Absolute Great Teacher
576 New Great Teacher Halo Obtained!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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576 New Great Teacher Halo Obtained!


“Ma Zhang, with so many great teachers as witnesses, I shall accept you as my personal student.”

Sun Mo straightened his back and looked at Ma Zhang. “I will attentively teach you the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. I also hope that your medical skills will improve to the next level.

“Other than this, I also have some minor accomplishments in the study of spirit runes, the art of spiritual control, botany, including herbology and planting. If you wish to learn them, you can come and listen to my lectures more often in the future.”

Sun Mo wasn’t boasting when he said these nor was he showing off his capabilities. Rather, he was doing things according to the rules of the great teacher world. When a student took on a personal teacher, the teacher had the obligation to list out all his proficient subjects to the student.

This was to prove that he wasn’t selfish. As long as his personal students wanted to learn, he would definitely do his best to teach them.

(Si~ Minor accomplishments?)

What boastful words!

After hearing Sun Mo, the surrounding great teachers were incomparably shocked and felt even more confused about Sun Mo’s true strength. However, since he dared to say something like this, he must be quite capable.

Sun Mo looked at Sun Xiaoliu. This person could be considered his grand student, right?

Forget it, he truly didn’t know how to address him. He would simply pretend that he didn’t see Sun Xiaoliu.

“Many thanks, Teacher. I will definitely work hard so I can defend your honor and reputation.”

As Ma Zhang spoke, he solemnly kowtowed and proceeded with the ceremony.

Sun Xiaoliu followed and also kowtowed. He kowtowed three times more than Ma Zhang. There was no solution to this as this was something a grand student should do.

After seeing Sun Mo helping Ma Zhang up, Mei Yazhi and the other major characters applauded and sent their congratulations over.

“This time around, it’s useless no matter who becomes the top ranker of the examination. Sun Mo will surely be the most famous person.”

“Impressive! He actually accepted a 5-star great teacher as a disciple during the examination. This should be something that only happens once in a century, right?”

“Not only so, given Sun Mo’s talent, he most probably would become the top ranker as well!”

The examinees were all so jealous that their eyes turned red. If it wasn’t for the fact that they knew all 5-star great teachers valued themselves a lot, they might even suspect that this whole thing was something staged to boost Sun Mo’s fame.

Li Ruolan adjusted the image-recording stone’s angle and recorded every single scene, including the expressions of the people in the surroundings.

She felt that this scene might have the possibility to become a classic a hundred years later.

“Teacher Sun is so impressive!”

Xia Yuan was envious.


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +500. Respect (2,170/10,000).


Gu Xiuxun sighed ruefully. When would she be able to shine as brilliantly as him?

(Speaking of which, since I can’t beat him, how about marrying him?)

(Aiya, this idea isn’t bad!)

Applause also rang out from the audience. The matter today was sufficient for them to brag to their friends for three months.

“Hmm, we have an additional junior martial brother now?”

Lu Zhiruo blinked.

“Yup, an eighty-year-old one!”

Jiang Leng, who usually didn’t like to speak, suddenly interjected. “I feel that I instantly got much older!”

“This corny joke isn’t funny.”

Tantai Yutang felt pain in his scrotum upon hearing that.

“Should we prepare a meeting gift for our junior martial brother?”

The papaya girl was conflicted and looked at her eldest martial sister.

“Let’s act according to the circumstances.”

Li Ziqi mentally mused (How would I know? Also, how should I act seeing that I’m the eldest martial sister of a 5-star great teacher? Is there anyone with experience? I’m holding on the line, this matter is very urgent.)

However, her teacher was truly impressive. If this matter was known by her aunt, her aunt would definitely not object to her relationship with Sun Mo.

(As expected, my teacher is the greatest!)


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +500. Reverence (31,060/100,000)

“Teacher Sun, congratulations!”

Fang Wuji also sent his congratulations. He didn’t feel strange at all. Given Sun Mo’s character and talent, he would only be surprised if he wasn’t able to convince Ma Zhang.


Song Lang was completely dumbstruck. (What sort of development is this? Wasn’t this just a case of blood inspection to verify a person’s identity? How did it become such a scene? Could it be that I’m still asleep in the Redsleeve Brothel? If this isn’t in a dream, how could the happenings be so absurd?)


Sun Mo thanked everyone. After that, he looked at Fang Wuji and Song Lang. “I’ve delayed the battle between the two of you. I’m going to leave now. Main examiner, please continue to host the battle.”

(I want you to continue to delay things!)

Song Lang’s lips curled. Sadly, he had to face reality.

Those who had no businesses here were driven off. The examinees returned to the preparation area. After that, the main examiner announced the start of the competition again.

“Song Lang, I originally planned to kill you. But after seeing the matter between Teacher Sun and Teacher Ma, I suddenly discovered that I was trapped by my own emotions and I’m truly not worthy of the title ‘great teacher’ yet. I shall spare your life. However, I will cripple your energy channels. I won’t allow you to continue using the title of a great teacher to do some shameless and despicable things.”

Fang Wuji brandished his sword. Compared to earlier, there was a sense of sublimation in terms of his mental state now.

“Hence, you still have time if you forfeit now. If not, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“F*** you!”

Song Lang cursed. Honestly speaking, he was somewhat terrified. However, if he conceded after being called out by Fang Wuji like that, wouldn’t that mean that he was admitting he was trash?

Besides, forfeiting before the eyes of tens of thousands of people? Wasn’t that a little too embarrassing?

(No, I have to fight. According to Zhang Li’s information, even if I’m weaker, I’m only slightly weaker.)

