Absolute Great Teacher
598 Finals
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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598 Finals


“This is the flair of a great teacher!”

Watching as Sun Mo walked toward the arena leisurely as if he was taking a leisure stroll, Ma Zhang couldn’t help but think like that.

He had acted as the middleman for Jingfeng Academy a few times in the past, with there being many 4-star great teachers among them. When they heard that an ‘A’ grade academy had taken a fancy to them, no matter how calm they tried to appear, they wouldn’t be able to hide the joy from their faces.

It was because this represented recognition and glory. If they were to tell this to others, it’d give them a lot of face. Even if they chose to stay in their current school instead of leaving, the headmaster would also pay them a visit personally, offering a new contract with great benefits.

However, Sun Mo appeared so calm as if he had just heard someone asking him what he was going to eat for breakfast tomorrow morning!

After being stunned for a short moment, a commotion broke out and everyone dashed toward the arena. They didn’t wish to miss out on the final battle.

“Shan Shi, please get on the stage quickly!”

Tong Yiming urged in a loud voice. It was only one minute until the start of the competition, but Shan Shi was still nowhere to be seen.

“It’s over! This is bad!”

Zheng Hao smiled bitterly. “Don’t they say that the champions would all come late and appear last? This Shan Shi seems to have the demeanor of a champion!”

“Shut your trap!”

Ying Baiwu and Li Ziqi spurted. Lu Zhiruo also looked like an enraged Pekingese, glaring at Zheng Hao in dissatisfaction.


Zheng Hao raised his hand and slapped himself in the face, quickly apologizing, “I had shot my mouth off recklessly!”


In a corridor near the rest area, Shan Shi was stroking his sword handle, waiting quietly.

“Teacher, are you still not going? It’s time for the competition.”

Gui Jiarong frowned.

“No hurry!”

Shan Shi smiled. “Wasn’t it written in those stories? The main lead would always appear at the very last second, taking everyone’s attention away.”

Of course, other than trying to get some good luck, Shan Shi was also trying to leave Sun Mo hanging, wearing out his patience.

This was a psychological warfare.


The voices from the spectators’ stand started getting louder when they saw that Shan Shi had yet to appear.

“Did Shan Shi give up as well?”

“How is that possible? Didn’t you read the newspaper? Shan Shi said that it will be considered his loss if he can’t defeat Sun Mo within 30 moves!”

“That’s impossible, right? Sun Mo cultivates a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art!”

“But Shan Shi’s cultivation art is also very strange. Till now, he has been defeating his enemies with a single move.”

The audiences who had bet on Sun Mo winning first place wished strongly for Shan Shi to have some kind of accident.

“Shan Shi, then we’ll be starting the countdown. If you don’t arrive within ten counts, we’ll take it as if you’ve given up.”

Tong Yiming looked at his pocket watch and started counting down. However, when he counted to 9, a figure leaped up, appearing in the arena.

“Teacher Sun, were you feeling nervous earlier? Praying that it’d be good if I don’t come?”

Shan Shi looked at Sun Mo and shrugged. “But it’s a pity that you can’t get what you wish for!”


The moment Shan Shi said this, it instantly caused many people to scold him.

Could you be any more arrogant?

“Thank goodness you’ve come. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to sleep well for an entire month if my wooden blade couldn’t get your blood on it.”

Sun Mo chuckled.


The curses in the battle dojo instantly disappeared. Everyone looked at Sun Mo with stunned expressions, astonished by his domineering aura.

Black Doggy Sun was really someone who’d give an eye for an eye!

“This is overboard! This is overboard! Sun Mo has a bright future. Why is he fussing over such things with him?”

Bai Zao shook his head.

“I feel that this is how youngsters should be. The other party has already come picking a fight. Sun Mo couldn’t possibly still maintain the calm disposition of a great teacher, right?”

Jiang Mu didn’t agree with Bai Zao’s words.

