Absolute Great Teacher
591 Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art, Half-step Grandmaster!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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591 Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art, Half-step Grandmaster!


“Teacher Sun. I, Bai Shuang, have benefitted from your guidance!”

As Bai Shuang spoke, she sat up straight and lowered her head in a bow.

Other than feeling gratitude for Sun Mo’s guidance, she also felt gratitude for Sun Mo’s mercy in not killing her.

Naturally, she now understood that her junior school brother might have gone to the Darkness Continent to temper and improve himself so he could fight against Sun Mo in the future.

Her junior school brother might have felt discouraged before, but he definitely didn’t give up.


Favorable impression points from Bai Shuang +100. Prestige connection unlocked. Friendly (100/1,000).


Upon seeing this scene, the audience exclaimed in shock.

One must know that Bai Shuang was one of the top graduates from the Skyraise Academy. Her strength and will were both very outstanding. Hence, defeating such a person to the point where they were completely convinced was much more difficult than merely defeating them.

Yet, Sun Mo had achieved this.

For a time, many streams of favorable impression points appeared in Sun Mo’s vision.

“Teacher Bai, you don’t have to be overly courteous.”

Sun Mo didn’t need her thanks. It was enough that she had contributed favorable impression points.

“Teacher Sun, can I be so impudent as to ask you a question?”

Bai Shuang looked at the ancient giant spirit on the stage. Right now, she discovered that her spiritual contract with it had been broken.

“Please ask!”

Sun Mo snapped his finger.


The floating golden pages immediately flew over and compiled themselves into a book.


“Congratulations on obtaining [Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art]. Proficiency level: entry-level!”

“Note: This cultivation art is a peerless-grade saint-tier one. It can unleash the spirit qi in your body in the form of spirit waves.”

“Its advantage is that it is pithy and fast. The cultivation process isn’t complicated. However, its flaw is that when it faces off against absolute might, it is inferior to some peerless saint-tier cultivation arts!”

After reading the introduction, Sun Mo felt like he had just picked up a treasure. This cultivation art was definitely good news to those klutzes.

For people like Li Ziqi with bad body coordination, if they cultivated this art, they would be able to avoid their greatest disadvantages.

To gain 70% mastery of this cultivation art, only meditation was needed.

Because Sun Mo had grasped multiple high-level cultivation arts, he had an innate understanding of its ‘attacking’ form.

Spirit qi was the root existence of all cultivation. Hence, all subjects taught in school used spirit qi as the basis.

Could spirit qi be released externally to attack?

Yes, it could, but the amount of might produced was too low.

What was the use of cultivation arts?

If spirit qi was the gas, cultivation arts would be the engine. A good cultivation art was equal to a good engine and could increase the ignition value of the gas, allowing gas of the same level to produce more motive power through the engine.

Look at the F1 competition and you would understand how important a good engine was to a racing car. Its importance was equal to a heart.

The so-called divine arts were simply things that allowed one to use the least amount of spirit qi to generate the greatest degree of destructive might.

All cultivation arts unleashed might through various methods. The Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art was no exception, but it eliminated the process of ‘cultivating the moves’ and could directly convert spirit qi into spirit waves that could be unleashed.

(Wait a minute, who set the rule that cultivation arts have to have moves in them?)

Upon thinking of this, there seemed to be a lightning flash in Sun Mo’s mind. He might have a sudden inspiration.

What was the purpose of training in cultivation arts?

To become stronger, to increase one’s martial strength? If this goal could be achieved, even if there were no moves, there was no problem, right?

How power was released and obtained could be said to be very varied.

Sun Mo felt that he had discovered a new ground, but just when he wanted to continue thinking deeper, someone called out to him.

He turned his head and saw the main examiner.

“Teacher Bai is waiting for your answer!”

The main examiner clearly saw that Sun Mo was in a daze.


Sun Mo started. After that, he looked at Bai Shuang and smiled awkwardly. “Sorry, what was your question? I didn’t hear it clearly!”

“Teacher Sun, can I please ask what have you done to my spiritual beast?”

Bai Shuang sincerely consulted Sun Mo.

“This...can I tell you about this privately?”

Sun Mo didn’t wish to reveal his trump card under the public eye.

“Sure. I was the one who has overstepped my bounds by asking such a personal question.”

Bai Shuang’s EQ might not be high, but that didn’t mean she didn’t know the ways of the world. Hence, she hurriedly apologized.

“Later on, try summoning your spiritual beast first.”

After Sun Mo reminded her, he instructed the system mentally, “Learn the skill book!”


The golden book floating before Sun Mo was crushed into countless tiny motes of light. After that, they flew forward like fireflies, entering his glabella.

Sun Mo instantly felt a sensation of fullness in his mind. It was like he had memorized 100 terms in the ancient classical poem. He felt a sense of joy that came from learning something.


“Congratulations on learning the Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art. Proficiency level: Entry-level.”

As Sun Mo walked toward the resting area, he was trying to contemplate the secrets of this cultivation art. He also mentally instructed the system, “Use a 30-year time emblem to upgrade my proficiency level of the Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art.”

This was such a practical cultivation art, so he naturally had to upgrade his proficiency level as soon as possible.


“Congratulations, your Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art’s proficiency level has been improved to the half-step grandmaster-level!’

Sun Mo’s comprehension of this cultivation art increased by a lot.

“Teacher Sun, congratulations on advancing to the finals!”

“Teacher Sun, I’m cheering for you. I bet for you to become the champion!”

“You have to defeat that arrogant Shan Shi!”

The examinees didn’t dare to crowd too near as they were worried they might offend Sun Mo. Hence, they smiled and greeted him when he passed by them.

Sun Mo nodded and thanked everyone.

Bai Shuang’s patience was strangely very sufficient.

