Absolute Great Teacher
590 Exploding the Head With a Single Blade?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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590 Exploding the Head With a Single Blade?



Sun Mo dodged the giant hammer and slashed his wooden blade at the giant’s body. As a result, motes of golden light emitted from its head, but no golden pages were formed.

“Is my Immemorial Vairocana’s level too low or is it because spiritual beasts belonged to a lifeform that’s invulnerable to the effects of Immemorial Vairocana?”

Sun Mo analyzed, feeling a little disappointed because the cultivation art of this ancient giant most probably was an ancient cultivation art that had been lost in time.

Biggy basically ignored Sun Mo’s attacks. It treated them like Sun Mo helping it to scratch its itch. When its battle hammer missed, it waved its fist again and punched toward Sun Mo.


Before its fist arrived, a powerful gust of wind already blew over, causing Sun Mo’s hair and robes to be blown backward.

“What a strong fist!”

Sun Mo’s heart silently shuddered. Just when he wanted to use the Wind King Divine Steps to dodge, Biggy’s fist suddenly disappeared with a flash and reappeared directly before Sun Mo at the next instant.


Sun Mo was like a baseball being smacked full force by a bat. He flew through the air, emitting a whistling noise.

“Is Sun Mo going to lose?”

Huala~ Many spectators stood up nervously. This scene was a little too shocking.

Just when Sun Mo was about to leave the arena, the illusory figure of a buddha appeared behind him and blasted forth with a palm strike that landed on his back. The powerful force propelled him back into the arena.

“Ruthless enough!”

The main examiner’s eyes brightened. He didn’t expect Sun Mo to actually use a self-injury method to return to the arena.

Biggy rushed forth wildly and appeared at the edge of the arena. After it judged Sun Mo’s landing point, it blasted out with its battle hammer.

Pak! Pak!

Sun Mo’s legs tapped the ground repeatedly, avoiding the attack. After that, he hurriedly lengthened the distance between them with Biggy chasing after him closely. The troublesome thing was that its fists would always appear suddenly before him. This was enough to cause Sun Mo’s judgment to be inaccurate.


Although he had activated Invulnerable Golden Body earlier, he still took damage from that powerful strike earlier.

“Seems like this is as far as Sun Mo can go!”

“There’s basically no suspense. That giant is too strong.”

“However, he can feel proud even in his defeat if he loses to Bai Shuang.”

The examinees discussed. Sun Mo was against a giant. Although he was able to hit it occasionally, the amount of damage he caused was not great. But once Biggy hit him, he would definitely be pulverized.

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo hadn’t been defeated yet. He completely depended on the Wind King Divine Step and Invulnerable Golden Body to forcefully drag things out.

“Teacher is about to lose.”

Tantai Yutang shook his head. It was like a muscular dude, who went to the gym for body lifting, wanting to snatch cake from a three-year-old kid. It was just a matter of time before the muscular dude succeeded.

“Can you shut your crow’s mouth?”

Li Ziqi and Ying Baiwu complained.

“Damn, why was I not lucky enough to find such a powerful spiritual beast?”

Sun Mo felt depressed. If speaking of their own strength, although Bai Shuang was two levels higher than him in terms of cultivation base, he could still win against her. However, the strength of a spiritual controller lay in their spiritual beasts.

Even if a child summoned a divine beast and defeated Sun Mo, no one would feel the child was cheating. This was because this was how spiritual controllers fight.

Not convinced?

You could go and summon another divine beast to fight for you then.

Before this, because Sun Mo possessed too many peerless saint-tier cultivation arts, even when his art of spiritual control was at the grandmaster-level, he didn’t treat it seriously. But through this battle, he finally truly understood how strong a spiritual controller could be.

Spiritual controllers were so strong that they could crush your head with no effort!

“Little Silver, are you around? If you are here, say something!”

Sun Mo recalled his eight-gate cloud. That was a strange lifeform ranked tenth on the darkness species listing. No matter what, it should be stronger than this giant, right?


