Absolute Great Teacher
600 Daybreak Starlord
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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600 Daybreak Starlord



The audience was stunned. What was going on? Why was this suddenly turning into a student recruitment event?

The examinees’ eyes had turned green with envy.

With a 6-star great teacher as a backing, there was no doubt that Sun Mo’d be able to advance very steadily in the future.

Sun Mo frowned slightly, not expecting there to be such an event. However, he was planning on rejecting without any hesitation. He’d have to give it some thought even if a secondary saint wanted to take him in as their student, let alone a 6-star great teacher.

Of course, it wasn’t that Sun Mo was pretentious and didn’t know what was good for him. It was just that the act of acknowledging a teacher in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces held too much weight.

“Uhh, Teacher Sun, don’t misunderstand. I’m not thinking of having you as my personal disciple. I just want to impart to you some things that I have researched.”

He Changfeng stroked his beard and chuckled. “Of course, we can have mutual exchanges and discussions as well!”

“Old He, are you alright in the head?”

Hearing this, even Liang Hongda couldn’t help but ask. (What can you discuss with an inexperienced new star? No matter how amazing Sun Mo is, he’s only 21 years old.)

(Putting aside the fact that Sun Mo already has high achievements in the study of spirit runes and spiritual control, even if he were to spend 20 years on learning botany, the amount of knowledge he’d have grasped wouldn’t have been one-tenth of what you’d have.)

Liang Hongda’s first reaction was that He Changfeng was planning to use this as an opportunity to get close to Sun Mo and then enjoy the God Hands’ massage.

“Teacher Liang, you don’t understand!”

He Changfeng didn’t wish to explain.

He had thought about the Thousand Blood Vines for many days before he understood it. He had even gone through a lot of documents in the process. However, Sun Mo was able to do it amidst the busy examinations.

What did this mean?

It meant that Sun Mo’s achievement in botany was no lesser than his!

Of course, there’d be people who’d say that Sun Mo had come to know of the Thousand Blood Vines’ characteristics by chance, thus he was able to resolve this. He Changfeng would tell the person with certainty that it was impossible.

The Thousand Blood Vines was an extremely rare darkness plant, thus the relevant information was very little. Moreover, such books were mostly in the hands of some major characters or big powers. Normal people would probably not even hear of it, let alone being able to borrow them.

Knowledge was power regardless of the generation.

Sun Mo knew about the Thousand Blood Vines as well as how to fend off and negate its effects. This meant that he definitely had a grandmaster-grade botanist behind him who was at least 6-star or higher.

He Changfeng wanted to get in touch with that person through Sun Mo.

It was because He Changfeng had recently come across a few problems that neither he nor the other grandmaster-grade botanist he knew could resolve.


Liang Hongda’s countenance changed from the retaliation. He swung his sleeves and couldn’t be bothered to care about him anymore. (Anyway, you’d be the one to be embarrassed.)

“I didn’t hear that wrongly, did I? Teacher He wants to have exchanges and discussions with Sun Mo?”

“My god, is Sun Mo’s botany so amazing as well?”

“I remember that when he took Teacher Ma in as his disciple, he had said that his botany was still alright. Turns out that it wasn’t alright but very good!”

The examinees were astonished.

“Thank you for your great kindness, Teacher He. If there’s a chance, we can have an exchange.”

Sun Mo didn’t reject it.

If a great teacher wanted to grow, it was a necessity for them to learn widely from others. Although Sun Mo had a lot of botany knowledge right now, he still didn’t have too much experience in terms of practical usage.

“Teacher, you should treat your injury!”

Ma Zhang walked over with a respectful attitude. (Teacher was really amazing. To think that even He Changfeng was convinced by him.)


“I have a stronger and stronger feeling that I’m not deserving to be Teacher’s personal disciple!”

Ying Baiwu wore a bitter expression. The pressure was really great!

“I feel the same!”

Tantai Yutang said this with the greatest sincerity.

Jiang Leng, who was at the side, nodded.

“Aiya, why are we thinking so much about it? Let’s just feel proud for Teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo said this and then handed the iron-headed young girl a piece of melon. “Have some melon.”

Ying Baiwu’s lips twitched and she grabbed the watermelon over, biting down on it harshly. (Of course, you aren’t worried! You’re the student that Teacher likes the most!)

(The personal disciples battle is up next. I must get first place, not for myself, but so that I won’t embarrass Teacher.)


The competition ended and the victor was decided. As Sun Mo left, the audience started to leave in succession as well. To speak the truth, everyone felt as if they wanted to watch more. After getting to know the Thousand Blood Vines, they managed to learn something new.

The last row of seats wasn’t considered good seats for ordinary people because they wouldn’t be able to see the arena clearly. However, to cultivators who had a sharp vision, it wasn’t a problem.

A middle-aged man wearing a grayish-white long robe was seated on the seat furthest away from the tracks. He looked at the arena, holding onto a bamboo container that was as thick as an arm. What was inside was soybean milk from Yang Clan’s Teashop.

It tasted delicious after sugar was added.


A young lady who was about 14 to 15 years old suddenly appeared here. However, it was as if the audience around her hadn’t seen her or hadn’t even heard her voice.

“I saw Li Zhuifeng. Dean Bai had probably come as well!”

The young lady reported.

“The great teacher examination is a good stage to test out their results. Therefore, Dean Bai will definitely come.”

The middle-aged man who was referred to as the Starlord wasn’t surprised at all. After taking a sip of the soybean milk, he asked curiously, “Yao Guang, what do you think about that Sun Mo?”

The young lady who was addressed as Yao Guang thought through her words before speaking up. “I can’t see through him. He’s so strong that it’s unrealistic! He’s inhuman!”

“Hehe, don’t forget that all saints are inhuman.”

