Absolute Great Teacher
588 Peerless Saint-Tier Spiritual Control Secret Technique!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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588 Peerless Saint-Tier Spiritual Control Secret Technique!


“Teacher Bai, you repeatedly provoked me. Even a man made of mud would have three points of anger!”

Sun Mo mocked.

Speaking of anger, he didn’t really feel it. After all, outsiders would want to know why Bai Shuang kept provoking Sun Mo. So, Sun Mo’s achievements of crushing Gu Qingyan in the 1-star great teacher examination spread further and further, boosting Sun Mo’s fame.

Bai Shuang was ranked 11th on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings. Speaking of fame, hers was much greater compared to Sun Mo’s. Also, she rose to fame even earlier in comparison.

So, even if Sun Mo lost the fight, he could still feel proud despite being defeated. But if Bai Shaung lost, she would become Sun Mo’s stepping stone.

Naturally, given Bai Shuang’s pure personality, she wouldn’t consider such details.

“You are not convinced? Either you endure it or defeat me!”

Bai Shuang sneered. “Are you prepared?”

Sun Mo originally didn’t have any other thoughts, but when he saw Bai Shuang’s expression like she would never lose, he also became unhappy.

(Why would you feel you would win against me for sure?)

(Am I that weak?)

“Since Teacher Bai felt that she would definitely be able to teach me a lesson, how about we make a bet?”

Sun Mo suggested.

“Are you sure?”

Bai Shuang counter-asked.


All the examinees on the scene were in an uproar. Bai Shuang’s tone was simply saying that Sun Mo was taking the initiative in courting a rebuff.

“If I lose, I will give free massages to a person of your choice for three years. But if you lose, you have to come and teach in the Central Province Academy for free for three years.”

Sun Mo set the bet.

“Has Sun Mo gone mad? Why is he willing to give massages for free?”

“Yeah, although Bai Shuang has a very high talent in the art of spiritual control, she isn’t too experienced and her teaching capabilities might not be sufficient. This bet is clearly not of equal value, right?”

“At such a time, he shouldn’t have said such things for the sake of gaining face. He should have just endured it.”

The examinees discussed. All of them felt that Sun Mo was too careless.

“Teacher Sun, don’t speak nonsense. Also, Teacher Bai, please pay attention to your words and bearing. Being so menacing is a let down to the prestige of great teachers.”

Mei Yazhi persuaded Sun Mo out of good will. She had seen Bai Shuang’s strength a few years ago when she was the main examiner that observed the competition at the nine supreme-grade schools. Hence, she knew that Bai Shuang was truly very powerful.

“Teacher Mei, can you please not disrupt the competition between examinees?”

Jiang Zhitong ran on a bank. He wanted nothing more than for Sun Mo to lose and give free labor to Bai Shuang.

“Disruption? I’m trying to prevent the emotions of the examinees from affecting their decisions, wanting to stop them from destroying their future!”

Mei Yazhi’s personality was very good and she disliked arguing with others. But when she really started to scold someone, she would seem imposing without being angry. After all, Jiang Zhitong’s father was a 6-star great teacher ultimately.

However, Jiang Zhitong repeatedly tried to stir up trouble for Sun Mo. Mei Yazhi truly couldn’t bear to see this.


Jiang Zhitong’s expression turned awkward. After that, he felt anger as he stared at her. (You are a 6-star great teacher, but what has gotten into you? Why are you speaking up for Sun Mo?)

(You are simply lowering your own status.)

“Teacher Mei, we are examiners...”

Jiang Zhitong deliberated his wording but didn’t continue because he was suddenly engulfed by the light from a great teacher halo that was cast by Mei Zhiya.

“Shut up. You also know you are an examiner? In that case, why are you so impetuous and ruled by your emotions?”

Mei Yazhi’s beautiful brows furrowed as she berated fiercely, “How magnanimous is your father? He basically didn’t care about Sun Mo’s ‘offensive act’. But what about you? You just want to make sure Sun Mo suffers, not wanting to spare him at all. You have simply thrown the face of your father and the entire Jiang Clan away.”

