Absolute Great Teacher
582 So Strong That It Makes People Feel Despair
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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582 So Strong That It Makes People Feel Despair


Because of the obstruction created from the shattered floor, Sun Mo’s movements were impeded and he couldn’t help but slow his speed. Han Xi used this opportunity and rushed before Sun Mo.

Willow Rises with the Wind.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Rapid blade slashes were unleashed, akin to spring wind from the second month. The slashes were light and clean, unceasingly aiming for Sun Mo’s body.

Sun Mo still didn’t choose to evade.

Crows Crying at Night, Colors of Autumn!


This strike was like a brush dipped in ink. After it was unleashed, it negated Han Xi’s momentum. At the next instant, she was swept into a torrent of boundless blade might.

Sun Mo started to chain his attacks again.

Han Xi seemed to be on the verge of falling. Every time she blocked a strike, she had to use all her energy to do so.

Too difficult!

Really too difficult!

Facing Sun Mo’s frenzied attacks, Han Xi felt like she was a lone boat in a tsunami and had the danger of capsizing at any moment.

Such immense pressure was like a pair of gigantic hands tugging on Han Xi’s mental state, causing her to feel a splitting headache. Because she was staring too hard at Sun Mo to track each of his movements, her eyes even started to become bloodshot.

Intense despair rose in her heart.

(I really can’t win!)

(But I can’t give up. Once I give up, I will have no chances anymore.)

“Sun Mo is so strong!”

“Yeah, I felt that Sun Mo was lucky when Xie Cang forfeited in the past but from the looks of things now, that might not be the case.”

“Sun Mo would surely be able to enter the next round. I’m so envious!”

“What are you talking about? Given Sun Mo’s momentum, it’s clear he’s making a beeline for the championship. Right now, I only want to know who would be able to stop him!”

The examinees discussed. This was especially so for those in the upper bracket. All of them had dimmed expressions and were worried that they might meet Sun Mo next round. He would definitely put an end to their hopes.

Actually, those who could enter the upper brackets could be considered to have passed. But who wouldn’t want a good ranking? After all, there were so many major characters watching the battle. If they somehow gained their appreciation, they would be like a fish that leaped past the dragon gate.

What was the dragon gate?

Naturally the famous schools! This was especially so for schools ranked at the ‘B’ grade and above. After entering them, one’s value would only increase. Even if they joined another school in the future, they would have more choices.

Bai Shuang coldly observed as she frowned even more heavily. It wasn’t because Sun Mo was strong. Rather, the cultivation art he unleashed occasionally truly seemed to be the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art.

Despite Sun Mo being slightly more careful and not using the Invulnerable Golden Body, ‘Paying someone back in their own coin’, and the clone, as they were the trademark ultimate skills of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, she could still sense some things.

“As expected of a genius. I would only feel joyful after defeating such an opponent!”

Shan Shi stared at Sun Mo, feeling very impatient to rush up to fight against him. At that time when he trampled on Sun Mo’s head, everyone would surely feel shocked.

In the arena...

The more Sun Mo fought, the weaker his momentum.

There was no solution to it. He became soft-hearted.

This situation was a little like bullying someone. It was like a pay-2-win player crushing a newbie who hadn’t even learned a single skill yet.

“I can’t possibly beat her into autism, right?”

Sun Mo decided to stop. But right at this moment, Han Xi’s eyes brightened.


Han Xi thought that Sun Mo had exhausted too much of his spirit qi and temporarily wasn’t able to keep up his flurry of attacks, leading to a lack of strength, causing his attacking momentum to reduce. However, a genius like Sun Mo would definitely make up for such a ‘mistake’. Hence, Han Xi didn’t think too deeply into this and directly charged toward Sun Mo.


Han Xi’s left hand forcibly blocked Sun Mo’s wooden blade. The sharp attack directly snapped her arm, and even a portion of her muscles was lacerated. However, she gritted her teeth and didn’t scream. Her right hand grabbed her blade tightly as she unleashed her strongest strike.

Willow Cut, Spring Falls!


The dust on the ground rose without wind. Before Sun Mo’s eyes, tender willow leaves started to float around. They were so vivid, and one could even smell the soil and green grass fragrance.


The main examiner involuntarily praised. He didn’t expect that Han Xi would be able to train an inferior heaven-tier cultivation art to such an extent.

How much time did she spend on it?

“What a pity!’

Tong Yiming shook his head. Han Xi’s performance showed that her aptitude was ordinary. However, her personality and will were truly resolute. Also, with her willingness to work hard, if she had changed to a more powerful cultivation art, Sun Mo would have suffered today.

Mei Yazhi sighed. Those who were born in wealth or could attend top famous schools would have access to top-graded cultivation arts. For commoners like Han Xi who was born with low social status, it was not the case. They would either have to join an organization or have to pay a very huge price before they could get a chance to read one.

Mei Yazhi wished to change the current education world, but it was simply too difficult.

“Is Sun Mo going to lose?”

Jiang Zhitong felt agitated and almost stood up.

Some who were unhappy with Sun Mo started cheering. However, their voices got stuck in their throats at the very next moment.

Because Sun Mo acted.

Begonia Under the Moon!

The willow leaves floating in the arena directly exploded into powder before vanishing, and Han Xi coughed up blood as her entire person was flung through the air. After that, she fell off the arena.


The gigantic impact caused her to cough up another mouthful of blood.

However, compared to the injuries on her body, she felt more pain in her heart.

“I still lost!”

Han Xi bitterly smiled. Truly, she had no chance to win at all.

When Sun Mo unleashed the Begonia Under the Moon, Han Xi didn’t even know what had just happened before she got struck.