The silver cloud in the shape of the eight-trigrams was currently relaxing in the airspace above the Westmountain Academy.

“Can you defeat it?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Eh? I must have heard wrongly. I suddenly felt as though a phantom spoke to me? Also, master, I believe that no matter what enemy you faced, you would definitely be able to defeat them. You must not make me disappointed, okay? If I’m disappointed, I might choose to leave home and stay somewhere else.”

The eight-gate cloud muttered to itself. “Aiya, I’m going to chase after the stars and the moon.”


A thousand grass mud horses immediately ran through Sun Mo’s heart. (Are you threatening me? You are definitely threatening me, right?)

“You still want to leave home? Do you believe that I’ll break your leg?”

“I’m a cloud, I don’t have legs!’

Little Silver suspected that its master’s head might have been injured.

“Aiya, my head is injured. I’ve forgotten how to use the ancient massaging technique. Hence, I won’t be able to massage you anymore.”

Because of the contract, Sun Mo could communicate telepathically with Little Silver. Moreover, after learning the Freedom Proof, the connection between him and Little Silver had become clearer and tighter.


Little Silver felt a little excited. Was this the threatening method used by villains in novels that it read? It was said that the pretty daughters of many small families were eaten up by bullies like this.

“Alright, stop jestering around!”

Sun Mo laughed. “Even if you can defeat it, I won’t allow you to act.”

What a joke. His spiritual beast was the eight-gate cloud, an extremely rare mysterious species of darkness. If it was revealed, he could just wait for someone to plunder it away.

Sun Mo understood the logic of getting into trouble on account of a cherished item.

“What would you do then? Forfeit?”

Little Silver was very curious. Honestly speaking, it didn’t feel that Sun Mo could defeat the spirit of the ancient giant. Because, according to combat strength, this Biggy was qualified to be the hegemon that governed an area even if it was in the Darkness Continent.

“Forfeit? In my dictionary, such a word doesn’t exist!”

As Sun Mo spoke, he suddenly turned to Biggy. His eyes flashed, and there was a hint of platinum glow that soon faded away.


Biggy’s body was as though it was petrified by a medusa’s gaze. It directly froze. In its heart, there seemed to be something broken off.

Its memory of how it first met Bai Shuang, how they got to know each other, as well as their period of interaction, were all sprayed out from its mind like water from a geyser.


(I don’t want the memories to leave me!)


Biggy suddenly howled in rage and its expression turned malevolent.

The arena trembled. Bai Shuang was also stunned, feeling extremely agitated. Countless memories floated up her mind, and it felt like she had lost something.

To other opponents, if you were stunned for one or two seconds, nothing significant might happen. But to Sun Mo, it was enough for him to kill Bai Shuang three times.


After Sun Mo used the Freedom Proof, he immediately rushed to Bai Shuang. He had guessed that after he used the divine language of spiritual control, an unexpected incident might occur for Bai Shuang.

She might be angered or stunned or had no change to her emotions...or maybe even suffer a spiritual beast backlash.

Fortunately, Sun Mo guessed correctly and immediately unleashed the appropriate response. He didn’t even waste a blink worth of time.

His wooden blade cut toward Bai Shuang’s head. When she regained her senses from the daze that resulted from her complex memories surging forth, panic could be seen in her eyes.

No one wanted to die.

However, Bai Shuang wasn’t able to avoid this strike in time. At the next instant, her will collapsed. She actually gave up on seeking survival, deciding to go with her fate.

“Teacher Sun, show mercy!”

Liang Hongda shouted.

The main examiner directly rushed out, wanting to stop Sun Mo. This was because his opponent was Bai Shuang. If she died, it would be considered an extremely extremely major loss to the spiritual controller world.

Naturally, if the condition was swapped, the main examiner would act as well.

Other than for the sake of hosting the competition and judging victory and defeat, they also had the responsibility to protect the examinees.

