Absolute Great Teacher
575 God Hands, Famous throughout the World!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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575 God Hands, Famous throughout the World!


At this moment, after the initial uproar in the battle dojo, the atmosphere fell deathly still.

The 30,000 people were staring at the arena.

A young man stood there. He was good looking and exuded charisma with the aura of a great teacher. Before him, an old man was kneeling with a sincere look on his face.

Everyone had seen the scene of a student kneeling and requesting to take someone on as a personal teacher. But this scene of an old man kneeling was comparatively much rarer. Besides, he was a 5-star great teacher, and this fact toppled everyone’s understanding of the world.

What standard did 5-star great teachers have?

At the very least, they had comprehended 15 great teacher halos and had a grandmaster-level proficiency in a secondary occupation. They also had to successfully comprehend the great teacher halo ‘Teacher for a Day, Father for Life’.

Only then would they be able to get the 5-star ranking.

Grandmaster-level proficiency represented that the great teacher had a solid foundation in a particular subject. They had to have their own unique insights and had the qualifications to accept disciples.

If they improved further, they would have ancestor-level proficiency and could start their own school or sect.

Teacher for a Day, Father for Life was a relatively rare great teacher halo. There was a saying about the knack to master it, and it was for one to experience many similar scenes. The more they had experienced, the easier they would be able to comprehend this.

Hence, only great teachers who frequently educated others and gained respect from the bottom of their students’ hearts could comprehend this halo.

This halo also indicated that the great teacher was a highly respected individual in terms of moral character and education.

Simply speaking, great teachers of this level would be sufficient to become the head of their specialized subject in any academy.

Before that, what was the rough condition to get the 4-star ranking?

One had to at least comprehend 12 great teacher halos and have some expertise in four secondary occupations. Moreover, one of their personal disciples must be in the Hero Rankings.

Many 3-star great teachers had accumulated enough knowledge, but they were lacking a good personal student who could ascend to the Hero Rankings. There was no solution for this because the competition was simply too intense.

An Xinhui and Jin Mujie were stuck at the 3-star ranking because of this exact reason. It wasn’t that they weren’t excellent enough, but rather, none of their personal students was that capable.

One could say that the 4-star ranking was a huge threshold. In the great teacher world, the respect 4-star great teachers obtained far surpassed 3-star great teachers.

Why was the amount of resistance so little when Yue Rongbo wanted to become a vice headmaster of the Myriad Daos Academy? This was because he was a 4-star great teacher. His strength had been verified.

To speak bluntly, the price that must be paid to headhunt a 4-star great teacher was enough to headhunt three 3-star great teachers. As for 5-star great teachers, money and authority alone were insufficient. This was because when one reached that level, they wouldn’t pursue secular things any longer.

“Ma Zhang, why must he do this?”

A major character felt depressed. By kneeling like that, he made it seem like the statuses of 5-star great teachers weren’t worth anything.

“You don’t know this, but when Teacher Ma was very young, his entire family died to a plague. Hence, from that time onward, he decided to do his utmost in learning the medical arts.”

Liang Hongda sighed.

Truthfully speaking, Ma Zhang had even higher talent in the art of spiritual control, but he wasn’t willing to learn that. What he was pursuing was the knowledge to cure illnesses so he could save people.

“Speaking of which, do we have to kneel?”

Sun Xiaoliu stood at the side, feeling unease. He looked at Sun Mo’s face, and it seemed like Sun Mo was 5 to 6 years younger than him.

“My heavens, this is excellent!”

Tantai Yutang was very surprised.

“There’s no need to be shocked. This is just the standard operating procedure!”

Lu Zhiruo chewed on a piece of watermelon. “Do any of you want to eat a melon?”

“Teacher Ma, please get up quickly. I really don’t dare to accept this!”

Sun Mo still chose to reject it. He couldn’t accept an old man as his student.

