Absolute Great Teacher
599 The Profoundness of the Mysterious Sword
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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599 The Profoundness of the Mysterious Sword


After the audience in the battle dojo recovered from their astonishment, they started to discuss and curse. The noises got increasingly louder and the place soon sounded like a large-scale duck farm.

“This is the finals? Didn’t that Shan Shi get defeated too quickly?”

Shan Shi was the strongest dark horse and had fought his way here by chopping off his opponents’ two arms with a single sword attack. But now, he had been beaten up into a state like a dead dog.

Thinking of how he had spoken so arrogantly earlier, wanting to defeat Sun Mo within 30 moves, he now looked like a clown who didn’t know any better.



“Why don’t you go die!”

The gamblers who had bet on Shan Shi erupted and cursed loudly, gifting him with the most vicious words they knew.

They threw out their gambling slips, making it appear as if there was heavy snow.

“Shan Shi, are you admitting your loss?”

Tong Yiming asked.

“Admit what loss? I can still fight!”

Shan Shi bellowed and glared at Tong Yiming. He really wanted to use dark secret arts to hammer and crush Sun Mo’s head. However, the last bit of rationality left in his mind told him that he mustn’t do that.

It was because once he performed his dark secret arts, he’d divulge his identity. Before he could kill Sun Mo, he’d be taken down by the Saint Gate’s law enforcement group.

“You aren’t convinced?”

Sun Mo chuckled and activated Divine Sight.

Shan Shi, 23 years old, sixth level of the divine force realm.

Strength 38. Top rate.

Intellect 37. I don’t have a bad brain, but I don’t need to use it anyway. It’s because my opponents are too trashy and I can crush them outright.

Agility 38. Top rate.

Endurance 33. He has never been through a dragged battle because his enemies die too quickly.

Will 35. When I become brutal, I even dare to kill myself!


Extremely high potential value!

Note: Physical attributes are off the scale, but it’s a pity that he is too over-reliant on his weapon and has taken the wrong path.

“Shut up.”

Shan Shi bellowed furiously.

“Hehe, are you feeling exasperated now?”

Sun Mo laughed softly and looked toward that longsword. “Your physical attributes are exceptional. Even if you didn’t use this longsword, you’d still be at the level of the top five in this great teacher examination. It’s a pity that you’ve neglected the important things.”

“What is it to you?”

Shan Shi sneered. He wasn’t a fool and knew the reason for his loss. Clearly, Sun Mo had discovered the profoundness of this mysterious sword.

As for Sun Mo saying that his aptitude wasn’t bad.

Please, even if it wasn’t bad, he’d still have to work hard in cultivating to be able to maintain an extremely high battle prowess. It wouldn’t be like how things were now, where he could have an overwhelming win with just a mysterious sword, without any hard work.

When Shan Shi saw this mysterious sword at the very first instance, he had his hesitations.

However, that Starlord had said that the reason people worked hard was because there were no shortcuts they could take. They had no other option but to work hard. But now, since you were given a shortcut, why would you still go cultivate foolishly? Was it interesting to be bleeding and sweating, slogging yourself away?

Who said that it was bad to take shortcuts?

The reason those people said this was only because they had no shortcuts to take. If they were to encounter shortcuts, they’d definitely run faster than you. They would have a strong urge to destroy this shortcut so that other people wouldn’t be able to take it.

Sun Mo chuckled and didn’t want to say anything more.

He had been a teacher for so many years and had seen many students before. Shan Shi’s gaze was clearly a stubborn young man who couldn’t accept advice from others.

“It’s up to you then!”

Sun Mo shrugged. “But I’m very curious. Who’s the one who forged this longsword?”

The longsword was forged with unique dark secret arts. It had the origin characteristics of the Thousand Blood Vines. After it was stimulated, it’d produce some kind of forcefield that could guide the blood of living creatures.

Note: This longsword is the work of a great ancestor-level weaponsmith.

Sun Mo had thought that weapons were just dead objects until he saw this longsword. He was astonished.

Usually, metal would be used to forge weapons. Regardless if blood, animal, plant parts, or any other things were added, they’d fundamentally be catalysts. The main body would be metal.

However, for this longsword, metal was the catalyst. The plant was the main body of the longsword.

It could be said that this longsword was a plant, and it was a living one.

How difficult must it have to be to forge this sword?

Not only must one’s proficiency index in weaponsmith be at the ancestor-level, but they must also have extensive knowledge of botany.

“You want to know? I’m not going to tell you!”

Shan Shi looked at Sun Mo and grinned. (How is it? Are you angry?)


Sun Mo laughed softly, raised his leg, and kicked out.


Shan Shi received a strong kick in the nose. His head tilted back from the impact, and he spun a few rounds.


Blood splattered, making the floor wet.


The audience stands instantly turned quiet when they saw Sun Mo bashing Shan Shi up.

Was this possible?

What happened to having the flair of a great teacher?

Tong Yiming blinked and looked at Sun Mo in astonishment. (Aren’t your vindictiveness a little too strong? But I like it.)

Shan Shi was even more brutal. From the start of the Great Teachers Battle until now, he had chopped off the arms of close to ten examinees. Given how merciless he had been, he was considered to have his dues served.

“Main examiner, he didn’t admit his loss. Therefore, my attacks aren’t considered against the rules, right?”

Sun Mo asked.

“It’s not against the rules!”

Tong Yiming’s replied with a solemn expression.

“That’s good then!”

As Sun Mo said this, he took another few steps forward.

