Absolute Great Teacher
580 Fifth Round, Genius vs Mortal
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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580 Fifth Round, Genius vs Mortal


Sun Mo originally felt very happy because he had just saved a life. But when an 80+ years old grandpa called him ‘teacher’, his expression suddenly turned to one of awkwardness.

“Well done!”

Mei Yazhi praised. This was something the young man she admired ought to have.


Favorable impression points from Mei Yazhi +100. Friendly (660/1,000).

“Teacher Sun, after the examination is over, let’s drink together!”

Tong Yiming issued an invitation. He had no other intentions and purely admired Sun Mo, wanting to have a meal with him to chat about things.


Sun Mo always had a pretty good impression toward Tong Yiming.

“I didn’t expect Teacher Sun would have such deep attainments in the field of spirit runes.”

Liang Hongda sighed ruefully. Since he was able to become the vice sect leader of the Saint Gate, he had simply seen too many people and things. Let alone an examinee’s performance, even if a 5-star great teacher died before his eyes, he would still be very calm.

However, Sun Mo had truly shocked him.

Liang Hongda knew Jiang Zhitong’s character. Jiang Zhitong was arrogant and very self-confident. Also, he had a very extreme desire to perform. If it wasn’t for the fact he had no solution, he wouldn’t have chosen to give up on Wang Bumin.

What did this indicate?

It meant that Sun Mo’s standard was even higher than Jiang Zhitong’s.

A 21-year old actually had such an accomplishment. This was truly...

Liang Hongda looked at Sun Mo with admiration in his eyes, feeling a sense of regret about the fact that Sun Mo wasn’t his personal student.

This was actually a common problem for great teachers. When they saw an excellent student, who wouldn’t hope to nurture them?

The other major characters smiled and encouraged Sun Mo. However, those below 3-star didn’t speak as they felt that their statuses weren’t high enough.

When Jiang Zhitong saw this, he felt extremely suppressed while feeling depressed.

Everyone’s body was different. Skin condition, blood vessels, and the strength of energy channels, also the loading capabilities of spirit qi in muscles...

All the reasons above made tattooing spirit runes on a person’s body an extremely difficult thing to do.

If one was casually tattooed, maybe their bodies could only hold three or four spirit runes, and problems would immediately crop up. Hence, if one wasn’t a grandmaster, they usually wouldn’t dare to try this.

It was precisely because Jiang Zhitong’s talent in spirit runes was very high that he could see tiny clues when he watched Sun Mo’s treatment process. As a result, he understood that Sun Mo’s standard was indeed higher than his.

(Damn, what nonsense is this?)

Jiang Zhitong was incomparably depressed. It was like a 40-year-old menial programmer who finally got a promotion and was told to lead the development team in creating a new game. In the end, a 20-year-old kid had just joined the company for a few days and settled everything. Such an impact would really cause one to doubt their lives.

“T...Teacher S...Sun, thanks...”

Wang Bumin mumbled, his eyes were filled with gratitude when he looked at Sun Mo.

Since he dared to tattoo spirit runes on himself, he naturally understood the terrifying consequences. He knew that it was all due to Sun Mo’s effort that he didn’t die.


Favorable impression points from Wang Bumin +1,000. Respect (1,100/10,000).

“Don’t speak anymore, just focus on recovery!”

Sun Mo consoled.

Next, there was no need for Sun Mo to do anything else. The doctors in the doctor team used a stretcher and sent Wang Bumin away for follow-up treatment. After that, the cleaners began to clean the arena.

The competition naturally couldn’t continue right away.

“I wonder who was the one who tattooed the spirit runes on Wang Bumin. His skill is very impressive.”

Jiang Zhitong frowned as he prepared to investigate. Such a grandmaster would surely cause an impact on his father’s authority.

In the spectator stands, the audience was still discussing wildly. After all, a human body had exploded, causing blood and flesh to splatter around. It was truly a visually provoking scene.

They hadn’t wasted their money today.

