Absolute Great Teacher
596 Arrogance of The Powerful
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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596 Arrogance of The Powerful


When the time emblem shattered, a dense green glow akin to flowing oil illuminated the entire room.

All of a sudden, Sun Mo felt as though a star had just exploded in his mind. Boundless knowledge started gushing in, filling all his neurons.

In that instant, Sun Mo’s countenance contorted. He felt very unbearable and his right hand involuntarily hammered his forehead.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The flood of info came and went away quickly. If not, Sun Mo’s head might explode due to overloading.

A 50-year time emblem squeezed out experience, insights, and comprehensions. All of these exploded in an instant. Therefore, it didn’t mean that the more years a time emblem had, the better it would be. Everything still had to depend on the host’s endurance.

It was like if you downloaded too many things at once, the CPU might not be able to handle it and started to catch fire due to overloading.


“Congratulations, Universe Formless Clones has increased to 12. The proficiency of your sixth level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art has been improved to the grandmaster-level.”

The pain reduced, and Sun Mo sat on his bed, feeling numb. Even though he heard the congratulations from the system, he didn’t feel happy at all. There was now so much experience and knowledge in his mind, and all of them weren’t in order.

Simply speaking, they were useless for now.

Sun Mo frowned tightly and felt some regret. He had been too brash.

Experience gained in 50 years was plenty but if the path of your training was wrong from the beginning, all the experience gained despite working hard for 50 years would be useless.

“Very good, at least you didn’t turn into an idiot!” The system teased, “From the looks of things, you have discovered your ignorance.”

Although it was teasing Sun Mo, the system heaved a sigh of relief in its heart. After all, up until now, this host ‘Sun Mo’ had an extremely good performance.

If he died because of this matter, it would really be a pity.

Sun Mo fell silent.

“Do you feel resentful because I didn’t remind you and allowed you to fall into danger?” The system hesitated but still chose to explain.

“I’m just a system designed to assist great teachers and I have some inherent restrictions. I have no way to help you out directly.”

The system could produce knowledge, skill books, alchemy pills, and even time emblems for sale. But it wouldn’t influence the host’s thoughts. If not, wouldn’t the hosts it nurtured be the same every single time?

Before Sun Mo became a great teacher, the system needed him to become someone with more ‘personality’.

“There’s no need to explain. I don’t hate you.”

Sun Mo consoled. As a man, he naturally had this bit of magnanimity to him. It wasn’t scary to make a mistake; the scary thing was when one didn’t learn from it.

The system was at ease and wanted to crack a joke to alleviate the tense atmosphere. However, it discovered that Sun Mo was in contemplation again. Evidently, he had comprehended something. Hence, it decided to shut its mouth.

“Right from the start, my path wasn’t correct.”

Sun Mo pondered.

That great teacher who had created the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art wanted to use it to teach his students. Helping them to grow.

Look at every level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. It was for the sake of teaching instead of combat. Even the fifth level ‘Paying someone back in their own coin’ wasn’t for retaliation but for you to understand the other party’s cultivation art. Then you could observe its destructive effects.

And after that, the Universe Formless Clone Technique.

Sun Mo had always treated it as a way to deal with his opponents in a fight, using it to misdirect and hoodwink his enemies or even using it to attack. He had never thought about using it to teach.

Great teachers existed to educate people, not to kill. Hence, the Universe Formless Clone Technique should be a simulation-type cultivation art that existed to train together with the original body.

Since this was the case, the clone would definitely have some sentience and could autonomously attack and defend. Otherwise, it would be no different from a sandbag.

However, how should he make the clones have their own sentience?

In order to find out, spirit qi gushed forth from Sun Mo as a total of 12 clones appeared, filling the guest room up.

“Can you guys understand my words?”

Sun Mo asked. Sadly, the clones had no response.

Naturally, if Sun Mo commanded them, they would follow his orders unconditionally.

Sun Mo pondered. He then recalled the darkness illusion dojo. How did those illusions have their own sentience? Gradually, he managed to grasp a little inspiration.

After all, Sun Mo had stayed in the darkness illusion dojo of the Darkness Continent and ultimately defeated the final boss, obtaining the strongest secret treasure. After that, he reconstructed it.

That was a precious experience.

Sun Mo circulated his spirit qi and rapidly unleashed them, channeling his spirit qi into the glabella of one of the clones. Every time he did so, he increased the quantity of his spirit qi.

After testing this out over ten times, there were still no reactions.

“Seems like spirit qi is not the key. What if I add a part of my own consciousness in?”

Sun Mo did it the moment he thought of it. He calmed his mind and spirit down and directly stared into the eyes of the clone. He used spirit qi as the carrier and split a part of his consciousness into it. After that, he channeled it into his clone.




After three rounds, the clone’s eyes, which were originally vacant, suddenly brightened.

“It’s useful?”

Sun Mo was very happy and then chose to continue.

All of a sudden.


The clone’s eyes flashed. The sluggish light within vanished and was replaced with intelligence.


Sun Mo immediately leaned forward to observe at a close distance.

The channeling of those strands of spirit qi that was imbued with a part of his consciousness was like sparks that ignited the clone’s mind, activating its sentience.

“Can you understand my words?”

Sun Mo waved his hands in front of the clone.