Shan Shi wasn’t made of iron and he was also afraid of pain. Although he didn’t beg for mercy nor admitted his loss, his legs kicked against the ground and he moved back a little.

This scene instantly caused him to lose his grace as a great teacher.


Gui Jiarong was speechless and he covered his eyes.

On the spectators’ stand, many young men had liked Shan Shi’s character and had the inclination of acknowledging him as their teacher. However, after seeing how cowardly he was acting, they instantly dismissed this thought.

Sun Mo came to a stop.

Shan Shi was stunned for a moment, then his face flushed red. It was because he knew that Sun Mo was making a fool out of him.

“Damn it, I’ll definitely get revenge for this!”

Shan Shi swore. He knew that it’d be embarrassing if this were to continue. It’d be meaningless. Therefore, he looked toward Tong Yiming and said, “I give up.”

“I know it’s hard to say the words ‘give up’, especially when you’re saying it for the first time. However, if you were to do it more often in the future, you might get used to it.”

Sun Mo consoled him.

“Pfft! Hahaha!”

Many examinees burst out laughing after hearing Sun Mo saying this. This Sun Mo had such a sharp tongue.

“Shan Shi gives up. Therefore, Sun Mo wins the Great Teachers Battle of the 2-star great teacher examination, coming out in first place!”

Tong Yiming announced loudly.

The spectators’ stand was quiet for a few seconds before they let out deafening cheers and applause.

Even the gamblers who hadn’t bet on Sun Mo and had lost money gave their applause. It was because Sun Mo had no stains both in terms of his strength and character.

“Teacher Sun, congratulations!”

As Liang Hongda offered his congratulations, all the major characters in the judges’ seating area had left their seats. They planned on coming over to have a talk with Sun Mo and get to know each other.

“Teacher Sun, I’m sure everyone is very curious about Shan Shi’s bizarre power.”

Tong Yiming asked, then laughed and said, “I won’t be giving you the sound amplification stone. It’s too tiring. Quickly use Lingering Sound. After all, this is a topic that everyone is interested in.”


The stands became quiet once again. Over 30,000 pairs of eyes turned and stared at Sun Mo.


As the halo flashed, Sun Mo’s voice rang through the entire battle dojo clearly.

“The answer is on that longsword.”

Sun Mo explained, “There are all sorts of strange plants in the Darkness Continent, and they have unique abilities that people cannot imagine. The Thousand Blood Vines is one example!

“They are a type of carnivorous plant. When animals and ferocious beasts entered their hunting perimeters, their abilities would be activated. The blood in the prey’s body would be attracted by them and spurt out, causing the prey’s death.”

The audience looked stunned when they heard this. There was such a scary plant?

“And this longsword was made with the Thousand Blood Vines as the primary ingredient.”

Sun Mo assessed Shan Shi, noticing that there weren’t many changes to his expression. He thus knew that Shan Shi didn’t know botany and was just a user.

“So this longsword has an ability to guide the opponent’s blood. After the longsword’s ability was activated, Shan Shi made use of the power of the sword to chop off their arms.”

Sun Mo shrugged. “After all, no matter how strong a cultivator is, it will be impossible for them to put up any resistance against attacks that come from their own bodies!”


After hearing Sun Mo’s explanations, the cultivators present had their countenances changing drastically. Didn’t this mean that as long as Shan Shi wanted to, he could kill anyone?

“Teacher Sun, how did you defend against it?”

Someone asked impatiently.

“I used some plants, made them into soup, and drank it.”

Sun Mo explained.


They didn’t understand.

“In the world of nature, there is a law of reinforcing and restraint between all existences. Even the strongest ferocious beasts would have natural foes. The Thousand Blood Vines is no exception. It naturally has its natural foe as well.”

A major character who majored in botany spoke out from the judges’ seats.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Someone didn’t understand.

“This means that Sun Mo used the Thousand Blood Vines’s natural foe to fight against Shan Shi’s longsword.”

Xie Cang explained, feeling greater admiration for Sun Mo. At the very least, he had no way of winning if he were up against Shan Shi.

“Then why were you still hurt by me on our second clash?”

Shan Shi had doubts. He had the feeling that Sun Mo had other tricks up his sleeves.

“You want to know?” Sun Mo chuckled. “I’m not telling you!”

Shan Shi was infuriated.

“Teacher Sun, do you want to learn botany from me?”

That major character in botany spoke up again, looking at Sun Mo with a gaze of admiration and covet. How good would it be if he had discovered him earlier?

The major character knew why Sun Mo spurted blood. It was because he had drunk green algae soup before. It was the Thousand Blood Vines natural enemy. When it spurted onto the longsword, it’d damage the longsword.

This was the Great Teachers Battle, and Sun Mo wouldn’t be able to snatch the sword openly or destroy it. However, he didn’t wish to see Shan Shi continuing to use this longsword to harm others, so he used such a method.

If it wasn’t for other people, Sun Mo could have beaten Shan Shi up without suffering any injuries.

This love for the greater good proved that Sun Mo was a guy with love. It was very admirable.


Favorable impression points from He Changfeng +50. Friendly (210/1,000).

A few major characters couldn’t help but turn to look at this great teacher. He Changfeng was a 6-star great teacher with great achievements in botany. Moreover, he had an eccentric character, liking to play around with plants but had not much interest in teaching and nurturing people. But now, he had taken the initiative to get Sun Mo as his student?

How talented must this Sun Mo be for He Changfeng to take a liking to him?

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》