Absolute Great Teacher
595 Success in Cultivating the Divine Ar
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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595 Success in Cultivating the Divine Ar

Chapter t

(Hehe, his fingers are too short. I will deduct 5 marks!)

Li Ruolan had a smile on her face but felt disdain in her heart. She suddenly regretted her decision to come and interview Shan Shi. Just by looking at his face that was swelling with arrogance, she wanted nothing more than to stuff the image-recording stone into his mouth.

“Are you not curious why I put up three fingers?”

Seeing that Li Ruolan didn’t ask him the question he was expecting her to ask, Shan Shi frowned a little. This great reporter couldn’t possibly not know how to play the supporting role, right?

“Please tell me!”

Li Ruolan still showed a professional smile, but in her heart, she wanted nothing more than to find an axe to chop off these ugly fingers. (What sort of gaze are you using to look at me with? You are actually looking down on me?)

(I will freaking write an article to tarnish your reputation!)

“30 moves!”

Shan Shi lifted his chin and spoke in an arrogant tone. “At most, I will use 30 moves to defeat Sun Mo.”

“But from what I know, Sun Mo cultivates in a peerless saint-tier cultivation art.”

Li Ruolan doubted.

“Hehe, even if he trains in a divine art, it is useless!”

Shan Shi’s lips curled. (My trump card isn’t something that one could win against just based on cultivation arts.)

“Oh, why do you say so?”

Li Ruolan was curious. She couldn’t help but push the image-recording stone a little forward.


The stone was pressed against Shan Shi’s lips.

“Sorry! Sorry!”

Li Ruolan hurriedly apologized.

Shan Shi felt unhappy in his heart. If Li Ruolan were an ugly guy, he would have sent a punch over. However, since she was a beauty, he decided to give her some face.

“My teacher is invincible!”

Gui Jiarong realized that he had no chance to speak, hence, he took the initiative to interrupt. He also wished to become famous.

“Teacher Shan, can you satisfy my curiosity?”

Li Ruolan blinked and revealed a little pleading look on her face.

Actually, by slightly inclining her head, she would cause others to feel tender emotions for her. However, Shan Shi was too short. He was only at Li Ruolan’s shoulders.


(It’s still Sun Mo that’s tall, handsome, and charismatic!)

Li Ruolan felt depressed. (Why doesn’t Sun Mo want to accept my interview?)

After thinking of this, the beautiful reporter looked at Shan Shi and suddenly felt extremely bored.

“Cough, cough!”

Shan Shi felt a little agitated. Who would be able to bear this ‘attack’? As expected of a great beauty ranked #11 on the Beauty Rankings. (I like it!)

“Teacher Li, this secret consists of a long story. Why don’t we chat while we have a meal together?”

Shan Shi invited.


After Li Ruolan spoke, she rapped her forehead. “Oh no, I forgot that I still have an interview later on. How regretful!”

“No problem, work is more important!”

Shan Shi consoled while feeling like crap in his heart.

Li Ruolan already lost any interest in continuing with the interview. After she casually asked a few questions, she stood up and bade her farewell. “Shan Shi, I will congratulate you in advance on getting the championship!”


Shan Shi sent Li Ruolan away.

(After my personal student crushed all those genius students, this Li Ruolan would understand how foolish she was for interviewing me so perfunctorily.)

Gui Jiarong had a sinister look in his eyes as he stared at Li Ruolan’s back. (Looking down on me? Tomorrow, I will be in such a high position that you guys can only look up to me.)

(However, it’s so boring to be idle here. Should I head out to find some toys to play?)

“Don’t make trouble and just wait quietly in the room. Recently, the law enforcement group has been doing patrols very strictly!”

Shan Shi instructed. After that, he felt that he should arrange another time to have a meal with Li Ruolan. Hence, he decided to chase after her.


At the street outside the hotel, after Li Ruolan walked for a distance, she tossed away the image-recording stone she used to interview Shan Shi into a flower bed at the roadside.