The middle-aged said and then assessed the young lady. “You’re also very strong, like you’re inhuman. At the very least, that Sun Mo still won’t be able to beat you even if he were to go all out.”

“Starlord, thank you for your praise!”

The young lady kept saying that she didn’t deserve the kind words.

“But that’s what’s interesting. There are only a few talents every year. This great teacher circle is like a pool of dead water. It’s not interesting at all.”

The middle-aged man smiled. “I heard that a genius that’s hard to come by even in 100 years has appeared in the 1-star examination. I thought that it was an exaggeration, but I didn’t expect that this trip was worth it!”

“We do have quite a few new heroes who are as outstanding as Sun Mo in our Dark Dawn as well!”

The young lady pouted.


The middle-aged man shook his head, not commenting on this. People would only be called heroes based on their achievements. If they couldn’t grow, it’d be useless.

“Starlord, should we make some trouble?”

The young lady licked her lips.

“Yao Guang, you’ll need to change your character of liking to create trouble.”

The middle-aged advised, “This time around, let Dean Bai and the others make a move. I want to see the results of their spirit runes as well!”

Yao Guang felt a little disappointed.

“I’m very interested in Sun Mo’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. Therefore, I’m giving you a mission to lay low by his side and steal that secret art.”

The middle-aged man got up.

“There’s no problem! I’m good at doing this!”

Yao Guang assured. Stealing? Tsk, could something involving great teachers be considered stealing?

“This Sun Mo is very interesting. To think that he knows the Skyraise Academy’s Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. Didn’t you want it from a long time ago? You can take the chance to learn it as well.”

The middle-aged finished up the soybean milk in the bamboo container. “That Sun Mo seems to treat his personal disciples very well. Not many great teachers are this broadminded these days.”


Favorable impression points from Daybreak Starlord +10. Neutral (50/100).

“Is this for real?”

Yao Guang was astonished. “How does he know the Skyraise Academy’s ultimate divine art? Could it be that he is an illegitimate son of the Skyraise Academy’s headmaster?”

“You can go find out about this yourself. Oh, right, I don’t like your current face!”

The middle-aged man left. When he passed by a trash bin, he tossed the bamboo container inside.

“This face is quite good. It’s ordinary and doesn’t attract attention.”

Yao Guang stroked her face. But since Teacher Starlord said that he didn’t like it, then she would just get it changed. Of course, that’d be after she had participated in the personal disciples battle.

“Sun Mo was it? Let me see how amazing your students are. Don’t blame me if they ended up being killed by me though.”

Yao Guang grinned. After feeling bored for so long, she had finally found something fun.


“Teacher Sun, congratulations on coming up in first place!”

“Teacher Sun, are you free? Why not have a meal together? I’ll treat you!

“Teacher Sun, if you work a little harder, you’ll be able to rise by three stars in a year.”

Everyone, regardless if they knew Sun Mo or not, came to show their respect in front of him. Now, even a fool would know that Sun Mo had great prospects.

How great an honor it was for a 6-star great teacher to show their good will toward a new young teacher?

“What should I do?”

Xia Yuan had wanted to congratulate Sun Mo at the first instance, but she wasn’t able to squeeze her way through the crowd.

“Forget it, let’s just go straight back to the hotel!”

Gu Xiuxun gave up as well. However, before going, she opened her eyes wide and looked around. There were quite a number of female great teachers, but their looks were mediocre. They weren’t any threat at all.

“That’s good as well!”

Xia Yuan nodded and then smiled in self-mockery. “Teacher Sun is really strong. I probably won’t be able to catch up to him in this lifetime!”

“Haha, that’s normal for Teacher Sun Mo!”

Gu Xiuxun took care of Xia Yuan’s face and thus didn’t pick up the conversation from the latter half of her statement. Catch up to Sun Mo? That might be possible when one was dreaming.

“That’s true!”

Xia Yuan felt envious and she suddenly thought of something. “Given Xuanyuan Po and the other students’ abilities, it should be no problem for them to pass the personal disciples battle. Do you think that Sun Mo will have a chance to rise by three stars in a year?”

The content for the 3-star examination was different from the 1 and 2-star ones. Moreover, it was very difficult. It could be said that 3-star was the lifelong hurdle for many great teachers.

“Teacher Xia, you should be asking if Sun Mo will still be able to come out first in the 3-star great teacher examination!”

Gu Xiuxun had been turned into a bit of a fangirl now. She had greater confidence in Sun Mo than she did herself.

“Oh, right, if you want to raise your star level, don’t hold back. Go and plead Sun Mo to give Zheng Hao a few massages and ask him if there are any areas he can improve in!”

If it wasn’t because Xia Yuan belonged to An Xinhui’s faction, there was no way Gu Xiuxun would say something like this. After all, such words meant that one admitted that they were incapable.

Xia Yuan sank into a predicament. She had the pride of a great teacher and also wanted to rely on herself to let Zheng Hao pass through the stages. However, if she were to ask Sun Mo for help, then she’d definitely be able to clinch the 2-star title.

“Wait a minute!”

Gu Xiuxun was about to leave when she suddenly saw that female reporter with the surname Li squeezing her way through the crowd and going up to Sun Mo, wanting to interview him. The masochist instantly stopped in her footsteps,


“Teacher Sun, what do you have to say about coming out in first place?”

Li Ruolan asked as if she was on close terms with him.

Sun Mo frowned. As the notification that was ringing out by his ear was very loud and the name was very strange, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Who is Daybreak Starlord?”

At the instant Sun Mo mentioned this term, the over 100 people who were crowding around him fell silent immediately. Their faces were that of astonishment and surprise.

(You don’t even know of an influential figure like the Daybreak Starlord?)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》