Jiang Zhitong was so angry that his face was completely flushed. No matter what, he was still a 3-star great teacher and a high-level staff from the Saint Gate. Wherever he went, he would be treated politely. But now, on this judging panel, he was lectured and disciplined like a dog.

His face was entirely tarnished.

Jiang Zhitong really felt like cursing someone.

Naturally, he didn’t dare to do so. Even if he dared, he wasn’t able to speak now because of the effect of Mei Yazhi’s halo.

“It’s Angling for Fame!”

“A high-ranking great teacher is simply so impressive. They lecture 3-star great teachers like how one would lecture a dog!”

“However, Jiang Zhitong is truly asking for it. He keeps thinking that his Jiang Clan is one-tier higher than others and always looks down on everyone.”

The examiners had calm looks on their faces when they saw this scene but were silently joyful. A lot of people were unhappy with Jiang Zhitong, but they couldn’t afford to offend him and they had no choice but to ignore his actions.

“Jiang Zhitong, just think carefully. Do you really think you can sit among the judges with your own abilities? It’s all due to your father’s influence.”

Mei Zhiya went straight to the point, leaving no face for Jiang Zhitong.

(Hehe, you finally antagonized someone you can’t afford to, right?)

(The Mei Clan’s influence isn’t any weaker than your Jiang Clan. After all, your clan is just a clan that focuses on spirit runes. How can your influence be greater than an alchemist?)

(Moreover, Mei Yazhi herself is an alchemy grandmaster. Ten years later, she might even become an ancestor-level alchemist. At that time, let alone you, Jiang Zhitong, even your father Jiang Wei had to speak politely when he met Mei Yazhi.)

“Teacher Mei, calm down!’

Liang Hongda smiled and persuaded, causing Jiang Zhitong to feel like he had lost face because Liang Hongda didn’t mention his name.

However, this was normal as well. It was like a Changjiang Scholar[1] scolding a teacher from an ordinary university. Disregarding whether you made a mistake or not, your statuses were already unequal.

Even if Liang Hongda had brain damage, he wouldn’t care about Jiang Zhitong. At most, he would comfort him a little after this matter was over.


Jiang Zhitong left the area.

“Perfect. It’s finally quiet now!”

A major character spoke, immediately causing many people to burst out in laughter.

Jiang Zhitong, who had walked roughly about ten meters away, clenched his fists tightly when he heard the laughter. The hatred in his heart deepened.

“Sun Mo, I cannot exist together with you!”

In the past, Jiang Zhitong already wanted to lecture Sun Mo and make him understand the status of his Jiang Clan in the great teacher world. He wanted Sun Mo to apologize to him and admit that his words were wrong. But now, it was useless even if Sun Mo apologized.

Jiang Zhitong wanted Sun Mo to feel pain.

“Also, Mei Yazhi. I, Jiang Zhitong, will remember the humiliation today. In the future, I will definitely return it to you tenfold!”

Jiang Zhitong vowed.

“Do you guys still want to make a bet?”

The judging panel wasn’t far from the arena. Hence, the little dispute was naturally seen by Bai Shuang.

“A man’s words are worth a thousand gold. Since I’ve spoken, I won’t change my words!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he bowed slightly toward the judging panel. “Thank you for the concern from all the teachers here. I feel that such a bet can be considered some sort of tempering exercise for Teacher Bai and me.”

“This Sun Mo truly has a way with words!”

Liang Hongda sighed. By speaking like this, he shifted everyone onto Mei Yazhi’s side, helping her to share the ‘firepower’.

So now, even if the Jiang Clan wasn’t happy, they could only endure.

Mei Yazhi no longer spoke because this was her way of teaching. She would only interfere once.

To speak a word of fairness, it wasn’t because Sun Mo had helped Mei Ziyu before that she decided to speak up for Sun Mo. Rather, she was truly worried for the future of these two geniuses.

“We have wasted quite a lot of time. In that case, combatants, shall we begin?”

The main examiner asked.

“Bai Shuang, fifth level of the divine force realm. Please guide me!”