Although this item was expensive, it had touched Shan Shi’s lips before, making it very disgusting. Hence, she wanted to immediately throw it. As for the interview itself?

Li Ruolan didn’t plan to write anything about Shan Shi.


Li Ruolan also tore off the few pages she had used to record notes during Shan Shi’s interview and crumpled them into a ball before she threw them away.

(It’s better for me to go and interview the 8/10 marks Sun Mo. I deducted 2 marks because he always ignores me!)

Li Ruolan muttered to herself. She didn’t feel disappointed but was filled with fighting spirit instead. (Sun Mo, I will definitely make you kneel before my skirt.)

The weather was bright and sunny, but Shan Shi’s face was covered in dark clouds.

He saw everything.

“How preposterous!”

Shan Shi gritted his teeth and picked up the image-recording stone Li Ruolan had tossed away. He then crushed it. (Li Ruolan, I will slash off Sun Mo’s four limbs and let you personally watch what a true man is.)


The divine force fruit was truly a good item. It wasn’t like an alchemy pill and wouldn’t have any negative side effects upon consumption. As Sun Mo’s constitution wasn’t bad either, he easily stepped into the fourth level of the divine force realm.

Sun Mo tested his new strength in the backyard of the hotel.

The most direct improvement was that his spirit qi reserve had increased quite a lot. The might produced by his attacks was also much stronger, and his sixth sense grew sharper.

The world before Sun Mo’s eyes grew even clearer. He could feel the flow of spirit qi clearly.

His heartbeat was also more powerful. Every beat was akin to the booming of a war drum. There was a vast quantity of energy in his body.

“Right now, I feel I can play games through the night for an entire month and won’t die from a sudden death.”

Sun Mo was very happy. (Who can win against me now?)

“That’s your goal?”

The system was speechless. “You have such a good body, yet your mind is all on playing games? Can you go and try a new lifestyle?”

“Becoming Batman and uphold justice?”

Sun Mo was joyful.

“You are as expected of a great teacher. What positivity.”

The system wanted to applaud itself for choosing a good host. It didn’t know whether it should feel happy or sympathy for him.

(Is this fellow still a man? He actually feels playing games are more important than girls?)

Wrong, rather it should put it this way. (Did the idea of having fun with girls appear in your mind at all?)


Mei Yazhi’s work efficiency was extremely high. Just when evening arrived, she had collected all the medicinal ingredients Sun Mo requested and sent them over.

Sun Mo started to allocate them. Also, in order to prevent any unexpected incidents, he prepared a total of three defensive methods.

“There would surely be one that’s effective, right?”

After finishing everything he had to do, it was already 3 a.m. Sun Mo washed his face first. However, he still didn’t feel at ease. Hence, he prepared another set of insurance.

“System, the Immemorial Vairocana is now at the grandmaster-level, right? If I use time emblems, is it possible to improve it to the ancestor-level?”

Sun Mo asked.

The system said before in the past that for some skills, if one wanted to improve them to the ancestor-level, it would have to depend on their skill. There was already no way to depend on time emblems to improve its proficiency.

“If you use the 100-years time emblem. You would definitely have a chance of success.”

The system replied.

Sun Mo shook his head, feeling reluctant to do so. The main effect of Immemorial Vairocana was to ‘hit’ the opponent’s cultivation arts out. It was not that strong in terms of pure might.

“Use one 10-year time emblem to improve the Dharma Skyshock Fist first.”

Sun Mo instructed.

The proficiency level of this art was just a little way off from reaching the grandmaster-level.

The green light enveloped Sun Mo and after that, numerous buddhas appeared in his mind. All of them were unleashing different palm techniques.

In the end, they combined together into a gigantic buddha and it exuded an attitude that said as though it wanted to deliver all living creatures from evil.

An epiphany appeared in Sun Mo’s heart.

Although the Dharma Skyshock Fist was created to vanquish evil and slay demons, its original purpose was to guide humans toward kindness with the hope that the enemies could turn around a new leaf.

Without ‘kindness’, one would never be able to understand the true meaning of the word ‘Buddha’!

