Absolute Great Teacher
574 Grandmaster Sun, I Wish for You to Take Me as a Student, Please Accept Me!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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574 Grandmaster Sun, I Wish for You to Take Me as a Student, Please Accept Me!


“Blood inspection!”

Ma Zhang suggested.

Although they had measures to check the identity of a person, such measures usually wouldn’t be used. No great teachers would try and joke around with their careers.

Once this was verified, the cheaters wouldn’t only lose their titles as great teachers but also the ability to proceed with their cultivation because the Saint Gate would confiscate all their resources.

If there was someone, a sect, or a school that provided the cheaters with cultivation resources, they would be punished as well.

Moreover, the clans of the cheaters would also be affected. Within three generations, everyone of direct blood relations with the cheaters would be barred from the 1-star great teacher examination even if they had comprehended the self-taught halo and three other halos.

Such a heavy punishment had put an end to cheating cases like substituting another to take the examination.

To put it more unpleasantly, for those truly powerful and wealthy clans, who among them would use such a low-end and clumsy method to cheat?

Hence, at this moment, all the major characters of the judging panel looked at Song Lang like how they would look at an idiot.

Even Jiang Zhitong who hated Sun Mo very much wouldn’t say something like this.

As the person in question, Ma Zhang decided not to participate to avoid gossip. Hence, Mei Yazhi personally acted with Liang Hongda supervising the blood inspection procedure.

Mei Yazhi was an alchemy grandmaster and also knew a little about medical arts. Besides, blood inspection was something very simple. One just needed to prick their finger skin and draw out some blood, placing the blood in a specially concocted medical container. Whether the fusion was successful or not, would be used to determine whether the suspect was the same person.

Song Lang opened his eyes wide and stared at the container.

Before the great teacher examination began, the doctors had drawn some blood from all the examinees and kept them separately. Hence, if this handsome man’s blood fused with the container containing Fang Wuji’s blood, it would mean that they were the same person.

“The droplets of blood fuse, they fuse!”

Right now, at the preparation area, the place was already flooded with examinees. Their distance was closer. Hence, they could clearly see the blood fusing.

“Damn, Sun Mo can really transform one’s facial features to something so handsome?”

“Isn’t the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands a little too impressive?”

“Do you think he will do a facial surgery for me?”

The examinees were all shocked to the point of being stupefied. Even examinees who had 7 marks in terms of their appearances were filled with anticipation. After all, everyone would always want to be even better looking.

“Teacher Song, do you still have anything to say?”

Ma Zhang asked.


Right now, Song Lang’s brain had turned to glue. He looked at Fang Wuji’s celebrity-like face as envy, jealousy, and hatred filled his heart. Why was he so handsome now?

(This is all Sun Mo’s fault. This has nothing to do with him, so why the hell did he have to butt in and interfere?!)

The uproar among the audience instantly grew in intensity as the result of the blood inspection was out. They finally understood the matter clearly.

So, that One-Vote Sun changed an ugly guy into an absolute pretty boy!

This was especially unbelievable for those who had seen Fang Wuji before. They were marveling at the difference with excitement and curiosity.

Sun Mo washed his hands first and when he was heading toward the resting area, the system notification rang out.


“Congratulations on saving Fang Wuji’s career and telling him that the determinant of a person’s worth was the nobility of his soul. You’ve won his admiration. In addition, the prestige connection between you two has improved. You are awarded 1 great teacher emblem and 1 mysterious treasure chest.”

“Congratulations, you didn’t choose to ignore Fang Wuji because he was your competitor and actually stepped out to help him. You have perfectly accomplished the duty of a great teacher, solving the confusion of others. Hence, you are awarded 1 golden treasure chest.”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. The rewards were overly luxurious!

Truthfully speaking, for an occupation like great teachers, one must have high morals. After all, great teachers would educate a lot of youngsters and could be considered someone lighting up the pathway for them. Hence, the great teachers had to be the role models and educators.

