his heart at ease and allowed Sun Mo to do what he wanted to.

“I will get started then!”

Sun Mo focused his mind, qi, and spirit. After that, he circulated his spirit qi.


The genie materialized.

Fang Wuji’s expression stiffened for a bit, but he soon regained his calm. In fact, he even felt some sympathy for the genie who was a muscular dude. (Your muscles are overly sturdy and thick. It’s clear that you might have some deformities. You must find it hard to have a girlfriend as well, right?)

The genie was originally preparing to flaunt its muscles. After seeing Fang Wuji’s face, it wanted to spit a mouthful of saliva in disdain, but in the end, it froze completely when it saw the look of sympathy on it.

(Are you pitying me?)

This was the first time the genie had encountered such a person. Hence, it decided to put in more force when it came to the massage later.

Fang Wuji didn’t react, but the appearance of the genie scared Ma Zhang and his group.

“What the hell?”

Sun Xiaoliu criss-crossed his arm before his chest and adopted a defensive posture. The genie evidently wasn’t a human.

“Is it a spiritual beast?”

“Have you seen a human-shaped spiritual beast before?”

“No, that’s why I’m curious. Look at its attire and expression, it has so much personality. I feel that it can even jump and dance around.”

The doctors whispered to each other. They had never seen any secret arts that could summon a human-shaped lifeform. Hence, they thought the genie was a spiritual beast.

Humanoid beasts were also very rare, but they were undoubtedly extremely powerful.

“Is this the true secret of God Hands?”

Ma Zhang mumbled. He really couldn’t help but walk forward. After all, he was a 5-star great teacher with a large amount of experience and was highly intelligent. Through deduction, he could find out some truth.

Mei Ziyu kept calm in the face of the unexpected, but after turning her head and taking a glance at the battle dojo, she revealed a worried expression.

The third round of the examination would commence today. If Sun Mo exhausted his spirit qi, it would surely affect his combat strength. However, he was truly a kind man.

“Teacher Fang, you are really calm!”

Gu Xiuxun felt somewhat impressed when she saw Fang Wuji remain unmoving, freely allowing the genie to do whatever it was doing. (Are you not afraid Sun Mo might take the chance to do something bad to you?)

“I know very well about Teacher Gu’s character. For a man that you look up to, I believe his character wouldn’t be too bad.”

Fang Wuji counter-asked.


Gu Xiuxun immediately flushed and explained uneasily, “I’m not, I don’t look up to him, you are speaking blindly!”

After speaking, she snuck another glance at Sun Mo.

(Aiya, that was such an unyielding explanation, would Sun Mo misunderstand things and feel that I’m really not interested in him?)

(Wait a minute, I have no interest in him, right? Why would he misunderstand this?)

For a time, the masochist felt extremely worried.

“Teacher Fang, stop talking. Otherwise, if the facial surgery goes wrong, don’t blame me!”

Sun Mo reminded.

Sun Mo was currently extremely focused.

His plan was very simple. He would first use the bone setting technique to remove excess bones and craft a perfect face outline before sorting out the energy channels.

Although there weren’t many energy channels in the face and they were comparatively thinner, they were still very important because they could link to the head. If it was not done well, one’s combat strength would have a 20% reduction at the very least.

After that, he would use the muscleforge technique and living blood technique to repair the muscles, making them tight while also guaranteeing that the blood flow was smooth.

In the end, he would use the skin beautifying technique to make the skin glossy, ruddy, elastic, and have a luster.

When the genie finished the initial procedure, Sun Mo mentally instructed it.

“Move aside, I will do the rest!”

Sun Mo’s five fingers grabbed Fang Wuji’s chin lightly as he cautiously shaved away a part of his jaw.

If Sun Mo only knew the ancient massaging technique, even if it was at the ancestor-level, he wouldn’t dare to do facial surgery for people because he might be able to change the faces of people, but he had no guarantees that the new face would be a good-looking one.

This was because facial surgery involved the arts of beautification.

Luckily. Sun Mo also possessed the grandmaster-level Traditional and Character Painting Drawing Technique. Besides, he had seen so many celebrities in his past world and could easily find a face that ‘fit’ Fang Wuji the most.

“Quickly look, the face shape has changed. How magical!”

Ma Zhang and his group already walked over. There was a young doctor who cried out involuntarily.

“Doesn’t he look uglier compared to before?”

Sun Xiaoliu questioned. The skin on the face was now loose and flushed. Clearly, blood was oozing out.

“Shut up!”

Ma Zhang berated. “Watch seriously. If you speak nonsense again, scram further away!”

Ma Zhang was very angry. (This is such a rare chance to observe, but none of you guys is cherishing it? You all are actually doubting this? Are you guys even qualified?)

The bunch of doctors hurriedly clenched their buttholes and didn’t even dare to let out a fart as they observed seriously.

When Sun Mo finished shaving a part of the jaw and started the second step, some faint-red spirit qi emitted out with blood mist, enveloping Fang Wuji’s head

This was a protective measure. If not, if the wind blew some dust on his face, it would actually cause secondary damage and affect the result of the facial surgery.


Ma Zhang sighed. He wasn’t able to watch now. However, he still quietly stood there to wait.

Lu Zhiruo felt bored after watching for a while. She opened her bag and discovered that she had finished all her melons. Hence, she decided to jog toward the exit of the campus.

After the operation, her teacher would surely be very tired and thirsty. (I want to go buy a huge melon that’s juicy and very sweet.)


At a corner of the battle dojo.

A handsome young man with a gentle and reserved appearance was touching Zhang Li’s butt as he asked, “Have you done the things I asked you to?”