Shan Shi’s smile disappeared and he stared at Sun Mo, saying coldly, “Sun Mo, I’ll make you regret saying this!”

He had decided. He wasn’t going to just chop off Sun Mo’s two arms. He was also going to bash up his mouth, knocking off all of his teeth.

“Can the two participants give your greetings!”

Tong Yiming urged.

“Sun Mo, fourth level of the divine force realm. Please give me your guidance!”

Sun Mo cupped his fists together.

“Shan Shi, sixth level of the divine force realm. Please give me your guidance!”

After Shan Shi said that, he shook his head a little regretfully. “It’s a pity that my cultivation level is higher than yours. Even if I were to win against you, other people would think that I crushed you based on the difference in our levels.”

Why didn’t he challenge Tong Yiming after defeating Sun Mo?

If he were to cripple someone from the Longevity Realm, he should be able to get a stronger sense of achievement, right?

“Let the competition start!”

Tong Yiming rapidly backed off to the edge of the arena.

Shan Shi grinned. After throwing a look at the stage, he leaped up lightly, appearing in front of Sun Mo and sending his longsword swinging out.

“Sun Mo, feel despair!”

Shan Shi felt disdain. (Defeat you within 30 moves? Please, three moves are already too many.)


The longsword slashed out toward Sun Mo’s right shoulder.

This kind of attack was used for quick saber attacks. Longswords were usually used for flicking, piercing, shaving, and other attacks. However, the type of move used didn’t matter to Shan Shi.

“I can’t chop off two arms in one go, so I should chop off one first. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be no fun if he were to give up?”

Shan Shi was still considering how he could win against Sun Mo in a cool manner when his vision blurred. He saw an afterimage and then he felt a tremendous pain on his chin.


Shan Shi was stunned by the attack. The strong impact caused him to start spinning in the air like a big pinwheel.

“Wooden blade?”

Shan Shi was astonished. “How is that possible? How can he attack?”

However, Sun Mo didn’t stop attacking.

Pa pa pa!

Each of his attacks accurately lashed out on Shan Shi’s mouth.

Pffft! Pffft! Pffft!

Mouthful and mouthful of blood, together with saliva and teeth, kept on spurting out uncontrollably. They scattered over the arena, dyeing it in a layer of red.


A commotion broke out.

What was going on?

Why was it that the strongest dark horse in this batch was like a spinning top that couldn’t retaliate at all, being lashed by Sun Mo and sent spinning non-stop?

(Where is the overbearing pressure you gave off when you dealt with others previously?)

At the sight of this scene, Mei Yazhi felt assured. As expected, Sun Mo had already found the means to break Shan Shi’s dark secret arts.

Sun Mo held onto his blade and sent out a backhand slash.

It hit Shan Shi’s face again.


Shan Shi fell from the air. But just as he was about to fall out from the stage, he landed on the edges with a bang.

(Phew, that was so close!)

The audience who had bet on Shan Shi was almost scared to death. If he were to fall off from the arena, they’d lose.

“Quickly get up and beat him!”

Some gamblers shouted loudly. (It’ll all depend on you whether we’ll be able to have meat in our meals for three months.)


Several examiners started laughing. Given their judgment, they could tell that Sun Mo had deliberately not sent Shan Shi off the arena.

“Sun Mo is so confident!”

Huang Hai praised and then felt upset. If he had known, he wouldn’t have come to watch the finals. It was because it felt too painful that he couldn’t headhunt a genius like Sun Mo.

Shan Shi’s face was swollen like a pig’s head, feeling unbearable as if it was on fire. However, he couldn’t care about this and was just looking at Sun Mo in astonishment.

How could he retaliate?

No, why wasn’t his blood attracted?

“Teacher, go for it!”

Gui Jiarong shouted loudly, cheering Shan Shi on.

“That’s crap! I don’t need you to say that. I’ll kill Sun Mo.”

Shan Shi got up and pounced toward Sun Mo again. This time around, he kept his eyes wide open, observing Sun Mo. He then saw that wooden blade slashing toward him once again.


