Absolute Great Teacher
579 Sun Mo Taking Action, Saving a Life!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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579 Sun Mo Taking Action, Saving a Life!


Cultivators would usually love their bodies and wouldn’t recklessly tattoo spirit runes on themselves. Even if they did so, they might not suffer from a backlash. Hence, such a situation was not commonly seen.

However, given Ma Zhang’s identity, he had seen quite a few of such cases in his tens of years of experience and even treated some. Hence, he roughly knew the treatment process.

But this time around once Ma Zhang went to inspect Wang Bumin, he immediately felt that something was wrong.

The injury caused by spirit rune backlash was due to spirit qi erupting in one’s body, destroying one’s energy channels and damaging one’s muscles. What doctors could do was quickly discharge the spirit qi in the patient’s body, stop their blood flow, and sew their wounds up.

Usually speaking, after suffering from spirit rune backlash, a great amount of the spirit qi in one’s body would be released and it would gradually return to calmness until it vanished completely. After all, if one’s energy channels and body were damaged, it was impossible for them to continue releasing spirit qi.

However, Wang Bumin was like a spirit stone now. Spirit qi gushed unceasingly out from his body.

“Spirit qi going out of control?”

Jiang Zhitong jumped onto the stage and glanced at Wang Bumin. After that, he began to frown heavily.

Jiang Wei was a 6-star great teacher and had deep attainments in the field of spirit runes. Jiang Zhitong learned from his father and also had extraordinary talent. Hence, he was able to tell what was unusual about Wang Bumin with just a glance.

“Yes, his body kept producing spirit qi unceasingly!”

Ma Zhang felt some headache. This was because he wasn’t a spirit rune master and wasn’t able to find the origin point of the spirit qi. He had no way to resolve this issue by the roots, hence, he wasn’t able to cure it.

At this moment, Wang Bumin’s state was simply too frightening. Spirit qi kept gushing forth from him, causing explosions to constantly occur within his body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Not only did flesh and blood splatter forth, but some bone fragments also flowed out.

The ground of the arena was already dyed red.


After Jiang Zhitong spoke, Sun Xiaoliu immediately passed over a long and narrow dagger used to cut flesh.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Jiang Zhitong’s actions were very quick. He cut out egg-sized balls of flesh from Wang Bumin’s legs, the sole of his feet, knees, kidneys, and dantian.

Sun Mo wanted to stop him. The positions Jiang Zhitong indicated had no mistakes; they were the core points of the spirit runes. After they were severed, the flow of spirit qi would stop.

However, such a method was overly cruel and would cause irreversible damage. One could say that Wang Bumin was crippled now. In the future even if he could continue to cultivate, he would have no more future.

Liang Hongda and the other major characters came over. They were all expressionless.

Sun Mo thought for a little but eventually chose not to speak. Jiang Zhitong had already taken action. Even if he said something, he wouldn’t be able to turn back time. Moreover, not only the examinees disliked Wang Bumin, these major characters did too.

Honestly speaking, people who depended on unorthodox methods like tattooing spirit runes on their bodies to increase their strength were very loathsome.

“The fluctuation of the spirit qi is weaker now!”

Ma Zhang heaved a sigh of relief and started to help Wang Bumin stop the bleeding.

Jiang Zhitong continued with his work. After digging out a ball of flesh from Wang Bumin’s scapula, he suddenly frowned and tossed aside the dagger before he stood up.

“Teacher Ma, don’t waste your effort. There’s no hope for him!”

Jiang Zhitong explained, “There’s also a spirit rune inside his head. We won’t be able to dig that out!”

Ma Zhang started. He looked at Wang Wubin who was convulsing in unconsciousness as he persuaded again, “Let’s just try our best. He is still a child!”

Yeah, to Ma Zhang who was in his eighties, Wang Bumin who was in his twenties was still a child. There would always be people taking the wrong path, but they shouldn’t deny them any chance to improve and change themselves for the better, right?

Before this, even if Jiang Zhitong knew it was impossible to save the patient, he would still give Ma Zhang some face. But after Ma Zhang had taken Sun Mo as his teacher?