“I’ve settled it. If Fang Wuji encounters you in the battle, he will go easy on you.”

Zhang Li felt somewhat nervous and kept looking at her surroundings. If someone saw this, wouldn’t it be too embarrassing?


The young man’s eyebrows twitched. This made him look even more handsome.


Zhang Li nodded heavily. “Fang Wuji loves me very deeply. He would agree to help me with anything.”


The young man laughed. It was unknown whether he was mocking Fang Wuji or feeling complacent. Maybe it was both.

“What about the thing that you promised me?”

Zhang Li had endured asking the question but caved in at the end. After all, by saying that to Fang Wuji, it could be considered that she had cut off all ties. In the future, she could only stay in the Springflower Academy.

“Don’t worry, when have the words spoken by me, Song Lang, be untrue before?”

This young man was named Song Lang, the son of a vice headmaster of the Springflower Academy and could be considered the second generation of a teaching clan. He managed to sleep with a few ladies due to his background, looks, and the fact that he was a little talented.

After all, for girls like Zhang Li who was from humble origins, they needed 10 or 20 years to climb up if they depended on themselves. They had no hope in their lives. So, when a shortcut appeared before them, they couldn’t help but take it.

“However, you might not encounter Fang Wuji. Are you not a little too cautious by doing this?”

Zhang Li originally wanted to say that it would be a waste.

“It’s always good to be prepared!”

Song Lang’s lips curled as he mentally mused that the favor used up was hers and not his. “Speaking of which, that Fang Wuji still has feelings for you, right? If he knows that we had s...”

Song Lang spoke and started to caress her body.

“Don’t. Others might see it!”

Zhang Li struggled but as Song Lang continued to grope her, she gave in. Moreover, because she had to depend on Song Lang to have a stable footing in the Springflower Academy, Zhang Li didn’t dare to disobey him.

“One of the twin annulus of Jinling? A headmaster candidate of the Myriad Daos Academy? Che, if this daddy wants to sleep with your woman, isn’t it extremely easy for me to succeed?”

Song Lang kissed Zhang Li’s lips.

Naturally, he also stopped when it was appropriate to. After all, he was about to fight later. It wasn’t good to waste energy on fooling around right now.

No one noticed that at a dark corner near the wall, Tantai Yutang was hiding and recording the scene with an image-recording stone.

“I knew that I would be able to watch a good show!”

The sickly invalid chortled.

When Lu Zhiruo told this major news to Sun Mo, Tantai Yutang was present as well. However, he didn’t follow them to look for Zhang Wuji. Rather, he decided to track Zhang Li.

He felt that Zhang Li would surely be claiming credit for her actions. Hence, all the unsavory words spoken by this adulterous couple was now recorded down. Later on, he would let Fang Wuji listen to this so Fang Wuji would finally be able to see Zhang Li’s true colors.

“Speaking of which, isn’t Teacher a goody two shoes? He would even help a strong competitor like Fang Wuji.”

The sickly invalid shook his head. Given his personality, he naturally wanted to blow things up so things would be interesting.


Near the flower bed, half an hour later.

The facial surgery was completed and the genie had vanished. The faint-reddish spirit qi surrounding Fang Wuji’s head also faded away.

The spirits of everyone stirred as all of them opened their eyes wide. After that, everyone was inhaling large breaths of cold air.


Their expressions were as though they just saw a ghost.

“He really transformed?”

“Damn, isn’t he a little too handsome now? Can a human look like this? He looks like someone that came out from a portrait!”

“Wondrous! Magical!”

The doctors all marveled in admiration. A few even wanted to stretch their hands out to touch.

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes at Sun Xiaoliu. (What is with your gaze, what do you mean by can a human look like this? Isn’t my teacher already someone so handsome?)

(Alright, Fang Wuji is also as handsome as my teacher now.)

Gu Xiuxun was dumbfounded. Although she had guessed that the effect of the facial surgery would be pretty good, the result was simply too impressive.

As the person who knew Fang Wuji for the longest time, if it wasn’t her personally seeing this, Gu Xiuxun wouldn’t dare to go up and say hi to Fang Wuji if she encountered him on the streets.

As for major changes, there really weren’t any. Above Fang Wuji’s nose, his features remained the same. However, his chin, cheek, and the bridge of his nose had had some modifications.

This was a genuine celebrity face, which fully managed to display Fang Wuji’s inner spirit, peacefulness, and generosity when dealing with others.

Anyone who glanced at such a face would immediately feel a huge amount of good will. In a TV drama, even if you got such a guy to act as a major villain, the audience would definitely think he was someone who went undercover and his status would definitely be cleared when the finale came.

“It’s not too bad, right?”

Sun Mo observed his first masterpiece carefully as he asked Gu Xiuxun.

“It’s very excellent!”

Gu Xiuxun nodded. Those who were close with Fang Wuji would still be able to recognize him if they saw him, but they wouldn’t dare to be sure. The effect was as such.

“If it wasn’t me personally seeing this, I truly wouldn’t dare to believe that this man is none other than Fang Wuji with the huge chin!”

Ma Zhang marveled.


Favorable impression points from Ma Zhang +500. Friendly (700/1,000).

Upon hearing the system’s notification, Sun Mo involuntarily glanced at Ma Zhang. (Bro, how many contribution points have you donated to me today? Could it be that you are planning to replace that honest guy Qi Shengjia and become my little fan? I mean...my old fan?)

“Teacher Fang, quickly look at your reflection in the mirror. I feel that if Zhang Li sees you now, she would surely regret abandoning you.”

Gu Xiuxun urged.

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