Shan Shi was sent rolling out.

“Is this all you’ve got?”

Sun Mo tsked. “It’s not worthy of you being called a dark horse!”


Gu Xiuxun couldn’t hold back her laughter. As expected of the Black Doggy Sun!

“It’s a steady win!”

Lu Zhiruo felt assured and took out a big watermelon from her bag. She held her blade upright and with a cry, chopped the watermelon into two.

“Come, have some melon!”

The papaya girl distributed melon amongst themselves.

“Sun Mo, don’t give me this expression. Do you think that you’re sure to win? I’m telling you, you’re still a far cry away!”

Shan Shi bellowed. Then, as he circulated his spirit qi crazily, he channeled them into his longsword together with his vitality.


Shan Shi’s longsword immediately emitted a strange glow.

That wasn’t all. A strange forcefield was also formed. The people who were far away didn’t notice anything, but Tong Yiming, who was on the arena, felt the blood in his body seething. It was as if he was a metal piece that was attracted by a magnet, wanting to dash toward that longsword.

“As expected, the reason Shan Shi can win is because of this weapon!”

Tong Yiming thought in disdain. He looked down on people who relied on their weapons the most. Of course, he must have used some kind of dark secret arts to be able to use this weapon. Therefore, Shan Shi wasn’t considered to have broken the rules.

It could only be said that it wouldn’t be an honorable win even if he won.

“Sun Mo, die!”

Shan Shi dashed up right in front of Sun Mo once again, slashing out furiously with his longsword.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two streams of blood shot out from Sun Mo’s shoulder, hitting the longsword. It made its red glow become an even stronger scarlet.

“Haha, who told you to be so arrogant!”

Shan Shi snorted coldly.


Li Ziqi was shocked and covered her mouth with both hands.


The papaya girl was also given a scare and she mashed up the watermelon in her hands.

Both Gu Xiuxun and Xia Yuan shot up in horror, looking very worried.

“Teacher Sun!”

Mei Ziyu, who was on the spectators stand, quickly looked toward her mother, hoping that she’d stop the battle and save Sun Mo.

“I’m sorry. You’ve lost those three houses.”

The uglier person looked at the average-looking person, chuckling, “Sun Mo is going to lose!”


“Does it feel very painful?”

Shan Shi sneered, but his longsword missed its target.


Before Shan Shi could react, a wooden blade came flicking out from the side, slashing onto his wrist, elbow, then onto his shoulder.




Each sound of bone shattering was louder than the one before.

Even some examiners who were used to seeing big scenes couldn’t help but draw in a cold gasp.

“Those are definitely comminuted fractures.”

Ma Zhang assessed with the judgment of a 5-star great teacher. “The kind that can’t be treated.”

“How would I know if it’ll hurt or not?”

As Sun Mo said this, he raised his leg and kicked Shan Shi’s waist.


Shan Shi fell back for over ten meters before stopping at the edges of the arena.

This time around, even a fool could tell that Sun Mo had deliberately not thrown him out of the arena.

Shan Shi put out his hand subconsciously, wanting to support himself up. However, he immediately realized that his arms were limp like noodles and bone-piercing pain spread through his entire body.

“But by the looks of you, I think that it must be very painful!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. He raised his hands and pressed a few times on his shoulders, stopping the bleeding.

“Teacher is still so sharp tongued. This means that he is fine!”

The papaya girl felt assured but was no longer in the mood for melons.

“Why would Teacher lose?”

Gui Jiarong was astonished and baffled. How could this Sun Mo break his teacher’s dark secret arts?

“Get up. Didn’t you say that you were going to defeat me within 30 moves?”

Sun Mo walked over to the longsword Shan Shi had dropped and kicked it.


The longsword slid up to Shan Shi.

“Why? Without this sword, you don’t have the confidence to win against me?”

Sun Mo’s mouth twitched.

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