“It’s impossible to save him!”

Jiang Zhitong persisted.

“Teacher Jiang, I have a Soul Halt Pill here!”

Mei Zhiya spoke and took out a small porcelain bottle.


The eyes of everyone immediately looked over, filled with a blazing light.

A Soul Halt Pill was a top-grade alchemy pill that could help someone in critical condition. As long as the person didn’t die immediately, it would be able to retain a single breath of life for that person, allowing them to await a doctor’s help.

Naturally, such pills would usually be very expensive. Most probably, only grandmaster alchemists could take them out.

“This Wang Bumin truly has dog-shit luck!”

“Grandmaster Mei is so benevolent!”

“If I can speak, such a person who chose the unorthodox way and refused to cultivate solidly step-by-step truly deserves his death.”

Many discussions could be heard among the crowd.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Leng’s expression turned to one of disappointment as he felt very self-inferior.

“Junior brother, you are different. It was not by your choice.”

Li Ziqi was attentive and caring. She immediately consoled Jiang Leng when she noticed his expression.

“Thanks, eldest martial sister. I’m fine!”

Jiang Leng squeezed out a smile.

At a corner of the spectator stand, a youth sat there and was eating some pastries. After hearing the discussion in the surroundings, his lips curled.

(What a bunch of ignorant ants.)

No, he should call them retards instead. If there was a short-cut in front of you, why would you refuse to take it? There were only two answers – either you had no strength to take it or you were too cowardly to take it.

As for Wang Bumin on the stage, he belonged to the first category. He was an unlucky fool who didn’t have the strength to take this shortcut. (However, this can’t be blamed on you. Who asked you to be a mortal?)

(Not anyone can endure my teacher’s spirit runes!)

“Teacher Mei!”

Jiang Zhitong frowned and hesitated but still chose to lower his voice and speak the truth. “I can damage the spirit rune in his glabella, but at the same time, my action will also damage his brain. Even if we saved him, we would have no way to wake him. He naturally wouldn’t be able to eat or drink any food. Eventually, he would die due to this.”

Jiang Zhitong felt rather than to let Wang Bumin suffer like that, he might as well announce that it was impossible to cure Wang Bumin. Since he was going to die anyway, to Wang Bumin’s family, they would surely prefer he suffered less than more.

Mei Yazhi fell silent.

The agony of watching someone die due to one’s own incompetence was truly too cruel.

“We have done our best!”

Liang Hongda persuaded Ma Zhang.

Ma Zhang glanced at Wang Bumin. Maybe because he was in too much pain, he had actually awoken. But he wasn’t able to say anything and could only stare at Ma Zhang fixedly, like a stray dog who wanted to live.

“L...let us try? M...maybe...”

Ma Zhang pleaded.

Jiang Zhitong ignored Ma Zhang.

“Allow me!”

Sun Mo already activated Divine Sight and was clear about Wang Bumin’s situation. He immediately rushed over when he saw that Jiang Zhitong was preparing to give up on Wang Bumin.

“Teacher Sun!”

Tong Yiming shouted, but he didn’t know how to persuade Sun Mo. (Sometimes, your act of kindness might not be kindness to the patient. It would only prolong the patient’s suffering.)

“Let him try!”

Jiang Zhitong revealed a smile of disdain. The fellow who had tattooed the spirit runes on Wang Bumin’s body was absolutely a grandmaster. His technique was skilled and brilliant.

Staring at the spirit rune tattooed on Wang Bumin’s glabella, Jiang Zhitong knew that the tattoo had entered his brain. If there was any slight bit of carelessness, Wang Bumin would be instantly braindead.

“The young people nowadays truly overestimate themselves. They dare to interfere in everything!”

Jiang Zhitong spoke in contempt.

Sun Mo placed his right hand on Wang Bumin’s forehead while his left hand was pressing down on Wang Bumin’s face that was badly mutilated.

“It’s fine, you will continue to live on!”

Sun Mo looked at Wang Bumin who was staring at him, and he revealed a warm smile.

Li Ruolan took the image-recording stone and sneakily aimed it at Sun Mo.