“As expected of a peerless saint-tier cultivation art. None of them are simple!”

Sun Mo meticulously comprehended it. As spirit qi circulated in his body, a golden light suddenly emitted from it.

Holy! Dignified! Vast!

The system silently looked at all of this and increasingly felt satisfied at itself for having chosen this host.

In the past, the vast majority of its hosts would be intoxicated in the process of gaining immense strength, unable to extricate themselves from it. It was very rare for there to be people like Sun Mo who would go and consider the origin and true essence behind the creation of a particular art.

Truthfully speaking, if you couldn’t comprehend the essence of a cultivation art, how could you unleash its full might when fighting?

“System, the sixth level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, Universe Formless Clone Technique. How many time emblems do I need to improve it to the grandmaster-level?”

Sun Mo asked. Currently, he was at the expert-level and could control five clones.

“I don’t know. Please try it out yourself!”

The system replied with no emotions.


Sun Mo’s lips curled. (Why do I still need you around then?) However, he still took out a 10-year time emblem and crushed it.

The same old cuckold-green color enveloped him.

Sun Mo already couldn’t be bothered complaining about the color.


“Congratulations, your Universe Formless Clones has increased to 6. You are still a little off from reaching the grandmaster-level!”

Sun Mo had anticipated this. Hence, he didn’t feel discouraged and decided to crush another time emblem.


“Congratulations, Universe Formless Clones has increased to 7. You are still a little off from reaching the grandmaster-level!”

Sun Mo chortled.

“My heart isn’t aching. A time emblem only cost 1,000 favorable impression points. I can afford it.”

Sun Mo crushed yet another 10-year time emblem.


“Congratulations, Universe Formless Clones has increased to 8. You are still a little off from reaching the grandmaster-level!”

“F*** your mom!”

Sun Mo rudely gestured with his middle finger. “Are you pranking me? This is a total of thirty years, yet I’m still a little off from reaching the grandmaster-level? Is my aptitude that bad?”

“What do you take the ultimate divine art of the Skyraise Academy as? If it isn’t impressive, how can it be worthy of its title as the ‘ultimate divine art of Skyraise Academy’?”

The system mocked, “For top-tier cultivation arts like this, do you think everyone can train in it to a high level after they obtain it? It is still ultimately dependent on one’s talent!”

Sun Mo frowned and spoke in an unkind tone, “You mean that I’m stupid?”

“I never said anything. I’m innocent. You are the one who said it!”

The system explained.

Sun Mo calmed down. He was a person who was good at thinking but bad at stop-lost measures. If he couldn’t improve this to the grandmaster-level today, he truly would feel extremely reluctant.

Hence, Sun Mo started to contemplate the secrets behind the universe formless clones.

Upon seeing this scene, the system silently marveled in admiration. As expected, Sun Mo did have some talent. Actually, the correct method to use the time emblems was that after using it, one should pause and contemplate the new insights and comprehensions they had just gained. Only after they fully understood it should they continue to use the time emblems. Sun Mo’s earlier method of spamming the time emblems was the wrong way to use them.

By doing so, he would only waste them.


Spirit qi gushed forth from Sun Mo’s body and a clone was formed.

Sun Mo used Divine Sight.

(A lifeform created from spirit qi. Other details are unclear!)


Sun Mo noticed this term. (Can I infuse my will into these clones?) Before this, he merely used these clones as a combat tool. But from the looks of things now, he might have underestimated them a little too much.

Next, Sun Mo carried out some tests, but the clone had no reaction and was like a puppet. It would only move according to Sun Mo’s instruction.

“I’m unhappy!”

Sun Mo slammed his fists into each other and directly took out a 30-year time emblem. After thinking about it, he kept it and took out a 50-year time emblem instead.

(This daddy is going all out, even if I want to spam, I have to make sure there’s an effect!)

[1] Divine arts are just a term for extremely powerful saint-tier cultivation arts. ‘Divine-tier’ arts have not appeared in the story as of now.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》