Absolute Great Teacher
584 I“m Sorry, This Halo Is Not for Sale
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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584 I“m Sorry, This Halo Is Not for Sale

Chapter 584: I’m Sorry, This Halo Is Not for Sale


Li Ruolan, who had been paying attention to the situation, bit her lips because she was too astonished.

This was definitely a great teacher halo. Moreover, it was very rare and amazing.

Usually, the light that a great teacher halo emitted was gold. But now, the light that shrouded around Li Ziqi was a platinum color, looking extremely divine, peaceful, and pure!

“How old is this girl? She only looks to be 14 or 15 years old, yet she has comprehended such a deep and profound great teacher halo? My god, is it because Sun Mo did a good job of teaching her or because she has exceptional talent?”

Li Ruolan had a fire rising in her heart and a strong urge to immediately interview the little sunny egg.

“Dis... Distinctionless Education?”

Mei Ziyu, who was born in a prominent family, had a much stronger judgment than Li Ruolan. At first glance, she had recognized this great teacher halo, but she didn’t dare to believe it.

It was because this was Distinctionless Education!

What kind of great teacher could comprehend this?

Those who were at least 7-star or higher. It was because the concept of Distinctionless Education no longer just encompassed that of teaching and giving guidance. It also included many layers such as spirituality, beliefs, and philosophy.

Anyone that could be taught was worth teaching!

This wasn’t just talk. Some great teachers might say that they viewed all their students equally. However, when facing the poor students who were ranked at the bottom or the troublemakers, would you be able to maintain the same gentle attitude as you would toward the top student?

You might not reprimand them, but the energy you devoted to them would definitely not be the same.

Everyone had their preferences. Those without feelings were called robots.

However, great teachers who comprehended Distinctionless Education would be able to view everyone equally. When one reached this realm, they’d be pursuing bringing enlightenment to all people.

This showed how difficult it was to comprehend this halo because it was something on the spiritual level. No matter what you said, the real you was what your thoughts reflected.

In order to ascertain that she hadn’t seen wrongly, Mei Ziyu took another few steps forward.


“I must be seeing things wrongly, right?”

Gu Xiuxun looked stunned as she said this. She then pinched Sun Mo hard.

“What are you doing?”

Sun Mo cried out in pain.

“I’m jealous!”

Gu Xiuxun’s words were simple and straightforward. She then pinched Sun Mo with her index finger and thumb, turning another half a round. However, this time around, she didn’t exert force.

“Wow! Distinctionless Education!”

Lu Zhiruo cried out, looking envious. “Eldest Martial Sister! You’re so amazing!”

“What? Zhiruo, you must have seen wrongly, right?”

Jiang Leng, with his dead man face, had always been one who didn’t like to say much. However, even he had screamed out at this moment. His astonished expression was as if he had been pierced in the butt by a big and thick wooden rod.

“It’s definitely not wrong!”

The papaya girl was very confident. She had seen this halo many times. It was definitely right.

“Teach... Teacher...”

Li Ziqi stuttered, blinking her innocent little eyes and looking toward Sun Mo.

The little sunny egg was very anxious at this moment. She was influenced by Sun Mo’s Priceless Advice and many thoughts had appeared in her heart. She had been planning on sorting through them when a voice suddenly rang out in her brain. Platinum light was then radiated out from her body.

It was Distinctionless Education. Based on records, there hadn’t been any 1-star great teacher who had comprehended it. The youngest one would at least be a 7-star great teacher.

“Stay calm! Don’t panic!” Sun Mo said, “Carefully experience this feeling!”

The moment a great teacher comprehended a halo was an extremely precious experience. The process was very short, so one must try to feel this process as much as possible, capturing that feeling.

“How does it feel to be surpassed by your own student?”

Gu Xiuxun teased.

“It’s very great!”

Sun Mo looked at Li Ziqi, his lips curling up into a smile. He felt both consoled and relieved.

Given the little sunny egg’s status as the Great Tang’s princess, even if she couldn’t get a secondary saint as her teacher, she’d be able to acknowledge a 7-star great teacher. However, she had chosen him.

If he didn’t manage to teach her well, he’d be letting her trust down.

It was good now. She had comprehended three great teacher halos at the age of 14 and had the right to participate in the 1-star great teacher examination. This would definitely break the Saint Gate’s record.

Gu Xiuxun was stunned, not expecting this reply.

To speak the truth, any great teacher would feel a little jealous when they saw someone else comprehending an extremely rare halo, let alone one like Distinctionless Education. However, Sun Mo didn’t feel jealous.

There were blessings, recognition, pride, and a strong sense of consolation in his eyes. It was as if he had polished the most precious gemstone in the world.

“Sun Mo is someone who has broken away from vulgar interests!”

Gu Xiuxun exclaimed.


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +100. Reverence (20,100/100,000).

“Teacher Sun, congratulations! Your student has comprehended Distinctionless Education.”

Mei Ziyu walked over and offered her congratulations.

“This is really Distinctionless Education?”

Li Ruolan was astonished and she held onto the image-recording stone, getting a few steps closer, wanting to film everything down clearer. The beautiful reporter was very thankful that she had come out with Sun Mo. Otherwise, she’d have missed this scene.

A young girl in her teens had comprehended Distinctionless Education. This would create a new history for the Saint Gate! Moreover, she had recorded such a meaningful historical moment, in addition to witnessing it.