“Teacher will definitely win!”

In the spectator stands, Hua Jianmu’s expression showed agitation. He had been preparing to cheer for his teacher, but in the blink of an eye, his teacher was defeated. This caused his fists to be clenched tightly. He subconsciously jumped down from the stands and entered the arena.

However, before Hua Jianmu could rush over, he was stopped by the workers in the surroundings.

“Sun Mo is the victor for this battle!”

The main examiner announced and he added another sentence after that. “However, Teacher Han fought very well. You should upgrade your cultivation art!”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Wild applause rang out through the battle dojo.

“Sadly, the applause isn’t for me!”

Han Xi was disappointed.

“Teacher Han!”

Sun Mo jumped down and squatted beside Han Xi. “I can help you set your bone!”

“No need!”

Han Xi rejected. “I don’t need your sympathy!”

(I’ve already lost in our battle. If I accepted your sympathy now, my only remaining emotion – pride, would also be stripped from me!)

“Teacher Han...”

Sun Mo frowned, wanting to persuade her.

Han Xi ignored Sun Mo. In fact, she even ignored these doctors. She simply hugged her broken arm and headed to the resting area. She wanted to carefully think through the battle and recall Sun Mo’s moves.

(I don’t have any means to learn a powerful cultivation art. Since that’s the case, I shall learn yours by stealth. Next time, I won’t be so easily defeated by you.)

Han Xi’s gaze shone with a prideful aura.


Sun Mo wanted to invite Han Xi to join the Central Province Academy. However, her attitude was even more unyielding compared to men. She was like a porcupine and he didn’t know how to broach the subject.

“Oh yay, teacher won!”

Ying Baiwu glanced at Tantai Yutang. (I’ve said a long time ago that it’s impossible for Teacher to screw up.)

“Eldest martial sister, what are you thinking about?”

The papaya girl discovered that Li Ziqi was in deep thoughts and she didn’t look happy at all. “Are you worrying about Teacher?”


Li Ziqi glanced at Han Xi and suddenly thought of a few puzzling questions. “I’m going to look for Teacher!”

(Yes, I shall look for Teacher. He would definitely help me solve my queries.)


“Teacher Sun, congratulations!”

“Teacher Sun, you are impressive!”

“The championship is within reach. Work hard!”

When Sun Mo returned to the resting area, some extroverted great teachers started to take the initiative to greet him, wanting to be acquainted with him.

One could foresee that after this examination, Sun Mo would become really famous. In the future, it would be very difficult if they wanted to get acquainted with him. Hence, everyone wanted to grab this chance.

After all, one more friend equated to one more path.


Sun Mo turned his head and reciprocated.

The competition continued and things grew increasingly interesting. The examinees who could last up until now were all considered elites.

Not long later, Li Ziqi and the others came over.

“What’s wrong?”

Sun Mo could see that the little sunny egg seemed to have a load on her mind.

“Teacher, I have a few questions that I can’t understand.”

Li Ziqi inclined her head and glanced over. “It’s my mistake. After Teacher’s examination ends, can you guide me?”

Sun Mo smiled and rubbed Li Ziqi’s head.

“Let’s go!”

Sun Mo stood up and headed out. There were too many people here, and Sun Mo didn’t want random people to surround and stare at him.


Lu Zhiruo felt a little depressed. She then jogged to Sun Mo’s side and was like a kitten as she used her face to rub against Sun Mo’s sleeves. (Why are you not patting my head?)

“Teacher, why doesn’t Teacher Han Xi learn a more powerful cultivation art?”

Li Ziqi was puzzled.

“She most probably wasn’t able to!”

Sun Mo guessed. There was only one reason.

“Your question is so foolish. She is definitely not qualified to learn better cultivation arts.”

Tantai Yutang sneered. The situation was still better in the Central Province Academy as the school was willing to share their earth-tier cultivation arts with all the students, including inferior heaven-tier cultivation arts. In fact, average-grade heaven-tier cultivation arts would also be given to students with good aptitudes and results. However, that was the limit. It was difficult for the school to give a higher-graded cultivation art to students.

The students had to prove their loyalty, value, and talent first. Moreover, they had to have a great teacher acting as a guarantor for them while also receiving their recommendation before they could learn a higher-graded cultivation art.

For other schools, even inferior heaven-tier cultivation arts would be kept a secret. These arts wouldn’t be easily passed down.

“I felt that Han Xi’s school is a little heartless?”

Li Ziqi’s brows were furrowed.

“This can’t be considered heartless. The cultivation arts belonged to the school after all, on what grounds did they have to teach it to you? It’s like our school, only after a teacher proved their loyalty would they be able to learn.”

Tantai Yutang laughed.

“Baiwu, what do you think?”

Li Ziqi looked at the iron-headed girl. Her background should be the lowest among all Sun Mo’s personal students. She would surely have a different way to look at things.

“The cultivation arts belong to another entity after all. If they want to give it to me, I’ll take it. If not, there’s no problem for me.”

After speaking until here, Ying Baiwu gazed at Sun Mo with worship and gratitude in her eyes. “People like our teacher that’s willing to teach peak saint-tier cultivation arts are definitely very rare or even none, right?”


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +500. Respect (6,100/10,000).

“Baiwu, you shouldn’t underestimate the characters of some great teachers!”

Sun Mo corrected. “In places unknown to us, there’re definitely many selfless great teachers.”


Li Ziqi fell silent.

“Eldest martial sister, what do you want to say?”

Lu Zhiruo also grew anxious when she saw that Li Ziqi wasn’t able to understand this logic.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》