“He actually didn’t die?”

Li Zhuifeng was taken aback and looked at Sun Mo. If his teacher acted, this ending wouldn’t be anything surprising. But this examinee...

Li Zhuifeng didn’t forget that all the experiments up until now either died or became vegetables.

“Maybe he’s just lucky?”

Li Zhuifeng guessed. “However, I have to tell this matter to Teacher no matter what. Also, Wang Bumin’s data has to be recorded. Hmm, never mind.... Forget it, data from trash like this can be ignored.”

Fifteen minutes later, the competition continued.

Sun Mo sat in the resting area as he sank into deep thought about the outline of the runes on Wang Bumin’s body. They were very profound.


“Congratulations on using your knowledge to save the life of an examinee. Your actions fulfilled the requirements of a great teacher feat. Special reward: 1x great teacher emblem and 1x mysterious treasure chest!”


“Congratulations, your prestige connection with Wang Bumin has improved to the next level and you gained 1,000 favorable impression points in one shot. Reward: 1x gold treasure chest!”

The system congratulated, rewarding him with two rewards in one go.

“Keep them first!”

Sun Mo didn’t dare to open any more chests. Although he had his lucky mascot, he didn’t want to waste her luck so wantonly.

“Sun Mo, it’s Teacher Xia’s turn on the arena now!”

Gu Xiuxun suddenly rushed over to inform him.

With regards to this competition, in order to increase her horizons, the masochist would watch every single battle. However, Sun Mo didn’t do so. Gu Xiuxun also didn’t force him.

After all, Sun Mo was a genius. It made no difference for him to watch the battles of others or not.

“Let’s go!”

Xia Yuan’s opponent was from the Virtuous Academy, a ‘B’ grade academy. Comparing reputation, Xia Yuan from the ‘C’ grade Central Province Academy was clearly weaker. However, the two of them were evenly matched when it came to combat.

Naturally, the consequence of this was that both parties would end up heavily injured.

At the very end, their wills became the only driving force of their fight.

Twenty minutes later, Xia Yuan’s persistence was rewarded. Her opponent coughed up blood and this caused his attack to be a little unstable, losing the power to threaten Xia Yuan. Xia Yuan grabbed this opportunity and blasted him down from the arena with a palm strike.

“Teacher Xia!”

Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun could be considered friends with Xia Yuan. Hence, once the fight ended, they immediately ran over.

“Teacher Ma, this is Teacher Xia, my colleague. I will leave her to you.”

Sun Mo called out to Ma Zhang.

“Teacher, please rest at ease!”

Ma Zhang ran over long ago. Before he said anything, he immediately took out a pill and fed it to Xia Yuan.

Xia Yuan thanked him.

“Don’t speak anymore!”

Ma Zhang said, “I will do my best and make sure you are in shape for your next battle!”


Xia Yuan felt tears flowing down her face. Other than joy from the victory, she felt that being acquainted with Sun Mo and forging a close relationship with him was her best and most correct decision in three years.


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +500. Respect (2,770/10,000).

Xia Yuan had seen things very clearly. At the start, Ma Zhang had been running toward her opponents. After all, it didn’t matter who was treated first. But because Sun Mo had run toward her, Ma Zhang changed his mind.

Yeah, without Sun Mo’s connection, Ma Zhang was a 5-star great teacher. Why would he choose to care for her first? Also, that pill he gave her was clearly his private pill.

Up until now, Xia Yuan had seen many battles, but Ma Zhang had never once taken out a pill for any of the examinees before.

Xia Yuan’s opponent also received emergency treatment, but the person treating him was a 3-star great teacher. Honestly speaking, those who were sick and went to a hospital would hope that the doctor treating them was someone with more experience.

Very soon, the fifth round started. This time around, Sun Mo was the first to get on the arena.

“#178 Sun Mo, #2190 Han Xi!”

As the main examiner announced, the entire area immediately fell silent as all gazes turned to the arena. After all, Sun Mo was a famous person now.