“Thank you!”

Sun Mo laughed softly, but most of his attention was on Li Ziqi.

The effects of Distinctionless Education were to enlighten. It would let students change their ways through a solid long-term education.

It was similar to receiving enlightenment from a prestigious monk. It could get vicious villains to put down their weapons, change their ways, and be nice from then on.

Of course, after this halo was released, the success rate was extremely low. It was because when it was performed, it required one to have the mentality of a saint, to bring enlightenment to all people. The slightest bit of emotions would result in failure.

“System, how many favorable impression points is this halo up for sale in the shopping store?”

Sun Mo felt curious.

“I’m sorry, this halo is not for sale.”

The system gave a very disappointing reply.

“It’s so precious?”

Sun Mo frowned. “Then is it possible to get it from the chests?”

“I’m sorry, you can only comprehend it by yourself!”

The system’s voice emitted a helpless vibe.

“It’s over then!”

Sun Mo sighed as if he had seen this halo attached with wings and flying away. He knew himself well. For him to be a saint?

It was impossible in this lifetime.

Sun Mo was someone who’d definitely return the favor by killing his opponent in a game. Moreover, he’d also watch over their corpse for at least two hours.

He wouldn’t stop until he had killed them ten times.

“Eldest Martial Sister is so talented!”

Lu Zhiruo sneaked a glance at Sun Mo. When she saw her teacher’s consoled expression, she felt envious. She wanted her teacher to feel proud of her as well.

“Why can’t I comprehend the Self-Taught Halo? Could it be that I had spat at heaven before in my previous life? So I’m being hated?”

The papaya girl tried to think of the reason for this.

“It’s over. I definitely won’t be able to become the student Teacher likes the most!”

Ying Baiwu felt upset.

Xuanyuan Po lost interest after looking at Li Ziqi, but his recognition of Sun Mo grew stronger. (It seems that Teacher is still quite capable in teaching students.)

(En, it’d be better if he likes fighting more.)


Jiang Leng was no longer surprised at this. After all, would someone be bad if they could let Li Ziqi comprehend two great teacher halos consecutively at the age of 14?


Tantai Yutang felt as if there were 10,000 alpacas running past in his heart, ravaging it. It felt really awkward. Thankfully, he didn’t say out ‘You think that you’re a saint? You even want to teach everyone equally?’ It’d be really embarrassing if he had said that.

[But Teacher is really amazing. To think that someone I have acknowledged on impulse is this great!]

Sun Mo instantly received a wave of favorable impression points.


A few minutes later, Li Ziqi opened her eyes.

“Congratulations! Congratulations! You’re really smart and talented to be able to comprehend a great teacher halo at your age. You should work hard and comprehend another two before 15 years old, then take part in the great teacher examinations, breaking the record and bringing glory to your teacher.”

Li Ruolan flattered her. Who wouldn’t like to listen to nice things?

However, this time around, she had said wrongly.

“Eldest Martial Sister has already comprehended three great teacher halos.”

Lu Zhiruo corrected, “As long as she is willing to, she can take part in the examinations next year!”


Li Ruolan was stunned. (Did I hear wrongly? Ah, I didn’t have a good sleep last night. This can’t do. I mustn’t stay up late tonight anymore.)


Mei Ziyu was also a little astonished. He looked toward Sun Mo, waiting for a reply.

“Zhiruo is right. It’s true that Ziqi has comprehended three great teacher halos.”

Gu Xiuxun smacked her lips, feeling the urge to punch Sun Mo again.

“Hehe, did I lose my hearing? What did you say? I didn’t catch that!”

Li Ruolan mumbled in her heart.

She had just said that out of courtesy and didn’t really think that Li Ziqi would be able to do it. It was because she felt that it was really a miracle for Li Ziqi to have comprehended one halo. What she didn’t expect was that Li Ziqi had already comprehended three.

“This... is really...”

Mei Ziyu didn’t know what to say anymore.

“It’s all thanks to Teacher’s guidance!”

Li Ziqi didn’t become haughty, but instead, looked at Sun Mo with eyes filled with gratitude. She had comprehended these three great halos after listening to Sun Mo’s Priceless Advice.

It was really good to be able to acknowledge him as her teacher!


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +1,000. Reverence (41,360/100,000).

“Which three are they?” Li Ruolan was very curious. “Tell me!”

“Retentive Memory! Unrealized Dream!”

Lu Zhiruo counted with her fingers as she spoke up. “And the Distinctionless Education today!”


After the papaya girl finished speaking, Li Ruolan cursed.


Everyone immediately looked over. It felt a little stimulating to hear such a great beauty cursing.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold it in!”

Li Ruolan also had the title of a 1-star great teacher. Although she didn’t teach students but changed her occupation to become a reporter and writer, she still had a yearning toward teaching.

However, Li Ruolan didn’t even dare to dream of comprehending these three halos herself! Let alone being able to teach her students to comprehend them!

Retentive Memory?

Unrealized Dream?

Distinctionless Education?

(Didn’t they say that 1-star great teachers are only able to comprehend the most commonly seen halos? Were they lying to me? If I were to run into the battle dojo and shout out that a young lady has comprehended these three halos, they’d definitely think of me as a fool. A pure fool who couldn’t be saved!)

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