Absolute Great Teacher
597 Invitation from “A“ Grade Academy
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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597 Invitation from “A“ Grade Academy

Chapter 597: Invitation from ‘A’ Grade Academy

“They might also be headhunting Shan Shi, right?”

A great teacher at the side interjected.

“Hehe, do you think that’s possible?”

Old Man Yu threw a glance to the side, wondering what kind of flattering this was. How blind must this person be to feel that those headmasters were going to headhunt Shan Shi?

Even though Shan Shi was a dark horse that stood out the most, in terms of his written examination, teaching abilities, and personal charm, they were all not as good as Sun Mo’s.

Even if Shan Shi were to win this battle, Sun Mo’s overall ratings would still be much higher than Shan Shi’s in these headmasters’ hearts.

“What we want is a great teacher, not a battling machine!”

Huang Hai said something in fairness. A great teacher’s battle prowess just needed to be above the cultivators’ average standards.

If they were also good at fighting, then how were the purebred cultivators supposed to live?

“Old Huang, don’t say that I didn’t remind you. A great teacher like Sun Mo would be hankered even by ‘B’ grade academies. Although your Royal Dragon Academy is at the top amongst the ‘C’ grade academies, it’s still weaker than those in the ‘B’ grade.”

Old Man Yu knew very well that he wouldn’t be able to headhunt Sun Mo. Otherwise, he’d have gone to make his offer long ago.

“Haha, we from Royal Dragon Academy always compete fair and square.”

After Huang Hai said that, he picked up his teacup and took a gulp. The Little Xiangshan Tea he usually enjoyed felt tasteless now.

After being unsettled for three minutes, Huang Hai couldn’t wait anymore. He got up and held onto his stomach. “Oh my, my stomach hurts. I’ll be going to the toilet!”

“Old Huang, we’re all experienced, so why are you pretending to be a wolf? In headhunting, the fastest people will get it. No one will laugh at the others.”

Old Man Yu shook his head, feeling that Huang Hai was too pretentious.

(Aren’t they just number one in ‘C’ grade? Why still act so restrained? Do you believe that if you wait five more minutes, you’d be able to see headmasters from ‘A’ grade schools headhunting Sun Mo? By then, you wouldn’t even be able to get a chance to make a self-introduction!)

Huang Hai jogged away, but when he arrived at the resting area, he slowed down and tidied his long robes. He then kept his hands behind his back and entered as if he didn’t care.

However, after he arrived at the door and looked inside, he felt unsettled.

“F*ck your mom. Is this right?”

Huang Hai was stunned. (Look at the people surrounding Sun Mo!)

The vice-headmaster of Leap Academy, second in the ‘C’ grade; the vice-headmaster of Bozi Academy [1], third in the ‘C’ grade; the vice-headmaster of Virtuous Academy, fifth in the ‘C’ grade; as well as the vice-headmaster of Wingspread Academy that was in the top.

They were all magnates of their schools with 3-star or 4-star titles. However, all of them were wearing smiles and talking to Sun Mo now.

Of course, it wasn’t that these great teachers were currying up to Sun Mo. However, as great teachers, they naturally liked outstanding students.

“They really have no restraints at all!”

Huang Hai’s lips twitched and he said in contempt. However, he wore a smile and squeezed into the crowd.

“Old Bai, why are you flaunting the Virtuous Academy’s battle results again? It’s already history. Can you say something new?”

Huang Hai sighed in his heart. He would also become tacky if that was how they were gonna play!

There was no helping it. Other than these people here, there were still more waiting outside. It was just that their statuses were too low and they didn’t have the right to squeeze over to speak to Sun Mo.

“You think first place is that good? If you’re that capable, go rise to ‘B’ grade and don’t fall back down!”

Old Bai glared, shooting out.

These vice-headmasters knew each other for a very long time already. They’d fight both openly and discreetly in the league tournament every year. After all, there were only a few quotas to rise to the higher grade. Who wouldn’t want that?

“What is everyone talking about? Why are you guys so happy?”

