Absolute Great Teacher
573 I Want to Complain, This Is Clearly Substitution Cheating!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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573 I Want to Complain, This Is Clearly Substitution Cheating!


As a sickly invalid that didn’t have long to live, other than revenge, it was very hard for any other matter to stir Tantai Yutang’s emotions.

However, when Tantai Yutang glanced at the god-level pretty boy face resembling the famous Pan An and Song Yu from historical times, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

(Isn’t the God Hands a little too impressive?)

If his teacher opened a facial surgery medical hall, wouldn’t his doorstep be trampled to destruction from all the women in the world? In the future, he could simply discard the name ‘God Hands’ and might as well call himself ‘Lady Hands’.

However, Tantai Yutang soon regained calmness. So what if one was a pretty boy? In the end, wouldn’t even one be dried bones when they were buried?

The true way to leave behind something in this world wasn’t how beautiful you look. Rather, it was how many changes had you brought to the world.

There was once when Tantai Yutang wanted to be the same as his mother, becoming a divine doctor who could save the people of the world, treating all incurable diseases and compiling medical books for the future so his name would be immortalized for generations to come. The surname ‘Tantai’ would then shine in glory throughout the nine provinces and become an aristocratic clan of saint doctors...

But as his mother passed away, Taitai Yutang changed. He only wanted revenge.

“Help me thank your teacher!”

Fang Wuji took the image-recording stone, but his gaze was on Tantai Yutang’s body. He couldn’t help but have a hint of admiration in his eyes.

His current face was absolutely that of a pretty boy. Even a 5-star great teacher like Ma Zhang was shocked. However, this male student was only temporarily surprised and soon regained his calmness.

Such calmness definitely surpassed many people of his age.

“Teacher Fang, while you are heading to the arena, you should take the time to watch it!”

After the sickly invalid spoke, he turned and departed.


On the arena, Song Lang stood in a corner. His left hand was on the hilt of his sword and his right hand was placed behind his back. He puffed his chest out and sucked in his stomach as he turned his gaze into the distance, putting up a confident and at ease look.

One couldn’t help but say that this Song Lang was truly quite handsome. He could easily make himself look good. Just a few moments later, many young girls went wild and decided to support him in the fight.

Hence, people would often say that when humans interacted with each other, the first impression was very important. This was especially so when it came to matchmaking; one look would determine one’s ‘life and death’.

Also, for the so-called ‘love at first sight’, saying that he liked your demeanor, saying that he liked the sweet smile akin to the words of an angel playing on your lips, saying that he had spent 500 years in his past life waiting for you just for a brief encounter in this life...

All these were flowery words designed to cheat girls into bed. Bluntly speaking, when hormones raged, the season for f***ing had come.

“My opponent is actually Fang Wuji? Che, even the heavens want to help me!”

Song Lang inclined his head and stared at the sky. He felt an invincible feeling as though he was a winner in life.

(I simply crush him in both fields – IQ and looks.)

(In terms of cultivation bases, I might be inferior to you. However, my intellect is much higher. Tell me do you think you are pitiful or not? I have already slept with your woman and now, you even have to take the initiative to give up and forfeit.)

“Sigh, life is truly as lonely as the falling snow!”

Song Lan shook his head and wanted to recite a poem to express his emotions. But as he racked his brains, all he could think were scenes of visiting brothels to play with famed courtesans. Although the image was beautiful, he was in the arena right now and it was better to be more reserved.

“Fang Wuji, this is the final ten breaths of time. If you still refuse to get on the stage, you will be judged as lost!”

The main examiner said in a loud voice and started the countdown.




When the count was at six, a buzzing sound could be heard as a silhouette flashed past, appearing on the stage.

Fang Wuji stared at Song Lang. He was like a bloodthirsty stray dog as his fist was clenched tightly, his nails digging deep into the flesh of his palm.

Pitter patter!

Fresh blood dripped onto the ground.

“Who are you?”

