Absolute Great Teacher
594 Top-rated Treasure Chests, Luxurious Rewards!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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594 Top-rated Treasure Chests, Luxurious Rewards!


That was Distinctionless Education, a great teacher halo that even she hadn’t comprehended. It was a halo that she saw no hope in comprehending even if she spent ten more years.

(And you are telling me that a little girl managed to grasp it?)

If it wasn’t for the fact that she knew her daughter had never lied, Mei Yazhi would say the words ‘are you pranking me?’.

“Seems like this Li Ziqi has a very outstanding talent.”

Mei Yazhi decided to detailedly check Li Ziqi’s information.

“Not only that, but this is already the third great teacher halo she comprehended.”

Mei Ziyu praised.


Mei Yazhi felt a little dumbfounded. “Earlier, did you say that Li Ziqi is only 14 years old?”

As a 6-star great teacher, Mei Yazhi was a cornerstone of the great teacher world. It was unknown how many people had brought geniuses to her, hoping that she would take those geniuses as her students.

Mei Yazhi had also seen many young geniuses, not to mention that her daughter also had an outstanding talent that was extremely rare. However, a 14 year old that had comprehended three great teacher halos...how exaggerated was this?

(You are so outstanding and make us all feel that we have wasted our years.)

“En, she has comprehended Retentive Memory and Unrealized Dream!”

Mei Ziyu nodded very seriously.


Mei Yazhi couldn’t help but gasp lightly. These halos...one was rarer than the other, and they were all extremely practical.

“However, I still feel that it was because Teacher Sun has taught her well.”

Mei Ziyu understood very much why Li Ziqi was so respectful to Sun Mo. If a teacher also caused her to improve so greatly, she herself would also worship them.

“Teacher Sun, Teacher Sun. Is your tone not a little too intimate?”

Mei Yazhi teased.

“Mother, don’t be loathsome!”

Mei Ziyu pouted her ruby lips.


Mei Yazhi bitterly smiled as she shook her head. Her tone grew strict. “Ziyu, don’t sink into this hole.”

“W...what are you talking about? I don’t understand!” Mei Ziyu frowned. “I’m going to prepare food.”

“Sun Mo already has a fiancee!”

Mei Yazhi still braced herself and said this. She was afraid that there might be irreversible consequences if her daughter fell deeper in love with Sun Mo.


Mei Yazhi froze. She didn’t feel like she loved Sun Mo, but when she heard this news, she felt something pressing down her chest and she couldn’t breathe well.


Mei Yazhi sighed. She really hoped that the first man her daughter fell in love with would be able to bring happiness to her.

Speaking of which, regardless of how outstanding Li Ziqi was, if there was no good great teacher guiding her, it would be impossible for her to have such achievements. From this, one could deduce that Sun Mo’s teaching standards were relatively high.

“I wonder if I can headhunt him to the Jixia Academy?”

Mei Yazhi started to ponder the possibility of this matter.

She was a 6-star great teacher that had a very high status in the Jixia Academy. Even without the permission from her headmaster, she had the power to headhunt others.

Moreover, no matter what conditions she gave, the upper echelons of the school would accept it.

Naturally, even if the headmaster knew of this, Mei Yazhi believed that the old codger wouldn’t feel that she was being a busybody. He would even act with gusto to headhunt Sun Mo while praising her for having a good eye.

“That old codger might even feel that the price I offer Sun Mo is too low and shameful.”

Mei Yazhi stood up. Originally, settling Sun Mo’s request could be done by simply asking a personal disciple of her to run the errand. However, Mei Yazhi decided to act personally.

After all, this involved the finals.

Honestly speaking, Mei Yazhi also loathed Shan Shi a lot. That guy didn’t have the style of a great teacher.

After thinking of this, Mei Yazhi started and bitterly smiled as she shook her head. With her personality of having preferences over the characters of others...it was a given that she would never be able to comprehend Distinctionless Education.

After Sun Mo returned to the hotel, he called Lu Zhiruo over. He wanted to open his treasure chests, but as an extremely unlucky person, he would panic if he didn’t have his lucky mascot with him.

“Recite the outline of the art of spiritual control?”

Sun Mo gave a topic while he patted the papaya girl’s head in passing.


The little face of the papaya girl frowned. Reciting some stuff from memorization? (Who would be able to do such a tough thing?) However, the papaya girl didn’t dare to defy her teacher’s order and could only brace herself as she racked her brains for a solution.

Actually, Lu Zhiruo was very hardworking, but everything she memorized, she would forget it completely after two days.

“System, open a golden chest to waste my bad luck first!”

Sun Mo instructed.

A bright light flashed.


“Congratulations. You’ve obtained a 10-year time emblem.”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. (I said to waste my bad luck and you really did so? This can be considered rubbish as it’s from a golden chest. However, it’s fine. After all, it’s impossible for me to be constantly opening good stuff, right?)

Honestly speaking, now that he opened the rubbish, he actually felt more at ease. If not, if he opened top-tier items every time, he would really suspect that he might use up the papaya girl’s lucky aura very soon.

“Open another golden chest!”

Sun Mo was very calm.

The golden light flashed and slowly became an intense greenish-bronze color that illuminated Sun Mo, making it appear as though he was coated in green paint.

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened. He had never seen a glow of this color before. This item was definitely a good one!


“Congratulations. You’ve obtained a 50-year time emblem!”

As expected, the luck of the lucky goddess was heaven-defying!

This was definitely one of the best rewards from a golden chest.

Sun Mo was grinning so wide that his mouth almost split. A 50-year time emblem. If he used one, he would definitely be able to raise the proficiency of any skill to the grandmaster level, right? In fact, he could even raise the proficiency level to the half-step ancestor level.