Song Lang inhaled deeply as his gaze turned resolute. “Fang Wuji, you kept sullying my character. I’m going to seek justice now.”

“Song Lang, fifth level of the divine force realm. Please guide me!’

After reporting his cultivation base, Song Lang regained his confidence. Although he was inferior in terms of teaching students, he did put in plenty of hard work in his cultivation.

“Wanting me to greet you? You are not worthy!”

After Fang Wuji spoke, his wrist twisted as hundreds of streaks of sword light shot toward Song Lang.


A vast pressure gushed forth like the tides, rushing into Song Lang’s face.

“What’s this?”

Song Lang was stunned and subconsciously retreated.

The Unbounded Sword was a saint-tier cultivation art. Although it was an inferior-graded one, it still had the word ‘saint’ in its name. Also, Fang Wuji’s aptitude was extremely high. The moment he unleashed it, the might it produced was extremely strong.

A cold and sharp sword intent instantly spread out. The audience in the spectator stands immediately narrowed their eyes because they felt a piercing pain.

Their weapons clashed and the two figures split apart. Victory and defeat was already decided.

Fang Wuji retracted his sword and jumped down from the arena.

Song Lang turned his head. At the next instant, both his arms were severed, dropping on the floor. His body was grievously wounded and slashed by a thousand cuts as his blood sprayed all over the ground.


The intense pain rushed toward Song Lang’s head as he screamed in agony. With a thudding sound, he then fell onto the ground.


Zhang Li clasped her mouth with her hands as shock filled her eyes. Fang Wuji was actually so strong? Why couldn’t she tell this from their spars before?

Zhang Li didn’t know that because Fang Wuji had loved her, he couldn’t bear to break her confidence. Hence, he had always given way to her when they sparred.

Given Zhang Li’s lousy judgment ability, how would she be able to discover such a detail?

“Zhang Li, you lied to me!”

Song Lang howled. If he had known that Fang Wuji was so powerful, he would have forfeited right away disregarding the loss of face!


Zhang Li wanted to explain, but she closed her mouth again and lowered her head. Song Lang was crippled now and also hated her. In that case, she would not be able to stay in the Springflower Academy any longer. What should she do in the future?

Should she look for Fang Wuji?

Speaking of which, this fellow was now so handsome. He would surely not fancy her anymore, right?

For a time, Zhang Li’s emotions grew chaotic.


The battle continued and Sun Mo had already returned to the resting area. However, the examinees were still stealthily sneaking glances at him like they were looking at pandas in a zoo. This caused him to feel very uncomfortable. Hence, he decided to leave the battle dojo.

The Westmountain Academy’s campus had a different feeling when it was evening.


“Congratulations on accepting your seventh personal disciple. Reward: 1 golden treasure chest!”

The system broke Sun Mo’s thought process.


“Congratulations on obtaining Ma Zhang’s approval and admiration. Besides, he is sincere when he asks you to take him on as a personal student. You have accomplished a great teacher accomplishment – getting a high-ranking teacher to take you as a personal teacher. Reward: 1 mysterious treasure chest!”


“Congratulations on accepting Ma Zhang. You’ve advanced another step on the path of great teachers and accomplished a great teacher feat. Reward: 1 great teacher emblem.”

He got a total of three wards and they were all very good items.


Sun Mo suddenly felt like happiness had rammed into him. In just a single afternoon, he actually obtained 2x great teacher emblems, two mysterious treasure chests, and two golden treasure chests.

But after carefully thinking about it, the deed he did today would cause a great uproar in the great teacher world. From now onward, when people spoke of Sun Mo, his title ‘One-Vote Sun’ and ‘That Sun Mo who speaks about dogs’ would no longer be as applicable. ‘God Hands’ was now Sun Mo’s title.

In the great teacher world, this was a title that was worth its weight in gold.

“Teacher look at the time. I think the third round won’t continue today. We can rest now!”

Li Ziqi mumbled, contemplating if she should book an entire hotel to celebrate!

Sun Mo then turned his head and looked at Lu Zhiruo.

The papaya girl was currently eating a melon while squatting beside a flower bed. Upon noticing Sun Mo’s gaze, she immediately passed her melon over. “Teacher, do you want this?”

“You guys don’t need to follow me. You all should go and watch the battles and broaden your horizons.”

Sun Mo instructed. “As for Zhiruo, stay behind!”

It was impossible for him to let his lucky mascot go.

Sun Mo didn’t waste time and directly patted the papaya girl’s head.

“Open the gold treasure chest first!”

Even before the golden light faded away, it was already engulfed by a thick green light. This was a time emblem, a ten-year one.

The reward was too lacking!

Sun Mo hesitated a little but still decided to continue opening his chests. This was because he had already yearned for a new great teacher halo for a very long time.

“Open another gold chest!”


“Congratulations, you have obtained 1/7 of a mysterious turtle shell.”

Very good, this was the type of reward Sun Mo hated the most. He truly wanted to stomp this stupid turtle shell into pieces.

“Let’s continue!”

The dense purple air around the mysterious treasure chest dissipated, leaving behind a skill book clad in a golden glow.

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained the great teacher halo ‘Lingering Sound’. Proficiency level: entry-grade. After casting it, the duration will last for 15 minutes.”

“This halo has the effect of sound amplification. It can increase the volume of your voice and its range is 50 meters. Also, the sound will continue lingering on. It will be clear, resounding, and pleasant to listen to.”

“After casting this halo, you will gain a gift with words. The words you speak will contain a marvelous rhythm and cause listeners to involuntarily become intoxicated.”

Happiness came too suddenly, and Sun Mo wasn’t able to react in time. He had obtained his 10th great teacher halo just like this.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》