Absolute Great Teacher
577 Passing Smoothly
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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577 Passing Smoothly


There was an ancient saying – Lingering sound falls incessantly on the ears for three days.

This meant that if a person’s voice was very pleasant to listen to, it would cause others to pause involuntarily as they felt reluctant to leave. Even if the voice stopped, their ears could still hear the lingering echo for many days.

When a great teacher’s lecture was conducted perfectly, the effect of Lingering Sound would also occur. Students would feel reluctant to leave the classroom and yearned to continue listening.

Such a state was similar to when one ate a delicacy or drank an excellent brew.

When a great teacher had outstanding talent and had conducted many lectures that made students feel reluctant for the class to end, they would then comprehend Lingering Sound after a while.

Sun Mo carefully appreciated this great teacher halo. It didn’t merely amplify his voice, but it would also cause his voice to be filled with magnetism.

His voice would become so pleasant to listen to that even kids who hated learning would calm down and listen attentively.

“Good stuff!”

Sun Mo was very satisfied. The range of usage for this great teacher halo was very broad. It could be used for every lesson, even for private lessons where he tutored his personal students.

Naturally, it was also extremely difficult to comprehend this halo. The possessors must have excellent gift of the gab, inner character, and comprehension ability, as well as a strong reserve of knowledge. Only when all these factors were combined would students wish to continue listening to your lecture.

To give an example, Sun Mo’s Medical Cultivation lecture was extremely popular. One had to enjoy the same popularity in their lectures for three years before they had a chance to comprehend this halo.

Hence, this halo was extremely prestigious and only old great teachers who had both talent and learning could grasp it.

“My lucky mascot is truly impressive.”

Sun Mo laughed and patted Lu Zhiruo’s head.


The papaya girl smiled radiantly.

“Open the last chest!”

Sun Mo was fine with anything now. In any case, he had profited immensely today after obtaining Lingering Sound. Evidently, the luck of Lucky Goddess Lu wasn’t something an unlucky person like Sun Mo could conjecture.

After the purple light faded away, a palm-sized skill book appeared. It was so heavy that it could be used as a brick to kill people.


“Congratulations on obtaining the mid-tier planting technique. Proficiency level: elementary.”

“Are you forcing me to evolve on the path of a druid?”

Sun Mo teased, feeling joy in his heart.

In the great teacher world, a planter wasn’t a popular occupation. After all, one had to deal with mud, fertilizer, seeds, and all sorts of things like those every day. It simply wasn’t cool at all.

Moreover, their production rate was low. Even if you had a saint-tier seedling or plant, how long would they need to grow?

Nature had its own laws. For example, divine-level medicine or fruits would at least need several hundred years to completely mature or even a thousand years as they needed to absorb the spiritual qi of heavens and earth.

Even an old freak at the Longevity Realm wouldn’t be able to live long enough for the plant to produce fruits multiple times.

Look at the occupation of an alchemist and a weaponsmith. Even if they used a year to produce a top-grade pill or a weapon, their profits would still be much higher compared to a planter.

However, Sun Mo didn’t feel like that. Planting was something that concerned a large-scale program of lasting importance to everyone’s livelihood. In this world, any species that wanted to continue living on had to eat things that were grown from the earth.

In the modern world, even China focused on agriculture, let alone the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces who were akin to countries in the feudal era. Whether or not the root of their country was strong depended on how much grain and foodstuff the country could produce.

Strictly speaking, to the general public, Sun Mo’s mastery of planting techniques actually benefited everyone. It was the most useful skill to have.

“This subject can be taught to untalented students or even common people who can’t sense spirit qi.”

A few ideas immediately appeared in Sun Mo’s mind.

If he could manage to do so, even if the Central Province Academy had no way to enter the rankings of the Nine Greats, it would still be considered a holy ground.

“System, use three 10-years time emblems to upgrade the elementary-grade planting technique.”

Sun Mo instructed.

If he didn’t improve the elementary-grade planting technique to the grandmaster-grade, there would be no way for him to learn the mid-tier planting technique.

Sun Mo’s body was cloaked in green light as a vast amount of knowledge flooded his mind, allowing him to have a brand new understanding of planting techniques.


“Congratulations, your proficiency in the planting technique has been increased to the grandmaster-grade.”

After the system congratulated him, it asked, “Do you want to learn the mid-tier planting technique?”

“Learn it!”

As Sun Mo’s voice faded, the brick-shaped skill book shattered into motes of light. After that, they shot into Sun Mo’s glabella.

After the motes of lights entered, they were akin to seeds that fell into his mind. They took root, germinated, and then rapidly grew.

In an instant, they transformed into all sorts of strange-looking plants. Their vast root system pierced into his neurons and released a large amount of high-level knowledge.

Very soon, Sun Mo’s mind was completely filled. He felt pain from a sense of swelling.

Sun Mo waved his hands and cast Encyclopedic Knowledge on himself as he started to memorize the knowledge carefully.

Li Ziqi and the others tactfully stopped speaking after they saw Sun Mo sank into silence. They then stepped back a little.

“Why do I feel that Teacher has grown stronger again?”

Lu Zhiruo surveyed Sun Mo, feeling a little puzzled. Her teacher didn’t seem to have done anything!


When Sun Mo awoke, it was already late night.

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo stayed here. Actually, Ying Baiwu also wanted to remain behind, but she was chased away by the little sunny egg. After all, the iron-headed girl was going to participate in the student battle two days later. She had to reserve her energy.

As for Tantai Yutang, that sickly invalid had long since sneaked away after making an excuse that he was unwell.

“You are finally awake!”

Li Ruolan who was sitting on a chair stood up. She then walked elegantly over. “Sun Mo, can I ask you a few questions?”