Song Lang contemplated. This guy was so handsome to the point where it was unreal. (Are you here to snatch this daddy’s limelight? This ought to be so. In this batch of examinees, speaking of the top five handsome great teachers, I am surely among them. However, this guy is clearly much more handsome than me.)

After thinking of this, Song Lang straightened his back and pursed his lips. Such an expression caused his countenance to seem even more determined.

One must know that Song Lang had secretly practiced this posture for a very long time. But now, after he made the expression, he felt even more depressed.

(F***, he is still better looking!)

(Is the man before me a reincarnation of Pan An*?)

There was no need for him to do or say anything. Just by standing there, this man was able to cause all the other men to feel ashamed of their own inferiority.

In the spectator stands, Zhang Li was frowning as she saw Fang Wuji ascending the stage. She felt like something was wrong.

Li Ruolan, who was in the VIP seats, immediately felt her spirits stirring upon seeing Fang Wuji. She was extremely bored earlier and right now, she immediately took out an image-recording stone.

(This man is actually so handsome?)

(I’ll give you nine marks. I will deduct one mark because I still don’t know if your talent and character matches your face!”

“Scram down from here!”

The main examiner frowned and angrily berated Fang Wuji. “If you stir trouble up during the Great Teachers Battle, you will not only be beaten up and expelled from the dojo, but you will also lose all your qualifications to participate in the great teacher examinations forever.”

In the audience, the spectators whispered to each other. Other than Fang Wuji’s shocking appearance, they really thought this unknown person was trying to disrupt the examination.

How many years had it been since such a gusty fellow appeared?

The number of people that dared to challenge the Saint Gate’s prestige could be counted on one’s hand. All of them had bad endings.

“I’m Fang Wuji!”

Fang Wuji helplessly explained.


The main examiner originally wanted to shoo him away. Upon hearing this, he started and looked dumbfoundedly at Fang Wuji. He started cursing. “Do you think I’m blind? You think I can’t even differentiate between examinees?”

Even if great teachers might not all have photographic memories, their memory was also extremely strong. Although there were over ten thousand examinees, it was no problem for the examiners to memorize the face of each person.

Moreover, Fang Wuji was a very famous newbie and had the reputation of one of the twin annulus of Jinling. How could the examiners not recognize such a person?

“Let me ask you again. Do you think I’m blind or retarded? Those are the only reasons I would think that you are Fang Wuji.”

Song Lang was happy now. He felt that although this fellow was handsome, there must definitely be something wrong with his brains. Maybe this fellow would screw up when it came to opening windows every day. He might accidentally injure himself by closing the window over his hand or something.

How could it be possible for there to be such a perfect individual?

As for this man before him, it was clear that his brain was addled.

“I really am Fang Wuji!”

After seeing the content of the image-recording stone. Fang Wuji was so angry that he wanted to kill Song Lang. But he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this moment.

The anger he accumulated also dissipated by quite a bit.

“Where are the people of the security team? Quickly come and drag him away!”

The main examiner roared.

“Wait a minute, I’m really Fang Wuji. Earlier, I received Teacher Sun Mo’s facial surgery. Hence, my appearance became like this.”

Fang Wuji hurriedly explained.

“Facial surgery?”

The main examiner had a dumbfounded look on his face as he glanced at the judges table.

There were 13 major characters seated there. All of them had stupefied looks.

For the Great Teacher Battles, other than the main examiner, there were 13 other 3-star great teachers acting as judges as they spectated. Usually, they wouldn’t speak, but if complicated situations happened, the victor would depend on their decision.

“Major news!”

Li Ruolan’s eyes brightened. But in her heart, she already deducted 5 marks for this 9 marks guy. (Sorry, I love handsome guys, but only those types like Sun Mo!)

“Sun Mo can be my witness!”

Fang Wuji rapidly realized the consequences of the facial surgery – not all consequences might be good.

“Sun Mo is not qualified enough!”