Sun Mo frowned when he saw Bai Shuang’s reaction. His wrist slackened a little, causing his wooden blade to dip down an inch. The wooden blade then struck her face instead of her head.


Bai Shuang was flung through the air and landed off the stage.

Because Sun Mo controlled his strength well, Bai Shuang’s head wasn’t crushed. However, half of her face was swollen as though she had just gained a kilogram of fat.

The entire scene fell silent, and all the audiences had stunned looks on their faces.

That giant, which was Bai Shuang’s spiritual beast, clearly possessed the advantage earlier. Why did she suddenly lose in the blink of an eye?

Were there some secrets in the dark?

This was basically impossible. Firstly, even if they ignored the fact that Bai Shuang and Sun Mo didn’t get along, it was clear from their bet that none of them would be willing to go easy on the other.

“Sun Mo must have done something.”

The examinees were extremely curious, especially so for those who focused on the art of spiritual control. They wanted nothing more than to tug Sun Mo’s mouth and force him to reveal the secret.

“Many thanks Teacher Sun for showing mercy!”

The main examiner expressed his thanks.

“I have never planned to kill.”

Sun Mo shrugged. By killing Bai Shuang, other than offending a powerful school like the Skyraise Academy, he would definitely leave behind a reputation of being someone extremely ruthless. The gains didn’t make up for the losses.

Naturally, it wasn’t that Sun Mo was afraid of trouble. He didn’t kill Bai Shuang simply because he had never thought about killing her before.

The main examiner clasped his fists together to express thanks and retreated.

Sun Mo was the victor. He had the authority to enjoy the glory of this moment.

“Oh yay, teacher has won!”

The papaya girl cheered as she applauded swiftly.

“This can work too?”

Tantai Yutang was speechless. He glanced at Li Ziqi. “Do you know what teacher has done?”

From the sickly invalid’s point of view, their teacher had a closer relationship to Li Ziqi. Hence, the little sunny egg definitely would know his secret.

“Tantai Yutang, I’m warning you. Teacher treats all of us equally. What I know, you can learn it too. Teacher wouldn’t withhold anything from any of us or show favoritism.”

Li Ziqi had a strict expression and a fierce look in her eyes.

“Tantai, you are in the wrong.”

Even the combat addict couldn’t bear to see this and berated Tantai Yutang.

Tantai Yutang also understood that he was in the wrong and hurriedly apologized, “Sorry, I’ve misspoken.”

“Teacher Bai, although you repeatedly provoked me by saying that you want to teach me a lesson, I actually admire you very much. I’m very impressed with your strength. However, at the very last moment earlier, you actually gave up. This really caused me to be very disappointed.”

Sun Mo looked at the woman sitting on the ground and shook his head. “Even the joy that comes from defeating you is diminished by half.”

Bai Shuang’s gaze dimmed. She knew that she was able to survive because Sun Mo had shown mercy.

“Teacher Bai, did you feel that Gu Qingyan self-exiled to the Darkness Continent because he felt discouraged and that this is a form of running away? To me, this is an indicator that he wasn’t willing to accept defeat. Can I ask you how many people are willing to live in the adverse living conditions of the Darkness Continent for several years?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.


Bai Shuang sank into contemplation.

“You saw Gu Qingyan’s defeat, but you didn’t see his growth.” Sun Mo guided. “Such growth doesn’t refer to a growth in strength. Rather, it’s his will and thinking!

“If it was you who was in that predicament at the point of demise, would you sit there and wait for death?”

“Naturally not!” Bai Shuang roared. Right now, she felt humiliated. Moreover, she also understood that she wasn’t as powerful as she thought she was.

“Very good. I anticipate our next battle. I want to fight you again after you matured. Also, I want to say that Gu Qingyan’s self-exile makes me admire him.”

Sun Mo kept his blade. Very good, the opponent he should be facing next round was Shan Shi.

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