The clone stiffly turned and looked at Sun Mo.

The clone was like a newborn kid that was starting to get to know the world.

“Don’t tell me I have to raise him a little by little?”

Sun Mo felt a headache. He didn’t want to be a nanny.

Actually, Sun Mo knew that after the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was trained to the sixth level, it would be extremely difficult to improve on. It would easily take several tens of years to hundreds of years to do so because all the geniuses who cultivated this art might be walking on different paths.

Some would focus on producing more clones, and the other would do their best to nurture a single clone. A few might even focus on these two things. But no matter what, if the sixth level wasn’t trained to perfection, one would never be able to see the possibility of reaching the doorway to the seventh level.

The successive headmasters of the Skyraise Academy would only teach six levels of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art to their successors. As for the latter levels, it would depend on the individual’s comprehension. If they weren’t able to master the seventh level, they wouldn’t be qualified to inherit the position of headmaster.

Sun Mo bumbled around randomly and actually swiftly understood his own mistake. Also, he managed to make his clone gain sentience in half a night. This aptitude... if the headmaster of the Skyraise Academy saw this, he would be scared shitless.

Sun Mo was very happy and wanted to let another clone manifest sentience. However, after trying it two more times, his head started to ache, like a wet towel being wrung dry. Even his brain was about to be squeezed out.

“It’s time to rest. You still have to participate in the match tomorrow!”

The system reminded him.


Sun Mo glanced at the sky. He still had time to rest a little. Hence, with his will, he dissipated the clones and returned to his bed to rest.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The clones shattered and became balls of red-colored spirit qi before vanishing in the room. However, Sun Mo didn’t notice that before vanishing, one of the clones at the corner bizarrely turned and cast a deep glance at him albeit the fact he didn’t ignite its sentience.


“Congratulations, Universe Formless Clone Technique has improved to the half-step ancestor level!”

Just when Sun Mo fell asleep, he was woken up by the system.

“You intentionally don’t want me to become the champion, right?”

Sun Mo was speechless.


Another morning arrived in Westmountain City. Steam rose from the porridge stalls at the roadside, and the calls of the waiters could be heard.

It was still early, but several people were already rushing toward the Westmountain Academy. Today was the finals of the Great Teachers Battle, and this batch’s strongest dark horse was fighting against the most dazzling new rising star. This battle would definitely be fascinating.

Sun Mo woke up on time. After sparring with Gu Xiuxun, he ate breakfast and headed to the academy. On the way there, the examinees he met kept pointing at him and whispering behind his back.

“Teacher, you are a famous person now.”

Lu Zhiruo was very happy.

“Gold would always shine.”

Li Ziqi would then be surprised if her teacher couldn’t become famous.

Ying Baiwu and the other five followed Sun Mo into the resting area. They would be able to go to the preparation area later to watch the match at a close-distance. This was their preferential treatment as they were Sun Mo’s personal disciples.

“Teacher Sun, good morning!”

Before Sun Mo could walk that far, a slightly balding man rushed out from the side and cut him off. However, before he could finish his self-introduction, three more people rushed over.

“Teacher Sun, I’m Liang Zhang from Leap Academy, I’m one of the vice headmasters there.”

“Teacher Sun, do you still remember me? I’m Bai Zao, the vice headmaster of Virtuous Academy. I originally intended to treat you to a meal but was worried I might disturb your rest and affect your chance of obtaining the championship.”

“How would you affect him? To Teacher Sun, it’s gonna be a cinch to get the championship. Oh right, I’m Jiang Mu from the Wingspread Academy. We have met in the past.”

A total of four people surrounded Sun Mo and spoke with kind tones.

Three people suddenly halted after they heard these major characters revealing their origins. These three no longer dared to come over as their schools were merely at the ‘D’ grade, and they were merely head teachers. Even if they tried to headhunt Sun Mo, they wouldn’t succeed.

After that, Xia Yuan came over. She could be considered a friend of Sun Mo, and now when she saw this scene, she felt incomparably envious. Look at Sun Mo’s popularity, it was just too terrifying!

For something like being headhunted, Xia Yuan had never experienced it before, but she had seen it happening to others. However, the scene today still shocked her because the ones who appeared and made the offer were all vice headmasters of their respective schools.

(When would I ever become as outstanding as Sun Mo?)


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +100. Respect (3,170/10,000).


In the VIP zone, the vice headmaster of the Royal Dragon Academy came long ago to get a good seat. He was preparing to observe Sun Mo closely.

Sun Mo’s performance would affect the ultimate price he would offer when he headhunted Sun Mo.

“Old Huang, why are you still sitting here?”

An old man greeted him.

“Vice Headmaster Yu!”

Huang Hai turned his head and saw the vice headmaster of Shanyue Academy. After exchanging greetings, he couldn’t help but be puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

“I saw Old Jiang, Old Bai, and the rest already waiting backstage long ago. If you didn’t move quickly, Sun Mo would definitely be snatched away by them.”

Old Yu sat down.


Huang Hai started. He subconsciously wanted to stand up, but he managed to bear with the impulse. If he acted with such urgency, it would appear that his academy had no restrain.

“Don’t worry, no matter what, my Royal Dragon Academy is the top-ranked school in the ‘C’ grade!”

Huang Hai feigned confidence.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》