Someone spoke up again. Then everyone turned and saw a white-haired middle-aged man coming over. All of them quickly spoke up.

“Old Zhang, you guys from the ‘B’ grade shouldn’t come and join in, right? If you want to headhunt, you should go to the 3-star great teacher examination venue to do it!”

Huang Hai felt upset.

(Why are you guys so unrestrained?)

Even though the Royal Dragon Academy was number one in the ‘C’ grade, Huang Hai really didn’t have the confidence to win against a ‘B’ grade academy in a headhunt.

“Teacher Sun is really amazing!”

Zhang Yanzong was very envious when he saw this. This was the benefit of having an amazing teacher. If Sun Mo were to change to work for another school, then he’d be able to bring Li Ziqi and his other personal students over too.

“That’s right!”

Zheng Hao let out a sigh secretly. If he were to rely on his capabilities, he wouldn’t have the chance to get into a ‘B’ grade school to further his studies in this lifetime.

Zheng Hao felt that he wouldn’t be able to win against Xuanyuan Po. However, he could win an arm wrestle against Ying Baiwu. As for the other four, they weren’t worth his concern.

However, they could depend on Sun Mo and enter a ‘B’ grade academy to learn.


Favorable impression points from Zheng Hao +100. Respect (1,300/10,000).


Another greeting rang out and everyone turned their heads. After that, they saw Ma Zhang standing outside the circle, bowing at Sun Mo respectfully.


Everyone present was an influential character with great power in their own area. However, all of them stiffened up now. (Should I bow? Or should I not?)

It was a matter of courtesy for a low star great teacher to take the initiative to greet one of a high star level. However, if they were to greet Ma Zhang and he was to greet Sun Mo, it would be very awkward.

After all, Sun Mo was too young.

“Teacher... Teacher Ma!”

Jiang Mu was the first one to cup his fists together and greet Ma Zhang. The others couldn’t do much other than following him to greet Ma Zhang. However, they changed their perspective and became even more aggressive in headhunting Sun Mo.

It was because getting Sun Mo would also mean that they’d get Ma Zhang as well. This was a 5-star great teacher and a doctor to top it off. His value was extremely high.

Doctors, especially skilled ones, were severely lacking regardless of the era.


Ma Zhang nodded casually. Even a group of 4-star great teachers would be considered his juniors, not even on the same level as his younger siblings, let alone a group of 3-star great teachers.

“Teacher, the reason I’ve come isn’t just to greet you, but I also want to ask if you wish to join the Jingfeng Academy.”

Ma Zhang was someone who didn’t even get married and had given his life to improve his medical skills. He didn’t care for other people’s views at all.

If Sun Mo were to agree, he’d appear too much of a utilitarian. But if he were to refuse, it’d make him appear too haughty and arrogant. He didn’t even care for ‘A’ grade academies.

However, right now, all the major characters from the ‘C’ grade academies revealed nervous gazes. They only wanted to hear Sun Mo reject Ma Zhang.

“It’s hopeless now!”

Jiang Mu’s expression fell and he gave up. He really admired Sun Mo, but it was a pity that the Wingspread Academy was too small to accommodate such a great figure.

“Teacher Ma, did the people from the ‘A’ grade academy tell you to ask this? Or is this your own idea?”

Li Ziqi asked.

If it was the former, then there’d be room for discussion. If it was the latter, they could reject outright.

“A good friend asked me to help ask Teacher. But I also suggest Teacher to go to the Jingfeng Academy. After all, you’d be able to display your talents better there!”

Ma Zhang was sincerely thinking for Sun Mo.

The Central Province Academy had been down for many years, struggling on the edges of having their title removed. However, they had risen to the ‘C’ grade at the end of last year.

To speak the truth, it would be good if they could establish their standing without falling back to ‘D’ Grade. But leading the Central Province Academy to advance another grade next year?

That was wishful thinking!

Why was it that Huang Hai and the other major characters had the confidence to headhunt Sun Mo when they were all from ‘C’ grade academies? It was because the Central Province Academy was too trashy.

