Absolute Great Teacher
592 So What if You Are a Genius? I Will Just Destroy You!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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592 So What if You Are a Genius? I Will Just Destroy You!


“Sorry. Sun Mo won that battle. Your plan to purchase another half of a shop is gone!”

The average-looking guy looked at the uglier guy and shrugged. “As for me, as long as Sun Mo wins one more round, I will be able to purchase two or three shops!”

Upon hearing this, the uglier guy’s chest heaved, resembling a toad that was panting heavily, on the verge of an explosion. Only after Shan Shi destroyed Zou Xiao with a single strike did he feel complacent again.

“Sun Mo wants to win? Ask Shan Shi’s sword for permission first!”

After the uglier guy spoke, he immediately left.

The average-looking guy had a heavy expression on his face. Those audiences who supported Sun Mo were also the same.

Was Shan Shi strong?

As the biggest dark horse in the great teacher examination this batch, Shan Shi was definitely strong. However, when compared to Bai Shuang and Xiao Li, the threat he posed didn’t come from an aura of strength. Rather, it was from a strange and bizarre aura.

No matter which opponent Shan Shi fought against, he would break their arms with a single slash. He had never used a second move, and this caused everyone to feel very uncomfortable. In fact, many even felt fear.

Compared to admitting that Shan Shi was very powerful, everyone felt that this fellow must have used some other sneaky methods. However, since the judges didn’t bring it up, it was clear that Shan Shi had no problem.

“The pressure Sun Mo is feeling is probably extremely great!”

“Shan Shi is merely an ordinary person, while Sun Mo is the top ranker of the 1-star great teacher examination. Such a scene is probably nothing to him!”

“In any case, I really loathe that arrogant Shan Shi. I hope Sun Mo will crush him quickly!”

Speaking of bearing, poise, and even looks, Sun Mo far surpassed Shan Shi. Hence, most of the people supported Sun Mo.


In a pavilion, Jiang Zhitong was waiting anxiously.

Not long later, his loyal servant hurried over after watching the match.


The loyal servant hesitated. He knew that his master disliked Sun Mo, hence, his master definitely wouldn’t want to hear the answer.

“Sun Mo actually won?”

Jiang Zhitong frowned. Given his intelligence, he naturally knew the answer after seeing his loyal servant’s expression.


The servant explained. “That Black Doggy Sun’s luck is simply too good. Bai Shuang and her giant both seemed to be stunned for a few seconds all of a sudden, and Sun Mo grabbed the opportunity to seize victory.”

“Luck? Bai Shuang is a genius, can someone depend on luck to defeat her?”

Jiang Zhitong’s lips twitched, feeling some regret that he didn’t finish watching the competition. Sun Mo must have done something that caused Bai Shuang to make a mistake.

(I remember that when Sun Mo accepted Ma Zhang as a personal student, he said that he had some attainments in the art of spiritual control. It seems like he wasn’t lying and truly did have some capabilities in that field.)

Upon thinking of this, Jiang Zhitong felt even more depressed. In addition to God Hands and his expertise in the art of spiritual control, Sun Mo was definitely more impressive than him.

“No wonder he dares to say such words in front of my Jiang Clan Manor. So, he does have some capabilities. However, Sun Mo, I will make you understand that there are some people you cannot afford to offend.”

Jiang Zhitong felt disdain. (So what if he is a genius? I can just destroy him!)

“Old Master, Sun Mo most probably is going to die in the arena.”

The loyal servant hurriedly recounted the scene of how Shan Shi had instantly crushed Zou Xiao to Jiang Zhitong, wanting his master to feel a little happier.

“Haha, that’s right. Maybe I don’t even need to act.”

Jiang Zhitong laughed. “As God Hands, if he lost his hands...that would absolutely be the most embarrassing thing ever.”

“However master, what’s going on exactly with that Shan Shi?”

The servant was curious.

“Is this matter something you should care about?”

Jiang Zhitong berated. Actually, he had no idea as well.



Li Ziqi and the others came to look for Sun Mo after the match was over, preparing to return to the hotel together.

“Teacher, are you confident?”

Ying Baiwu was worried because Shan Shi won too easily. She basically couldn’t see the depth of his strength.


The gazes of everyone immediately turned over.

“Presently, maybe 30%?”

Sun Mo analyzed.

“Teacher, what exactly is going on with that Shan Shi?”

Tantai Yutang was curious.

“Hehe, you guys will know once tomorrow’s match arrived!”

Sun Mo kept them in suspense. “Alright, you guys should return to the hotel first. I have to handle a matter!”

“Let me accompany you?”

Gu Xiuxun suggested.

“No need.”

Sun Mo rejected.

“Teacher Sun, can I interview you?”

Li Ruolan suddenly appeared again. She smiled charmingly and took out a little book. “I just need a few minutes of your time!”

“Sorry, I’m not free!”

Sun Mo shrugged and left decisively.

(Damn! I have tried so hard to smile sweetly, yet you refused to be hooked? Are you still a man?)

Li Ruolan cursed in her heart. She felt disappointed when she saw that Sun Mo didn’t have any intention to stay back after seeing her. She immediately changed her target. “Student Li Ziqi, are you free to accept the interview?”


“Teacher Mei!”

At a flower bed behind the Westmountain Academy’s dormitory area, Sun Mo found Mei Ziyu.

“Teacher Sun?”

Mei Ziyu had a look of joy on her face. “Why are you here?”

“I have something to look for you for!”

Sun Mo felt a little embarrassed. After all, he needed a favor.

Mei Ziyu was intelligent and meticulous. Her bright eyes sparkled and she guessed Sun Mo’s meaning. “You want to look for my mother? Come with me!”