In the modern era, Sun Mo had seen some bad news before. For example, a minority of teachers started recommending extra tuition classes and books to students, wanting the students to purchase them. If the students refused to buy, the teachers would start treating the students differently.

This action was clearly treating students as money pouches.

In order to earn a little profit. Their actions had truly stained the occupation of teachers.


Sun Mo entered the resting area. After seeing that there was no one here, he headed toward the arena. The examiner group would surely doubt Fang Wuji’s identity. Hence, they definitely needed him to testify.

“I don’t know who is the lucky one that would benefit from this.”

Sun Mo calmly smiled. But after that, he retracted his smile and frowned as he glanced toward a corner.

There, Shan Shi was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed before his chest. After that, he narrowed his eyes as he showed a smile that was not a smile, looking straight at him.

“Continue to grow in popularity. The more popular you are, the more successful I would seem after I crush you!”

Shan Shi coldly laughed.

“Sun Mo has arrived!”

An examinee called out. Swish~ Everyone turned their heads and glanced over in unison.

Those gazes contained shock, curiosity, and deep probing.


Before Sun Mo said anything, the crowd automatically opened up a path for him.

“Teacher Sun!’

Ma Zhang immediately greeted Sun Mo.

Sun Mo nodded and glanced at the judging panel. “Do you need me to provide proof?”

His confident tone and calm expression, as well as his lofty figure, was simply filled with ‘killing might’. He was like a sharp arrow that instantly penetrated the hearts of many young maidens in the audience.

“How handsome!”

Li Ruolan aimed the image-recording stone at Sun Mo.

“I can be your mold.”

An examinee impatiently called out.

What the hell was a mold?

Everyone turned and immediately saw a bucktooth examinee with large cheekbones walking out. “There’s no need to make me too handsome. I just want to have 70%, no just 50% of his looks!”


The examinees sneered in disdain. (You mean you want a free facial surgery?)

One must know that Sun Mo’s God Hands were already very famous. If he requested Sun Mo to do facial surgery on him based on his status, he would absolutely not be qualified.

After thinking of this, many examinees could no longer be calm.

“I can also be your mold!”

“I think it’s better to let me do it, as I’m uglier. After the facial surgery, the effect would be more obvious and Teacher Sun’s greatness could be displayed more easily.”

“Do it on me, just do what you want to. It’s fine even if you fail!”

“F***, you are so ugly. Even if he failed to do a perfect job, you would definitely become much better looking!”

The examinees argued noisily.


Liang Hongda coldly snorted as a great teacher halo erupted forth. The entire battle dojo instantly fell into silence.

“The blood inspection is completed and his identity is verified. Don’t drag things on any longer, let the competition continue!”

Liang Hongda spoke. After that, he glanced at Sun Mo. Honestly speaking, he also wished to give it a try and let Sun Mo do facial surgery on him.

(There was no need to be too handsome. Just make me look like Fang Wuji.)

“Please wait a minute!”

Ma Zhang walked toward Sun Mo. “I’ve thought things through, and I’m prepared to use this venue to display my sincerity. Grandmaster Sun, I wish to become your disciple and learn the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands from you!”

After Ma Zhang spoke, he directly knelt.

Sun Mo was badly frightened and quickly tried to stop him. However, Ma Zhang’s decision was very resolute, and the amount of force he knelt with was extremely large. Sun Mo basically wasn’t able to counteract the force.


Ma Zhang knelt.


The entire audience exclaimed in shock. Who was Ma Zhang? He was a 5-star great teacher, yet he actually knelt toward Sun Mo?

But very soon, everyone understood. If Sun Mo’s God Hands were really so impressive, it was only logical and reasonable that Ma Zhang did this.

After all, there was no free lunch under the heavens.

“Teacher Ma, please think thrice!”

“Teacher Ma, you mustn’t do this!”

“Ma Zhang, have you gone crazy?”