Hearing Ma Zhang’s words, all the major characters around drew in a cold gasp, feeling helpless.

There were only 18 ‘A’ grade academies across the entire Middle-Earth nine provinces. What kind of concept was this?

Even China had 39 top-notch universities, and those one notch lower were also academies that many students wouldn’t be able to enter even if they tried their hardest and used up all the luck that they had.

Amongst the teachers who worked for the ‘A’ grade academies, 4-star ones were in large numbers, 3-star ones could be seen everywhere, and 2-star ones would just be younger siblings. As for the 1-star ones?

They’d just assume the jobs of teaching assistants, not having many chances to teach lessons themselves.

Even though their status was so low, a lot of low star great teachers would try everything they could do to get in. It was because other than having good remuneration and high statuses, with other people viewing them in high regard, it’d also be a great help to their career.

They could watch so many amazing great teachers teach every day, thereby learning from them. They could also ask questions easily. Therefore, the level of the low star great teachers in the ‘A’ grade academies was a far cry compared to academies from the other grades.

There was also the building of connections. These were all advantages.

However, it was too difficult to get into an ‘A’ grade academy.

They’d tend to recruit people from the Nine Greats, ‘A’ grade academies, as well as great teachers who had made a name for themselves. They didn’t even show much attention toward people from ‘B’ grade academies. As for those from ‘C’ grade or lower?

They could just buzz off!

There was also a terrifying restrictive condition. They’d look at the great teachers’ background and would reject those who didn’t pass on their first attempt in great teacher examinations. They also wouldn’t want those who were ranked in the middle or toward the back in the examinations.

But now, an academy of this level was extending an invitation to Sun Mo.

Huang Hai suddenly felt that the restraint he had shown earlier was too childish, funny, and helpless.

“Get someone else to speak up for them? I feel that this academy doesn’t view Teacher in high regard!”

Ying Baiwu frowned and complained.

(They should at least arrange for a head of teaching to come forward even if not the vice-headmaster, right?)

“Elder Martial Sister, this is how ‘A’ grade academies headhunt people. They’d look for a great teacher that’s acquainted with their target to bring this matter up first. If the target shows interest, then they can arrange to meet up and discuss further. Otherwise, they’d just forget it.”

Ma Zhang explained.

‘A’ grade academies viewed their face in high regard. What if they were to appear hasty and ended up being rejected?

Although they wouldn’t be rejected in most scenarios, the people headhunted by ‘A’ grade academies were those who had made achievements after all. They might not be right in the head.

This was a good way to avoid any awkwardness between both parties. But Ma Zhang’s emotional intelligence wasn’t high so he said it out in public.

“Elder... Elder Martial Sister?”

Ying Baiwu was stunned. She looked at Ma Zhang who was in his eighties and felt a little horrified. (Would my lifespan be deducted if you call me that?)

The papaya girl blinked her eyes and looked at Ma Zhang in anticipation as if saying (Quickly call me Elder Martial Sister!)

“Be calm!”

Li Ziqi reminded her softly to not bring embarrassment to Sun Mo.

“Eldest Martial Sister, I have information on the Jingfeng Academy here. Over the next few days, you guys can give it to Teacher to read!”

Ma Zhang handed over a thick paper bag.


The little sunny egg gulped, her expression looking a little stiff. There was no helping it. Being called an ‘Eldest Martial Sister’ by a 5-star great teacher was too overwhelming.

“If I were to tell aunt about this matter, there’s no way she’d believe it.”

Li Ziqi suddenly felt very proud. (As expected, my teacher is the best.)

“The finals will be starting in three minutes. Sun Mo and Shan Shi, please enter the venue and make your preparations.”

Tong Yiming’s voice rang throughout the battle dojo via the sound amplification stone.

“Teachers, I’ll need to go up now!”

Sun Mo cupped his fists together and walked toward the arena. It was time to get to know that Shan Shi.

[1] Bozi can mean ancient philosophers.

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