On the judging panel, Jiang Zhitong spoke, “Who knows if you guys have colluded together?”

“Teacher Jiang, please pay attention to your words.”

Mei Yazhi reminded him.

“Teacher Jiang, speak cautiously.”

Another major character spoke. Jiang Zhitong’s words were clearly biased.

“Great Teacher Ma Zhang can also be my witness!”

Fang Wuji recalled Ma Zhang. “Also, everyone on the doctor team!”


The gazes of everyone turned to Ma Zhang.

“Facial surgery? You mean facial transformation, right? Is such a thing also possible?”

“I’ve heard of disguising before. Is this the same thing?”

“I feel that it is not!”

The spectators still didn’t really understand the concept of facial surgery, but it sounded very magical to them!

“Teacher Ma, what’s going on?”

Jiang Zhitong asked.

“I personally saw Great Teacher Sun Mo using the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to help Fang Wuji change his face structure. The members of my doctor team have also all seen this.”

Ma Zheng bore witness.


Jiang Zhitong directly shouted out. He remembered clearly how ugly Fang Wuji looked. That broad chin was too prominent. Only blind women would fall for him.

(Yet, you are telling me this fellow that’s so handsome to the extent he would invoke jealousy in others is actually Fang Wuji?)

Who would believe it?

The other major characters didn’t speak, but they were all frowning. For a time, it was unknown how many crabs would be squeezed to death by the furrowing of their brows.

It was impossible for Ma Zhang to lie. But facial surgery just sounded too incredible.

After hearing Jiang Zhitong’s words, Ma Zhang’s expression grew even heavier. By doubting his words, Jiang Zhitong’s action was a serious accusation toward his morals.

“Teacher Jiang, I’m willing to vow on my career and my 5-star great teacher title. If this person isn’t Fang Wuji, the Saint Gate can strip me of everything.”

Ma Zhang guaranteed.

“I’m also willing to vow!”

“Me too!”

“Me as well!”

Sun Xiaoliu and the other doctors also spoke out. In any case, this was the truth. There was no need for them to be afraid.

“Teacher Ma, your words are too serious. We still believe you.”

Liang Hongda stood up and consoled Ma Zhang.

The other major characters also hurriedly spoke. Since Ma Zhang could become the team leader of the doctor team in the Great Teachers Battle, it meant that regardless of his background or capability, he was up to the mark.

Jiang Zhitong’s expression froze. He also knew that he had misspoken. However, there was no solution to this. He would always be unhappy whenever he heard Sun Mo’s name.


Ma Zhang cast a glance of disdain at Jiang Zhitong. Not only was he a 5-star great teacher, but he also had a deep and impressive background. Simply speaking, he had a huge backing. This was why he didn’t care about Jiang Zhitong.

“Since Teacher Ma has already guaranteed it, there shouldn’t be any mistakes. Let the battle start, we have already wasted quite a lot of time.”

Liang Hongda made a decision.

“Song Lang, your personality is truly filthy and despicable. Today, I will help cleanse the great teacher world of its filth. Prepare to accept death!”

Fang Wuji berated in rage.

Someone with a character like Song Lang being a great teacher was truly an insult to the name of great teachers. Naturally, Fang Wuji also felt rage from being cuckolded.


Fang Wuji unsheathed his sword as his killing intent gushed forth.

Song Lang could see the shine of the sword as well as Fang Wuji’s eyes that were filled with killing intent. He immediately grew terrified.

“I want to complain. This is clearly a case of Fang Wuji hiring another person to take his place! Cheating by substitution!”

Song Lang suddenly roared, making a last-ditch struggle. “Is he Fang Wuji just because you guys said it is so? If that’s the case, I can even say that I’m the Saint Gate’s Sect Lord!”

(Where was the supposed fact that my higher intelligence would crush Fang Wuji?)

(Where was the supposed fact that Fang Wuji would forfeit?)

(Return everything to me!)

[1] Pan An was a prominent chinese poet known for his good looks back in ancient times

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》