Absolute Great Teacher
593 M...meeting Parents?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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593 M...meeting Parents?



Mei Yazhi kicked the door open and when she was preparing to break the head of that filthy guy, she saw her daughter lying on the bed while Sun Mo stood at the side. Sun Mo had a focused look on his face as he massaged her daughter.

Her daughter moaned only because she felt too comfortable.


After hearing the abrupt sound of the door being kicked open, Mei Ziyu was badly frightened. Her instinct told her that she should start wearing her clothes to protect her bare body. However, she was extremely reluctant to move.

She really wished to continue enjoying the massage.

Sun Mos hands were truly filled with wondrous magic. He could cause the pain that tormented her every day to vanish.


Sun Mo shouted and took a step forward with his left leg. When he used his body to stand before Mei Ziyu, he also drew a blanket over her in passing.


The muscular genie with a purple turban on its head took form. It directly flexed its biceps, but after it saw Mei Yazhi, it completely lost interest.

(Che, a woman. Women basically wouldnt know how to appreciate the charm of muscles.)

Teacher Mei?

Sun Mo heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Mei Yazhi. After that, he smiled. The massage is finished, so I will head out first.

No need, I was the one who walked into the wrong room. You can continue!

Mei Yazhi smiled awkwardly and left the room. But as she left the bedroom, she sneakily glanced over and discovered that her daughters head was hidden in the blankets. Her body was trembling lightly as though she was a little quail that was shivering in the cold wind.

With her understanding of her daughters personality, this was an indication that her daughter felt extremely unbearable due to embarrassment.

In the Guangling Academy, Sun Mo had given Mei Ziyu a massage once before. At that time, Mei Yazhi already learned that Sun Mos God Hands could benefit her daughters condition a lot. Also, after she had personally seen the great effects of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, she naturally didnt wish to waste such a chance.

Sun Mo didnt mind it, but Mei Ziyu could no longer bear the embarrassment.

Tteacher Sun, can you please go out first?

Mei Ziyu wanted to dress up and greet her mother. Leaving aside the fact that it was no longer appropriate for the massage to continue, Sun Mo had to fight in a match tomorrow. She wanted him to resolve his problem first.

After a whilethe three of them were back in the room and sat down.

Mei Yazhi sat on the main seat, while Sun Mo and Mei Ziyu sat on the right. According to the rules, Mei Ziyu should sit on the left. Even if she sat on the right, she shouldnt be sitting behind Sun Mo.

Mei Yazhi felt somewhat speechless when she saw this. (Do you think you are someone bringing your boyfriend to meet your parents? Besides, this scene looks as though you are completely on your boyfriends side.)

(Sigh, daughters would never remain by their moms side after they grew up!)

Sun Mo was thinking about what he should say when he saw Mei Ziyu lowering her head and looking like an innocent little girl. If Mei Yazhi thought that he did something inappropriate to her daughter, would she bury him into her cauldron to brew pills?

Mmother, ttheres nothing going on with me and Teacher Sun.

Seeing Mei Yazhi being silent and her heavy expression, Mei Ziyu grew frightened. She understood how strong her mothers protectiveness toward her was.

If she misunderstood Sun Mo, she would really use him as firewood for her alchemy pills.


Sun Mo was badly shocked. Mei Ziyus stuttering and shy demeanor, as well as her blushed face it felt like she was afraid her mother would find trouble with her boyfriend no matter how he heard it. Her desire of wanting to shield him was too intense.

However, this was the first time Sun Mo was protected by a girl. The feeling wasnt too bad.

His heart felt a little moved.


Mei Ziyu started and looked at Sun Mo as she blinked. (Why did you make such a sound? Wait a minute, could it be that you have feelings for me?)


This girl with a headful of waist-long black hair was blushing intensely now. She stood up and almost ran away.

However, she soon realized that she was thinking too much. Hence, she felt even more bashful. (Mei Ziyu, what nonsense are you thinking about?)

(Its so embarrassing.)


Mei Yazhi frowned. (What are the two of you doing?) But a moment later, she started laughing. Given her knowledge of her daughter, she understood that it was impossible for her daughter to do anything too excessive.

At most, her daughter would feel a favorable impression toward Sun Mo.

Seeing the doors of her daughters heart opening, Mei Yazhi felt even more joyful than successfully concocting a batch of saint pills.

Teacher Mei, Ive been a joke!

Sun Mo smiled awkwardly.

You are a junior. No matter if you made a mistake or are in an embarrassing situation, its harmless to me.

Mei Yazhi consoled Sun Mo.

Given Mei Yazhis personality, regardless of whether the person she was speaking to was old or young, she would always refer to them as Teacher + surname as long as they were a great teacher. This was respect.

However, she didnt correct Sun Mos address of her as Teacher Mei before her daughter this time around. Usually, this term of address would indicate that she and her daughter were of the same generation.

Sun Mo could feel Mei Yazhis amiability and friendliness, but he could feel her beauty and prestige even more. Now that he was looking at her while sitting close by, her appearance and her minute actions that exuded grace and elegance would truly cause one to feel ashamed of their own inferiority.

Simply speaking, she had a type of aura like the empress in period dramas. Regardless of the sinister plots hatched by the concubines, they all wouldnt be able to stand before the empress.

Sun Mo involuntarily thought about Jin Mujie. When Jin Mujie was gentle, she was like a young woman next-door. When she was strict, she felt like a tyrannical female CEO.

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo would dare to chase such a woman. But as for Mei Yazhis type, he wouldnt be able to afford antagonizing her. Only a person like the emperor would be qualified to have her.