It was like when a celebrity went up the stage. If that person was Michael Jackson, the attention of everyone would surely be on him. But if it was a third-rate celebrity, who would care about them? The audience would definitely continue to lower their head and browse their mobile phones.

However, in the silence, someone suddenly roared.

“Teacher, I’m cheering for you. You will definitely win!”

Hua Jianmu stood up and placed his hands around his mouth as he shouted loudly, cheering for Han Xi.

“Who’s that?”

Li Ziqi was unhappy. She turned her head and instructed, “Xuanyuan Po, shout something!”

Xuanyuan Po immediately stood up and walked away.

Jiang Leng stretched out his hand to hold him back. Although he didn’t say anything, his meaning was clear. (Where are you going?)

“I’m going to explode his head!”

Xuanyuan Po spoke in a manner as it should be by right. (Cheering? I don’t know how to do that. I only know how to fight. I only know how to fight very ruthlessly!)

Li Ziqi didn’t manage to speak, but Ying Baiwu already jumped on her chair.

“My teacher will win for sure!”

“I’m coming too!”

After Lu Zhiruo chewed the melon in her mouth, she brushed the back of her hand against her mouth to clean it and also leaped on her chair.


The little sunny egg stopped the papaya girl, feeling exceptionally embarrassed. (Can you guys stop throwing Teacher’s face? He’s just against a nameless nobody. Is there a need to have so many people involved in cheering?)

Tantai Yutang shuffled to the side and turned his head away, acting like he didn’t know them.

“Teacher Han!”

Sun Mo didn’t expect that his opponent would actually be Hua Jianmu’s teacher. She could be considered ‘20%’ familiar.

“Why is it Sun Mo?”

Hua Jianmu held onto the railings as a nervous look appeared on his face. Most probably, this match was not going to be so easy for her teacher.

To Sun Mo, Hua Jianmu felt gratitude. This was especially so after he saw Ma Zhang take Sun Mo as a teacher, as well as the scene earlier. He finally understood how strong Sun Mo’s God Hands were.

When he thought of how he had managed to receive Sun Mo’s massage and break through, Hua Jianmu rejoiced. He would definitely be able to go a step further in the student battle and might get the championship, helping his teacher gain great glory.

Hence, when he saw this scene, Hua Jianmu suddenly started hoping for Sun Mo to suffer from bad luck and wanted him to lose the battle. After all, in his heart, Teacher Han was someone irreplaceable.

Yet, Han Xi didn’t feel worried at all. After she walked up the arena, she stared at Sun Mo. Her eyes were filled with battle intent.

(Finally, my chance has come!)

(Sun Mo is so famous. As long as I defeat him, I will instantly become the most dazzling person in the competition. If that was the case, a lot of famous schools would be coming to headhunt me.)

(There’s no need for me to go back to the rented house that’s as small as a dog kennel. I want to be famous, I want to earn big money, I want to go to Bianjing and buy a luxurious mansion!)

Han Xi turned her head and looked at the main examiner. Her meaning was clear without words. She wanted him to quickly announce the start of the battle.

Sun Mo frowned. The battle desire of Han Xi was so strong. Usually speaking, no one would hold back in a battle like this. Hence, there would surely be people injured.

Upon thinking of this, Sun Mo activated Divine Sight.

Han Xi, 26 years old. Fifth level of the divine force realm.

Strength: 39. Able to endure hardships. She has done countless jobs that required heavy physical toil before. She survived because she depended on her hands!

Intellect: 35. Average standard, but she works sufficiently hard.

Agility: 36. Average standard, nothing to write home about.

Endurance: 40. She can handle all sorts of hardship!

Will: 39. Extremely determined. For the sake of becoming famous, she is willing to pay any price.


Potential value: Slightly above average!

Note: Host, if you are as hardworking as she is, your achievements will be even higher.

Note: Sadly, her talent is merely at the level of a mortal. No matter how hard she works, the ceiling will always be there.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》