“Sun Mo, third level of the divine force realm. Please guide me!”

After they exchanged greetings, Sun Mo shot out like a sharp arrow, piercing forth with ferocious momentum as he took the initiative to attack with his wooden blade.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t planned to summon my spiritual beasts!”

Bai Shuang brandished her sword.


The sounds of metal clashing rang out. Bai Shuang had swung her sword out horizontally, breaking apart Sun Mo’s attack.

Sun Mo launched another one.

The battle situation became extremely tense!

“This is not going to be an easy fight!”

Xuanyuan Po shook his head.

“Yeah, that Bai Shuang has a high cultivation base and sufficient spirit qi reserve. Even her cultivation art is a top-graded one. Teacher doesn’t have too many advantages.”

Jiang Leng spoke.

“It’s over, it’s over. Even Jiang Leng is talking. Seems like this time around, Teacher has really encountered trouble!”

The papaya girl started praying for Sun Mo.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The wooden blade clashed against the sharp sword, emitting an exploding sound every single time.

Five minutes later, Sun Mo who had been attacking frenziedly still hadn’t shown any signs of exhaustion.


The examinees were mesmerized by the battle and involuntarily cheered. This was the most fascinating performance. Even Wang Qing who had forfeited earlier felt that his action was correct. Otherwise, he would have been defeated by Sun Mo.

“Do you feel that Sun Mo can win?”

An uglier guy asked with a somewhat mocking tone.


An average-looking guy replied with no hesitation.

“Haha, you’ve finally seen reality?” The uglier guy felt joyful. “I’ve long since said to bet on Bai Shuang and Xiao Li. Those who bet on Sun Mo are simply giving money to the banker.”

“I have three shops!”

The average-looking guy spoke in a concise and comprehensive manner.


The uglier guy felt a little stunned.

“I still have five courtyard houses. Three of them are located in the western mountain area of the Westmountain City.”

The average-looking guy added.


The uglier guy immediately felt like cursing. (The western mountain area? The place where the rich stay? A single house there is worth at least 3 million taels of silver.)

“I love spending money for the sake of feeling happy!”

The average-looking guy grinned. “It’s naturally good if I can win. But it doesn’t matter even if I lose.”

“F***, do you think you are amazing because you are rich?”

The uglier guy felt depressed. “I also have a shop!”

“That’s right, being rich is amazing!”

Another man at the side suddenly interjected. After he spoke, he glanced at the average-looking guy, “Master, should we buy over his shop?”

The uglier guy immediately turned his head away. (Who the hell are you guys? I don’t know you all. Aiya, I need to pee urgently, excuse me!)

In the arena, Sun Mo’s attacks gradually slowed while Bai Shuang started attacking. However, the effect wasn’t too great because Sun Mo’s movements were truly too wondrous.

Sun Mo was using the Wind King Divine Steps. If he wanted to dodge, Bai Shuang wouldn’t be able to catch him.


Bai Shuang suddenly halted. Raising her right hand, she pointed her index finger at Sun Mo.

“It’s time for this to end!”

As her voice faded, a ball of silver light the size of a walnut suddenly shot out from the tip of her index finger.


The ball of light zoomed past Sun Mo’s ears, grazing it slightly. If his reaction was slightly slower, he would have lost an ear.

Bai Shuang might have missed, but she was unconcerned. She continued to aim her index finger at Sun Mo.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Balls of light continued to form as they zoomed through the air, resembling bullets shot from a handgun. This forced Sun Mo to continue dodging and weaving.

“It has appeared... Bai Shuang’s ultimate skill!”

The examinees grew excited. When Bai Shuang first shot to fame, she didn’t depend on her spiritual beasts. Rather, it was this cultivation art. It was rumored that she had found this cultivation art from the ruins of darkness, and it was a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art.

Even the major characters in the judging panel had their eyes wide open. After all, it was indeed very rare to see this cultivation art.

“What an interesting attacking method!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched as he stared at the tens of golden pages floating in the air. “However, it will belong to me in a little while!”

[1] The highest academic award issued to an individual in higher education by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China

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