The senior examiners were all incomparably shocked. This was especially so for those who had pretty good relations with Ma Zhang. They directly started cursing. (Even if you want to learn the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, you shouldn’t have done knelt in the open, right?!)

(Don’t you want your face anymore?)

“Everyone, I’m precisely afraid that I would be bound by false chains of reputation and become indecisive. Hence, I chose to kneel in this setting. It can be considered as me severing any path of retreat.”

Ma Zhang smiled and felt a sense of relief. “Although Teacher Sun is young, I’ve never treated him like a junior. Let me make an example, how many of you would have chosen to help out a competitor?

“Maybe you guys have no idea that Teacher Fang originally wanted to forfeit this competition. It was Teacher Sun who persuaded him, eventually changing his mind.

“Hence, I’m very impressed with Teacher Sun’s morals and character.”

Fang Wuji nodded and clasped his fists toward Sun Mo. “Indeed, Teacher Sun is my guiding light!”

(So, there was such a mini episode?)

From the looks of things, Sun Mo was truly noble!

“But this...”

All the examiners were speechless. No matter what, Ma Zhang was over eighty years old and yet he actually knelt to Sun Mo. This...

“I don’t regard fame highly. I only wish to research the medical arts and save more people. As for how the people of the world would look at me, I don’t mind.”

Ma Zhang smiled and directly kowtowed. “Teacher Sun, please grant me my wish!”

Ma Zhang was a doctor, and his talent wasn’t bad as well. Moreover, he had sharp judgment and understood the value of the ancient massaging technique.

This was definitely a divine art. It was worth him taking Sun Mo on as a teacher!


After Sun Xiaoliu called out, he suddenly turned and looked at Sun Mo with a face filled with hope. (If Sun Mo agreed, wouldn’t that mean that he is my teacher as well?)

“Teacher Ma is a very pure person!”

Mei Yazhi sighed ruefully.

After hearing this, the major characters of the judging panel involuntarily glanced at Jiang Zhitong. Jiang Zhitong was clearly more vulgar in comparison.

Jiang Zhitong’s lungs inflated, almost exploding from his anger.

How ridiculous. By kneeling like that, Ma Zhang directly pushed Sun Mo’s popularity to the peak. Also, there was no need to doubt the authenticity of his God Hands anymore.

With a 5-star great teacher giving so much support, in the future, if there was anyone who wanted to say that Sun Mo was swindling people, they first had to consider whether they were qualified enough to say such things or not.

From now on, Sun Mo had established his own footing in the great teacher world. Whoever wanted God Hands to treat them would definitely have to give him face.

Now, it was impossible even if Jiang Zhitong wished to use the strength and authority of his clan to hinder Sun Mo.

“Teacher Ma, please get up quickly. By doing this, you are making things difficult for me!”

Sun Mo bitterly smiled, feeling a headache.

Who could have predicted that Ma Zhang would do this? Sun Mo could only activate his Divine Sight first and check Ma Zhang’s information!

82 years old, Longevity Realm.

Strength: 61. Sufficient for use.

Intellect: 82. He has shocking talent in the medical arts.

Agility: 61. He doesn’t like moving much.

Endurance: 71. You once accomplished a feat where you treated patients for nine days straight without sleeping.


Potential value: High

Note: A very pure person that loves to research the medical arts. He is extremely interested in relevant knowledge and is willing to use all his possessions to exchange for a chance to learn them.

Note: For the sake of researching medical arts, he decided not to marry forever so he could save time.

After seeing the last note, Sun Mo suddenly felt a sense of respect. However, he was also hesitating as he didn’t know what to do.

“Major news!”

Li Ruolan’s eyes glowed. She took the image-recording stone and kept shifting its position to capture the scenes from various angles.

The news today would qualify to be the headline for the [Great Teachers Report], and it would definitely be very popular. No matter what, she was confident it would be able to sell 100,000 copies!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》