Because her fountain pen was broken, Li Ruolan directly used an image-recording stone to do the interview.

“Regarding the fact that you accepted Ma Zhang as a personal disciple, do you feel very great pressure?”

“If a woman sleeps late, it’s very easy for them to get wrinkles. Besides, they will age very fast.”

Sun Mo truly had no time to deal with a reporter.

“Teacher Sun, can I treat your answer as a sign of evasion?”

Li Ruolan smiled, as sweet as a blooming flower. This was her ultimate killing move that had always been successful.

“The condition of your skin is already at 27 years old.”

Sun Mo scared Li Ruolan.


Li Ruolan subconsciously touched her face and felt a little panic. “I’m only 18, don’t talk nonsense!”

“What a coincidence. I’m 18 too, I’m still underaged!”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes and stared carefully at Li Ruolan.

“What are you doing?”

Li Ruolan’s right hand fastened her collar. (I’m not going to let you look.)

“Recently, have you been staying up late? You should drink less tea that makes you stay awake. Even your ‘great aunt’ has been late for quite a few days now.”

After Sun Mo spoke, he could no longer be bothered with this beautiful reporter.

“Eh? How did you know? You have God Hands and not God Eyes. You didn’t even touch me, yet you know my ailment?”

Li Ruolan was curious and chased after him. Her eyes shone with the luster of gossip. As expected, this Sun Mo truly had enough value to make her continue chasing after him.

However, what the hell was a ‘great aunt’?

(My mother only has a few older and younger brothers!)

“Reporter Li, the time is no longer early. My teacher still needs to participate in the match tomorrow. Please excuse us!”

Li Ziqi blocked Li RUolan.

(Do you think you can do anything you want just because you are beautiful?)

(Sorry, my teacher doesn’t care about this.)

“That’s true!”

Li Ruolan turned her eyes and aimed the image-recording stone at the little sunny egg. “Can I interview you then?”


Sun Mo returned to the hotel. After a simple meal and washing himself up, he went to sleep. He then woke up in the morning like every other day.

Today, the third round of the Great Teachers Battle would begin and the top twelve in the upper and lower brackets would be determined. Tomorrow, a heavyweight confrontation would happen.

It was finally Sun Mo’s turn at the sixth match.

“#178 Sun Mo and #1,903 Wang Qing. Please get up the stage!”

The main examiner announced.

The audience instantly fell silent. All of them were waiting to watch a fascinating match.

“Teacher Wang!”

Sun Mo didn’t expect to run into someone familiar. This person was none other than the young great teacher who had sprained his ankle during the announcement date for the written examination result.

“Teacher Sun!”

Wang Qing clasped his hands and smiled. “I didn’t expect that when we meet again, it would be in such a situation.”


Sun Mo didn’t use Divine Sight to peer at Wang Qiung’s stats. “Should we begin?”

“It’s fine!”

Wang Qing shook his head. “If you didn’t help me with your massage that day, I most probably would still be lame!”

After Wang Qing saw Ma Zhang taking Sun Mo as a personal teacher yesterday, he understood how greatly Sun Mo’s massage had helped him.

Without Sun Mo, with his leg disability, it would be very difficult for him to even win the initial match.


Favorable impression points from Wang Qing +500. Friendly (760/1,000).

“It’s nothing much. There’s no need for you to mind it too much.”

After hearing the notification, Sun Mo felt that this Wang Qing wasn’t bad.

“Not only so, because of your guidance that day, my Greencloud Divine Leg broke through the bottleneck and my cultivation base improved to the next level. Hence, regardless of the reasons, I shouldn’t fight you!”

Wang Qing persisted.

“What does he mean? Is this another case of forfeiture again?”

“What are they doing? Is it so difficult to just fight?”

“From their words, it seems Sun Mo helped Wang Qing before?”

The audience felt depressed because they wouldn’t be able to see Sun Mo’s fascinating performance. The examinees also felt depressed because there was no one wasting Sun Mo’s strength and stamina. Didn’t that mean that Sun Mo was a step closer to obtaining the championship?

“Aiya, how many pieces of news did I miss out on?”

Li Ruolan felt vexed. (Should I just follow Sun Mo every day?)

“Are you guys going to fight or not?”

The main examiner asked.

“Teacher Wang, you can’t act like this!”

Sun Mo bitterly smiled.

“Teacher Sun, leaving aside the fact that you helped me, even if you didn’t, your selfless action of helping Fang Wuji is worthy of my admiration. Such moral and conduct is what I look up to. You have not recovered fully yet, right? Hence, if I fight with you now, it can be considered that I’m taking advantage of you. There’s no point even if I won.”

After Wang Qing spoke, he didn’t wait for Sun Mo to reply. He simply shouted ‘I forfeit’ and jumped down the arena.


Seeing how decisive Wang Qing was, all the examinees were stunned. One must know that a great teacher could only take the examination five times. By doing this, Wang Qing was wasting one of his chances.

“Teacher Wang, why are you doing this?”

Sun Mo felt depressed. “This is the first time you are taking this examination, right? What would you do if you cannot pass it?”


After hearing this, the examiners all cast sidelong glances. This Wang Qing had a pretty good character. One must know that for ‘A’ grade schools and above, they would never hire teachers who failed the examinations before. Not even once.

However, Sun Mo was still the most impressive one. He actually made Wang Qing voluntarily give up. How charismatic was this?!

“Teacher Sun, believe in me!”

Wang Qing gestured with a thumbs up and was extremely optimistic. “In the loser bracket, other than Xie Cang, I have no one else in my eyes.”

[1] great aunt is a slang for menses

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