“Keep it well for me!”

Sun Mo instructed, “After that, let’s open a mysterious chest!”

The purple light flashed brilliantly and faded away. After the chest vanished, a tattered book with pages appeared.

Sun Mo had an uneasy feeling. Something that appeared like this was probably a part of an item.


“Congratulations on obtaining the fragmented Undying Mystic Art – second part!”

“Note: This is a peerless saint-tier cultivation art. After cultivating it, one could enjoy longevity and would be untouched by the ravages of time, becoming as light as a feather and ascend to immortality!”

“Note: This cultivation art consists of a total of nine parts!

The system’s tone sounded like a host on the television that was trying to push products, saying that if you didn’t want to cultivate it, you would miss out on the best and biggest opportunity of your life.

“I’ve profited.”

Sun Mo suddenly recalled that he had opened the fifth part of this cultivation art before. In that case, he had 2/9 now. “Speaking of which, can I really become an immortal after learning it?”

“It’s merely a rhetorical phrase.”

The system immediately avoided speaking about the main points and went into the minor details.

“It means I won’t be able to become an immortal, right?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes. Even the system actually started to lie. As expected, when the introduction of an item sounded like those health goods, one couldn’t even believe any words it said.

“There are no disadvantages if you train in it!”

The system consoled.

“Alright, let’s continue with opening chests!”

Sun Mo urged.

The familiar light flashed again, but it no longer had a way to dazzle Sun Mo’s eyes. An instant later, he saw a painting scroll exuding a dense watery inky glow, silently floating in the air. It felt like a girlfriend that had been missing for many years and was waiting for Sun Mo to embrace it.


“Congratulations on obtaining a branch of Traditional Painting Skill – flowers, birds, fishes, and bugs. Proficiency: elementary-level.”

Sun Mo heaved a sigh. It could be considered that he had learned all branches of traditional painting.

This feeling was like when you were playing a game, you used countless months to collect a top-tier set of gear. There was an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

“In the world of traditional painting, I can be considered as a heavy-weight champion that can fight relatively well, right?”

Sun Mo suddenly felt a little joyful.

“You can be considered a champion that can fight exceptionally well!”

The system corrected Sun Mo’s words.

“Learn it!”

Sun Mo instructed.

The scroll became motes of light and entered Sun Mo’s glabella. A moment later, flowers of all colors bloomed, becoming a sea of flowers that completely filled up one’s vision. After that, bugs and birds flew around; the warblers sang and the swallows danced.


“Congratulations on learning the branch of Traditional Painting Skill – flowers, birds, fishes, and bugs. Proficiency: elementary-level. Please continue to work hard!”

“There’s no additional reward?”

Sun Mo asked.


“Congratulations on completely mastering the Traditional Painting Skill. You are now a step further on your path of becoming a famous artist. However, there’s no additional reward.”

The system’s congratulation was quite infuriating.


Sun Mo’s lips twitched. He couldn’t be bothered to be calculative with the system. “Continue!”

This time around, even before the purple glow of the mysterious treasure chest faded completely, it was engulfed by a greenish-bronze light. It was as though heaven and earth was filled with grass that was grown on cliffs racketed by thunder.


“Congratulations on obtaining a 100-year time emblem!”

“Note: This emblem is extremely extremely rare. After using it, it is equivalent to you training a certain skill for a hundred years. There’s an above 80% chance that the proficiency of the skill you choose, to be directly improved to the ancestor-level.”


Sun Mo was directly stunned. This indicated that he had just obtained an ancestor-level skill.

What was an ancestor?

It meant that one could establish a sect or faction and become the ancestor of it. They would be able to accept disciples and was a character that could leave behind a stroke of their life in history!

“How much is this time emblem sold for in the merchant store?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“Not for sale!”

The system’s reply caused Sun Mo to feel extremely regretful and he regarded this emblem with even more importance. It was best to keep it for a rainy day.

It was still relatively early. Sun Mo looked at the three remaining treasure chests and felt an itch in his heart. Hence, he patted Lu Zhiruo’s head. “Open one more mysterious treasure chest!”


“Congratulations on obtaining 1x divine force fruit!”


Sun Mo didn’t know what expression he should have. Opening a divine force fruit from a mysterious treasure chest felt a little lackluster. But to him, this was something he needed the most.

Due to this point, it could be said that he didn’t suffer a loss. After all, improving a level would mean an increase in his chance of victory. This also meant he had a higher chance of becoming the champion.

“Forget it, I best not continue using my lucky mascot’s luck.”

Sun Mo gave up on opening the other chests. “Zhiruo, go back and rest first. You should drink an additional bowl of soup for dinner to nourish yourself!”


The papaya girl, who was racking her brains about the art of spiritual control, suddenly felt like she had been granted amnesty when she heard this. She then quickly fled away.

It was really terrifying every time her teacher wanted to inspect her homework.

Since he was idle now, Sun Mo prepared to eat the divine force fruit and cultivate. Speaking of which, a nature fruit was truly impressive. How good would it be if he could have a divine force tree!

Sun Mo then recalled his map of the Greenhaze Forest. How good would it be if he used it and managed to find a seed of the divine force fruit in the Darkness Continent?

And at this very moment, Li Ruolan went over to look for Shan Shi for an interview.

Honestly speaking, Li Ruolan didn’t like Shan Shi, but as a reporter, she had to be professional.

“Can I ask what thoughts do you have regarding Sun Mo?”

Li Ruolan revealed a professional smile as she aimed the image-recording stone at Shan Shi.

Shan Shi didn’t speak. He merely put up three of his fingers.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》