Dont feel restrained. Drink some tea!

Mei Yazhi smiled, trying to alleviate the atmosphere to give Sun Mo a relaxed chatting ambiance. Just from this point, it could be seen that Mei Yazhi was regarding Sun Mo relatively highly.

After all, she was a 6-star major character. Even when meeting with the emperors of some countries, she neednt pay so much attention to all the formalities.

Sun Mo deliberated his wording, thinking of how to phrase it, but Mei Yazhi already spoke.

Teacher Sun, you are here for the sake of defeating Shan Shi, right? If theres anything I can help you with, please feel free to speak!

Teacher Mei, please pardon my impudence. I would require some medical ingredients from you.

Sun Mo clasped his fist. Right now, his impression of Mei Yazhi was exceedingly good. Look at her, she didnt speak imperiously just because of her higher status and was even so polite.

And simply because of her tone, those who requested something from her wouldnt feel too bad.

Please speak!

Mei Yazhi was listening.

Ill need five or more stolons of yizhu flowers and as many azure flowers. They have to be above 50 years in terms of age

Sun Mo listed a total of seven ingredients in a single breath and also specified details for their age and quantity.

Alright. I will send those items to the hotel you are staying in by tonight!

Mei Yazhi promised.

Sun Mo stood up and clasped his fist.

Many thanks to Teacher Mei!

These items were medicinal ingredients produced in the Darkness Continent. They werent very valuable, but because of their source, it was very time and energy consuming to collect them.

If Sun Mo acted, he wouldnt even be able to buy them even if he had money. He could only depend on Mei Yazhis social connection.

Moreover, she didnt ask him what he was using these for and would send them to him by tonight. This was her giving him sufficient time to experiment. Her level of understanding was truly superb.

As for the expenses, you can bill me in either silver, gold, spirit stones, or even spirit diamonds.

Spirit diamonds were a hard currency that was even more top-quality compared to spirit stones. Since Mei Yazhi was so generous, he mustnt be petty either.

Lets make it spirit stones then!

Mei Yazhi cast a glance at Sun Mo with deep intent in her eyes. It wasnt strange for someone to have spirit stones, but those who could spend spirit diamonds even without blinking were extremely rare. It seemed like Sun Mo was much wealthier than she had imagined.


Mei Ziyu finally spoke, but just when she opened her mouth, Mei Yazhi glared at her.

Sun Mo didnt use Divine Sight to look at Mei Yazhi. After all, she could be considered his friend, right? By acquiring her data so suddenly, it was a little rude and offensive.

However, given Sun Mos current experience, he could see some minor problems.

Teacher Mei, I can tell that theres quite a bit of pill toxins accumulated in your body from your skin color.

Sun Mo wanted to help her dispel the pill toxins so it could be considered that he was returning her this favor.

No need. If you have the time, please give Ziyu more massages!

Mei Yazhi rejected. Allowing a young man to touch her body? It was impossible.

Besides, the so-called invasion by pill toxinsfor alchemists who were in the alchemy room day and night, who would be able to avoid it? After all, the pill toxins exuded by the furnaces would definitely seep into ones body when one breathed in too much of them.


After chatting for a few more minutes, Sun Mo stood up and left using the pretext of preparing for his match tomorrow.

I wish Teacher Sun well and hope that you can become the champion!

Mei Yazhi smiled gently. Ziyu, send Teacher Sun off for me.

A while later, Mei Ziyu came back. Her tone was filled with a little unhappiness. Mother, why do you have to accept Teacher Suns spirit stones? He gave me massages to treat me but didnt ask me for any money!

Ziyu, do you feel that Sun Mo is a rich person?

Mei Yazhi counter-asked.


Mei Ziyu pondered a little. He shouldnt be lacking money, right?

Even if Sun Mo had no money, he could depend on God Hands to earn plenty. Besides, the standard of his spirit runes was also very high. He could get rich selling them.

Right, given Sun Mos talent, the salary he earned from the Central Province Academy was most probably extremely high.

Ziyu, for someone like Sun Mo, they are usually very proud. He wouldnt take advantage of me in such matters. If I made it clear that I didnt want money, he most probably wouldnt force the money on me. However, in the future, he wouldnt ask me for help anymore because he would feel like he owes me a favor.

Mei Yazhi only needed a glance at Sun Mos way of doing things and already knew his personality. Such men had backbones and their own views.

Be it when she was young or now, Mei Yazhi admired such men very much.


Favorable impression points from Mei Yazhi +50. Friendly (210/1,000).

If I take his money, we wont owe each other anything and our relationship will be equal. When Sun Mo runs into trouble in the future, he will continue to seek my help. By interacting often, our relationship will warm up and be more familiar. We could even become friends.

Mei Yazhi drank a mouthful of tea. Sun Mo was a friend that was worthy of making.

So this is the case!

Mei Ziyu was enlightened.

Mei Yazhi didnt tell her daughter that as long as she helped Sun Mo, it could be considered as doing him a favor. This favor wasnt something spirit stones could balance out. Also, a man like Sun Mo would definitely repay the kindness.

She was a 6-star great teacher and didnt need Sun Mos help. Since that was the case, he would repay her favor on her daughter instead and truly used his heart to treat her.

Oh right, theres one more thing. Sun Mo guided Li Ziqi and made her comprehend Distinctionless Education!

Mei Ziyu told Mei Yazhi about the things she saw today.


Mei Yazhi was dumbstruck.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》