“Teacher Ma, please quickly get up. A divine skill like the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands would only be passed down to males and not females. Besides, it would only be passed down to the eldest son. Even if you took Teacher Sun as your teacher, you won’t be able to learn it.”

Jiang Zhitong was extremely unhappy, wanting to stop this situation from happening.

Otherwise, not only would Sun Mo’s popularity surge, but he would also gain huge support. One must know that Ma Zhang had been a doctor for so many years and although his social connections might not be wide enough, his aid could help Sun Mo save five years of hard work at the very least.

The spectators only wanted to watch a good show. When the great teachers here heard what Jiang Zhitong said, they involuntarily nodded, feeling that Ma Zhang would gain nothing from doing this.

In any case, they would definitely observe their personal disciples closely over a long period before deciding whether or not to teach them such an important skill.

“Teacher Jiang, what do you mean by this?”

Li Ziqi immediately stood up and rebutted in a loud voice.


Jiang Zhitong naturally wouldn’t dispute with a junior.

“My teacher is absolutely not such a person.”

Ying Baiwu stood up and her fingers grabbed her sword hilt with force. Her phoenix eyes were filled with balefulness. (I will kill everyone who dares to sully my teacher even if the other party is a saint!)

“In that case, have you guys learned it?”

An examiner started to mock them. He belonged to the Jiang Clan and naturally would protect Jiang Zhitong’s authority.


Li Ziqi’s tone was as it should be by right. “We have a total of six people. Other than junior martial brother Xuanyuan Po who doesn’t have any interest, the rest of us have learned the Ancient Capturing Dragon Hands before.”

To Sun Mo, the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands were nothing but the handicraft of a masseuse. Moreover, he wasn’t that narrow-minded.


The moment the little sunny egg said this, all the great teachers were stunned as they subconsciously glanced at Sun Mo. Their gazes were like looking at the biggest wastrel ever that could leave his name in history.

(You are not even going to observe their characters?)

Mei Yazhi clapped softly as a smile of admiration appeared on her face. This was the magnanimity of saint-level great teachers.


Favorable impression points from Mei Yazhi +100. Friendly (560/1,000).

Ma Zhang smiled as well. He was even more sure that his decision was not a mistake.

“Nonsense, I don’t believe. Why don’t you prove...”

The examiner persisted and just when he wanted to continue doubting, he was interrupted by Li Ziqi.

“Do you want us to prove it right now?” Li Ziqi’s lips curled. “Sure, who do we choose? You can randomly select a person then!”

“Let me do it!”

The papaya girl raised her hand while eating her melons. “My skill in the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is the weakest, but I can guarantee I can make you look like a hippo at the very least!”


They were dumbstruck, suddenly feeling a little panicked. The look in the eyes of the papaya girl was too pure. They could tell with a single glance that she didn’t know how to lie.

“This huge papaya is too pure, but the other one seems to be intelligent and meticulous. Such a girl definitely doesn’t have a simple background.”

Li Ruolan glanced at Li Ziqi. Other than her small chest, Li Ziqi had no other flaws. (I will give you 9 marks. As for the girl with huge papayas...)

(Sorry, I will only give you one mark.)

(Who asked your papayas to be so large?!)

(Hmph, in any case they are bigger than mine. So, I will have to give you a low mark.)

“Teacher Jiang, please do not doubt others without proof. Teacher Sun didn’t accept Grandmaster Ma because he is showing him respect. It isn’t because he is unwilling to pass the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to him.”

Gu Xiuxun stared at Jiang Zhitong. “Also, his cultivation art is a peerless saint-tier one, and Teacher Sun owes it exclusively.”


After hearing the words ‘peerless saint-tier’, the audience instantly marveled in shock as they revealed looks of envy.

One must know that such a cultivation art was of the absolute highest level.


Jiang Zhitong couldn’t be bothered to answer Gu Xiuxun.

“Hehe, also, I know this cultivation art as well!”

Gu Xiuxun smiled.


“How can that be possible?”

“It’s for certain now. Sun Mo is a wastrel.”