“I’ve removed the contract between you and your spiritual beast. After that, when both of you were stunned, I defeated you!”

Sun Mo honestly answered.

Actually, he wasn’t able to hide this even if he wanted to. Given Bai Shuang’s comprehension ability, she would soon understand what had happened.

“Can such a thing even be accomplished?”

Bai Shuang was shocked. Although she had guessed that, she didn’t dare to believe it. This was because a spiritual contract was a very private, very arcane, and very mysterious power.

Outsiders wouldn’t know anything and if they tried to interfere, they would definitely suffer a backlash.

Sun Mo smiled. He naturally wouldn’t tell Bai Shuang that his Freedom Proof’s divine language of spiritual control was the highest-tier contract authority.

This highest-tier authority would suppress all other forms of low-tier authority!

“You know the divine language of spiritual control?”

Bai Shuang’s eyes flashed as she suddenly thought of a possibility.

The contract between her and the ancient giant spirit was a soul contract. Both parties formed it after they recognized and acknowledged each other. So, not only would the two of them not suffer from any backlash due to the contract, if someone tried to forcefully intervene in their contract, the third party would be the one suffering the backlash.

However, Sun Mo neither admitted nor denied it.

“I have to be right. Only those who know the divine language of spiritual control can achieve this feat!”

Bai Shuang mumbled. When she looked at Sun Mo again, her eyes were filled with envy. That was the divine language of spiritual control, something her father had bitterly searched for over fifty years yet wasn’t able to find.

As for herself, never in her wildest dreams would she dare to imagine that she would be able to learn a part of the divine language.

“Where did you obtain this giant?”

Sun Mo was curious. “If this conversation is too private, you can choose not to reply!”

“In a darkness ruin. It should be awakened due to my bloodline. If you need it, I can tell you the exact coordinates of that ruin.”

Bai Shuang replied with no hesitation.

“No need.”

Sun Mo wouldn’t covet such things. Besides, he still had a map of the Greenhaze Forest. There were a total of seven ruins there. At that time, he would definitely be able to obtain even more powerful spiritual beasts.

Bai Shuang cast a deep glance at Sun Mo. After that, she sincerely and genuinely spoke, “Teacher Sun, you are a good man!”

Not only had Sun Mo shared his secret with her, but he also didn’t force her to tell him her secret. Such character was truly admirable. It seemed that she had really misunderstood him earlier.


Favorable impression points from Bai Shuang +300. Friendly (400/1,000).

“Eh? What the hell? Sun Mo’s confession got rejected?”

Gu Xiuxun, who was walking over, coincidentally heard the sentence Bai Shuang spoke, saying that Sun Mo was a good man. She couldn’t help but froze.

“Teacher Sun, I apologize if I have offended you in the past!”

Bai Shuang bowed again in apology.

“We won’t get acquainted if we didn’t fight.”

Sun Mo chortled. Bai Shuang was so civil. On the contrary, he felt embarrassed to mention the stakes of the bet they had earlier.

“Sun Mo, don’t waste time anymore. Shan Shi’s match is about to start. Do you not want to go and take a look?”

Gu Xiuxun urged.

“Let’s go!”

Sun Mo was also very concerned about his final opponent. That fellow’s cultivation art seemed very bizarre. He better observed it more so he could come out with a battle strategy.

Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun left. Only then did Bai Shuang’s mates from her school feel brave enough to crowd over.

“Senior school sister, there’s medicine to reduce swelling and pain. Do you want to apply some on your face?”

“Senior school sister, you only lost because you were careless. If you were slightly more serious, you would definitely be able to win against Sun Mo.”

“Yeah, the combination of Biggy and junior sister Bai would have long since crushed Sun Mo if she was slightly more serious.”

Everyone consoled Bai Shuang.

“Don’t say anymore. I’m thoroughly convinced about my loss!”

Bai Shuang shook her head. “Also, don’t speak bad about Sun Mo!”


Everyone was stunned. They couldn’t speak bad nor praise Sun Mo. Hence, the atmosphere instantly grew awkward.

“However, Sun Mo is pretty magnanimous. He didn’t mention anything about the stakes of the bet. It can be considered that he has given face to senior school sister.”

A young female junior of Bai Shuang felt that Sun Mo’s personality wasn’t bad as she recalled his handsome face.


Everyone immediately turned over. (Do you really have to bring that up?)

“I’m tired. I will head back first!”

Bai Shuang left. She had to reestablish a contract and make an even deeper bond with the ancient giant spirit. At the same time, she wanted to properly comprehend that feeling when their contract was forcefully removed.

Naturally, the most important thing was that she had to write a letter to her headmaster and teachers. She would then pack her stuff and head to the Central Province Academy.

She was Bai Shuang, someone who was true to her words. Even if Sun Mo didn’t mention this, she would definitely fulfill the conditions of the bet since she had lost.

Sun Mo was able to comprehend the divine language of spiritual control. Most probably, his attainments in the study of spiritual control were extremely high. In the future, she could ask him questions and do her best to learn from him.

Other than this, there was another matter...Should she inform her headmaster about that?

Bai Shuang started to feel conflicted.


When Sun Mo returned to the preparation area, he saw Shan Shi, who was dressed in black, already standing in the arena.

“How long exactly do I have to wait?”

Zou Xiao, who graduated from the Black-White Academy, urged.

“Are you in such a hurry to taste defeat?”

After Shan Shi spoke, he saw that Sun Mo had arrived. He brandished his sword and pointed it at Sun Mo. “Sun Mo, watch clearly. This is my strength.”

The battle started and after a single exchange of blows, Zou Xiao’s arms were both broken.

“Sun Mo, my sword is feeling unbearable with thirst. You must not forfeit in our match, alright?”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》