His match was coming up next, Sun Mo wasn’t going to be too overly polite.

“Teacher Sun is too polite!”

Mei Ziyu covered her smile and then solemnly explained, “My mother is very grateful that you are doing treatment for me and already planned to treat you for a meal to express her thanks. However, she was too busy. In addition to her identity, she’s worried that her actions might bring a negative influence on you. Hence, she only planned to invite you for a meal after the examination is over.”

Mei Yazhi was a 6-star great teacher and most importantly, she was also one of the main examiners. If someone said that Sun Mo was currying favor with a major character and became ‘a dog in front of the doors of others’, this would definitely impact his reputation very severely.

“Teacher Mei is too polite. I helped you because you are my friend!”

Sun Mo turned his head and looked at the side of Mei Ziyu’s face. Under the sunlight and shade of the tree, it caused her fresh and pure aura to exude even clearer.

Honestly speaking, she was his type.

“In that case, why are you referring to me as Teacher Mei?”

Mei Ziyu swiftly glanced at Sun Mo and lowered her head. “A...actually, you can c...call me Ziyu!”

After saying this, Mei Ziyu’s slightly mischievous face blushed. That was an indication of shyness.


Sun Mo called out conveniently.

Mei Ziyu started. After that, she softly said ‘Mn’. The blush on her face then rapidly spread to her neck.


“New mission issued: Marry a female great teacher that truly loves you. The higher her star-rank, the better the reward. There’s no ceiling to the reward!”

The system’s notification suddenly rang out in his ears.

“What the hell?”

Sun Mo was stunned. “There’s such a mission?”

“Of course. There are only missions you can’t think of, but there’s no mission the system cannot issue!”

The system’s tone was filled with pride. “Call me the omnipotent system!”

“Can I call you ‘toilet bowl’?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes.

“You don’t know what’s good for you. For the sake of your love life, as a humanized system, I naturally care about your emotions!”

The system felt very sullen.

“You are better than my headmaster when I was in the No. 2 High School. The headmaster said he admired me and in the end, not only did he not introduce me to any female teachers, but he didn’t even give me a raise!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “Also, what do you mean by there’s no ceiling? Are there better rewards compared to the mysterious-grade treasure chests?”

Naturally, he couldn’t really say that the headmaster didn’t introduce female colleagues to him. The headmaster had introduced a ‘powerful tank’ that could crush Sun Mo into meat paste instantly.

“Host’s authority is too low, I’m unable to answer!”

The system’s voice suddenly turned indifferent, even more ruthless than the girlfriend who broke up with you yesterday.

“Just go and rest!”

Sun Mo no longer wanted to chat.

“In that case, does this mean you don’t want your rewards?”

The system threatened.

“Wait a minute!”

Sun Mo laughed. “I suddenly discovered that my life is inevitably linked to ‘great partners’.”

“Scram. Don’t think that my education level is low and I don’t know great partners that refer to powerful eunuchs that were companions to emperors in ancient eras.”

The system spoke in contempt but still gave out the rewards.


“Congratulations on defeating Bai Shuang. Reward: 1x gold treasure chest.”


“Congratulations on thoroughly convincing Bai Shuang via defeating her, causing her to change her attitude toward you. Reward: 1x gold treasure chest!”

The system was very generous as usual this time around.

“Teacher Sun, how did you know I’m near the flowerbed?”

Mei Ziyu was curious. After all, the match had just ended. This meant that Sun Mo didn’t spend too much time and had found her.

“When I was in Guangling Academy, I saw that the majority of flower beds there had been pruned and I thought that the school gardeners were very hardworking. In the end, I saw a similar situation in this school. Besides, I’ve seen you doing pruning before. Hence, I guessed that you would prune all the plants in the flower beds of every school you went to.”

Sun Mo laughed. Mei Ziyu was someone who loved flowers.

“I’ve checked on how many flower beds exist in the Westmountain Academy and according to the duration of the examination, I knew which ones weren’t pruned yet. Hence, I started to search for the ones located in the more remote locations.”

“Teacher Sun is very intelligent and meticulous!”

Mei Ziyu praised, feeling a little bashful because the little secret of hers was exposed. Yet, she also felt some joy from obtaining someone who knew her.

She did have such a habit. This was something even her mother didn’t know.


Favorable impression points from Mei Ziyu +100. Respect (1,300/10,000).

The two of them went to a luxurious villa. This was something the headmaster of the Westmountain Academy had gifted them. He only hoped that when Mei Yazhi was free, she could give a few lessons in his school.

Naturally, this was also for the sake of making it more convenient when he needed medical pills.

“Me and my mother don’t come here often. Hence, there are no servants here. Please excuse this.”

Mei Ziyu explained and went to heat up water to prepare tea.

As the host, the headmaster of the Westmountain Academy did prepare a few servants, but because Mei Yazhi knew that her daughter preferred silence and loathed strangers, she got all the servants to leave.

“There’s no trouble at all. Let me give you a massage first!”

Mei Yazhi was very busy and hadn’t returned. Hence, Sun Mo could only choose to wait. However, waiting was simply idling, so he might as well use this chance to earn some favorable impression points.

“Ah, I would have to trouble Teacher Sun then.”

Mei Ziyu was natural and unrestrained in her conduct as she bowed.


After Mei Yazhi finished her work, she sat in a carriage and headed back. She was preparing to check up on her daughter, but in the end, when she walked into the little courtyard where her daughter’s room was, she heard some strange noises.

Mei Yazhi’s expression changed as fury filled her heart.

Absolutely outrageous. Which filthy man was it that had managed to worm his way into her daughter’s heart?

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》