The great teachers immediately started commenting and talking to each other, staring dumbfoundedly at Sun Mo. For the sake of obtaining a smile from a beauty, you actually gave up such an important thing?

The audience immediately started gossiping.

“There’s definitely something between the two of them.”

“Just something on? This is a peerless saint-tier art. Most probably, their relationship is an intimate one.”

“Stop talking nonsense. Even if she was his wife, she wouldn’t be qualified to learn it. Is he not afraid that she might run off with some other men? Wait a minute, given Sun Mo’s handsome face, his wife would definitely not run away.”

“What a fallacy. What if he is a silver spear point that’s actually made of pewter?”

The discussion was in full swing. They all felt that the price they paid for their tickets was extremely worth it.

Sun Mo glanced at the masochist as he mouthed, ‘Thanks!’

Gu Xiuxun didn’t have any power or backing but was willing to stand out for him, angrily arguing against Jiang Zhitong. It could be considered that she had shredded all pretense of cordiality with Jiang Zhitong’s faction.

Gu Xiuxun lifted her eyebrow and mouthed, ‘It’s fine.’ (You are my brother-in-law. It’s only normal that I help you.)

After hearing Gu Xiuxun exposing this fact and seeing her and Sun Mo having eye contact with each other, Li Ruolan suddenly felt very angry. With a snapping sound, her fountain pen that was worth 100,000 taels of silver was broken.

The major characters on the judging panel had experienced many storms before. But after they heard Gu Xiuxun’s words, they also felt incomparably shocked.

Many of them even felt their lips trembling, but they were at a loss for words. From the movements of their lips, they seemed to be mouthing the word ‘idiot’, referring to Sun Mo.

The atmosphere here froze for a time.

“Teacher Sun, our job as great teachers is to transmit the dao, impart knowledge, and dispel doubts. This has nothing to do with the student’s age, identity, and glory. Don’t be restricted by the bindings that arose from secular perception. It’s better for you to view the relationship between teacher and student in a simpler and purer manner!”

Mei Yazhi gave him a pointer.


A halo was activated, shining with golden light.

Priceless Advice was activated.

Sun Mo started, he instantly had much comprehension in his mind. After that, he bowed slightly to express his respect, “Many thanks for Teacher Mei’s guidance!”

“I don’t dare to say that my words are guidance. Teacher Sun’s magnanimity is truly worthy for all of us to learn from!”

Mei Yazhi smiled lightly at Sun Mo. The more she looked at him, the more she admired him. (Ai, how good would it be if he could become my son-in-law?)

After hearing Sun Mo obtain the admiration of Mei Yazhi, let alone the examinees, even the high-ranking great teachers felt some envy.

After all, Mei Yazhi was a major character in the alchemy world. Just a sentence of guidance from her was enough to save young people several years of hard work.

“Ma Zhang, let me ask you again. Do you really want to take me as your personal teacher? Are you willing to listen to my guidance and teachings? Will you address Ziqi and the others as your senior martial siblings? In fact, have you considered how you would face your own students?”

Sun Mo’s tone grew solemn. “Once it’s been done, it can’t be undone.”

“Yes, I’ve already thought things through and am willing to be a student under Teacher. I will wait upon you and also seriously learn from you.”

Ma Zhang kowtowed. “I hope that Teacher will grant me my wish!”

Ma Zhang didn’t hesitate. Face? If his personal students felt that he had embarrassed them, they could leave and he would definitely do nothing to stop them.

As for the opinions of others, Ma Zhang had never cared about them. In his heart, he only wanted to focus on upgrading his medical skills to help the dying and heal the injured!

“It’s over!”

Seeing how determined his teacher was, Sun Xiaoliu felt helpless. He then knelt beside his teacher. “Grand teacher, please accept a bow from your grand disciple!”

Sigh, he had many martial aunts and uncles in the blink of an eye. Also, they were all 12 to 13 years of age. He felt as though he was drunk.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》