Sun Mo’s smile was like the sun in spring, warming the hearts of people. It was like when she had lost her way when she was young and encountered an older brother who brought her to find her mother.

Li Ruolan’s little heart thumped involuntarily. She originally shot the stone at the treatment process, but this beautiful reporter couldn’t help but aim the stone at Sun Mo’s face.

This smile was truly so warm that it could melt the hearts of everyone!

If it was three months ago, although Sun Mo was a spirit rune grandmaster, he definitely wouldn’t dare to act recklessly. But after he had treated Jiang Leng, he had gained a deep understanding of how to remove spirit runes on a human’s body.

Because it was at the head region, Sun Mo slowed his speed down. But even so, he merely used three minutes to remove the spirit runes.

After that, he started removing the spirit rune tattoos on the other parts of Wang Bumin’s body.

“The flow of spirit qi has completely stopped!”

Ma Zhang was extremely joyful as he shouted. Just when he was preparing to stop Wang Bumin’s bleeding, he discovered that Sun Mo’s hands were kneading Wang Bumin’s body rapidly.

The fresh blood that was gushing forth like a fountain instantly stopped.

“Right now, your body is heavily injured and it’s not a good time to repair your energy channels. When your body is fully recovered, you can come and look for me.”

Sun Mo consoled.

“What nonsense are you talking about? He is just a vegetable.”

Jiang Zhitong spoke in contempt, feeling that Sun Mo was very hypocritical. Such an attitude was clearly a pretense for the spectators to see. He wanted to prove that he was a very kind and gentle person.

(Sadly, I’ve seen through you.)

“His eyes are moving! He is still conscious!” Ma Zhang immediately shouted excitedly after doing an inspection. A shocked expression could be seen on his face. “He actually didn’t become a vegetable?’


Jiang Zhitong immediately rushed forward and squatted beside Wang Bumin, wanting to do his own inspection. He felt that Ma Zhang was intentionally shouting this for the sake of boosting Sun Mo’s fame. But after he squatted down, he was stunned.

There was basically no need to stretch his hand to inspect. Although Wang Bumin was about to die, his gaze was focused and the tears mixed with blood flowing from his eyes made it clear that he wasn’t a vegetable.

“How is this possible?”

Jiang Zhitong was completely stunned. After that, he turned his head fiercely and looked at Sun Mo. He then felt despair and helplessness in his heart.

This was an absolute genius.

(Damn, why must you oppose my Jiang Clan?)

Normally, if he encountered such a genius, Jiang Zhitong would sincerely plead with his father to accept Sun Mo as a personal student. If the Jiang Clan wanted to maintain their status in the field of spirit runes, they had to continuously draw and absorb new geniuses into their ranks.

But in the end, there was only intense jealousy in Jiang Zhitong’s heart. The jealousy was like wildfire, burning him alive.

He wouldn’t be able to accomplish such a miraculous deed, which proved that he was inferior to Sun Mo.

“Is this true?” said Liang Hongda with interest as he involuntarily surveyed Sun Mo. It seemed like Sun Mo’s value was even higher than his estimation!

“Yes. He won’t die even if he wants to!”

Ma Zhang laughed. Being able to save someone was the happiest moment for a doctor.

If it hadn’t been for Ma Zhang doing emergency treatment earlier, Wang Bumin would still be finished.

“Teacher’s attainment in the study of spirit runes also seems to be very high!”

Ma Zhang praised. After thinking about it, he added another sentence. “It’s not inferior to Teacher Jiang!”


Favorable impression points from Ma Zhang +500. Friendly (700/1,000).

Upon hearing this, Jiang Zhitong’s face turned black. However, he didn’t know that when Ma Zhang said ‘Teacher Jiang’, it wasn’t referring to him but to his father, Jiang Wei, instead!

Ma Zhang just needed to take a look at the methods used by the two of them. Jiang Zhitong was as crude as a butcher. As for Sun Mo, he was as elegant as a painter, and his method didn’t leave behind any hidden injuries.

Sigh, if he had asked his teacher to act right at the start, Wang Bumin’s recovery would definitely be even faster.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》